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Now lets see if they can duplicate the results of that study to verify the results are sound.

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Verification is definitely needed, but the way I read the article was just that they were trying to say that playing contact sports doesn't guarantee someone will get CTE. Straight from the article:

News coverage has given the public the impression that CTE is inevitable among professional contact sport athletes

They seem to just be trying to un-sensationalize the topic.

Let me add, I am not trying to advocate for the article, CTE is 100% real and dangerous. I am just pointing out how I received what was written

But then again, even the people who have performed the studies that showed something like 220 out of 221 brains had signs of CTE upon autopsy are very clear and careful to say there has been no confirmed link between contact sports and CTE. That's nothing new.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Very good point. "Confirmed"

Yeah I agree. A sample size of 21 is dubious at best. I don't really know how they could even make any normal conclusion with such a small sample size.

That and I thought the only way to definitively confirm CTE was through an autopsy, not simply based on brain function? As in, just because you don't have the symptoms doesn't mean you don't have CTE.

You are right. The minimum number for a quality sample size is 27.

Unless you are talking about the universe, then the answer is 42.

So you have a nice sample size of ACC Caliber football players on your team, then.

Someone needs to tell dogfish Head. Because when I asked for 50 free samples of liquid truth to make an informed decision on buying a pint, they told me to leave.

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Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

Yeah all this is saying that it's not a forgone conclusion. Which I think anyone would assume that's the case, it's more about how much does frequent head contact and concussions increase someone's likelihood of developing CTE. I'm sure there will even be examples of guys who've had a million concussions and won't develop CTE, just like there are ppl that smoke for decades and don't develop lung cancer. That doesn't mean the increased risk does not exist.


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It seems that there are two types of studies-those done on brains that were submitted to whoever either by the player or their family, and the decision to donate was related to the former player's or family's concern about how they acted and desire to determine if there was something wrong. These studies all find CTE.

On the other hand is this one. While it's hard to parse out from that article how the players/brains were chosen for the study, I think it is telling that it's only 21 former Sabres and Bills (I did appreciate the jokes in the comments about Bills not tackling) who it mentions were cognitively well off while they were alive. Is that why they were chosen? Article doesn't make that clear, but it seems like a decent assumption.

So in conclusion, we don't know FOR SURE what causes CTE or how to avoid it, but mom was probably right in not letting me play football, though I went out and found other new and exciting ways to concuss myself, so hopefully it wasn't too many and I don't forget my name when I'm 40. (are bad run-on sentences a symptom of CTE? I hope not.)

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It is my understanding that we haven't come up with a way to detect CTE in living people. It can only be found in a autopsy. This article seems to be vague enough about the study to leave that out. I could be mistaken though.

There seems to have been some headway on that front about a year ago.


Edit: Then again, maybe not CTE, but Traumatic Encephalophy Syndrome (TES)


There currently isn't a link between CTE and TES, but it's really early.

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So how was this experiment conducted on the living without an autopsy? Do they compare the individual to Coach (from Cheers) and if they appear smarter, they must not have CTE?

What does this have to do with athiests?

Or atheists, even?

Or people who love the flag even. I'm not sure what the OP is getting at here.

It's a common saying from a YouTuber that basically runs a troll YouTube channel. OP is saying it sarcastically I believe

Have the Bills hit anyone hard enough in the past 20 years to get CTE?

I guess the question is is CTE more common for those making the hits or taking the hits?

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