Wall Steet Journal interactive, "Where do college graduates move to after college"


According to this data the majority of VT grads move to DC. I assume this also counts NOVA. What I found very interesting was seeing ho far from campus schools alums went to work. For example Clemson's main move was to Greenville SC, 35 minutes away.

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Wherever you go (in NoVA) you will always see majority VT license plates, hats, shirts, etc. Shoot the #1 sports radio station carries VT football and basketball.

Kinda tangent conversation, but I used to work as Dick's Sporting Goods while in high school and summers from college, and I remember this one women who was walking around the college area who was totally baffled for the lack of UVA gear. She later asked me "why is there mostly VT stuff and no UVA?" I told her.... "No one cares about UVA." Funny thing is, she smiled and said "I guess youre right"

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You can almost always find the UVA gear at all the discount stores. I swear TJMaxx/Marshall's seems to always have a rack worth of it.

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Casual observation: Stores in Charlottesville (excluding the obvious: LOLUVA bookstore, Mincers) usually have a good selection of VT gear in addition to the blue/orange trash. You see almost as much O&M as you do their stuff. The invasion and takeover of Charlottesville is going as planned.

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Umm it was free for me to see and I ain't paying for it, I already have the

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Edit: ok this is weird. From Facebook it was free from their website younhave to sign in??? How is that?

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I'm at a loss, can any of you technology nerds explain it?

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I can't fully explain it but there is a simple workaround for this. WSJ blocks articles when you click on them from a link - instead google the title of the article and then you will be able to get to it. So in this case type "Where Graduates Move After College" and the first result is the article and you will be able to access it for free.

Can confirm.

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If you clicked on the link already, looks like you have to clear cookies first or use a different browser

Doesn't work for me at all - tried clearing cookies, tried using Private Mode, downloaded Chrome (I switched to Firefox a ways back), but the paywall kept popping up after clicking the link from Google.

It's called a "dynamic meter" - meaning your "free" article allotment depends on hundreds of factors (referral source, location, browsing history, device type, etc.) So what you see will be very different than what others see. "Workarounds" may work for you but not others. The algorithm is designed to optimize for likelihood to convert in the short-term vs. building long-term loyalty/stickiness.

This is one of those things where I do *not* say, "Ain't technology wonderful?"

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This has been their business model for a long time. If you go to their site directly, they assume you are more likely to pay. If you find them via internet search, they assume you are less interested in WSJ so you get a free look.
They hope you come back to them directly and are now willing to pay for it. Most people just google search the article title and then they get the link to the full article for free

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Another reason to join the Hokie Club.... Read WSJ articles for free!

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Leonard. Duh.

Greenville is a rapidly growing city, and I would guess without looking at any data that the 2nd and 3rd most common destinations for Clemson grads (based on people I know and where companies that recruited at Clemson) are Atlanta and Charlotte, which are 2 hrs in a straight line on I-85 in either direction. It's also one of Clemson's biggest recruiting advantages that it is 2 hrs from both Charlotte and Atlanta. Very accessible, close to major cities.

I like Greenville quite a bit. It's a very livable city (nice restaurants, green areas, low cost of living, nice people).

My Grandparents (Grandpa settled there after doing his 20 in the USN), and Mother are buried there. My Aunt and her family live in Greer. They cheer for the Hokies, in defiance of all their Clemson neighbors. Hah!

I'm a huge fan of the "Clock" restaurant. The people are quite friendly, throughout SC.

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Even as a Greenville resident who is very aware at how fast this city is growing, I'm still a little surprised that its #1. I would have guesses Atlanta just based on shear size alone.

ETA: Just looked at the numbers and I'm even more surprised. 26.1% end up in Greenville, while 7.1 end up in Atlanta. I knew the area was overrun with Clemson grads, I just didn't realize it was that much.

It would interesting to see their underlying data set, or at least get more fine-grained data. I know in Raleigh/Durham we have a big contingent of alumni, I'd be curious to see what that line looks like

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At the bottom of the article you can type in a metro area or college and look it up. Virginia Tech doesn't even make the list for Raleigh, it's entirely North Carolina schools. It makes a little sense but I also wonder where they get their data from because it feels like there's a ton of VT and Clemson grads here.

Yeah and the last I heard, according to the Alumni Association, the Triangle Alumni Chapter is one of the 2 or 3 largest in terms of alumni presence outside of the Commonwealth.

Then again, I wonder if the WSJ is taking the Raleigh metro (Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Durham, Chapel Hill, etc) into account or if they are only searching based on the specific city of migration.

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It says "metro area", but like you, I'm never sure with that. I've seen it where they consider Raleigh-Cary one metro area and Durham-Chapel Hill another. For example I remember seeing an article about Amazon HQ2 that said that Raleigh "only" had 1.2 million people in the metro area. Clearly that was based on the Raleigh-Cary only definition.

So I moved to NYC after graduating. I actuallly really prefer the alumni interaction better here. In NOVA/DC it's so saturated with tech alum that it's common for people to not interact if you see a shirt, hat, license plate etc because it's common place to see the logo on ppl. Where as here (and maybe other more distant cities w/decent but small in comparison alumni bases, I've heard San Diego and Denver are good) it's pretty common to atleast get a go Hokies and normally even a conversation when you come across someone with a logo. The moment is a bit more meaningful because there is probably a good number in total here but you just don't come across them often at all (I got hit on by a tech girl while at Trader Joe's once, nice ego boost lol). It feels kind of weird to do that with ppl when I go to nova to visit my mom, and I don't get it from other ppl often when I'm there (exact from HS and current students).Tbh I see a shit ton of UVA shirts here in NYC it's kind of annoying. Having that many alumni in the DC I'm sure has it's perks, but I like the small community aspect that remains here in the biggest of the big cities.


Denver are good

Can confirm. Everywhere in Colorado is pretty good on the 'how often you see hokies v. how often they interact (basically always)' scale. LadyFriend laughs at my vehicle being 'tatted out' with Tech stuff. Until somebody passed me and made the gobbler hand sign out the passenger's window, and I got laugh to at her. Then she laughed at me again for being a child.

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I was dumfounded when I moved to a town of ~6,700 in Nebraska and there were two other Hokie alumni there.

Was it somewhat because you're more likely to know that someone else in your town is a VT grad because they wear their colors well?

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I've met 2 diehard VT fans here in The Bakken. 1 optometrist (an alum) and 1 Grandfather of 2 Hokies.

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I moved to Grand Island, NE right out of school and I thought GI & Hastings were small at 49k and 24k. Saw/met one Hokie in the year that I was there and I happened to work with her. Wished there was some semblance of an alumni chapter in the state, but I don't even know if there would be the numbers to support it in the bigger cities.

I'm pleasantly surprised that there are some Hokies in the Florida Panhandle, among the sea of Alabama (mostly), Florida, and Florida State fans.

Um. We're supposed to move away from Blacksburg when we graduate? I clearly did things wrong.

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Same here. But no ragrets!

This is all click-bait by wsj.

We all know grads move back home after college!

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I moved out to the Winchester, Virginia area ("out here, when people wave they use their whole hand not just one finger") and no longer live in NoVA. One of the things that always irked me in NoVA was the lack of coverage I felt like the Hokies got from the DC media. I didn't like it but understood the coverage of U. Maryland, they were right there in the area. What I didn't get was how much press UVA got compared to VT. It seemed the only way Tech got very much coverage was when we would beat UVA and at least that happened again and again and again and ...

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The Washington Post really went ridiculous with their "We're only going to cover Maryland sports" nonsense.

UVa and Virginia Tech absolutely deserve some coverage from them, based on readership.

Always saddens me how few Hokies are in Atlanta

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I really wish you could hover over the city and see the exact percentage. I'd really like to know how many Hokies end up moving to Virginia Beach. Surprised that the percentage for the area isn't higher, I seem to see Tech related memorabilia pretty frequently

See, that's why Denver is so great on that map. You know, within a single percent, how much of the graduating class comes to Denver.

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I've been working in Seattle since last fall (traveling home to NoVa every week) and I'm surprised at how often I've run across someone with VT gear. Maybe one every couple of weeks. Not as many as a UW, WSU & Oregon (and prob Oregon State - the Oregon schools both aren't much further from Seattle than VT from DC), but as much or more than just about any other school not named Ohio State.

I was stayed overnight in Portland the other day and saw a Hokie sitting in the hotel lobby.

One of my best friends from VT moved to Seattle to work for Boeing in 2013. He has a whole subset of friends out there that are Hokies. Many of them he met after moving there too.

I got a wooden VT sign from a Portland outdoor marketplace, when visiting my Sis.

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Graduated then moved to DC, as is tradition

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After I graduated I moved to Charleston, drank my face off, and associated with numerous premiscuous women.

Now I'm married and live in Charlotte.

Didn't graduate from VT, but Radford. Moved to Charlotte and let me tell you there are a bunch of Hokies down here.

It's an interesting dataset, but I'd be interested to see how many of those graduates actually moved to those metro areas as opposed to how many simply moved back. Sure NoVa has a lot of Hokie grads, but an awful lot of them came from there. Likewise, I'm not surprised to see a school like Notre Dame has graduates spread out across the country, since their students come from all over. I think a relatively simple way to look at it would be to overlay the existing data with another dataset looking at where the student body comes from.

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That brings up another question too: are they displaying data for graduate's most recent permanent address, or are they looking at the first move after college? If its the first move after college, I would technically be included in the Richmond data, even though I live in Virginia Beach now

The methodology is briefly described at the bottom of the page. I believe they're looking at the current locations of those who graduated within the last 10 years or so.

“You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone.”
― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

Yeah I think you're right. It was this sentence that threw me off, and the same one you are referencing I believe:

The data presented for each college or university are cumulative for the past 10 years

Which now makes me ask, since its cumulative, are both of my moves after college being factored in? I'm going to stop asking questions about their data, as I am just going down rabbit holes now haha

Anyone know what the top 5ish Hokie metros/cities? Obviously nova/dc is number one but I'm curious what the others are? Particularly the ones outside VA.