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FAM.... I am back from vacation and with things slowing down just a touch I mentioned doing a AMA. To make this easy I will answer the 10 highest up-voted questions and maybe a few others depending on what might've been missed in the voting category. Keep this easy breezy we don't want to get recruits/old recruits/family members or any one else in trouble. Oh and voting totals/deadline will be Saturday lets say 6pm.

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1) has the ncaa clearinghouse changed within the last decade or so and what are the intricacies involved with getting in and around it?
2) edited for a real question: Scott Frost seems like a super good dude, is he indeed a super good dude?

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With the top 3-5 team sucking up almost half of the blue chip recruits every year now. Are we entering an era where everyone else is picking up scraps and hope to just make it to the playoffs with a single or few great talents as opposed to a roster full?

How big are the support staffs getting for just football at major P5 universities like the one you currently work at? Can VT compete with those resources others are putting into place?

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Is it possible to develop a bunch of 3-4 stars into really great seniors that could win the natty?

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Can you name every recruit we will sign this year?

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But seriously, how nice was the Natty title bonus check, and how big is that ring going to be

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Am I the only one who doesn't know her occupation?

EDIT: I found out by reading a little further down.

She worked for UCF's football program. Now she works for Nebraska's football program.

What are some of the craziest recruiting stories you can share from this past year. Bonus Q/A: craziest recruiting stories ever since CJF started (sans everything that's happened with Capehart and Land - we all know about that).

What does "Choppin Wood by the JUGS" mean?

And.... Does your avatar have a head? I've long wondered

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Her avatar could very well be her

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It's not. She clarified that a long time ago.

Probably during my "i only browse giftory during football season" days from 2012-2016 when I didn't have an account

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Is this /s or am I missing something? I always assumed it was a combination of Aaron Moorehead references. He used the term "chopping wood" when we got a new recruit and "JUGS" refers to the machine that fires balls which he used to reduce dropped passes.

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I was really more hoping the source would get a chance to answer... Your answer is a good one, but you never know, if there might be some fun details there.

I was under the assumption it was in reference to taking bp (chopping wood) from a jugs machine (brand of pitching machine)...but now I think I'm wrong.

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this would be correct...

Only 9 questions left to go...

As it was answered by another member, I'm thinking that one doesn't count. At least not unless it gets combined with the avatar question...

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jk jugs i have a question: do you think the investigation into NCAA basketball will carry into football?

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On a related note, "How did Carolina get manage to get out of their investigation with no sanctions?"

OK, that's more a rhetorical question.


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So you're working at UCF, you go undefeated with Scott Frost. Frost gets hired away by Nebraska. Says he wants to take his entire staff with him. (Am I correct so far?) His staff includes you. Cool.

Let's say you don't want to trade in sunny central Florida for Lincoln, Nebraska. What are your options at that point? Is Scott Frost such a great guy that you'd follow him anywhere for a certain amount of money, or are you looking at having to move anyway because UCF isn't going to/might not retain you for the next coach? I'm just curious about the process from your perspective as a player support personnel as opposed to a coach or trainer.

Do those inside the large programs feel $ is exchanged to lure top athletes to some programs as often as much of the public perceives it to be?

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I wanna ask a question about how annoying the NCAA rule against impermissible benefits is but i'm not sure how to phrase it. What's the most ticky-tack you've seen the NCAA/compliance get about it? What's the worst interpretation of the rule?

Also: if you are allowed to answer this, do you think college athletes should be allowed to be paid above-and-beyond the current framework for compensation?

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I can answer the first question in regards to VT. A few years ago we had a very good women's basketball player from Africa (her name escapes me), she was being supported by a local church. She lived with a family from the church in Christiansburg, so she had to bike to campus most days. The previous equipment manager was driving home in the rain when he saw her biking on the road with several miles to go. He could not give her a ride because that would be considered an impermissible benefit. If i remember correctly, you are only allowed to give current student athletes something like 1 or 2 rides a semester.

There was the whole business with the NCAA threatening to pull a kicker's scholarship if he didn't close down his youtube channel.

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ohh wish I could touch on this but he has now filed a lawsuit against the school and administration... #ugly

Outspoken team cake advocate. Hates terrapins. Resident Macho Man Gif Poster. Distant cousin to Dork Magic. Frequently misspells words.

Where did you go on vacation, and did you meet any Hokies there? What beer did you drink? What Bourbon?

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What is your biggest critique of VT's current recruiting? What can they do better?


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From a recruiting perspective, how much of the engagement with recruits during the season become a burden on the coaches? Do they actively lament or raise concerns about how recruiting takes away from scouting, game planning, and player development? While getting the level of support services that an Alabama has is nearly impossible, what do you feel is an appropriate number of scouting and recruiting staff that allows a program like Virginia Tech to cast a big enough net and conduct appropriate evaluations of talent that allows them to be a consistent ACC divisional champion? Do you have any insight on how VT's support system compares to a Miami, North Carolina, Pitt, etc?

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To piggy-back on this a bit, how much communication goes on between support staffs and/or coaches at different schools? Is every school basically in its own silo or is there a lot of cross-talk, at least amongst coaching and support staffs that actually like one another?

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When do you think we will have the all-around talent for a playoff run? I know with Clemson's stronghold on recruiting they will be tough to de-throne but I personally think 2019 could be the breakthrough year. In that same vein, who do you think are the "game-changing" guys that we have on the roster or ones we need in the 2019 class in order to get there?

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ITT: A lot of people that believe this is an AMA for the current affairs of VT recruiting and the VT football staff, and don't realize that JUGs works at Nebraska and previously UCF.

Will we ever get an NCAA Football video game, once again?

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How important is the "arms race" of facilities in recruiting? Which facilities and/or improvements actually matter to recruits? Do the novelty items (e.g., Clemson's slide, Bama's waterfall) actually have sway?

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Given the perspective of your career, what would you say is the general ratio of guys who genuinely care about their education vs those that ain't come to play school? I feel like athletes get a bad rap in that department, and would think the stereotype is probably grossly exaggerated.

How can fans sabotage recruits visits to other schools, without being found out obviously. Could we work in teams to delay any sort of air travel they have going on, or call in anonymous tips to all the clubs that minors are getting in. I'm just spitballing here if anyone else has any good ideas throw them out

when it comes to coupons where do our Hardees gift bags fall in the rankings of most sought after coupons by recruits?

I'm going to guess somewhere behind $100,000 payouts in cash.

How prominent and effective are negative recruiting tactics? Is the negative recruiting world as dirty as some writers/articles have led us to believe?

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Answers will be incoming soon, got a ton of good questions!!

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