OT: So where is Jalen Hurts going to transfer to?

Tua Tagovailoa reached Seth Dooley status last night...this kid is going to fuck for the rest of college and the NFL is within reach.

Hurts is 26-2 as a starter with a national championship ring. Showed an immense amount of class last night after being benched.

Where does Hurts go? I believe he won't have his degree after this semester so he'll have to spend next year either at JUCO or sitting on the bench.

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I won't bite - Hurts will try to win back his position in the spring. He ain't going no where.


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I think Hurts knows he probably doesn't have a future at QB in the NFL, so I think his decision will depend on a few things.

1) Does he want to try to win the spot back at Alabama in the spring? Seems like a competitive kid, even with the odds stacked against him, he's got a good resume and there is valor in fighting for your spot.

2) Does he want to play QB in college no matter what? I think this is the most likely transfer scenario, which is completely reasonable. If he loves playing QB, regardless of NFL future, and doesn't win the job back at Alabama, this is a very reasonable and fair response to the situation.

3) Is he willing to be utilized as a wr/rb/option QB type situation where he is still a part of the team with Alabama while functioning as the backup QB? This also includes him switching position to safety or something, though that seems a bit more unlikely unless he has a history there.

he also has his RS year that he could use if he wants to transfer to another D1 school... easy $ says possibly FAU.. wouldn't count out Michigan taking a peek

As long as he doesn't go to GT I'll be ok. He would be scary if he had a redshirt year to learn the triple-option.

I think GT with Hurts at the helm would give Foster huge fits.

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Foster will be fine against GT...It's our offense that can't seem to get out of its own way against them that worries me much more than Jalen Hurts. Bill Arnsbarger and Bellichicks love child would have trouble beating Paul Johnson scoring 20-22 points.

We could always use another TE/H-back.

He'd be pretty dirty at Texas Tech. Every throw would be wide open. Nobody plays defense. He'd be a yardage machine given his athleticism.

Louisville needs someone to replace Lamar Jackson

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That would be awesome to watch with Louisville and Alabama playing each other opening weekend next year. Would bring a lot of drama to the game.

Hurts would have to sit out a year if he goes to Louisville

Even if he didn't have to sit out, I'm guessing Bama would block that transfer. Hurts could go and share the entire offensive playbook.

Why would he have to sit out?

NCAA transfer rules. Going from one D1 school to another, unless you've already graduated, means you have to sit out a year.

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Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks!

Had the exact same thought as the freshman came back out after the pick. No way he stays at alabama unless he switches position. That kid's got it on lock, and is going to be scary for years to come.

(that being said, Georgia got caught in a shitty situation when 'tim tebow' got benched for 'tom brady.' totally different style of play that I'm sure they weren't prepared for. I'd expect once teams get some film on him and prepare for him as the quarterback, things will be a little different. After Herbstreit got done felating the freshman I told Mrs. Lwyr: if the kids half as good as herbie is making him sound, Georgia's gonna have some problems, sounds like he's totally different then hurts.)

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i think he fits good at PITT (f*ck pat narduzzi) but i think he ends up at FAU. hes not good enough to start somewhere else either. a lot like malik zaiire.

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Just started two seasons at Alabama and made it to two national championships.

"Not good enough to start anywhere else"

Don't forget SEC player of the year.

Somewhat related. Looks like Jacob Eason is likely going to transfer. Not surprising. I don't know enough about his skill set to speculate where he might go.

I read University of Washington. Peterson can make anyone look good in his system.


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I don't think it'll take much to make him look good. Eason is a former 5* (top pro-style QB recruit in the country) who only lost his job to Fromm due to injury.

I hope you are right it would be nice to have THE USC knocked back down a peg or two in the PAC 19

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He's a tremendous athlete, some of his first half runs were amazing last night. He has to be on the field somehow some way even if he stays at Bama, he's a yardage machine.

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Is there any possibility he moves to RB at Bama?

I think if he sticks around they find ways for him to get the ball at wr/rb/hback/option QB, and he maintains backup QB role. This is all contingent on if he stays of course.

Ohio State. With the exception of Cardale Jones, Urban Meyer has made a living out of running QBs that cannot throw for shit. Hurts' athleticism and skills are perfect for Meyer's system.

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He'll have to compete with JT Barrett and his unlimited eligibility. That kid has to be like 30 by now.

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I think technically this year Barrett qualified for a redshirt, so he is coming back next year as an 8th year Senior.

I'm glad somebody else sees that. It got to be a running joke in our house. How the fuck is 42 year old JT Barrett still in college? Usually followed up with juvenile taunting about how he lost his first college game at home, in front of the then largest NCAAF crowd ever to THE Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Off-the-radar option: Saban learns from one of the teams that beat him and installs the 2-QB Funroe offense, or the A-11.

Marshall. They all go to Marshall.

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I know you're kinda joking, but how is Marshall not better than they are? I mean it seems like they get a lot of good players that flame out everywhere else.

They've really been hit hard by the split between power and group conferences. They used to get a couple 4 star and several 3 star guys but can't keep up financially since that split. They would beat out schools like Kansas and Maryland for the speedy Florida kids, but now they would rather go to ku or umd because of the "cost of living" cash.

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Academic standards aren't as stiff here as other schools, and the coaching staff has no problem taking on guys with troubled pasts. Those types of guys don't always maximize their talent. Very high risk, high reward, but that's the way the coaching staff has chosen to recruit because Huntington isn't as attractive as a lot of other college towns in the Conference USA and other G5 schools.

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Someone on Sirius XM said FAU with Kiffin. I could see that happening.

I know FAU with Kiffin is a real possibility, but do you really think he's going to be there for the next 10 years? I mean, he's Lane Kiffin. No matter how good FAU gets, they're not going to be on ESPN when they're playing other Conference USA teams every week, and I just think the first opportunity he gets to be back into power 5 college football, he'll take it.

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Kiffin is leaving as soon as the first decent P5 offer comes in. Bank on that. He knows he is second tier at FAU, no matter what he does. Look at UCF- they went undefeated and weren't close to the playoff or relevance as their entire coaching staff left- that is BEST case for Kiffin. So yes, if Wake Forest offered him, he would bolt in a heart beat- not to mention an SEC or B1G school.

So he needs to tell Jalen to transfer to where he will be after this year. Another decent year at FAU and you know he will be movin on up, he finally gonna get a piece of the pie.

Or Jalen stays at Bama to compete for the starting job but works to get his degree so he can transfer and have immediate eligibility the following season.

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That is actually his smartest decision, but will he do it?

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Give the guy some credit. He did lose one.

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Oddly enough, the last time he had the ball in the game they lost he waltzed into the endzone to take a lead.

I'd actually blame a potential loss on their kicker...

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

...have lots of sex...

I don't know. The girls will probably just want to talk to him. "Say, you play football. Do you know that Tua guy? He's cute."

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Wouldn't surprise me to see Kiffin end up at USCe. Muschamp may not make it past next season. And honestly I'd love see him go after Dabo on twitter and press conferences.

Rumors say that Muschamp is receiving a contract extension soon.

"I thought the kid right there you're talking to right there played his nuts off."

I'd love see him go after Dabo on twitter and press conferences.

I'd pay money to see that.




Yeah what made it obvious is that he had signed ZERO recruits in October and got a haul of only 5 from the early signing period. He was banking on being gone this year