Spring Practice Day 2 Snap chat review

Team work showed a clip with an offensive line grouping of:

LT- Plantin, LG-Cannon, C- Chung, RG-Pfaff, RT-Tyrell Smith

Evan at 24/7 said that Plantin is also working at left guard in expectation that he could be Wyatt Teller's replacement, so this grouping likely reflects Plantin working in place of Nijman.

McClease is the tailback, Keene the H-back, and Hooker the QB.

Instagram showed Jackson and Willis throwing an outside comeback in the left flat. Both guys threw pretty balls with some zip.

More as more is posted.


Interesting to see Chung getting some reps at center.

Yeah I think Tyrell might be the better option at RT but will be interesting to see if Chung wins the job over Hoyt at Center. I like Plantin in a LG with Cannon backing up both Guards. I think Nijman is going to use his added weight to up his play and get into an early-round draft conversation as long as he's not hurt.

In 2016 Chung was blocking more effectively at center than Gallo. Chung's issues were with the directional snaps that are a must for Fuente's offense. For example on the speed option the center must snap the ball at an angle to the side of the option to give the QB a running start. Chung's struggles snapping were the only reason Gallo got his job back. If he can figure out the snapping, it is helpful to have a fifth year senior setting the protections and calling the fronts.

I expect that you will see several guys working at new positions to build depth. Nijman and Pfaff are locks at left tackle and right guard. Expect Plantin, Cannon, Aiden Brown, and maybe Lecitus Smith to work at guard some. Zach Hoyt, Chung, Tyrell Smith,,Lecitus Smith, and Pat Kearns to work at center. Any of those aforementioned guys will get work behind Pfaff at right guard. Plantin will work at right and left tackle. Jackson will work on the left side, Darrisaw on the right. I assume Silas will work on the left as well but I have not heard definitely.

This spring, expect lots of young players to be moved around and challenged to learn and adapt quickly. Opportunities are there if some of these young players can get out of their comfort zone and find a niche.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

it is helpful to have a fifth year senior

perhaps even more helpful to have a 6th year grad student?

I thought Austin Cannon really looked good last spring. He was a guy who I was surprised seemed to get lost on the depth chart during the fall. There are lots of bodies getting reps, but I could see him making noise at the left guard spot.

I have heard awesome things about Aiden Brown, but I have not had a chance to see him practice or play yet. Until then, I will wait and see.

Christian Darrisaw is an early enrollee, and I have seen reports that he has wowed with his athleticism and size during workouts. On film, he looks really similar to Duane Brown after Brown moved. There is a caveat there. Duane Brown was really bad when he first changed positions and needed a ton of work on technique. I think Darrisaw struggles mightily this spring. Don't write him off if he does. I have heard stories about Brown, post position change, doing his pass protection footwork drills everywhere before and after class, during down time, so much that his teammates called him "Kickstand" to bug him. His work paid off. If the light goes on for Darrisaw, he could be terrific.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

When Chung got his sixth year, fans be like

Depth chart be like

In all seriousness, this is a great problem to have. And I know some of it is finding where guys fit and injury considerations, but one of my favorite things about VV is his willingness to shuffle the deck until his best hand shows up. Feels like in the past OL was a little more static re positioning. Having versatile guys who can play more than one position does nothing but extend our depth chart. Yes, please.

Of course, I'd like to see a somewhat consistent unit working with the 1's moving into the summer. But I'm liking the trajectory with this group.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

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