UCF site taking GoFundMe donations to investigate the SEC

Knight News' mission statement says its original investigation was focused on UF and athletic director Scott Stricklin's actions on the College Football Playoff selection committee. The site says it had to hire a lawyer to get the UF athletic department (which functions as the University Athletic Association, independent of the university) to release emails "as a courtesy." It is worth noting that the UAA is not subject to the same public records laws as the university, something that has long frustrated journalists covering UF athletics.

The site claims that emails between Stricklin and Missouri's athletic director demonstrate a violation of antitrust laws. Knight News says the Exposing Insecurity investigation would "pick up where our investigation of UF left off."

UCF site taking GoFundMe donations to investigate the SEC

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If I had (a greater flexibility of) disposable income, I'd join in!

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Uva swallows

It's sketchy a hell that UF athletics gets to operate so freely from the university.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Not as sketchy as the NCAA.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows


I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Love it.

Based on the article, it sounds like UCF is discovering SEC media bias for the first time.

They're probably still upset that UF won't play a game in Orlando. If it makes them feel better UF won't play anyone else in a true away game either.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

UF will play in Orlando but not at UCF stadium only at Camping World. You know how SEC loves neutral site games.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I'm all for anything that shines light on potential SEC/NCAA dirt.

If there's nothing actually there, fine. But that's not where my money would be.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

But that's not where my money would be.

So... your money is in a GoFundMe?

Well played.

I meant that figuratively. My money stays with me. :)

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

Looks like UCF is really serious about this investigation and has raised $440.00 , this must scare the crap out of Florida and the sec!


Florida had better lawyer up. For about an hour.

The best comment about this that I've seen was on Reddit

"This reads like a neck beard complaining about Chads."

I'm sure they "bend" the rules in the SEC... but it's more just a self full-filling prophecy...they get the best players because they win championships, they win championships because they get the best players. Period. It's not any different than ACC basketball. Duke, UNC, Cuse, Louisville get one and dones and big time players because they historically win at big levels. They historically win because they get great players. Now, sure..the SEC having more TV money, exposure, temperate weather, moderate academics certainly helps too.

Don't forget the bagmen. They help out a ton.



The SEC is really a bit of a shell of its former self. Its Alabama, Georgia.... and a bunch of alright teams that hang on the coattails of the top 2. As much hell as the ACC gets for the gap between Clemson and everyone else, the same gap exists there, too. They just have bigger football names, so more people pay attention.

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The difference is that they have 8-10 teams in the top 20 in recruiting every year. The SEC top to bottom is much stronger than the ACC and it lies in the simple fact that they have better athletes on the field. ACC teams outside the top are extremely reliant on quality QB play and good coaching. Anyone else catch ole 9-3 NC State get hammered like an FCS team by 8-4 A&M? Auburn put 56 on Purdue in the first half? Florida dominate Michigan and rush for more yards on them than any team all year? LSU beat UCF with 2 starters on defense? Kentucky beat Penn State? Sure some hang on the coattails like the USCe's, but they cycle through some good stretches as well.

You're right though, it's just Alabama and Georgia.

The SEC went 6-5. The Big10 went 5-4. The Big12 went 4-3. The ACC went 5-5. Solid cherry picking.

Although I'm sure the SEC losers weren't motivated.

Correction: the SEC went 6-6, the ACC 6-5 once you include the championship game.

True. But does the boat race we saw tonight constitute a game?

I talked about specific games because I was talking about matchups in context, something that can't be expressed through just using the W-L bowl records. ACC played 3 (4th was cancelled BC-Boise game) G5 teams, SEC played one (UCF). SEC played in 3 NY6 bowls if you count the playoff game. So the records are similar but in context they don't tell the same story.

SEC took bowl wins over #4 OU, #7 Michigan, #8 UCF, #12 Penn State, 9-3 NC State (A&M beat them 52-13), and Auburn beat Purdue 63-14.

The SEC teams that lost were Alabama to Clemson (if we are counting the NCG as a bowl), Texas to Georgia, Miss State to Iowa, Mizzou to Okie State, Vandy to Baylor, and USCe to UVA (blowout). The only shocking loss there is UGA.

The ACC took bowl wins over #1 Alabama, #3 Notre Dame (both by Clemson) G5 Memphis, G5 Temple, Grier-less WVU, USCe.

The ACC took losses to Minnesota (blowout), Wisconsin (blowout), G5 Cincy, Stanford, NC State (blowout)

Here's the fun part: If we take out the top team from each conference Bama and Clemson. (THE SEC IS JUST BAMA, THE REST AREN'T ANY GOOD ESECPN MEDIA BIASSSSS !!!)

The SEC still has these wins without Bama:
#7 Michigan, #8 UCF, #12 Penn State, 9-3 NC State (A&M beat them 52-13), and Auburn beat Purdue 63-14.

The ACC still has these wins without Clemson:
G5 Memphis, G5 Temple, Grier-less WVU, USCe.

Context, it's a beautiful thing.

You know what, I was wrong

After watching UGa and Bama humiliated in those last games, maybe the entire SEC was a little overrated this year. Alabama beat UofL as their big OOC win, ran roughshod over the SEC, hung on to not choke it away vs Oklahoma and got embarrassed by Clemson? Maybe they weren't that great to begin with

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See my post right above you.

"stronger" according to 'croot ranks

Sounds like ucf is just bitter butthurt and feels disrespected sorta like boise state did for a few years sometime ago.

Does UCF not yet realize that they are essentially asking the guilty parties to investigate themselves?

This is young, dumb, and full of... gumption.

I like this. UCF needs to remain a thorn and has built the fan base to be bitter enough to do it. It won't amount to anything, but it'll be a fun ride.

I so want UCF to hire Wendy's twitter person. This would be fantastic to watch.

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I want VT to hire a Wendy's twitter person.

That level of humor, irreverence, and grasp of nuance without going off the rails is rare.