World Cup For College Football Fans Part IV

Hello. Welcome to the final installment of our World Cup Preview for College Football Fans. I hope this has been a thought provoking, heart warming journey that has moved you to tears and laughter, due to the gratuitous nut shots I kept showing.

If you're like me, you watched the U.S. in their recent warm up games get ready for the tournament and actually looking pretty damn good in the process; at least during the last game against Nigeria when everything seemed to come together for them. Just as with my Hokies, that was the final nudge I needed into completely blind optimism before the competition actually begins. I'm now convinced that not only can the U.S. make it out of the group stage, but if they play like they did on Saturday, they will win the group and have a casual stroll through the knockout rounds to their first true test against Brazil in the semis.

Countdown: 81

Texas Tech quarterback transfer Michael Brewer is doing all the little things that will help him be successful on the field come August.

World Cup For College Football Fans Part III

Hello. Either you survived my exceedingly lengthy previous World Cup previews and for some ungodly reason came back for more or you just stumbled on this and have no idea what you're in for. If you're new, welcome! For those of you unfamiliar with soccer, we're comparing the countries participating in the World Cup to those college football programs you know much better. We aim for brevity, seriousness and non-controversial statements about Landon Donovan.

Quest for Blacksburg's Iron Throne

Guys, it's finally here! The offseason is in full force, meaning that every single outlet covering Tech sports is desperate for content. It's why Andy Bitter ranks things, Mark Berman writes about softball, and Mike Barber can run away to a beach somewhere. Internally, it's how I convince Joe to let me write more of my, let's call them unconventional, columns (remember, I'm the guy that compared ACC quarterbacks to Mario Kart characters).

When you think about it the search for a new quarterback is quite like the Houses of Westeros' neverending quest to sit on the Iron Throne. It's a long, painful, and heartbreaking process to compete for a job that seems a lot more awesome when you're not actually doing it. Sure, the gig has produced a few legends, but it creates a lot more infamous leaders than famous ones.

Who will sit on Blacksburg's Iron Throne and win the quarterback competition this season?

Mike London Did the Cupid Shuffle

Mike London is no stranger to showing off his dance moves. According to the video description, he led a Cupid Shuffle at the end of the Mike London's Women's Football Camp. If you listen closely, you can hear him say something along the lines of making this video go viral. As of right now, the video has 340 views, which is more than fans at the UVa spring game, but not enough to be considered viral. Coach London, I helped you out by posting this for our readers. I know Hokie Nation will enjoy it and pass it along.

Mike London doing the Cupid Shuffle.

TKP Community Interview: DuWayne Johnson

Defensive back DuWayne Johnson verbally committed to the Hokies on February 8th while attending a Virginia Tech junior day event. Today the 6-1, 160 pound H.D. Woodson standout answers your questions.

Your Hudl film shows you can line up at either boundary or field corner positions, though the tape seems to show you close to the line on the boundary side a bit more often. Do you feel more comfortable in one alignment or another, and have Tech's coaches discussed how your skills fit in the secondary scheme? — VTGuitarMan

2015 verbal commitment DuWayne Johnson answers your questions.