The Week That Was: Lack of Institutional Control

Usually to start this column I have a humorous anecdote or something major that has happened either to me recently, such as Peter Lalich's Tupac to my Biggie Smalls (kids, ask your parents).

But this week? Nothing. It was just a weird week of random stories that really had no bearing on my life at all. I think this can all chalk up to one thing: senioritis. I have noticed that my level of caring, especially in a scholastic sense, has fallen off a cliff this semester. My production and care has dropped off so much, you can basically call me Rorell Breddie.

(Side note: To put it in perspective, do I know my dad reads this site pretty religiously? Yes. That is my level of caring right now.)

Anyway, I think the karmic gods have come back to bite me in the behind because not only do I not have any awesome stories...well none that don't involve rails or the words "snow beers"...but also my internet cut out almost ALL day yesterday, meaning that I couldn't even email this column to Joe.

Karma is getting me for being lazy...and the worst part is that I don't care at all. Is this what being Matt Leinart is like?

Anyway, here are some of the better stories over the past week:

Duke 88, Virginia Tech 56, Summary

And by summary I mean a minimal amount of words surrounded by pictures, tweets, and stats.

Game Summary:

Duke was able to overcome Virginia Tech's early 4-point lead (1st half, 18:42), and win by 32 points.

Statistical summary:

  • Erick Green 22 points (39.28% of Tech's total points)
  • Seth Curry 22 points
  • Virginia Tech 1-16 (6.3%) 3-Point FGs
  • Duke 12-17 (70.6%) 3-Point FGs

Cassell Guard Chant Effectiveness Summary:

Who's your daddy? *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

Coach K's underwear summary:


Dell Curry's Shoe Selection Summary:

Duke Preview

Both Virginia Tech and Duke lost over the weekend, and that's about where their similarities end. Duke is really good, and Virginia so much. The Hokies are trying to end their 8-game losing streak, while the Blue Devils are trying to weather the storm while Ryan Kelly is out, and catch Miami atop the ACC standings.

The top two guys in the race for ACC Player of the Year, Erick Green and Mason Plumlee, (you could easily argue Shane Larkin of Miami too) will face off tonight. Each is having an impressive year, with Erick leading the nation in scoring, and Mason averaging a double-double. If the Hokies want to win, stopping Plumlee will be the top priority.

The senior forward [Plumlee] ranks second in the ACC in both scoring (17.6 ppg) and rebounding (10.4 rpg). He is averaging 6.5 points more than he did last season, and his rebounding average has also increased.

Others might be surprised by how much he has blossomed, but he is not among them.

"I did see it coming," Plumlee said Tuesday in a phone interview. "To have the kind of year that I want to have, and I want to be even better going forward, you have to see it before you do it. So when I would think about it over the summer and in the preseason, I saw myself doing certain things on the court and putting up particular numbers."


We all remember exchanging thoughtless valentines with people we didn't actually love in elementary school. We just scribbled names on the backs and blindly handed them out. My condolences go out to John Swofford's kids. Unfortunately, they'll be handing out the ACC's Valentine's Day cards. Don't believe me? Have a look below, and remember to purchase them at any local retailer where Raycom goods are sold*.

*Expired, third-tier rights were sold.

The Week That Was: Offseason Doldrums

When I started to write this, I was very concerned that there would not be an awesome college football story to lead things off. We are officially in the doldrums between signing day and spring practice, and players getting in trouble is one of the few things that grabs a headline.


That's right, the moment I started writing this column was the exact time the Twitterverse broke the story of four Alabama players getting arrested, three for second-degree robbery and one for the fraudulent use of a debit card.

Obviously the Hokie in me initially hoped that this could somehow give Tech an advantage come August, but after further research I found that when you have a roster full of four-star recruits, it's not hard to replace four freshmen (three of which who barely played last season). After further reading, however, it's simply mind blowing that these guys thought they could get away with it. Alabama football players are the biggest celebrities in Tuscaloosa. That would be like an actor driving drunk in Hollywood, or Lil' Wayne getting caught with pot in New Orleans... Well, you get my point. All are indefinitely suspended.

The Week That Was: Signing Day Craziness

This has been a big week for me.

First off I had a promising interview with a potential future employer. That was cool and all, but Sunday probably took the week. No, I take that back. It DEFINITELY took the week. Why, you ask? Well, the short answer is that I may have a new mortal enemy.

Let me break it down for you in three steps:

  1. The Super Bowl happened: This one is pretty obvious. Biggest game of the year.
  2. CBS broadcast the Super Bowl: Again, pretty obvious. But breaking it down even more, Joe hates CBS and its overhyped shows like Two Broke Girls Who Work For NCIS Hawaii 5.0. Understandable.
  3. I had to make a sarcastic Tweet about Joe's hatred of CBS. See that sarcastic comment below? Well let me run it back again.

Maryland Preview

The Terrapins make their return trip to Blacksburg tonight. The Hokies lost the first meeting in College Park 71-94.

Maryland is 4-5 in conference play, suffering their last 4 losses on the road. This bodes well for the Hokies, who are currently on a 4 game losing skid. Might tonight be the night the team is finally rewarded for the increased effort given as of late? If they want to stop Maryland, they'll have to defend the 3-point line better. Maryland sunk ten 3-pointers the last time out, 3.5 more than the Hokies are allowing per game this season.

Maryland ranks first nationally in rounds (42.6), and second in rebound margin (11.1) with a front court including Alex Len (12.7 PPG, 8.2 REB), a future lottery pick. I expect the Hokies to do the same thing they did last time in the front court and start both Cadarian Raines and Joey van Zegeren. Tech did a great job on the boards then, but if Maryland switches to zone be prepared for Tech to get beat down low.

Signing Day Recap

I wanted to go in-state, so it was between Tech and UVa. I just couldn't see myself waking up every morning at UVa. [...]'13 Signee David Prince

National Signing Day was relatively drama free for Virginia Tech. No commitments flipped, and only one thing did not go according to plan: tailback Drew Harris didn't sign. Mike Barber provided an update to his situation.

Despite performing well academically at Fork Union Military Academy this semester, Harris still has a multiple NCAA clearing house issues relating back to his high school transcript, a source said Wednesday, national signing day.

The source said the issues don't relate to anything at Virginia Tech or Fork Union, but said Harris won't be part of the class the Hokies announce today.

It's possible Harris will have to enroll at a junior college and play there to become eligible.

Harris is obviously someone who can help the team, but whatever circumstances he is dealing with seem like a mess, and now I'm taking a wait and see approach.

2013 Signee Profile: Cequan Jefferson

With Antone Exum's health now a concern, Virginia Tech suddenly has a hole in the secondary that might provide an opportunity for a young player to have immediate impact next season. Kendall Fuller seems best suited to fill in at Exum's spot at boundary, but third corner remains a question, especially with Detrick Bonner desperately needed at free safety. While Donaldven Manning, Donovan Riley, and Davon Tookes have experience, recruiting expert J.C. Shurburtt seems to think that Cequan Jefferson could fill that role.

Initially, Cequan Jefferson was a bit of an unknown quantity when he committed to Virginia Tech (his only offer) early in the 2013 recruiting process. After reading Shurburtt's comments, I decided to take a look for myself. What I found was an incredibly polished defensive back, whose highlights demonstrate the ability to play all three critical techniques for a Virginia Tech cornerback (off-man, inside out press, off-robber) right now. He also has incredibly fluid hips that allow him to be beaten and recover, and a natural aggressive ball-hawking ability that lends itself to playing disguised zones from the field corner position, read the quarterback, and then leave his man to make a play on the football.