The Key Podcast: S17E04, Hokies' Win over UVA Overshadowed By Brutal Injury

Buzzketball scores their most important win of the season, but loses one of their biggest stars in the process.

[Michael Shroyer]

TKP's Buzzketball squad was mere moments away from recording an uplifting review of Virginia Tech's double-overtime win over No. 12 Virginia when the unfortunate news of Chris Clarke's torn ACL broke. That dampened the show's mood quite a bit.

On top of Clarke's injury, Pierson, Joey, and I also discuss:

  • How the injury impacts the Hokies' play over their final six games.
  • Brian's attempt to find a sliver of short-term optimism in Clarke's absence.
  • If the UVA win told us anything about the team we didn't already know.
  • They're going to lose at Pittsburgh, aren't they?

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I was happily surprised to see this one pop up in my podcasts app on the way to lunch today! Thanks for showing me that i've been pronouncing Khadim Sy's last name wrong when reading it all season.

The Ty Outlaw Fan Club founding document:

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

gotta work on those headlines. Hyperbole is a bit much in this one.

A torn ACL is not a "brutal injury". Especially when the athlete is walking around and sitting on the bench without so much as an icepack on his knee.

A brutal injury would be a compound broken fibula that is protruding from the athlete's leg. or a neck injury that has left the athlete at least temporarily paralyzed.

Phew. That is a hot take.

If you don't mind me asking, have you torn your ACL? If so, then feel free to criticize and offer your experience and back up your claims.

Otherwise, I think a torn ligament in one of the most important joints of an athletes body that requires a ridiculous amount of rehab to get back to the playing condition that Clarke was in (especially considering how much he depends on explosiveness), can be considered brutal.

And just so you know, he did have an icepack on his knee.

Compared to a sprained ankle that an average YMCA baller might pick up, it's pretty devastating, but it's all relative. A torn ACL is a pretty common injury in high level sports. One with a clear path to recovery & a high likelihood of returning to the game given dedicated rehab and constant medical & S&C support. If I tore my ACL my basketball days would be over, but Clarke has the time to spend on rehab and all the support he needs to recover fully.

Consider this, the only worry here is whether or not his recovery will go well, and whether he will be ready to play in the 17-18 season, not whether he'll walk again.

It sucks, but brutal is a bit strong IMO.

A torn ACL is not a "brutal injury". Especially when the athlete is walking around and sitting on the bench without so much as an icepack on his knee.

Methinks you need to research ACL injuries a bit more.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Yeah I definitely know of players with torn ACLs that have played multiple games after tearing it. Just look at Juice as well, he played the rest of the ND game to help us win and now his career is over due to multiple ACL injuries. They are definitely brutal and once it happens once to one knee, the chances to tear an ACL go up for both knees! It is absolutely brutal. It doesn't necessarily hurt like a compound fracture, but to me, my knee felt foreign and weird from the lack of structure.

C'mon people! I don't agree but unless there was an edit I really don't see anything warranting down votes. Get it together. Disagree with him like a Hokie. Stop down voting for shit you don't like because that's a total wahoo move.

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?