After "relentless" recruiting effort, J'Bril Glaze commits to the Hokies

Virginia Tech added a defensive lineman to its 2017 recruiting class late Friday night.

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Galen Scott got the good news first, 2017 defensive lineman J'Bril Glaze committed to Virginia Tech. And deservedly so. The Hokies' assistant head coach and safeties coach stayed in constant contact with Glaze since Tech offered in March. Scott also made the trek down to Tampa, Florida numerous times to visit the sunshine state product at his home and Jefferson HS.

"Coach Scott really was a relentless recruiter," Glaze told The Key Play. "Since they offered me, they haven't stopped recruiting me even through my commitment to USF."

Glaze committed to South Florida on August 1, but opened up his recruitment after former Bulls' head coach Willie Taggart accepted the same position at Oregon. Unlike many recruitments, Scott won over Glaze by not promising him a darn thing.

"One thing I really liked to hear from him was that he wasn't going to give me any handouts," Glaze said. "He wasn't telling me that I was going to come up and play right away. He was telling me that I was going to have to come up and work for whatever I earn."

Soon after Glaze delivered Scott his verbal, he spoke with an excited Justin Fuente by phone and confirmed his intentions.

"(Coach Fuente) told me that I would fit really good with the program up there, and with them graduating so many really good defensive lineman I would have some big shoes to fill, but my future could be bright there, as long as I wanted to come up and work hard," Glaze said.

Glaze's official visit to Tech on January 27 will be the first time he steps foot in Blacksburg. The product on the field sold itself.

"They're really on a roll right now," Glaze said. "They're playing great. They're playing some of the best football in college. What really caught my attention was throughout the season watching them play in (the ACC) and they ended up winning their division against teams like Miami, and the close game versus Pitt, and North Carolina. Then they go on to play Clemson for the championship, and they are down by, I believe 21, and they come back and lose by a touchdown, but it's Clemson. That's saying a lot.

"And a lot of people talk about the SEC, when they went into the Belk Bowl against an SEC team like Arkansas, a more power team, and ended up going down by 24, and coming back for 35 unanswered points, and what really impressed me the most was 6 sacks, 3 interceptions, and a forced fumble. That was crazy."

Even though Scott made sure to emphasize Tech's facilities and college life in Blacksburg, Glaze honed in on on-the-field results and academics over the glitz, glamour, and prestige typically associated with wooing a recruit.

"I try to look at from the standpoint of just football, and not look at the school names or anything that," Glaze said. "Focus on the football aspect. On top of that, it's a very great school academically."

The 6-3, 250 pounder started at defensive end for Jefferson, but could very well grow into a defensive tackle for the Hokies.

"They believe I am athletic enough to stay out on the edge, but at the end of the day it will be where I best fit," Glaze said.

"I'd rather be at end, but I know if I was moved to the inside, that I could really use my athleticism pass rushing," he added about potentially playing DT for the Hokies.

After all, sacks, hits, and getting after the passer combine for his passion in the trenches.

"When you're able to develop a lot of pass rush moves, it's almost equivalent to being a skill player."

247Sports rates Glaze as a 3-star recruit, and he picked the Hokies from 23 offers including Tennessee, Michigan State, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arizona. He previously scheduled official visits to Middle Tennessee State (1/13) and Iowa State (1/20), and may follow through on them, but Glaze doesn't believe either school will sway his Virginia Tech commitment.


they come back and lose by a touchdown, but it's Clemson. That's saying a lot.

*swoons* God I love where our program is headed!!

That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

The one word I LOVE hearing regarding VT recruiting:


Remember folks, as Glaze points out, Arkansas lost a 24-0 halftime lead

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

Yessir! Looks like he's got a big frame, I could see him bulking up at Tech and being a monster at DT.

Pour some Beer on it

His comments definitely show how important it was for us to come back against Clemson and Arkansas. Even though we lost to Clemson, it still impressed recruits.

Iowa state visit from a Florida kid you say.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I like this kids attitude. The kiids that want to come in and work make this program what it is.

He does have a good attitude towards working for what he gets. It sounds like he will fit into Bud's defense perfectly. I like in the films howens he bowls over and drive back offensive linemen to get deep into the backfield. That would be a joy to see in a Hokie uniform.

His interview makes him come across as a high character guy with a strong work ethic. Exactly a fit for what we like at defensive line. I mean we want that for any position, but especially for one that requires a certain amount of physicality.

Heck his goodbye note comes across as a high character guy. I wish him well in his next adventure.

Welcome to the Terror Dome Baby! Intense looks remind me of Corey Moore.

Stop it with the Negative Waves!

I always wonder how much on field performance vs recruiting effort/prowess actually sways recruits in a given season. Guess this shows there is some legitimacy to the W-L argument.

Welcome aboard sir!!

Seems like an excellent get and willing to work.

In terms of recruiting, there is something about this coaching staff that I like. They may not land flashy, highly rated guys, but they recruit a lot of different skill sets. I think that goes along with how fuente uses guys. More weapons equals more playmakers

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Coach Fuente is building a definite scheme and finding the right players to fit into it. He's getting character and skill.

Watch at 1:13 of his highlights. The offense fakes a jet sweep to a triple option, the QB reads him or the OLB and makes a shovel pitch to the trailing HB. Glaze, while slow-playing the QB, sees the pitch, reverses direction on a dime and makes the tackle. Hell of a lot of body control on a kid that size.

"One thing I really liked to hear from him was that he wasn't going to give me any handouts," Glaze said. "He wasn't telling me that I was going to come up and play right away. He was telling me that I was going to have to come up and work for whatever I earn."

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