Tim Settle Announces Intention to Declare for the NFL Draft

Former blue-chip defensive tackle opts to forgo a fourth season with the Hokies.

Tim Settle (No. 4) celebrates a tackle in the 2017 matchup between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. [Cory Hancock]

Virginia Tech will be without the services of once of its most talented defensive linemen defenders players next season. Defensive tackle Tim Settle will test the waters in the upcoming NFL Draft, eschewing a fourth season with the Hokies.

As a redshirt sophomore, Settle started all 13 games for the Hokies in 2017. He accumulated 12.5 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks punctuated by his patented penguin dance.

Via Pro Football Focus, Settle also led Tech with 27 quarterback pressures.

A massive space-eater, Settle led the Hokies in QB pressures from his interior defensive tackle position. He was a menace in run defense as well, recording 23 total defensive stops. On the season, he's accumulated five sacks, four QB hits and 19 QB hurries giving him 27 total, which was 18th-most among all FBS defensive tackles.

Even though he didn't settle into a starter's role until his third season, the 6-3, 335 pounder caught the attention of pundits and coaches early on during his career.

"I said 'it'd probably be amazing if we can just get you down under 300,' because he's got the lightest feet of any 340 pound guy you'll ever see in your life," Frank Beamer said of the former blue-chip recruit ahead of his redshirt season in 2015. "He's easy."

Pro Football Focus identified Settle's next-level pass rush potential following his 2016 campaign as a reserve in the two-deep.

Coming off his first active season at the collegiate level, Virginia Tech defensive tackle Tim Settle took the ACC by storm despite playing within a limited role. Totaling 18 pressures on 131 pass-rush snaps, Settle ranked No. 10 among draft-eligible interior defenders in pass-rush productivity (10.3).

A former five-star recruit, Settle excelled at applying quick interior pressure, as he ranked No. 10 among that same group of interior defenders in pass-rush productivity on dropbacks of 2.5 seconds or less.

It's a bit of a top-heavy field at defensive tackle. At the time of publish, CBS ranks 10 DTs in the top 93 draft prospects. However, behind a rare combination of size, power, quickness, and explosiveness, Settle will certainly have the opportunity to wow NFL general managers.


Not all that surprised, but sad to see him go. Hopefully he is the only one going early...

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Was hoping for him to stick around and get his degree, but hope he is able to get drafted in first 4 rounds. Hopefully walker will stick around to give us some hope for good DL play.

Good luck big Timmy! Rep the LPD well in the NFL and score us some fat guy TDs!

Might be time to hit the panic button as far as DT depth goes.

Hope he does better in the draft than the guys who left last year.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Hopefully Cam Goode can come in a play immediately cause boy oh boy do we need him to...

Agree. Every February we love our class, but when you honestly look at raw numbers, etc. Our DL recruiting has been embarrassing- especially at DT.

While I agree we maybe should have done more to prepare, we were stacked just two years ago. We even had one player transfer because we had too much depth. Most kids aren't looking more than 1 year down the line, so it can be hard to convince someone that playing time there when the two deep is uncrackable for the next two years.

I was worried about this current/ just completed year, but feel a little better with what we've got in the pipeline for this upcoming year. Though Tim leaving doesn't help.

well poo

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Ugh... ditto.

Of course as I was typing in another thread I think he should stay another year and probably wont go this gets announced lol. While I think another year would have benefited him tremendously, I will never get mad at a player for making a decision in their own best interest. Wish all the best to Big Tim next year and hope to see him dancin around in the backfield!

Unfortunately what may appear 'in their best interest ' to leave early, is not. Look at others who thought they were better of leaving early only to bust, losing both academically and ability to play another year.

Sorry to see him leave early, but hoping the best for him.

I didn't mean it as the safest decision. I get what you're saying and obviously looking at the percentage of first year starter underclassmen that enter the draft and get picked high is not great. I just meant that I try not to pretend I know all of the factors in their decision. I have said it in a few other posts that I do believe he is leaving too early, but luckily he is a super talented and athletic player that projects better than most and because of that I believe this decision was not quite as risky as others in the past.

Yep. But I still would like to see him complete his degree, first.

I think there is something to this. I also think there is something about leaving too early combined with a few other circumstances that can make a new recruits path to success harder.

Tim's dislike of school can be construed as an unwillingness to do things he does not like on his way to achieving a goal. Teams may think that when it comes to understanding rules and regulations and studying playbooks he might not be all in.

Jerod's leaving after one season where he had an opportunity to play at a high level can be seen as being opportunistic. Jerod was good but he was no Deshaun Watson. How might a team respond to a player like Jerod? Well, he better show up and be ready to play QB. Jumping early probably resulted in teams not looking at him as a player to develop. Why spend all the time and money if he's going to go to the next highest bidder.

There are players who leave early and play immediately or nearly immediately. Michael Vick and Deshaun Watson are clear examples of guys who left early and played immediately. That's pretty much what has to happen if you leave early. If you need development I'm sure most teams would prefer you do that on someone else's dime, especially if they feel you are not likely to stick around. The best way to get extra reps on a non-NFL dime is to play in college.

If a kid can ball it don't matter if he left early. NFL is a business. Best players on the field, period.

NFL IS a business and the vast majority of kids can't ball. The day after roster cuts there are 1000 guys who aren't playing football anymore. Having said that businesses make investments but only if they believe there is a return. If you're a low draft pick and you jumped early and you don't shine at your first gig you're packing your bags. There are a limited number of spots (demand) and a limited number of players (supply). The higher ranked players are perceived to be lower risks and higher gain and their pay demonstrates that. After that teams are looking for developable talent. Developing talent costs money. Drafted players get a four year contract that is a total of $2.3M at a minimum. If you, as team, think that player is going to leave as soon as they are prepared to play you're not going to draft them. If you perceive they don't have the dedication to stick through the hard part so the program, you're not going to draft them. UDFAs get a 3 year contract. If you're not sure as a team, don't draft. Then, of course, there's the age problem, though I have little sympathy for the NFL complaining about a problem it created. It's possible in the next few years that unless you're Deshaun Watson, you're not getting drafted if you leave early.

NFL teams don't care if you leave early. They have no sympathy for that. They only care if you can play. If you don't make the cut you can go back to school and finish your degree if you wish. If they think you can be coached they will make the investment, no matter you have a degree or not. That's all.

I don't remember suggesting they have sympathy for it. If you're leaving early and under skilled they will likely not make the investment because they don't want to waste their money. They'll just pass and let the player go to UDFA status. The bottom line is that if you aren't in the top 2 rounds and have college eligibility left you're probably better of staying and getting more snaps.

Never said you did. What you are doing is stating the obvious. If they are under skilled they won't make it. If they are skilled they will play. That simple

Deangelo Hall, Michael Vick, Kevin Jones, David Wilson, Ryan Williams, and others, etc all went pro early and were fine. Some had injuries affect their pro careers, but all made the correct decision. Some recent decisions didn't go as well, but that's the nature of things.

Brandon Flowers also left early, after almost leaving super early the year before.

Gotta include Jason Worilds in this group.

And then he retired right when he was supposed to sign his first big contract.

I'm not questioning his decision to leave the NFL. Just adding him to the list of Hokies who left school early and played in the NFL.

Well shit.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Disappointed, but I get it. If I was his age and had a chance to both fulfill a dream AND get paid, I'm pretty sure I'd take it.

Welcome to the Terrordome

Very Unsettling

Take your leg.

Whoa I've been away too long maybe? Plaid is rad.

I honestly think that his career has been one of the more uniquely successful ones we've seen in Blacksburg recently. He was a 4/5* recruit and very highly touted nationally but he came here and wasn't ready to play until his 3rd year in the program. Tech really only got one year out of this guy but he was still a fan favorite and one of the faces of the team this season. I can't remember a guy who only started one year who got as much attention as we gave Settle.

Saying that though, he was a really, really good player for us this season and performed way beyond what I think even the coaches thought. Wish him the best in the NFL.


Damnit. I certainly do NOT consider this very Goode news.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

x2. I surely hope he fares better than the last 3. Yeah we really only got 1 year out of him. So one guy says we don't have depth at DT and another says we do. What up?

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I think the biggest part of the uncertainty at DT is the youth aspect. Could Hewitt step in and be a world beater? Sure. Who knows though. Porcher could come in and do the same. Might move Mihota over and might have the same result with a young defensive end stepping up. We would without a question better if Timmy stays but in Wiles/Foster I trust.

I hope he proves me wrong but I haven't seen too much promise from Hewitt or Burke in limited aciton this year. Each time they rotated in, we got ZERO penetration and the QB had all day to throw/run. My hope (along with teh DE's as well) is that the guys we redshirted (Glaze, Porcher at DT, Debose, Proctor, Garbutt at DE) are better than Hewitt, Burke, and Fullwood have shown to be so far.

From what I saw of Hewitt this year he was just serviceable and I think that's all he would be next year. There was a huge drop when either Tim or Ricky went out. Jimmie Taylor got pushed around like a rag doll on the interior so I think the only hope is that one of the young guys shows promise, or Vinny moves back inside. DE depth this year turned out better than most thought as House and Belmar proved to be solid players. Both need improvement against the run and playing their assignments but I would feel comfortable with Vinny moving inside and having a beast of a pass rusher in Hill on one side with House on the other.

I also think French mentioned that he loved Zion? I forget if he liked him inside or outside but that could be an option as well.

Oh I agree, just commenting on the questions at DT. We usually have surprises that pop up during spring camp, I expect DT may end up having the surprises this coming spring.

Yea there will be a lot of surprises I'm sure. Anxious to see what happens with Garbutt and Proctor. Two high profile guys last year that I'm excited to see get some time on the field somewhere. I think DE is shaping up to be a deep group with some recruits from last year and depending on where Proctor ends up.

I hope Hewitt can improve to be a gap sound solid player. As long as we have somebody who doesn't bust assignments and doesn't get thrown around on the inside we should be fine. Ricky, our ends, and our linebackers will be able to hide some of our issues there I think. Excited for spring ball though to see what new guys are really making strides.

He has the talent. He is going to be almost impossible to replace.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Any insight on what teams he would be a best fit? 3-4 tackle, or stays a 4-3 tackle?

Not sure schematically how he'd fit, but watching him draw all those double teams makes me believe he'd be a solid run stopping tackle for the Steelers for example.


Best of luck to Tim - hope he absolutely dominates on Sundays

I will miss this:

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

that lineman's face is NSFW...

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Pretty much every play Settle was in he was held.

I am actually quite surprised by this given the players returning on defense and players coming back from injury on offense. The 2018 defense has the ability to be top 3 in the country even with losing some key seniors. I wish him all the best but I am stunned. Gonna miss the penguin dance after a key sack.

"That's Houdini!"

- Jon Laaser 9/24/2016

I think that Top 3 potential just walked out the door.

Our DT depth is scary thin without him.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Does anybody have a gif of his penguin dance?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

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DAMMMMMIT. This hurts. 100% need Cam Goode now.

"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

With Tim leaving this may be tipping-point to get Goode to come. Earlier chance to play and be an impact player

There is no tipping point with Goode. He has faxed in his LOI already. We just don't know where he sent it.

Another year would have been good for him (and us), but hey, hopefully this'll help our perception of putting DL in the league.

Absolutely best of luck to Big Tim. I hate the gut feeling that this is another player in a line of VT players that bolted a year too early

It is, but hopefully he won't fall beyond the 5th round or so.

I'm with you. After seeing what happened last year, I would have loved to see him stay another year and dominate. I think his draft stock would improve greatly as well as his preparedness. I wish the best for him.

I would be shocked if he doesn't get drafted in the first 4 rounds. Tim Settle is probably the one player on our roster this past year that really caught the NFL scouts' attention. He can move remarkably well for such a big man. I can't say I blame him. Sure sticking around another year could possibly help, but he could also suffer a major injury that would tank his draft stock.

I don't think he's making the same mistake the guys from last year made. Isaiah Ford was too lanky and didn't have good timed speed. Bucky Hodges entered the draft as a tight end but we mostly used him as a wide receiver and he is something of a 'tweener: not big/physical enough to play tight end but not quite quick/shifty enough to stretch the field as a WR. Of course Jerod Evans leaving early was a real head scratcher.

Tim Settle is probably the one player on our roster this past year that really caught the NFL scouts' attention.

Tremaine Edmunds would like a word. His is the VT name is all over mock drafts and lists of top underclassmen who may declare. Tim Settle was nowhere on the radar until today.

hope he tears it up but man oh man am i gonna miss him in orange and maroon

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If Tim Settle is able to ball out in the League, that could do wonders for our d-line recruiting. It would be a great recruiting tool to point at a high level DL high school recruit that the staff was able to get to the next level as a d-lineman.

What a lovely 13 hours this has been.

Wow. Didn't see that coming. I thought with another year he could put himself in position for a pretty high draft pick. But he gets to fulfill a dream. Hope he goes on to have a fantastic pro career. Not good for the Hokies in 2018 though. He was a beast.

Surprised but enjoyed having him as a Hokie. The penguin dance was fun.

Does it seem to anyone else like VT has a disproportionate amount of players leave early and get drafted late or not at all?

I am not sure where Tim will be drafted and I wish him the best of luck (Prince William County represent), but he looks to be next in a long line of players seemingly getting bad advice on their draft position.

Trying to find it now but something like a quarter to half of early entry players to the draft went undrafted last year or year before.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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That is depressing

Really think it should be more like the NBA system. More kids would declare initially, but overall way more would come back to college.

Completely agree with this. I think they should be able to go to the combine and test out there. Based on their feedback they can decide whether or not to enter the draft. that way they actually work out in front of teams and they can say "I'd wait" or "you're ready"....either way I think it would help a lot of kids achieve their goals by either staying another year if needed or not.

Until we get to the point where we are looking to be playoff contenders it's gonna be hard to convince guys like Settle to stay another year.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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They would have to stay in class during spring and prepare for combine. I don't think many underclassmen would do that.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Agree with this. The NFL would also have to expand the combine as some percentage of players would decide to return to school reducing the number of draft candidates.

Combine stats would take a major nosedive.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I'd like to see those numbers expanded even further to see how many are even on NFL rosters in any capacity, PS or otherwise, 2 years after declaring.

College isn't for everyone. We all hope that kids come in and get their degree. There are numerous examples where players who couldn't afford college use athletic scholarships to open that financial door, and others who weren't otherwise college bound academically come in and the academic light turns on.

Hopefully Tim will some day come back and get his diploma from VT. But we shouldn't be surprised that some of these guys opt out at their first opportunity, even if their pro chances are far from assured.

What percentage of upperclassmen who go pro go undrafted? Probably just as high or higher

That's hard to judge, because EVERY upperclassmen who graduates is technically draftable.

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Best # to look at may be the number of prospects that are invited to the combine vs how many end up on a roster. I'm willing to bet the ratio of prospects to invites is 10:1 at best (probably more on the order of 20:1) out of the available pool of graduating SRs and those that declare early. Would be interesting to see the % of combine invites that make a week 1 roster vs non-combine invites that make a week 1 roster.... That would probably scare the hell out of any underclassman from declaring early unless they were an end of season award winner.

Agreed so the statistic about underclassmen is not as ominous as it sounds. Many of them would go undrafted with another year in school. Some who are drafted as juniors would be undrafted as seniors.

But the only reason to leave with eligibility left is to get drafted.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Maybe. Or you got your degree, you don't want to play "for free" anymore and you're willing to roll the dice. Or you are nowhere near graduating, don't want to play "for free" anymore, etc. Or you got your degree and you have no interest and/or will never play in the NFL period. Or you're nowhere near graduating, and you have no interest and/or will never play in the NFL period.

hmm well lets see....
(32 picks x 7 rounds)/number of seniors on NCAA football rosters
probably around .00587%

More interesting stat would be how many make a roster each year?

I believe it, but I'll never get why this happens as often as it does. To me, leaving early and not even knowing you'll be getting drafted at all in itself is a sign of immaturity, or else you're taking some piss poor advice from an agent who's blowing smoke up your ass. I guess you have to have draft stock to risk losing it by playing a fourth year. Being a "possible" 6th to 7th round talent and leaving early is a joke, and a bad one at that. I wish all these guys leaving early the best, but personally, if I wasn't sure I'd be drafted by the 4th Round, I'd be playing that fourth year to mature and get better all around. I mean, is school really that bad that you need to take the chance of losing your college eligability and not getting drafted? And even if you get drafted in those later rounds, there's no guarantee you'll stick around.

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Tim is not a 6th or 7th round talent. It is not his talent that is questioned. Its his maturity and ability to keep weight under control. He is top 3 round prospect based on measurables alone.

Thing is, they don't just look at talent. With many open variables, seems guys tumble down in the rounds even with top talent.


Yeah I think the stat was 30%. I'd be interested to see what the average round per early entry is for every team. VT would have to be near the end, which may not mean anything since we do not have a ton of top picks anyway, but it still feels like we are underdrafted for our early entrants.

edit: man, Joe, you're on your game today.

Same here. I think the Third - Fourth round is going to be early based on one year of real production.

Yep, this is probably a bad decision. Right now, he's likely a 4th-6th round pick. If he has a great combine, he could move up. If he has any injury or weight issues between now and the draft, he could drop toward the end of the draft.

Remember, Kendall Fuller was an All-American, All-ACC, blue-chip, 3-year starter for us, and he dropped to the 3rd round because he had some injury issues heading into the draft.

I hope Settle trains his ass off, stays healthy and has a great combine. If he goes in the first 4 rounds, then it's probably not THAT bad of a decision because he'll at least probably make a roster.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

Kendall was a bit of an outlier. There was serious concern he would never play again.

What wait? Entering draft there was concern about the knee, but never play again?


He had microfracture surgery, while some athletes have recovered from it, there are plenty that never play at the same level or are forced to retire because of it.

"Remember, Kendall Fuller was an All-American, All-ACC, blue-chip, 3-year starter for us, and he dropped to the 3rd round because he had some injury issues heading into the draft."

Not really seeing how this really pertains to Settle...Kendall had a bad injury.

You're right, Fuller's injury was substantial. My point was just that you never know what's going to happen leading up to the draft.

The last 4 VT players who left early (Fuller, Hodges, Ford and Evans) were all drafted substantially lower than I think Tech fans would have expected.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I am going to miss Timmy. I really think another year in the program would have helped him develop his technique and have more than 1 year as a starter for the scouts to draw upon when evaluating his talent.

That said, I understand if he wants to move on and try a find a place with an NFL team. Best of luck to him and blow things up at the combine.

Got to wonder if there are any grad transfer DTs out there that BudFu will be looking at.

So assuming everybody else that plays DT stays what does depth look like now? Walker, Hewitt, (Goode if he commits) then a lot of DE's (Mihota, Fullwood, Taylor, Burke, Kane, Porcher, Glaze) I know some were recruited as DT but they played either DE or TE in High School/Junior College. I feel like Safety, Cornerback, ILB/OLB and DE talent and depth will help a lot. Walker and Hewitt will help I think we can recover especially with the amount of offensive talent/experience and special teams contributors. Not an ideal situation but not an end of the world situation neither. Go Hokies!!! We need to be seen putting players in the top 4 rounds of the draft and not the last 3. If kids see they can come in, play a few years and move on it will help. To be honest not every 4 and 5 star kid wants to be in college 4-6 years and get a degree they are focused on the NFL.


I would have to imagine that Mihota moves inside. He has experience there.

Half of the "DEs" you listed are DTs. Burke, Fullwood, Kane, Porcher and Glaze all project as tackles.

I'm concerned about depth too, but it's not as bad as you're making it seem. (I do think, with the depth we have at end, we see Mihota sliding inside a LOT next season)

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Yes, those DE's are converted to DT's. That is my point. No true Defensive Tackles!


How long does a player have to play a position for you to consider them "true"? Burke and Fullwood have been DT's for 2 seasons. Porcher (rs) Glaze and Kane (incoming) both played DT in high school.

They're all listed as DT's. The coaching staff considers them DT's. True enough for me

EDIT: my bad, I confused Porcher and Glaze re their position in HS. Said Porcher, meant Glaze.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Kane played DE but was recruited as a DT and porcher played DE as well . I think what he is saying as thy we recruit guys that's fit buds systems that are more tweeners rather than true big bodied DT.

Yep fixed my mistake above re confusing Porcher with Glaze.

But Joe Kane is a DT and has been for some time. Played inside his entire senior season.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.


Man this bums me out, but best of luck to Big Tim.

Danny Coale Caught That Ball!!!

What's crazy is how quickly depth at a position can change. In 2015 DT was arguably the deepest and most talented position on the field but I guess when you lose 5 starters (to graduation or the NFL) in 3 years that can happen.

Using /s is for cowards.

I will always on a personal level support any player who wants to leave and get paid, I hope nothing but the best for the kid...but this is kind of shocking. He had 1st round potential with another year in school. I've heard zero mention of him through mocks or draft positional rankings, and this is a very heavy class for D-line. Gotta think he's 5th rounder at best, which would be a huge blow for both his career and our recruiting. Seeing a blue chip player who excelled on the field get drafted late allows for a lot of negative recruiting against us, and getting drafted late makes it that much harder to make the team and weather any early setbacks (injuries, adjustment periods, etc). I'm all for unpaid athletes getting their paycheck, but I have a hard time believing this decision is even good on a purely financial basis.

ADDENDUM EDIT because I feel like I'm being overly critical:
Timmy was one of the most fun players on the field to watch this year. Someone of his size that moves that quick is a sight to behold, pair that with a dedication to the lunchpail mentality (that tattoo is wonderful) and a quality arsenal of sack dances (I'm going to miss the penguin/bowling pin shuffle, hopefully he taught that to some of the young'ns) and you've got a helluva Hokie. Best of luck to big Settle and I hope he gets that high draft pick we're hoping for.

Agree 100%
This is so unnecessarily risky on so many levels. Gotta think there are other factors at play here besides draft position.

Scholarship availability?

Predicting the depth:
Starters: Walker, Fullwood
Next in: Hewitt, Porcher, Burke
Reserves: Taylor, Glaze
Freshmen: Kane, Goode

Guessing Mihota may line up more at the Tackle spot too.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Kane is a likely redshirt and was hoping to RS Goode as well, but he may be our best option as 3rd/4th DT by the 2nd week of fall camp.

Gonna be really interesting to see what Wiles comes up with. As some our saying, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Walker and Mihota inside with Hewitt and someone like Porcher, Glaze, or Goode as the 4th DT.

Hopefully we can land a couple 4 start DT's next cycle. Only thing that Settle leaving is good for is giving more guys development experience for the future.

Fullwood starting? Wow.....I don't see how he jumps from scout team to starter in one year....Not sure he ever plays quite honestly....
Settle leaving hurts big time. We have some depth but quality depth??not so much unfortunately....

Wasn't Fullwood getting snaps in the bowl game as the 3rd DT?

And it's pretty common for anyone who is redshirting to play on the scout team, no matter what their potential..

That's how Bucky got moved, right?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Fuckity fuck fuck. This is going to really hurt next year. Good luck Big Tim!

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Happy for the kid.

But damn, this will take 2 d-linemen to fill his role.

The Dude Abides

This hurts. Best of luck Timmy.

I'm kind of shocked by this tbqh. Pretty small sample size as a one-year starter. I think he needs more time to develop his physical conditioning (which he has made great strides in this past year). I know he's got great size, strong hands/feet, twitch etc. However, he definitely got lost in a few games, most notably in the bowl game (afterward, I texted my brother "'Maine goes, Tim & Rick stay. Rough day for our DTs.").

Anyone know where he's projecting? I've never heard a draft 'expert' of any stripe mention his name (which may just be due to DT not being as newsworthy as QB/RB/etc). I hope he got a great grade and spoke to an array of people before declaring - I know last year's exodus is still fresh in everyone's mind.

Damn. I love Timmy Jim. He's a favorite of mine. I wish him good luck - I know we all do! - but this feels early to me. Anyone else?

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Agree.! Thought is was way too early for him and could end up costing him $millions if he would have stayed one more year to develop and work on his conditioning.

Best of luck to Big Timmy. Obviously not to thrilled with this but if it works out it could be the door that unlocks d-line recruiticorns. Regardless, always one of my favorite Hokies.

I know we're frustrated and I think he would have improved his stock with another year, but I see the wisdom of this. All of us can see that he's an NFL caliber player and he has the tangibles to prove it in the combine. I think he gets drafted, just probably not as high as he could have. I know we said the same thing about certain other guys last year, but Settle is a blue chip recruit and he'll get the looks he deserves by the NFL scouts. Another thing people forget about: he's healthy. How many guys have NFL aspirations only to have that taken away by unexpected injury? There is some wisdom to taking your opportunity while the window is open.

And that injury-free window is probably at higher risk for his position given we're forced to play Chop Blocks R' Us year in and year out. He got helped off the field at least a couple times in that game this season as it was.

Wish Settle would have stayed for 1 more year but best of luck to him. I hope he gets drafted high so we can show future recruits what coming to VT can do for them.

1-0 every week

Not sure about scheme fit, but I would loveeee for my Vikings to draft him.

He's a solid scheme fit for Vikings, would love to see him land there, and he would be learning from Linval and Tom Johnson, good mentors.

I hope he goes early. But with the rumors that he was sick of school, this isn't surprising, yet still heartbreaking.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

take the money. always, take the money.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

If this was about making money, staying one more year would be the safer option.

one more year about not getting paid and possible injury.

i'd like to see his draft grade, but i almost always side with athletes getting paid if they can.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

With the way rookie contracts are structured, players are trying to get their first contract out of the way as quickly as possible so they can make the big bucks on the 2nd contract.

Yeah, but that only applies if you're for sure getting guaranteed money (ie 1st-3rd rounder). With how physical the game is and how short careers are, priorities should be to maximize guaranteed money first, then worry about getting that first contract out of the way. Now if he goes 3rd round and gets a decent guarantee I'll gladly eat my words and admit this might have been the best decision. But I think anyone with 1st or 2nd potential should be focused on getting into those rounds before they worry about anything else.

Yeah but first round contracts come with the 5th year option which keeps you locked in at the cheaper contract versus a second rounder gets to that big money contract a year earlier plus have the advantage of the proven performance escalator for the fourth year of the rookie contract.

If a player is good enough to become a first rounder with one more year of experience in college than that same player could also become good enough for a major contract while solely focusing on football and immersed with the best coaching/trainers available.

You're right the game can be short and Tim could as easily sustain a career ending injury next year at Tech. Thus making no money and never achieving every players dream of making it to the NFL.

*logs in TKP*

Settle leaving
Loss to Uva

*logs off*

You must have sobered up...

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
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Oh man, I got worried for a bit there. Had to go check my comments.

Yeah, I've sobered up quite nicely. Now just bored to death

*continues drinking*

Maybe I'm the bad guy here, but I have to question the move. Especially after what happened to guys like Jerod Evans (who like Settle only had one real season of FBS playing time), Ford, and Hodges just last year. Unless he destroys the Combine (which is a real possibility), I don't see him being drafted until possibly the third day. Like Evans last year, I think starting for one more season would've helped his draft stock tremendously. That being said it's his life and his decision and I hope I look like an idiot when all is said and done and Tim is successful in the league.

You aren't wrong, I think he is day 3 bound. I can stand to be pleasantly surprised.

But the classes might have been telling Timmy to leave.

If he's sick of school can't we just offer some fake classes a la UNCheat and get him to stick around one more season? Hell, I'll even write a few papers for him.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

As long as we offer those classes to everyone, we're golden

Dad gum it. I loved Big Tim and feel he (along with Ricky Walker) were THE key to why our D was so dominant this season. Those two guys in the middle made everything easier for the LBs and backs. Regarding our "unSettled D" next season: like David Puddy said while squinting, to Elaine, "It's gonna be rough." (compared to our D next season with Big Tim staying)

I wish I could give you more legs for the Puddy quote.

Lets be honest, would another year tell you any more about his ability? His big question mark was conditioning and he has shown he can overcome that. Other than qb, I don't think scouts need extra years to evaluate these guys. Mel kiper might, but that is a whole other story.

I am disappointed I won't see him dominate as a hokie next year, but I will not judge his decision.

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

Noooooooo!!!! One more year would have made him a lot more money but I don't know Tims situation or what draft grade they gave him . We are going to miss you big guy !

If reddit is any indication, it looks like we are well on our way towards having more articles written about how awful our fanbase is for attacking our own players like last year with Jerod.

Simple solution, don't read reddit. General consensus is we will miss him and wish he had stayed but wish him luck at the next level.

I personally hope he crushes Luck annually for my Packers... :)

B.J. Raji 2.0 baby! Go Pack!

Using /s is for cowards.

If The Internet thinks the VT fan base is in "attack mode", they should use LITERALLY any other program for a side-by-side comparison. I'm sure the Twittiots and Yahoos are saying stupid shit, but I've read nothing on this site that even approaches an "attack". Everything I've read has been "eh, could have used another year but I get it". But I tend to gravitate toward the saner sites like this one right here.

What are people saying? Surely it can't approach the level of disbelief/vitriol most people had re Evans. (Well-reasoned disbelief, IIRC...)

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

I know every fanbase does it, and many of them are much worse, but we don't want pictures of our players on the front page of articles written about "the worst in college football fans" haha.

That said, people are saying he won't get drafted before 6th round and lots of them are suggesting he won't make a roster.

people are saying he won't get drafted before 6th round and lots of them are suggesting he won't make a roster

"people" are idiots. (Except us. FAM)

Anyone who thinks Tim Settle won't make an NFL roster doesn't matter because they'll die from acute stupidity by the draft. That is simply laughable.

What I will concede is that he will need an impressive showing at the combine to push himself into the top half of this draft. LOTS of good D-linemen is this class. He'll need to create some of his own buzz, because most of it is focused on the 12-15 DTs ahead of him.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

What are you even referring to? People are pretty respectful in that thread and no one is talking shit about him. Some are just pointing out that it's a questionable decision....which it is. Most are even couching that thought in wishing him the best. And that article from last year was joke click-bait. You can pull out mean tweets about anyone and anything.

There are people saying he was dumb to declare and that he won't get drafted. As long as they keep their uninformed opinions on Reddit and off Tim's twitter feed then it's not a big deal.

I could break a ton of community guidelines if I got into how I feel about the types of fans that are drawing that kind of attention to us.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.


Oh c'mon the comments on reddit are fine. There are not even five people on there saying negative things, which is probably less than the number on here.

And that article was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Twitter is an abomination and it has been for five years. The fact that A) Jerrod reacted to it, and B) an article was written about the twitter "fan" reaction is more embarrassing than anything else.

Whether the article was dumb or not doesn't change the fact that it reflects poorly on us. We all know if the same article was written about UVA fans we'd be talking shit saying "typical UVA fans."

There are not even five people on there saying negative things, which is probably less than the number on here.

Which is still more people than UVA had fans at their spring game.

Friends don't let friends go to LOLUVA

Can you link to the thread(s) you are referring to?


I don't know why some are questioning his decision. Settle is an elite DT, sure we'll miss him but if he blows up in the NFL it helps us with our DT recruiting down the road.

Good luck Timmy!

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I have a feeling his draft position is not going to align with "Elite DT".. Those guys go in the first round. He is an elite college DT for one season. I wish him the best, but I feel he could benefit by staying another year with Hilgart and putting more plays on tape in a Foster defense.

Good luck to him. But seriously:

I would have done the same thing. Playing football is hard on your body and the second I think I can get paid to do it is the second I'm leaving.

i fully expect this will not be the last one.

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Agreed, unfortunately.

I'd expect this basically locks Mihota into the defensive tackle spot. Out of Hewitt, Burke, Fullwood, Porcher, Glaze, Goode, and Kane, Wiles needs three dependable guys. Settle's ability to power pass rush would have been a huge compliment to the gifted pass rushers finishing their redshirt years (and Adams, who could be special if utilized as a situational pass rusher.) Being able to free up those edge guys to have less contain responsibility would have lessened the possible loss of Tremaine Edmunds. Now, with two possible new linebackers learning without that 4-8 pairing to keep them clean, it means their life got much harder even if Walker returns.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I fully support the move inside - I thought Gaines and Belmar played really well at times this year, and I'm fine with a DE trio of 94, 11, and 40 as the top group going into spring (provided that they all continue to improve and the depth builds the way we hope it will, with Minor being the likely 4th guy for now and Garbutt, Proctor, DeBose in the wings).

But Mihota's injury history is a big concern - broken foot in HS, ongoing shoulder problem, and now the knee. We'll need to be able to go with 4 game-ready DTs even with Vin healthy. Hewitt improved quite a bit over the course of the season to my eye. Fullwood got some nice run in the last few games. He and Burke need to make strides this spring (and add 10lbs apiece). Glaze and Porcher next up (each one hopefully about 20lbs heavier than when they committed). (Would love to see Taylor find a spot somewhere - love his motor and enthusiasm - but it won't be at DT. Too light in the ass area.) I bet Joe Kane redshirts. I bet Cam Goode doesn't.

Got any sense of Walker re his plans, French? This draft class is loaded with DT, but I would have thought that (and lack of experience) would have deterred Timmy and it didn't. (Related: I can't picture a scenario where 'Maine stays.)

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

With Settle leaving early, I'm mentally preparing myself that both Tremaine (who was already a 95%+ chance of leaving anyway to me) and Terrell leave too.

As much as I'd love for Tremaine to stay he needs to go to the NFL now . His grades have been in the 1st or 2nd . Get your money and rep VT!

I agree with you, but no reason for Terrell to declare. He is not going to be drafted, and would be surprised if he got invited to the combine. He is simply not on any NFL radar from what I can tell AND he is injured. Nice college player, good in Bud's scheme, but he is not an NFL player, much less early draftee.

YET. Yet.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

The major setback for Terrell would be his injury to enter draft but I have seen some sites mentioning scouts saying they can see him in rounds 3-6. He's had an up and down year .

Rell shouldn't go, but if he did he would for sure get invited to the combine and most likely picked up late. Endless motor, good measurables, solid against the run and the pass. If Chuck Clark can get drafted then so can Rell. He is not an early draftee but he could certainly be an NFL player. Also, NFL radars outside of the first two days aren't really very public. Nobody truly knows what's going to happen in those last couple rounds. There are probably 300 guys experts will say could be a 6-7 kind of guy and there are only 70 odd spots with supplemental picks.

This is why you don't redshirt tip flight recruits

Tim's conditioning would have had him on the field for a couple of plays for a couple of series a game his freshman year.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Would Tim have gotten more serious about his conditioning and his weight, sooner, if he was told he would be on the field in some capacity from Day 1? It's hard to say but if you are told you aren't for at least 1-2 years probably not a highly motivating situation.

Why's that?

Using /s is for cowards.

Because if he had gotten more run his first year, he could have been a serious factor in the rotation last year instead of a situational replacement, gotten a little more hype this year and have a better chance of getting drafted higher with only 1 year of true playing time under his belt. If these top flight guys are going pro with 2 years of eligibility left, what's the point of a redshirt?

As mentioned before Tim really needed the redshirt to get in shape. On top of that he would have been in the 3 deep at DT and would have barely touched the field in garbage time if at all.

Using /s is for cowards.

Bud doesn't play those guys though. Look at Dylan Rivers this year- zero meaningful run with the defense. ?He will be starting basically from square one next year anyway. Dadi Nicholas didn't get much burn as a true frosh either. Foster traditionally doesn't give those guys many meaningful snaps at all.

At least they get some special teams play. Get acclimated to the speed of the game. Save your starters from playing special teams, at least some of them. If a guy isn't going to stay for at least 4 years, then a redshirt season does not serve any purpose

That is true too. Iv'e always thought that if a true fresh is legitimately in the 2 deep, you play him. Otherwise be very cautious and try to redshirt as many as possible. Jovahn Quillen played only on ST his true fresh year and is not an early NFL type- so essentially is RS was wasted. There are more of those examples than the Tim Settle ones.

This has been a garbage 24 hours for tech athletics.
Best of luck to big Tim I'm gonna miss seeing him in maroon and orange

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I hope he does well. I hope he gets picked really high. I think he would've been better off with one more year but it's his choice.

Big Tim will get drafted. Big Tim will make money. Big Tim will be just fine. This isn't anything like some of our other players who left early and didn't get drafted. Big Tim has all the physical tools TODAY to be successful in the NFL.

Go get after it Big Timmy!

Is it football season yet?

His workout at the combine will be complicated.


Best of luck, Tim. Can't wait to see the penguin dance on Sundays.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

After getting punched in the mouth by loluva last night, this feels like a punch to the gut. Hope Settle gets drafted earlier than later, but man this hurts. Feels like we are working on another rebuilding year than making strides to win the ACC. That's life though.

What was basically a strength going into next year is now full of question marks, and I'm not one to equate names on a depth chart to an actual rotation that sees significant playing time. This year was a great indicator of how solid our defense is when Bud has a menacing front 4. I wish they would get more bodies to man the trenches and ditch taking on too many projects. Settle and Walker are bonafide DTs, and we saw what a difference that makes.

If Big Tim shows up late for the draft, it will be because he's still being held by the OKSU O-line.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

It's taken me awhile to gather my thoughts, but....I'm...just....so..........sad.

After getting punched in the mouth by loluva last night, this feels like a punch to the gut.

To keep in order, I guess that when Tre declares that will be the punch in the nuts.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Next year he would have to compete with Oliver, Lawrence and Gary. Not as good a class this year.

I'm surprised no one has started a thread about this.


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I like it. Go get paid. Same for Tremaine. Both will be drafted. If you're going to be drafted, you gotta go.

Not one kid playing this game dreams about playing for the Hokies. They dream about the NFL.

Carpe Diem, Motherfuckers.

Leonard. Duh.

I dreamed about playing for the Hokies, but apparently if you're 5' 9", 155 lbs. and have never actually "played football" before, you're at a disadvantage.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Wait, are you me??

That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

He's going to make a hell of a punt returner for some lucky NFL team. Best of luck, Timmy.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Quick, delete the videos of him kicking field goals before his draft stock tanks.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

Burn the evidence, burn it all!

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Late to the party and reading this

Let's Go


I dont get it, we cant recruit DL because we don't produce NFL players but we cant keep them because they leave early for the NFL.

Anyway, DL depth has been one of the biggest things killing us in the last 5 or so years. We wont ever be able to have any kind of serious success without it.

Yep, the wheel goes round and round.

Spinning wheels in Georgia mud. I have been watching this for soooooooooooooooo long.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

DT was literally our deepest position one year ago. The year before that we were considered one of the top 5 or so D lines going into the year, and the year before that Dadi and Maddy and Ekanem balled out and almost led the country in sacks

And we literally had no depth at end. We have not had a two deep that could be counted on in a long time. The year where everybody "balled out" we had 212 lb Melvin Keihn as a #2 end. There was a time when this defense was at its best, the starters on the line could rest and the D wouldnt skip a beat. Foster wouldnt have to do other things to try to make up for weaknesses on the line. Along with the defensive backfield, the line was the strength of the team.

Pretty much me seeing this thread

But I agree with what everyone else. Felt like we were really just getting to see him play. I honestly thought he'd be back for sure given how little they talked of him going pro during the season.

Oh well, best of luck and I hope he goes high. Next man up.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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The 4-year minimum base salaries for players in the 2017 draft are: $465,000 (Year 1), $540,000 (Year 2), $615,000 (Year 3), $690,000 (Year 4). If you go pro and make a team, particularly when you are young (he is still 20 until July), you have 3-4 years to develop while getting paid v.s. losing 1-2 years to college development with no guarantees at the end. Making an extra $500K - $1M by leaving early goes a long way, and I would never fault someone for chasing that security when you are in a profession where a "long career" has you retiring in your early 30's.

Whether you are a typical student or an athlete, a Degree (free or not) is always what you make of it. If an athlete who is considered average/minimum in their field can make $2M over 4 years exploiting a unique skill-set, that is more than many with a Degree make in a 20+ years. Love that Tim is betting on himself, and I'm saying he goes in round 5 and will be a solid 3-4 nose tackle (reminds me of Vince Wilfork).

"Dick to Hyman? DICK TO HYMAN!" - Guy in Lane Stadium crowd when Richard Johnson hit Josh Hyman on reverse pass in 2004.

Aren't those the minimum for active players on rosters? I am pretty sure players on practice squads make SUBSTANTIALLY less.

Tangentially related here: Why did big Tim block Bitter on Twitter?

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Maybe he went full Lebron with Zero-Dark-23 or the Big Ben route and blocked all media.

My question is, why did Bitter have to publicly announce that Settle blocked him on Twitter "for some reason"? It makes Bitter sound like he's going through some sort of social media teenage angst.

He took shit for it on Twitter too. People read malice into it, and I'm not sure why.

I read it as him explaining why he screenshotted the announcement instead of quoting the tweet. No biggie

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.


Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Yeah I took it as Bitter assumed it to be an accidental block and no big deal.

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Over blown again! Twitter sucks too much knee jerk.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Perhaps he was just bitter?

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

or maybe Tim is taking the Bible really literally
Eph 4:31 - "Get rid of all bitterness..."

totally just a pun and NOT A DISCUSSION OF RELIGION

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

One could even say it makes him sound...bitter

Selfishly, I'd have liked him to stay. He may have been a higher draft pick had he stayed another year or he could have blown out a knee and destroyed his career. That's the gamble it would have been and I don't blame him for chasing the dream.

Go Tech Go.

I think he will make it. He's got the body and quickness along with a good attitude. I think him and Tremaine can make it....all others need to stay.

Any chance we get a JUCO defensive tackle transfer? I believe one of the guys starting for Bama is a JUCO transfer

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

is it possible for Tim to change his mind? He hasn't signed an agent?

I am pretty sure in Football once you declare, that is it. Basketball you get that window that if you have not signed an agent, you can come back.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

For the love of God people, stop whining about settle leaving. This is what happens when you get high profile recruits- if I had his talent and my family was not well off, I would leave . You only get one shot at the show, and it is his time. Congratulations to settle!

Add the fact he barely got into VT thus his lack of desire to attend class.

Matty Ballgame

Do you know for a fact that he had a "lack of desire to attend class"?

We don't know these guys, and more importantly they don't owe us fans ANYTHING.

Go get paid Tim.

Not to undermine your point, but honestly, how many students across the country, football player or not, really have a "desire to go to class"?

This. I didn't have academic issues but I hated going to class. Week 1 every semester was spent figuring which classes I could get away with skipping for the rest of the semester.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I enjoyed going to class, most of the time. The ones I didn't like, obviously I didn't want to nearly as much. I don't think its so far fetched to have students enjoying and expressing a desire to go. Of course, some find it a chore.

If I could, I would go to a Boyer class right now and I graduated ten years ago. That man is a wealth of very interesting information and he is highly entertaining.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

My issue is him saying Settle barely got in and didn't want to go to class. To me the implications are their questioning a player and his academic ability.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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