Hokies Seize Ugly Win in Chapel Hill

16-play, 3,700-word film analysis covering Virginia Tech gap fit issues, missed reads, Tar Heels' devastating twist stunt, and the anatomy of a game winning drive.

[Virginia Tech Athletics]

Virginia Tech's 22-19 win over the moribund North Carolina Tar Heels was one of the strangest Hokies victories I have watched. The Virginia Tech offense couldn't find any consistency against a stunting North Carolina front that had defenders running around unblocked all night. The Virginia Tech defense spent much of the game clawing and scraping on the edge of a cliff as time and time again the Tar Heels seemed millimeters away from breaking the game wide open. The Lunch Pail Defense couldn't get off blocks up front, missed gap fits, and busted coverages, but UNC's offense seemed to do everything in its power to keep the Hokies in the game. The talent disparity felt shocking. The Tar Heels' offensive line controlled the Hokies' defensive line. Skill position players such as Michael Carter, Carl Tucker, and Dazz Newsome ran away from Tech's second-level defenders.

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