Hokies Softball GT series.

Don't have time to post full details but Tech softball is playing GT this weekend in 4 game series. Lost first game Friday and won earlier today (Saturday) winning second game 9-1 in the 3rd. Last game on Sunday.

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Big DH sweep. 4-3 10-4

Tears in my eyes
Chasing Ponce de Leon's phantoms
So filled with hope
I can taste mythical fountains
False hope, perhaps
But the truth never got in my way
Before now, feel the sting
Feeling time bearing down

Cana Davis his a HR over the left field fence in game 2 that hit a car traveling on the other side of the road. Maybe 250 feet?

Is coronavirus over yet?

Hokies takes the series and Keely Rochard gets a no hitter today.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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She better make All-American

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