Question About Hokie Club Membership Numbers

I am a relatively new donor to the Hokie Club as I graduated in 2016. I just received my 2021 priority points letter in the mail (no idea how to look it up online since they changed the website). It has me listed as 6459/10749.

Are there really only 10749 members of the Hokie club? I thought I had read we were close to or over 20k.

Does this also mean that there are only 6000 Hokie fans in existence that have donated more than me? That's a sobering number if true

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I saw that number and I was similarly surprised. I shredded the doc after I got it but I think you might be ahead of me.

I just figured I was going to be really low on the totem poll. I would have thought a bunch of rich, NOVA yuppie alums would be pumping our numbers

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

Did you choose to "Keep Jumping" for 2020? If so, depending on your giving amount, that could have given you a pretty sizeable jump in standings. We jumped up 1800 spots from '20 to '21 due to "Keep Jumping"

This link should take you to your account.

As to your question, I can't for the life of me figure out how these numbers are counted. I asked a similar question a month or so ago on TKP and didn't get a good answer. Apparently, as of 3/31/2020, HC membership stood at 19,798...but somehow there are only 10,749 donors. Maybe a call to the HC is required to untangle the different numbers.

That means only like half actually donate. That seems like a silly number to make one of our mainmetrics

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

That's what doesn't make sense though...because in order to join the HC you HAVE to donate. The only thing that makes sense is that those extra 9k HC members donate the bare minimum and don't get factored into the overall ranking.

It's possible that's 10.7k in your particular membership level? I'm 10,636 out of 10,749. Gobbler level. Hitting the minimums to keep my consecutive years status.

Perhaps it is the number of HC members with season tickets?

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As others have said it is really confusing how they calculate the members of the Hokie Club. That number is the number of people who have points accumulated towards the scholarship fund. The rankings are not a direct one-to-one relationship to how much you have donated. You get points for years of cumulative giving, number of season tickets purchased, etc in addition to how much money you give. The "Keep Jumping" points that people got (including me) made things really weird. I let them keep the money last year and I jumped up nearly 2000 spots this year. The "Keep Jumping" points was more than all of the points I have earned in the entire time I have been in the Hokie Club.

According to a quick search of the internets, Clemson's IPTAY only has 17,115, which seems super low to me.


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So from how it's been explained to me:
When you donate to the scholarship fund you are in the priority list for season tickets etc. but if you donate sat to wrestling, baseball, a construction project and not the scholarship fund you are not eligible for tickets. So you are IN the Hokie Club but NOT in the priority ranking list. So currently we have just over 10,000 people who donate to the scholarship fund in some way but over 19,000 total Hokie Club members.

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This is my understanding as well.

The only people who get priority points for tickets, parking, etc are those who donate to the Hokie Scholarship Fund (HSF). There's about 10,700 of us. That's the # that shows up in your Priority Ranking.

There's another 9-10k Hokie Club members who have donated to specific sports or initiatives but not to the HSF.

That's dumb. I wish they just made it like Delta Skymiles - You earn points for every dollar donated. Some causes earn you 1x points/dollar, others earn 5x, 10x points/dollar, then you can redeem those points for gifts. That said, I never worked in non-profit before, so what do I know 🤷‍♂️

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Part of it has to do with taxes. Donate without getting season ticket priority attached and you can write it off as a donation.

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Fascinating! I didn't know this.

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Since they changed the standard deduction to so high a value, I can't write it off. But I donate anyway apparently the keep the donation last year really helped.

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