OT: TKP Job Board

I've wanted to start a TKP Job Board for awhile, but with so many layoffs due to Covid-19, I thought now would be a good time.

Guidelines so things don't get crazy:

  • Only list a job once
  • Please include your email in the job posting for offline discussion.
  • Please update your original job posting comment when the job has been filled
  • If you are interested in a job, please email the poster directly to reduce noise

Any other guidelines that would be helpful?

My goal with this is to connect Hokies in need with companies that are hiring!

Mods - if this isn't allowed, please delete.

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Hey jmecca, can I drop you an email or DM about the position? I'm very interested.

Please do!

Email: jmecca at veruna dot com or LinkedIn is good too.