OT: Worst rental car you've ever had

With only one sporting event left (track and field June 9th), the off season is right there. My trip last week made me think about all the terrible rentals I've had over the years, and what better place to complain about pointless things than off season TKP!

While the suburban I had last week had all the features and was overall not bad, it cost a fortune to fill up and was really big. I could see completely over a jeep grand Cherokee that was in front of me. I barely fit in parking spots. I had to wait for the vehicle to lower when I turned off the power. But it was not the worst vehicle I've had. The top contenders are:
1) a Lincoln Town car in Hawaii that you couldn't take any where because parking spots are way too small. It was about a decade behind on features and took forever to get from the hotel valet because it barely fit on the ramp.
2) A Subaru Impreza that again was bare minimum features, was abdolutely awful to drive and lacked visibility out the front due to a large rearview mirror that was placed in the middle of the windshield. I have never seen a mirror that low in a car up until that point or since. I had to put my head on the steering wheel to see it the front right of the car.
3) The mustang "upgrade" i got when I rented a car after knee surgery (I wasn't allowed to drive my stick shift). It got out accelerated by a toddler on a power wheel. Its doors were so long they rarely ever could open wide in a parking lot which made it really hard to get in and out of with crutches.

Whats the worst rental you've had?

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Was in San Diego for a buds wedding and had decided to drive from there to Eloy, AZ to get a few skydives in before flying home. Made the trip in a bare bones compact without cruise control (all straight highway driving) and then got stopped about a mile before the CA/AZ border by a CHP officer who had a chip on his shoulder.

When I moved from Richmond to Ohio just prior to getting married we rented a moving truck with a trailer to move my truck. First I head to the rental agency on Midlothian to pick up my truck and it's not ready, they say it will be 2 more hours. So 2 hours later we go back get truck I ask when can we hook up the trailer and they show me the fine print that the trailer may be at another location. I have to drive all the way up to Mechanicsville to get the trailer.

Take truck and trailer to the house spend all daylight packing go to lower the trailer to load the car and it doesn't work. Spend hours on the phone with customer service, they have to send a tech from Fredericksburg to look at it. He arrives at midnight hits it with a mallet and sprays it with oil and adds a tub a grease and it works. We load up my car head to Ohio. The next week I get a bill from the rental agency saying they had to replace the entire operating mechanism for the trailer and I owed them 2500 dollars. Two court hearings later and I get the bill thrown out and the tech charged with fraud.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Oooohh i forgot about renting moving trucks. But your story is way worse than mine. When cleaning out my grandfather's house we rented a truck and pearisburg didn't have one big enough so they sent us to Princeton to get it, but didn't tell us until the day of. Spent the whole day packing while it was freezing out. I then left to drive home to nova while my parents left to drive back to WV. They were dropping off stuff at their house before coming to mine. I didn't find out until the next evening that they didn't make it out of VA due to snow. They pulled a matress out of the truck and spent the night in my grandfather's place. They then drove to WV the next day, unloaded, drove to nova, and unloaded more. They were then complaining how bad at lifting things my uncle and cousin's BF were. And they were so glad I was at my house to help. They still refer to that as the longest weekend ever.

The truck was fine though other than being I Princeton and not Pearisburg. But they might have made it before the snow without the delays.

Does a tuk-tuk count as a rental if I had to be the one to drive it?

I'm gonna say no just because you'd win hands down. /s

Okay, different story then.

I rented a car for a month (work trip). Three days in, I get a call from rental company that the registration is expired, and they need to exchange the vehicle. But at this point, I'm on the other side of the country and it's not the kind of work trip with days off. On the other hand, local police are legendarily corrupt and love to shake down foreigners anyway, so I don't want another excuse to get pulled over.

I tell them it'll be a few days until I can bring the car back. So they email me a PDF scan of a handwritten statement on company letterhead, supposedly stating that it's their responsibility that the registration is expired, not mine, and tell me to show it to any police who stop me. (At least, that's what they tell me the letter says - I can't read Thai.)

When I do finally get back to the rental agency, they don't have a car to swap. So I get another two days in the expired car before getting a new one.

Then a week later, I get pulled over for a conventional shakedown anyway. But at least that registration was current. 仄領儭

I demand the tuk tuk story, please

That's the most polite demand I've received in quite a while. I wish there was more of a story to deserve it.

I was getting a ride to a meeting. (Tuk-tuk actually isn't the right word, but I don't remember the Bengali name. Same vehicle, though.) Partway there, old boy has some sort of cardiac event, and that was every kind of fun you are currently imagining.

I knew the city had a hospital, but not exactly where - just that it was way on the other side of town. There was a more basic clinic a block away from my hotel, and I had kinda sorta been watching the route. So I drove him back there.

I'm sure the doctors probably spoke English, but none of them were at the front of the house. The nurse / tech did seem to grasp the situation, and took old boy inside.

So then I'm back basically where I started, and still had my meeting to get to... And there was this tuk-tuk not being actively used, so.... 仄領儭

Traffic and navigation were both a bit sporty, but I made it to my meeting and back. I even topped off the fuel (a cultural experience in itself) before I left the vehicle back in front of the clinic.

I have no idea whether old boy made it, or if he was transported to the hospital and someone else stole his vehicle from the front of the clinic.

This doesn't exactly answer your question, but the worst experience I had was no rental car. Landed in Richmond after taking a sudden trip out for work. Work had set up a reservation for a rental car so I could drive home, but Avis had run out of rental cars by the time I landed. It was literally a moment out of Seinfeld.

"The reservation keeps the car here!"

One of my projects won't allow us to fly into Roanoke (for work in Lynchburg) anymore because they repeatedly ran out of reserved rental cars - the only flights in from where we are on the west coast arrive past 9 PM and the agency just wouldn't hold onto them, even if we had a half-dozen reserved 仄儭

We have to fly into Charlottesville now. I am not a fan.

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Do you mind if I share this post with the Roanoke Airport Commission?

Please do!

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I'm somewhat surprised that you can't just fly to Lynchburg.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Because of where we're flying out of, you can't fly into Lynchburg without an overnight stay in an airport, there's just not connections that work out.

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Pontiac T-1000 (Chevette clone) for our house hunting trip in DMV. It struggled to make it up the hill leaving the rental lot at National. Two people and two suitcases was almost too much for its 53 HP engine.

PT cruiser. Nuff said

Just got down with a rental car experience too. Just moved to Sandston from middle of Tennesse, had the moving company already load up all of the stuff onto the truck because I had reserved a mid size sedan for the trip. Get to the rental car place, and all they had was a very much not cleaned, 10 foot tall cargo van that looked like its brothers were fed-ex vans. Drive it back during the gas 'shortage' a few weeks ago, which was an extra pain because they gave me the van with only 1/4 of a tank. Drive back, all is good, but managed to knock the yellow clearance bar into the return area because the van is so tall, gotta love the incoming charge for that. Drop off the van and I keep getting charged $100 a day (eventually refunded) for the next week+ because they think I still have it, and spend hours on the phone getting bounced around with people not doing anything to find the van or clear the charges. Eventually go down to the return spot and it turns out they parked the car in an 'unusual lot', and didn't have it checked in or on camera to verify my return until I went down there. Never again will I go with hertz.

I rented a bunch of cars over the summer in quarantine (live in NYC, no car) and my favorites were the new Ford Escape and newish Chevy Acadia. My least favorite was the Toyota 4-runner, not sure which year it was. It was a pain to drive and very uncomfortable.

I was in Alabama for work and realized the Ford Focus didn't have a license plate until I was about an hour away from the airport. I called Hertz and they had no idea why I was worried and refused to do anything about it. I nicely explained that if I got pulled over they were paying all legal fees. 15 minutes later I got a phone call that someone was meeting me at my hotel with a plate.

2 instances: first was in tulsa they ran out of cars at national and after standing in the cold for an hour waiting they brought over some bottom of the barrel alamo car with 0 features and practically manual windows. Other time was in LA I got "upgraded" to a camaro and realized that there is 0 visibility while driving that car.

Danny is always open

I haven't had any rental car horror stories, thankfully.

Worst one I had was the '06 Chevy Cobalt I rented on my honeymoon. It looked a lot faster than it actually was, and the electric power steering was overboosted and numb.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I don't think I've ever had a terrible rental car. The worst I had was probably a Hyundai Sonata and it wasn't all that bad - I usually rent compact cars when I travel and need to rent one, which is rarely.

However one time I did have a spectacular rental car experience, in fact a curious little travel story, with a Toyota Corolla.

See, I had to make an unexpected trip that started as a total nightmare. I had to get to South Carolina for a terminal family member in the next 24 hours. I checked the flights from my local PA airport to see which flights were when, but at the time I was trying to get a reservation I couldn't get one locally that would get me down in time. So I ended up booking a flight out of Dulles to SC along with a rental car in SC. Left my house at about 2 AM to get to Dulles in time for the early flight, which was a direct connection to Columbia, SC.

I got to Dulles very early in the morning with plenty of time to get through security. They stop me for some extra screening, no big. Chatted with the screening folks and everyone is super nice. I'm already haggard from the no-sleep 4 hour drive. I went to my gate. I looked at the monitor. Charleston, SC? No, this is the gate for the flight to Columbia, SC. [Looks at ticket] ... fuck ...

Ticket counter says the only flight to Columbia is way too late for me. I'm already about 14 hours into my ticking clock. Charleston it is. But, thanks to the hurried reservation I am supposed to be picking up my rental car in.. you guessed it... Columbia. At least I got that right. But now its wrong.

Alright so I call Expedia where I made the reservation and they manage to switch my rental from Columbia to Charleston, get me all set up, and email me the change. God bless y'all in Expedia customer service, y'all came through for me big. The only flight to Columbia was many hours later and its faster just to land in Charleston and motor across the state. So I get on the flight. Slept a little.

When I arrive I realize that the rental place isn't at the airport so I need to take a shuttle. Waiting for luggage at the conveyor I start up a conversation with a grandmotherly black woman. She's just coming back home from visiting family. My luggage comes around and I pull it off the belt. Hers is right up after mine, so I pull it off the belt for her. I tell her why I'm traveling. She gives me a hug, calls me sweetheart, and blesses me. I thank her, she thanks me, and I go outside.

I find the shuttle. I walk up to the driver and she's like, "I don't have you on the list of people I'm supposed to pick up," so I explain that this reservation was changed like 2 and a half hours ago because I fucked up the South Carolinian airports that start with C and at this point I'm surprised I'm not in West Virginia. She looks at her page of clients and is like, "Well, I was supposed to pick up a half dozen other people that are on this list but none of them showed up so I guess it's just you. You ready to go?" Yup. Off we go. Lucky me.

Takes 25 minutes to get to the rental place and at this point I'm re-energized because of the serendipity. Something out there is paving my way to get to where I need to be in time with awesome people along the way. I get to the rental place and its a dump. I think it was a Hertz, I forget. I usually go for Toyota cars when I rent because I drive a Camry and its enough. Camry, Corolla, Yaris - they've all served me well as rentals. And what do I find in a half decomposed strip mall parking lot in front of this rental place? I ask the guy if he has a compact Toyota and he's like nah but I knows 'em when I sees 'em so I'm like, "What about that one?". Like a brand new Corolla, dark green. Neat looking little car. "Ah I guess we did have one." "I'll take it". I'm off.

So I'm driving across SC with the cruise control on but I don't know what's going on - usually when traffic speeds up and slows down when I have the cruise on, I'm playing cruise-on, cruise-off. But I'm not, I'm just driving. Some odd dashboard lights keep flipping on and off but by time I look they're gone or they say something I don't quite understand.

Then I realize what's happening.

The lights are telling me how far in front of me the next car is. And the cruise control is slowing me down to maintain safe distance behind the car in front of me. Then it speeds me back up when I'm following at a safe distance again. I have never seen this before. The car is deciding on its own. Amazing.

Then I see another little button on the steering wheel that I begin to think is a 'lane assist'. I turn it on. I let the car drift. It corrects itself back into the lane. The car is doing this on its own. Amazing.

This is my first time with a semi-auto-driving car, I'm being taken totally by surprise that this appears to be standard technology on a daggone Corolla and I'm wondering what year it is (2017, IIRC).

Anyway, I get there just in time and I mean just in time to say goodbye - literally a matter of minutes. All thanks to some fucked up reservations, a neat little compact car, and some of our better angels along the way.

05. Rented a Hyundai Elantra to go play festival in Cincinnati. Was supposed to get a bigger car and got stuck with that. Drove like a go cart. Felt like a toy. When we returned it, the brakes and tires were not in good shape. That could have come from sliding down the off ramp sideways after locking up the brakes.

2014. Chevy Malibu in Hawaii. Couldn't see anything out of the back windows. Mirrors were useless. This seems to be a theme with all vehicles now. People are reliant on cameras because they can't see out of them. I can't stand it.

2019. Ford Escape. It spent a whole trip to Williamsburg shifting into gears that were too high. The transmission mapping must've been done for fuel economy. But it was always struggling at lower rpms, noisy, and constantly shifting. Couldn't stand it.

Otherwise, the place I regularly rent from just never has what I've reserved. A few times they've tried to charge me for an upgrade. That's always fun to fight over.

An old girlfriend recommended a vacation spot she visited as a kid, so I booked plans to go to Key West for a long weekend.

I made a lot of mistakes and poor decisions in the lead up to this trip.

I pulled up a browser window to select the flights, which included a short layover in Miami. I then chose an oceanfront room so that we could wake up and walk right out on to the beach.

Mistake 1: Key West, a small island, remarkably does not do beaches. I paid a small fortune for a fantastic view of a cruise ship hull at the end of an inaccessible and very paved ocean pier.

Mistake 2: when using a travel booking site, be sure to book each accommodation in the same browser window. When I booked the room, the flight I "selected" was not in the same shopping cart, so it defaulted to a flight destination of Miami.

Miami and Key West are not adjacent.

So after trying to contact the travel agency to update the flight plan to no avail, I'm left with the advice to go ahead and get a rental car at the airport.

Headache, but not a huge deal. I own a sports car- I like driving.

At the airport we get in line to book a rental car. When we get to the teller, she asks if we would like to upgrade to a Dodge Charger. Muscle cars aren't my jam, but we're on vacation and that sounds like fun. Sold.

Mistake 3: When renting a high horsepower rental from Hertz, the governor is set exactly at the state's maximum speed limit.

So we finally get out of the city, we drive onto an enormous, miles-long bridge without another car in sight.

We discovered that a Hertz Muscle car can go speed limit to governor in less than 1.0 seconds. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Mistake 4: Key West is an overpacked island with minimal space. You can rent a golf cart to get around the island, but you'll be holed up in pedestrian traffic as often as not.

After spending almost an hour creeping about a mile and a half through the pedestrian-filled streets, I managed to squeeze my over-sized car into the hotel's tiny parking garage, where it lay dormant until we left.

It was a fun trip; everything was within walking distance.

But if you're going there yourself, do the exact opposite of all of that.

My buddy came into town, this was the only thing the rental place had available. Two dudes driving around Ft. Collins in this circa 2007.... Everyone there owns an F250 and did not know how to handle seeing us in that.

Edit: thanks Joe. It was a bing cherry red PT Cruiser Convertible.

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I had a job where I traveled a lot for a bit, and with all of the bad cars I drove I think the chevy sonic and the ford fiesta were the two worst I drove by a mile.

Never really had anything that bad happen. Our Jeep broke down in Yellowstone NP and we had to get to towed to West Yellowstone. However, the people who work for the NPS are not licensed to operate outside of the park, so we then had to nurse it to the hotel and then get an outside tow to haul it to Bozeman Airport the next day where Alamo had their nearest place with vehicles. The ladies went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center and out to lunch having a nice time while I rode in the tow truck. Actually, it was a pleasant drive. Very pretty up Route 191 and the had good conversation with the driver as he was a fun guy. Of course, now the ladies won't let me ever rent a Jeep again.

Recovering scientist working in business consulting

Picking up a rental in Dulles for a work trip. Only thing they had was a Chevy HHR. Only problem is that both my co-worker and myself are north of 6' 4", and the roof of an HHR is absurdly low with very little legroom. We spent four days driving around northern Virginia with our heads leaning to one side or another to fit in the awful rental. My neck hurt for a solid week after that.

Silver lining - we made a similar trip 2 weeks later, and got the same rental agent at the counter. It was an early flight - arrived at 7:30am. When she told us we had an HHR, we pleaded for something different. Her response was to give us a Malibu, and she said, "Looks like Mr. XXXXX is getting the HHR." I felt sorry for Mr. XXXXX but I don't think we would have made it with another HHR.

Several years ago, feds ordered a ton of them as part of the recovery act bail out. I think we had at least 3 in our office. Most staff were too tall to drive them, you have to be short enough (5' 5" or less) to keep your right leg straight; otherwise the edge of the center console feels like a knife blade against your knee while driving. Driver visibility was terrible to boot. Awful, awful vehicles.

Ironic that HHR stands for Heritage High Roof.

I rented a Chrysler 300 in St. Louis MO which was pretty bad. Not very comfortable, sluggish on the throttle, squishy breaks and pretty poor visibility all around (tiny wing mirrors, short windows, huge pillars). I hated that thing. Dodge Charger in Boston is a close second for a lot of the same reasons.

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I have two:
1) A 1993-ish Buick Century where the driver side of the split bench seat somehow pointed to the right side of the car, forcing one to sit twisted in order to drive straight.
2) A 1987 Olds Ciera for a week (business trip) in Hawaii/Oahu where late on the second day a large bolt fell to the floor and the entire steering column & wheel fell into my lap. Was able to re-insert bolt and hand-tighten, but it bugged me the entire time and I was always reaching under there to check it.

Both of these were rentals where the car was only a year or two old. Another rental that could have been bad was a 2010 Ford Focus that smelled so bad that I walked back in and had them give me a different car.

Best rental was a more recent Turo rental of a Tesla Model Y. Great car, good owner.

I just used Turo a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Needed a temporary car after selling my old one and waiting on delivery of my new one. I had a great experience, it's nice to be able to pick out the exact car, there is a wide range of options, and it seems like you get owners who actually care about the vehicle. It was also half the price of getting a car from a big rental agency. I've got a trip coming up in a few weeks and I'm going with Turo again to hopefully get a similar experience.

After graduation I left some of my things in my apartment because my roommates were staying. I didn't care about most of the furniture anyway, but ended up back down there with a rental truck in August. GF at the time wanted to get some furniture downtown and was picking up some stuff of hers as well, so the little 20' U-Haul or whatever size was fine. Well, we got loaded up, traveled back to Front Royal for the evening, then I was on my way back to the Eastern Shore. It was a Sunday night in August...and a thunderstorm hit. Of course it's hot so I wasn't that concerned by how the truck had been running............until it completely died on me on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge!!!! Nothing like coasting down the bridge in the middle of thunder and lightning in a dead truck. I managed to get into a liquor store parking lot just after 6. Well, with Murland's blue laws, they used to stop selling alcohol at 6! I called all sorts of places and was told I had to deal specifically with the place I was supposed to return it to; in Salisbury 2 hours away. I finally got ahold of them and they were having a family barbeque. Told me they could leave to pick me up in 2-3 hours. So I'm stuck, in August, in a thunderstorm, in a hot truck by myself for 5 hours. Then to add insult, I had to ride in the middle front of the tow truck while we made our way home.

One of the worst parts...when I asked about a refund or something, I was told they could give me a coupon for next time. Next time???!!! You gave a truck that died!!!! There isn't going to be a next time!!!!!!

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Well, with Murland's blue laws, they used to stop selling alcohol at 6!

why you gotta bring politics into this?

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The blue laws were less about politics and more about religion....but at least that one has been changed now!!

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You serious, Clark?

It wasn't the car exactly, but the worst experience was back some years when I made a reservation for a midsize rental car, went to pick it up, and then was told that even though they took my reservation, none were available. I went back and forth with the clerk about what a reservation meant, and she "spoke" to her supervisor, but ultimately I was told there was nothing they could do and I ended up with a compact.

To make matters worse, the car wound up getting smashed up, and I even had that insurance on it, but because I wasn't driving it at the time I had to pay over $2000 for repairs.

Smashed up? I feel like we need more info here.

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Prius, hands down. You feel every bump. No pep. Yuck

`89. Family decided to go on epic 5 week vacation out west one summer flying into Denver rent a Dodge Caravan and drive around all over. We cruised for several weeks no problem. Then the drivers side window just falls off track and falls into car door body. When we contacted Enterprise they directed us to Cheyenne Wyoming as the closest dealer that can address the problem. So 6 hour drive later with no AC in summer, we stop for the dealership to fix. They taped the window up...

Dealer tried to charge us, Enterprise tried to charge us. They wouldn't swap the vehicle out unless we returned to the origin pick up spot (Denver). We were stuck with a Caravan with the window taped up for another 2 weeks.

`93. Picked up my new used car for going to Tech in the fall. Still on the used car 30 day/1000 miles warranty. Engine sounds rough so I bring it in. Turns out they need to replace the entire fuel injection system. They give me a voucher for a rental. I am 18, rental company laughs at the dealership. Dealer has to loan me a car directly... I ended up in a `84 dodge colt with no AC for 3 weeks while the dealership waits for parts from Europe for the repairs.

I has the same thing happen with a rental car window. I drove from Harrisburg to central PA in the rental car. It started raining. I lowered the window to pay the toll getting off the turnpike. When I went to put the window up, it just fell into the door. Then it started to rain harder. Nearest return place is 45 minutes drive in the wrong direction, and I the meeting I flew out for is in an hour and still 20 minutes away.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Dodge Neon

As someone who has proudly driven shit boxes due to being a cheap ass all my life I can say I've never had a bad rental experience as everything they have is a vast upgrade to my ride and therefor a pleasure to drive.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Jeep Renegade in Baton Rouge, in August, with busted A/C. Worst 3 days of my life.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Easy answer, all of them. Pretty much every rental I've had has clearly taken a few beatings and hasn't been maintained at all.

Worst car - Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder in Dallas in the summer. My reservation was for a compact economy box but this Eclipse was the only thing remaining. Convertible in 100+ degree heat is pointless. Even worse was that the convertible top was completely useless at retaining the A/C and blocking the outside heat. Rear visibility was non-existent and the 4-cylinder with the A/C maxed out was lethargic. Only thing that got me through that week was a Hokie friend was there for his job as well and we were able to meet up each night to get drinks.

Worst experience - Hertz, fuck Hertz. Rented a Chevy Malibu while I was in Los Angeles, waived the extra insurance, and of course it rains right while we were on the way to our hotel. It rained for about five minutes but that's all it took for the 405 to become a bumper car arena. Ended up in a multiple-car accident and with a front fender and bumper damaged on the Malibu. We tried calling the police so we could get incident reports filed but the 911 operator said the police had better things to do. So we exchanged insurance info with the other people involved and then went to the hotel. I reported the accident to Hertz and my insurance company. My insurance company asked me to take the car to a local shop to get it examined as the insurance rep said that Hertz likes to say there is extra damage to get extra money out of insurance companies. Everything was fine until a few weeks later when Hertz contacted me saying the the repair costs were over $5K whereas the shop had estimated repairs at $1.5K. Hertz was claiming that they had to replace the radiator (which wasn't leaking), the hood (which still closed as wasn't bent), both headlight assemblies, and the front core support. The shop took photos of their inspection and had sent them to me, the insurance company, and Hertz beforehand. It took months to get Hertz to admit they were wrong about the damage and to waive those costs. On top of that, Hertz was trying to charge me over $1K for "loss of use" fees for the car being out of service. I refused to pay unless they could provide proof that they actually lost a reservation for this car being out of service for repairs. They kept saying they didn't have to provide proof and almost a year after the accident they sent this bill to a collection agency. The agency called me and I explained the whole situation to them, provided emails documenting the entire process, and they immediately agreed that Hertz was wrong and needed to stop being a dick and they dropped the collection case. In conclusion, fuck Hertz.

Ford Fiesta, the acceleration delay was so terrible I was terrified to turn left. You could put the pedal to the floor and about 2-3 seconds would go by before the thing really started moving. And it was the size of a tin can, no one would survive a side impact in that thing.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

The city I worked for in Florida gave IT a Ford Fiesta as a work car. It had manual crank windows and the passenger seat was basically a padded lawn chair. There was a 4" gap between the seat back and the seat bottom. We drove that POS like a Gatlinburg gokart. I learned to drift in the rain in that car.

Drove a Yaris from Tennessee to Florida to find a place to live in a weekend. 2 things bothered me, other than being afraid I was going to die on the interstate. The speedometer was in the middle of the dashboard. I'd look down to check my speed or anything else and it was just a blank dashboard. #2, every time I got behind an 18 wheeler, the car shook and wobbled all over the road. We weren't heavy enough to not be affected by the turbulent air coming off the back of the trailer. Thank gawd I can now afford something, anything bigger than a compact car if I need to rent one.

I couldn't think of a good story, just cars I wasn't fond of, but apparently I was really good at repressing this memory:

Work trip, rented a car at a tiny little airport. One of those ones where it's pretty much run on the honor system - you park your car and drop the keys in a mailbox when you return it type place. So I get in fairly late at night, as is typical flying from the west coast to the east coast, they hand me my keys, we're good to go. Except apparently the person who had driven the car last left the windows open when they parked it, and it was parked directly under a lamppost. So the car was absolutely full to the gills with bugs. I was still finding them at the end of the week when I turned the car in. So freaking gross.

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A Ford Mustang at the Jacksonville airport in 1998 or 1999. I'm guessing it had been dogged by a prior renter. Started having transmission problems less than a mile from the rental lot. I kept it for the 3 days I was there when I should have immediately returned it. Was on pins and needles when I returned it that they would think I had done something to it. Luckily they accepted it back without comment.

While the suburban I had last week had all the features and was overall not bad, it cost a fortune to fill up and was really big. I could see completely over a jeep grand Cherokee that was in front of me. I barely fit in parking spots. I had to wait for the vehicle to lower when I turned off the power.

Wait for it to lower? I drove a suburban all through college and had no problem fitting into parking spots. Still don't to this day driving a crew cab Silverado and bigger trucks, which are the same size as a suburban, or bigger. The best part of the suburban in college was it could fit 25 people in it. Also, you can sleep in them no problem. I'd gladly rent, or buy, another one.


You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Yes the vehicle raised itself and lowered itself so people could get in and out of it while providing a birds eye view of the road while driving. There were many a parking space that it would fit due to the length of the vehicle.

The suburban would fit in my garage, but you'd have to have the garage door open to get around it.

It's an adjustable air suspension. They are fairly common on higher end SUV's and can be optioned on RAM trucks as well.

A friend of mine picked up a rental last night. Noticed is smelled like weed when driving to her hotel. Checks everything out and there is a blunt roach in the floorboard under the seat. She's getting a different car today.

She can keep trying, but I doubt she's going to find one with a full blunt...

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So thats what trading up to a luxury line is like from economy these days?

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Summer of '12, wife and I along with 3 others went whitewater rafting on the Ocee in TN. We rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Alamo. It was in the high 90s that day. We took some back state route from the ATL burbs straight to our destination 1 hr away.

We had a good time on the rapids. We were all damp and ready to head home. 5 mins into the trip home, the A/C stopped cooling and blowing warm air. We still had most of the hour left to head home on a back state route on a almost 100 degree day without A/C!

That Fing sucked balls!!!!

Let's Go


Worst rental car story, but for the rental company.

When I lived in Sydney Australia I had signed up for Qantas frequent flyers program because I knew trips back the States would rack up the miles. What I didn't know was just how many tourism promotions Qantas would be a part of. There were loads for shopping, restaurants, cruises, tickets to tourist destinations, etc. All in all a great deal especially since I lived there full time.

Then the mother of all tourist deals comes my way. Qantas and Hertz offering unlimited mileage, half price rates and a gift card for 50 dollars at a specific gas station for non-Australians. I looked at the fine print and these jokers didn't define any regions. So I make plans with the lovely girl I was seeing at the time to take a road trip to Cairns from Sydney and be gone for 10 days. Turns out it's a 27 hour drive, which I did in one go on the way up. Then slowly routed back down to Sydney.

We went to the Great Barrier Reaf, Whitsunday Islands, Surfer's Paradise, Zoo Australia to see the legend himself Steve Irwin and as many amazing places on the slow drive back to Sydney.

Once back I take the car to the drop-off at the airport. Get out of the car and hand the keys to the attendant who does what every attendant does, checks the mileage. I'm casually walking away to the taxi stand when I hear "Oi! Where the fuck did you get to?!" I turned and said "Read the fine print mate" and continued off to my taxi. In total I spent about 300 Aus Dollars for 10 days and thousands of miles, which at that time was about 150 USD.