From a TKP Sponsor: Virginia Tech HOMEFIELD Drop

Disclosure: This is a paid post sponsored by Homefield.

After winning the College Bass National Championship in 2007, angler Scott Wiley knew his accomplishment would, finally, garner some attention.

"It's hard to convince a lot [of] people who don't care about bass fishing that what we're doing is important to some people and maybe a lot more people than they think," Wiley said. "I think they'll write about us now."

And now almost 16 years later, there's a t-shirt to commemorate Virginia Tech's national championship too. HOMEFIELD dropped that and more in its latest officially licensed Hokies collection.

There's also HOMEFIELD's first youth t-shirt, new graphic tees, long sleeve apparel, joggers, a quarter zip and more!

Use code TKP for 10% off your order.

And, bonus, HOMEFIELD has TKP's Horse on a Treadmill t-shirt in stock.

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The Bass Fishing t-shirt was not something I knew I needed until I saw it.

Immediately bought this. It's perfect.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Joggers, hoodie, and 1999 t shirt purchased.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

Order for grandson placed!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

SZD saying that the Bass Fishing Natty shirt was the highest selling last weekend.

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If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Got my swag today and I guess I'm wearing this bass fishing shirt until football season.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Is the fit the same as their other shirts (wildly snug)

(add if applicable) /s

It actually went straight into the drier yesterday because it looked a little big for me. I am usually between a medium and large and I got a large.

I will update this evening.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Please do, love the comfort of their shirts but the larges fit like a schmedium to me so I might have to try an xl next order and see what happens

(add if applicable) /s

So it seems perfect after shrinking it a bit in the dryer. It's a 50/50, so it doesn't shrink much, definitely seems slim through the shoulders and long in the body, JCrew style.

Like I said, I'm between a medium and a large so online shopping can be difficult. Homefield's large seems to fit me well.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I love the shirts and hoodie I got from Homefield. I hate the advertising emails that followed.

I ordered VT gear from you because I love VT. I don't need emails about your Georgia Southern collection, or your new Oregon drop. Those aren't things that interest or entice me.

I sure hope those national champion anglers are getting their NIL cut from this!

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.