Slept On It: Hokies Crash Back to Earth in Syracuse

Attempting to put the Hokies loss to Syracuse in perspective after a crummy night's sleep.

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I feel like I have written this column before. The Hokies build up hope in the fan base, only to lose in frustrating fashion days later. It was a scenario that characterized the past few seasons. It's one of the traits that forced many to come to terms with the need to move on from Frank Beamer.

And here we are, one year later, faced with similarly mixed feelings of confusion and betrayal. Was their loss to 2-win Syracuse a product of circumstance or indicative of inherent deficiencies that lurk beneath the surface?

There is no denying Syracuse played marvellously. Orange quarterback Eric Dungey had one of the strongest games of his career, accounting for 420 total yards and 2 touchdowns. The 'Cuse offense was able to make big plays at opportune times, including converting 4 of 5 fourth down attempts. And they executed their gameplan well on defense, limiting Tech early and containing them late as they tried to match the Orange offense.

Sometimes you just need to acknowledge that you got beat.

What was most frustrating about Saturday's loss was the manner in which it occurred. Everything felt off about the game. The offense sputtered early. And even when they found their footing in the third quarter, nothing ever felt in sync. After being the aggressor in every game this year — including the Battle at Bristol, prior to the fateful second quarter — the game against the Orange felt antithetical.

After narrowly defeating an almost identical Tulsa offense in last year's Independence Bowl, the Hokies were surely aware of the lumps they were about to take on defense. Sometimes the key to defeating a fast paced spread team is to weather the storm and cash in each and every offensive opportunity. Against the Orange, the Hokies offense struggled to hold up their end of the bargain.

Whether it was arrogance or timidity, the product was maddening to watch.

All afternoon, the Hokies struggled with self-inflicted wounds at critical points in the game. Down 14-3 and struggling to find their form late in the second quarter, a holding penalty on Augie Conte negated a 17-yard touchdown scamper by Jerod Evans on 4th and 1. On the ensuing play, Joey Slye yanked a 45-yard field goal attempt wide. Early in the third quarter and on the verge of a game-tying touchdown, Jerod Evans uncharacteristically forced a throw into coverage that was picked off in the end zone.

Defensively, the Syracuse offense appeared to physically and emotionally wear down the Hokies. By the second quarter, the psychological toll of defending Babers' offense was akin to playing Georgia Tech's triple option. Repeated third and fourth down conversions extended drives and progressively demoralized the Tech defense. And the brisk staccato of the Orange offense frustrated a Tech defense that struggled to change packages and make pre-snap adjustments.

As the Hokies defense tried to keep the game within reach late in the fourth quarter, the tackling and movement lacked their typical sharpness. They looked spent.

Was Saturday a trap game? Who knows. Does it really even matter?

Fans had openly begun to wonder if this team was on the cusp of something special years ahead of schedule. Even the media had hopped aboard the hype train, discussing the Hokies as a darkhorse playoff contender.

After their loss to the Orange, I've wrestled with the entire validity of the hype.

Three straight blowout wins are attention grabbers; thoroughly dominating a ranked opponent on the road in a hurricane augments the spectacle. But everyone — even the craziest Tech fan — knew that this team still had a series of challenging matchups left on the schedule.

In hindsight, it was foolhardy to think that those three wins equated to a playoff spot. The sample size was too small. The wins were, however, indicative of this team's potential. So was the hype train temporarily derailed in Syracuse this weekend, or was it merely a ghost all along?

On Saturday, the Hokies fell victim to the biggest challenge of being a Top 25 team: Home or away — but especially away — you're almost certain to get the other team's best shot. Syracuse played outstanding in all three phases of the game. The Hokies, on the other hand, had difficulty matching the pace and incisiveness of the Orange.

Despite all of that, the Hokies were in the game until the very end.

Tech can't always count on Jerod Evans to be razor sharp. They can't assume each week that the running game will be relentless or that the defense will be impenetrable. It is natural for everyone around the program to strive for perfection, but it is irrational for everyone to assume it will be a given.

The question is how do players and coaches adjust when their peers are off their game? That is a key component of what separates good teams from great teams. We have seen how great this Tech team can be when they are firing on all cylinders. But how great can they be when they're not?

Here's what we do know: Aside from some bad quarters of play, the look and feel of this team has improved significantly from a year ago. There is an unmistakable swagger that had been missing in recent years.

Maybe it is the promise of the offensive system, or the presence of fresh blood and a new perspective. Whatever it is, it still feels authentically Virginia Tech. Along with this loss, that's something you can continue to build off of.


there's going to be a lot of pent up frustration from this game coming into Thursday night. I hope this means an utter beat down of the canes rather than a 2014 fumble-fest because of players trying to do to much.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I really wish that is the case Thursday. I am still 100% behind this team but that loss to Syracuse really hurt my hokie heart. Lets plan and play for 1-0 this week.


Completely agree. 1-0 this week, not 1-1 the last two weeks. That has to be the mindset. Not saying you can't use the loss as motivation, but to previous points made, don't try to over do it or prove yourself/make up for last week. Each play has to be sound in executing the fundamentals of their individual role and the team has to rise up together.

Sometimes you just need to acknowledge that you got beat.


I believe the reality has set in with me, that we are rebuilding into a new team with a new coach. All the peices are not here yet and we are filling the needs with the available team. We have improved immensely but Syracuse showed us we have a long way to go, but the future is bright. I still feel we are ahead of schedule and in a couple of years, I see dominance.

I agree ugh but a big part of that was the defense. which we are not rebuilding. sometimes teams just don't match up well. I mean the warriors lost games to the lakers and timberwolves last year 2 of the worst teams in the league soooo ill chalk it up to just not showing up and getting caught slipping. im hoping this does not continue to be a trend under the Fu error and we do not see repeats of these games we are heavily expected to win to be loses.

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I'm still pissed about Sat (and even moreso since it was to a 2-4 team, that's JMU/Temple level frustration). I'll probably never get over it until we take control of the whole dang series. But I will get the jollies if kicking the shit out of Da U will put a crimp in Heather's craw along with other analysts.

But I will get the jollies if kicking the shit out of Da U will put a crimp in Heather's craw

Let it go man. You make it sound like you had a bad breakup with mama giraffe. Guess what? She's moved on, and you sound like someone who gets drunk and complains about it even though you never have to see her again.

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We all have different things that make us tick and motivate us. Not everyone's "chip on the shoulder" is exactly the same. For me, it's owning the overall series records against teams we should (Cuse, MD, Kansas, Boise St, WVU, etc). You don't have to agree or go along.

So ... what does owning overall series records against those teams have to do with HD?

Re-read the old thread and I see where we might disagree on how right HD was/is until we beat Miami, so strikeout. I contend she called us a paper tiger and we lose to Cuse therefore she was right. But if we beat Miami, then most of her argument is wrong.
Are you bitter that she was right?

This still applies though.
I'm with MVHokie here, give it a break and focus on the teams rather than the talking heads.

They're not directly related. I feel they don't have to be. HD's blather annoys me less than not having the record. The records mean little more the brag/boast rights and self-satisfaction. In my eyes and heart, having MORE wins against an opponent over a period of time makes us better than them (see LOLUVA and EVERY NC school) overall. It may seem ridiculous to you, but in a heated discussion with an opposing "fan", it can (and has) proven an effective method of shutting them up and nearly invalidate their positions. Like I said, it's how I feel.

What I said had nothing to do with overall records against other teams. You seem to be using the Chewbacca defense. You need to lay off the personal attacks and just generally calm down a bit. You've made my TKP experience worse over the past week, and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. Someone responded to one of your posts with a picture of bender, and you replied saying you couldn't be hokieknightfx while missing the point that you've shown similar behavior. I repeat please just calm down a bit. I'm not calling for you to be banned, and I know you like TKP, but please remember you're not the only one here.

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Oh. Well, my posts (in this thread) had more to do with overall series records and less about Dinich. I've pretty much left that thread awhile ago. Who else do you feel I've been personally attacking? It sounds to me like there's a little bit of a misunderstanding. Also (and I mentioned this already) you shouldn't let what I (or anyone else for that matter) says, detract from your enjoyment of TKP. In fact, you should join the TKPC. It's the freaking balls.
EDIT: Btw, speaking of balls, I appreciate you talking to me directly, vs hiding behind a downvote (which I'm not saying you did). Honesty helps discussion and understanding (even, if at the end of it, disagreement remains). And in terms of TKPC, if you can't join because of cash, I would've sponsored you (if I had more).

You should probably stop closing out arguments by throwing out the I'm in the TKPC and you're not bit. It divides members from those of us that haven't joined yet but still enjoy the site.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

Well, I don't know what to say to that. I wasn't really viewing this as an argument. Just a discussion. Again, you shouldn't let what I or anyone else says prevent you from enjoying or joining.

I have already said (and read) all that I want about the Syracuse game. Short week, over the feelings.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I have little doubt fuente can get this team back on track. We may not win out but the way we played before the loss gives me enough to think we won't get too down after this game and let it ruin the season.

The last few years the team was able to claw it's way to 6 wins and this team has felt better already. The coastal is still there for the taking and our team has all the potential to go get it

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I felt when the defense got burned early, they played deep on coverage the rest of the game, giving away the short routes. Lost confidence.... . The Offense went for 'the big plays' a seemingly a majority of the time and not succeeding. More 3 and outs, putting the D to get worn out. There were so many missed tackles, lack of pressure, and the seemed to stop trying.

Just what it seemed to me....

Yeah, I wondered though if the offense had success early if the D would have continued to press more and worry less about getting beat.

After all of the years of losses and let downs, we should all be used to it by now. I know I am. Everyone called this a trap game, just like everyone called ECU a trap game in 2014 after beating OSU.

What I can't understand is why we abandon the run game with both Travon and Marshaw? And maybe abandon isn't the right word, but stick with them and pound the rock. This is when Beamer's old philosophy would work of controlling the ball and keeping the defense fresh and the high paced offense off the field. I think this was as much a loss due to play calling and scheme as it was anything.

Regardless, looking forward to being in Lane this week under the lights.

My guess is they like to have a pass catching threat and blocking resource in the backfield. Rogers probably fits that bill better than Marshawn or Travon. I don't really agree, in hind sight, especially considering we didn't see any of the trademark Rogers catches out of the backfield this game.

Everything looked off on the offensive side and I have no idea why. Were I a conspiracy theorist I would say they knew what was coming almost every play. Maybe belichick was helping with the defensive play calling.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Them jumping the reverse to Carroll looked like they knew exactly what was coming. I really, really hope that we don't have a similar problem like we did with Loeffler where certain packages telegraph that we will run one of 3 plays.

2nd and long they always knew an inside run was coming. We made it easy for them to know our tendency.

For most of the game their defense looked like they knew what we were running before the offense did.

As for the defense, they tightened up in the third quarter and lost it the rest of the game. The prevent defense allowed Dungey to run for more yards than he had in his first five games.

I wondered the same thing, especially when we saw several good carries by Marshawn and Travon. Why abandon the run using those guys to give it to Sam (love the guy) or throw long? Sam had too many runs in the middle for 1-2 yds. I still believe some RBs need to get into a rhythm in order to show their best, but our coaches obviously disagree.

The Miami game is now huge. How will this team react after such a poor game and embarrassing loss?

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ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

you know what? Thank God this isn't a bye week and we have a thursday night game. Do y'all know how lucky we are to only have to endure 4 days of moping instead of two whole weeks?

As they say in Mexico, "hecho que aiyi es!"

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

As they say in Mexico, "hecho que aiyi es!"

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

say it slowly... and then yell "HOKIES" afterwards...every time we get a first down.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Leg for all this. Because I really was initially thinking in Spanish. lol

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Oh cmon. It only took me an entire day to get it. I'm gonna go to the corner of shame now

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

From google translate: It is made Aiyi!

Completely unrelated note, my friends who have a 3 year old both went to anOSU. He repeats almost everything, so I've gotten him in the habit of yelling "Go Hokies" and "Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi". To make it better, my friend (the mom) gets really unhappy when he does, and being the little terror that he is, makes him yell it more.

This is a fantastic idea. I hope you started this shortly after the 2014 win (not sure when the 3 yr old started talking). I'll have to keep this in mind if my brother, a UVA grad, ever has kids.

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Oh, it was in the past few weeks.

I never felt like we'd lost control until late in the 4th.

Consider the series of possessions starting in 2nd qtr:

-Redzone: TD negated by penalty.
-I. Ford TD
-Redzone: INT
-Redzone: Bucky TD, 2pt conversion

Throughout this sequence, they get 3 pts and we tie the game in th 4th. The ball was moving on offense. Success was at our fingertips, literally.

I don't remember if the fumble was our very next possession, but after SU went up again and got the ball back, the toddler had about enough and I was chasing him around the concourse listening to the crowd getting louder and just knowing what was happening without having to watch.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.

I never thought we lost control until the 4th either, but only because Syracuse kept giving us the ball with great field position. Even though they still beat us by 14, a good team would've beaten us by 28+. They had every chance to put the game away early in the 2nd half, and they just kept stalling.

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Watched the replay until the 3rd Q when it was tied up.
Impression was VT couldn't get any offensive momentum, got stuck
in a lot of hard to manage 3rd and longs and couldn't recover.

Especially in the 1st half, it seemed like the defense was on the field
constantly. Then SU keeps converting 4th downs and that's got to
have an effect on the defense.

Though they got outplayed, at moments it was plain to see VT was
the better team.

Yup. Way too many third and longs.

Agree. I felt like we were in third and long on every drive.

We played off and stopped them from converting on third but left them with 4&3 or there about. They had nothing to lose so go for it. Converting on 4th & short is demoralizing, especially multiple times. So a typical offense would have punted a lot but they had nothing to lose and what they were doing was working so they went for it. I was extremely frustrated to see us get a stop on third, ,cheer, and then promptly see their offense stay on the field and convert.

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4 yrs later and we still have difficulty defending a mobile " Running QB".


ffs you know who else has trouble with a mobile QB? Everyone.

It's not the fact that it keeps happening. It does happen to everyone usually. It's how it happens. QBs keep having career days on the ground against us. I'm not even going to bring up examples because we all know, but it'd be one thing if these quarterbacks weren't setting personal records on the ground against us.

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Right, everyone has trouble against mobile QBs, but while that tends to mean closer games for everyone else, more often than not, for us that means a highlight weekend and a >50% chance of victory for the opponent. Not good

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The thing that irks me the most is that its QBs who usually don't run like that. Bud doesn't really adjust to it. I don't know if it's because he doesn't see it as much of a threat throughout the game or if he flat out doesn't know how to adjust to it.

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Right, it's not mobile QBs who are featured on a lot of designed run plays, it's the QB scrambles after the play breaks down that kill us, and usually from a guy who isn't known as a tremendous threat to run the football. In his own right, Dungey is definitely an athletic QB who can move the chains for you, but my god - we made him look like Lamar Jackson out there Saturday. It's not a talent issue when this continually happens and often against less talented teams. It's definitely a schematic issue that Bud either has no answer for or refuses to adapt to for one reason or another.

Exactly. I always go back to the Michigan game in the 2012 Sugar Bowl (I may have on this thread actually). We knew what we were going to against and defended it perfectly. But when we play against Eric Dungey or Thomas Sirk or that Maryland quarterback back in 2013 (forgot his name), it's a nightmare.

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If I could be granted one wish, it would be for Bud to have some kind of adjustment for this.

OR even when ECU decided to play the 3rd string QB against us last season who only knew how to run. Who gameplans for the QB3?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Just like Bob Shoop never adjusted to Jalen Hurts in the Bama-Tennessee game...

Let's stop kidding ourselves into thinking we're the only school/DC that struggles with mobile qb's. What the Cuse QB was killing us with was improvisation. It wasn't like he was killing us with designed QB runs. YOU.CAN.NOT.ADJUST.TO.IMPROVISATION.

You are very correct, but people on here (and fans of any team in general) tend to freak out every time this happens. Every DC struggles with running QB's, occasionally DC's shut them down, we have done this too, but no matter how many long posts I write explaining it (and they usually get tons of upvotes so it's not like people aren't seeing it) these same posts come up every time.

So we are just unlucky enough to have multiple quarterbacks have career days off of improvisation?

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No, you just don't realize how many times this happens to other programs as well.

Your view, like any fan of a team, is focused on your team. It looks worst to us but this is far from an uncommon problem.

You're right. There's nothing you can do about improvisation.

But that was the most yards Dungey ever had in a game on the ground. Thomas Sirk has 2 100-yard rushing games in his career. One of those was against us. CJ Brown in 2013 for Maryland going for 100 yards isn't as big of a deal considering he did that many times, but while saying that we aren't the only school to struggle with mobile quarterbacks, it is fair to say that we struggle more than most teams do.

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Once again I disagree, and despite some struggles against mobile quarterbacks, our overall defensive record of the last however far you really wanna go back, is something maybe only 2-3 teams wouldn't trade for, maybe only one.

Additionally, what Dungey did to us was not our original defensive plan. I have a hard time believing we would have had to play such a conservative zone most of the game if we had:

1) Not gone down super early

2) The offense had been scoring AT ALL early in the game.

We likely would have done more press man stuff with more aggressive blitzes, in a shootout or closer game, we would have been able to live with some deep shots but we would have gotten them off the field much faster. Additionally, we have Brian Mitchell, the CB coach at WVU when they had arguably the best defensive performance ever against a full strength Baylor offense since they became an offensive juggernaut and they did it by being extremely aggressive and playing press man all game to disrupt them. The difference was that WVU was keeping up with Baylor and outplaying them offensively as well. This game we were on our heels, and as the offense decided to take a painfully slow and ineffective approach to recovering a relatively small deficit, we had to keep playing conservative to avoid a back breaking big play. This forced us into sets against 5 wide where we had either only the front four to account for the QB or the front 4 and one linebacker, and by having that one linebacker someone was probably getting open in our zone. It was a lot of things that put us in this bad spot. So at the end, there was lots of room for Dungey to run. Plus a decent chunk of those yards came 80-90ish plays into the game.

Agree to disagree. You're right about Bud being the best in the game. I would take this defense over any defense in the country in most games.

But, what we were doing on defense was clearly not working by the 4th quarter. I actually feel as if Dungey was rattled for several plays after Mook got him from behind. He was certainly hurt (as mentioned by the pro-Syracuse commentators for the rest of the game), and then we just let him set back and throw.

It is fair to say that Bud was concerned about them hitting a back breaker over the top, given that they had already gotten 2 (not counting the HB toss, as it was a trick play), but on 4th and 3 when they had gone short on basically every fourth down except for the one that got reviewed, you have to press. One play to get off the field and give the offense good field position and we never adjusted.

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I agree about the 3rd/4th downs for sure, obviously my knowledge is light years away from Bud's, but especially on 4th I would press across the board to take away the immediate throw and force a lower percentage deeper throw.

A lot has been said about the mobile QB since Saturday, I didn't see that as an issue at all. It wasn't Dungey's running that was the problem, it was the short passing. He picked up 36 of his 106 yards on the last two drives, when we were already spent from the short passes and tempo.

What I was surprised at was that Dungey didn't get loose with his passing late in the game. He was grimacing after the 2nd hit of the game from running, I thought he would wear down. He didn't, tip-the-cap and move on.

But I never thought of this as a typical running QB game.

Well, I feel like on the 4th and shorts, we kept guys deep to guard against the deep ball and crowded the line to guard against the QB run, unfortunately, that meant we were leaving the short crossing routes more or less open. We got there fast enough, but not until after the catch and we couldn't catch a break by jarring the ball loose or having their receivers choke it up and drop the ball.

I would have rather limited the QB run and the short passing game. In retrospect, they scored TDs on long drawn out drives and even though you can't do this at the time, I wish we'd just let them score faster to get our offense back on the field (and then score ourselves) or let them screw up the long ball (they can't catch them all).

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I wish we'd just let them score faster to get our offense back on the field

I wonder what Bud Foster's response to this recommendation would be?

There's a reason I'm a fan and not a coach. All I can say is that the clock was killing us at the end and, in retrospect, I would have preferred to have the same score and more time on the clock. Or, even better, seen them fail to beat us deep instead of gifting the short throws on 4th and whatever.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Score faster? Half of their TDs came from "explosive plays" of 80+ yards and 50+ yards.

I meant on that drive where they burned 6 minutes off the clock to go 75 yards and converted five 3rd downs and a 4th and short.

It seemed like they were doing that all night, but when I looked back at the drive charts, I realize that our defense actually did a decent job limiting them even on some longer drives (like the one where they ran 13 plays in 4.5 minutes and missed a FG).

Yep, this is all on the offense.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I think you are right on. By their 92nd play, Syracuse only had 24 points on the board. They ran 25% more plays than an average team and still only had 24 points. And 14 of those came on those two big early plays. I think the defense played well enough to keep us in the game.

The offense was very predictable. We tried to run on 1st down almost every series. When we did a lousy job at that, we got behind the chains consistently. When I saw that opening run-run-run drive of the 3rd quarter, I honestly thought we would finally take the game over. Credit to Syracuse for putting us in those situations. Also, Jerod seemed off this game. Could be the combo of the dome and the turf - probably a very foreign environment for him.

I hope to see our guys stay focused and get back to executing this Thursday. If we can do that, I still feel very good about our chances in the Coastal. We no longer have any room for error, so we better be focused.

That's what I noticed when I watched the game. There were these quick
little dart passes. It almost looked like you couldn't defend against them.

I'm no expert but that seems to me when the corners have to engage at the LoS and slow the route down. Then bring pressure on the qb.

2 touchdowns were on breakdowns. Mook was a victim on both of them , he bit hard on short break and go route . Then the second was the trick play was a combination of him biting and also I believe Clark if I remember . Yea I was disappointed in the end and frustrated with the cushioning we kept giving them on short routes and the qb scrambles but from an overall perspective our defense wasn't why we lost . Our offense killled themselves with called back Evans TD, Evans it, missed fg. And just too many drives that we didn't get anything going . Disappointing , but this isn't the same as our previous years of offense . Stay optimistic , time to raise hell Thursday !

Clark was the one who got burned on the second trick play for sure

Wow, why does it feel like 'Cuse had it a lot longer than that?

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Was going to say the same thing. In the first half at least it almost
seemed they had it twice the amount of time.

Probably had something to do with Syracuse going for it on 4th down fairly consistently, and getting it 4 out of 5 times.

That's a pretty significant X factor.

If we find a way to win the Coastal we will get picked apart defensively because if that Dungey guy can can run all over us think about Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson

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I'd like to think Bud would have a gameplan similar to that of when we played Denard Robinson and Michigan, when we knew what we were going up against. I feel like a lot of times when another quarterback gashes us on the ground, it's because we didn't prepare for it because they hadn't done it yet.

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Because Louisville and Clemson don't go 5 wide empty and throw immediately to mitigate the rush every play. It will be a totally different monster. It is very, very, very hard to account for a QB when you have to spread so many guys out wide to defend 5 wide sets. Very few guys committed to the run and those scramble holes will inevitably open up. Both of those teams are going to line up and run the ball as the basis of their offense. Clemson is going to go inside zone, screen, RPO, deep shots, all game long in varying order. Both of those offenses will be a tall task, but those are the great offenses that Bud Foster has a nice history of somehow out scheming. Teams with the Syracuse/Texas Tech/Baylor style offense are going to do this to a team they shouldn't beat every year. Doesn't make it okay that it happened to us, we should be upset because we failed to get them off the field at crucial moments are our offense looked pathetic against a legitimately awful defense, but Syracuse was going to do this to someone (I was hoping Clemson) and unfortunately, it was us.

Offensively, there were literally a lot of points left on the field, and we did enough that we should have come away with the win, but we didn't for a variety of reasons. And even with the issues that we saw, the game should have never been that close to begin with. I get that the jet sweep is a main part of the Fuente offense, but we have to have a Plan B for when the opponent schemes and sells out to take that part of the game away from us. If we don't, we're completely screwed going forward because Syracuse and their bad defense just wrote the book on how to completely shut us down. The good thing is that I highly doubt Fuente and his staff got to this point in their careers and became the hot ticket coaching items they were and got this job by being a 1 trick pony. Obviously, the game plan from last week could have been better, but I have faith this isn't going to be a recurring theme like we've seen with past offenses.

Where I'm more worried is on defense. Bud had his lunch eaten on Saturday, and while there is something to be said for being gassed late, that completely ignores the fact they were torched repeatedly early putting the entire team behind the 8-ball. Same kind of situation that torched us against ECU and Tulsa last year torched us this past weekend, and we had no response defensively. And when our offense finally got us back into the game tying it up, the defense completely folded and that was that. And for the life of me, I don't understand giving a 7 to 8 yard cushion to the WRs on 4th and 2 or 3. At that point, even if we got pressure on the QB, it was an easy hot route for the 1st down, and Syracuse pulled off that play repeatedly throughout the game keeping our defense on the field.

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I agree with the last point. The only idea I can come up with as to why we didn't adjust was because Bud didn't want to get beat deep again. That was a great ball that Dungey threw though, and I bet he doesn't make a throw like that again all season.

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Offensively, there were literally a lot of points left on the field

Have a leg for your analysis. I can't help myself but post this though

Munich, Germany

Drink an Erdinger Urweisse. Or a Hacker Pschorr Helles. You'll thank me later.

Outside of the cushions on the 4th and shorts I think you are way off on your assessment of the defense. He made adjustments and kept them off the board outside of a field goal for the last two and half quarters until finally after 90ish plays we were too gassed and the offense had failed to do their job so many times that they had two late touchdowns.

Bud held Syracuse to 17 for most of the game, SEVENTEEN POINTS, and our offense was unable to climb out of a relatively small hole and take the lead against the worst FBS defense we have played this year. The defense gave up some home runs early and that hurt, but you have to score against Syracuse. Every team outside of Wake Forest had to score a lot to beat Syracuse, and Wake Forest played them during the hurricane.

Spot on. I knew, as most people did, that Syracuse was gonna score points in this game. My prediction was 24 of 'em. I, however, also predicted that our offense would be able to score 30+ on their seemingly putrid defense.

It's no surprise to me that our defense laid down to the tune of 31 points when they were on the field so long amidst I think 3 injuries along the DL and at least one stinger in the secondary. I'll get over that performance, it happens. I'm very let down by the way our offense played though, and a lot of that is focused on the coaching this time.

Also, our kicking game needs to be fixed ASAP. 19 net yard punts from your own territory isn't acceptable at this stage of the season.

EDIT to say that props definitely need to be handed to 'Cuse for this game. We didn't play anywhere near our best game, but they definitely came in up to the challenge and beat us. Sometimes you just have to admit they were better.

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Where I'm more worried is on defense. Bud had his lunch eaten on Saturday

People keep saying this and I think it's dead wrong. They were held to 17 points going into the 4th quarter despite an offense that only showed up for one quarter. Syracuse has a damn good offense and they are getting better under Babers. The defense showed some vulnerabilities and didn't play lights out, but they did more than enough to win the game, neutralizing the other team's biggest strength. I don't know how you can say we had no response when outside of the two deep bombs the defense didn't allow a touchdown until the 4th quarter when the offense was pushing them on the field every 2 minutes. Meanwhile our offense put together the worst showing of the season against the worst defense we've faced (discounting liberty).

I think that as Tech fans we're so used to the offense being disappointing so we just reflexively blame the defense for not pitching a shutout but against an uptempo spread team like 'Cuse it's really not a reasonable assessment.

I feel like my last 10 posts have been attempting to get these points across. Same thing on Reddit. People seem to only remember their long go ahead scoring drive that ended with their 92nd play and think that's what we did all game. We did more than enough to hold them off and give the offense ample time to comeback and take the lead from a very manageable deficit and they didn't do it.

I take the blame! I am the one that said we would beat TN outright. Then I spent way too much time spouting that we would be fine this past weekend against 'Cuse.

Moving forward I see that we get blown out in all remaining games! Even uva breaks the streak.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

What blew my mind is how we abandoned the run game even though it looked so promising at the beginning of the third quarter. Travon had a solid thirty yards rushing on the one drive and it ended with Evans throwing a beautiful TD to Ford. Then after that drive it seemed like we never went back to the run game. There was a lot that went wrong Saturday and obviously the run game wasn't the only thing. The defense never seemed to make the necessary adjustments and create enough pressure on Dungey. There were some plays where he was running for his life, but for most of them he was able to scramble for decent yardage or throw the ball away. I don't think we brought the heat enough throughout the game. I'm so thankful that we have a Thursday night game but I am extremely nervous after seeing the debacle that took place Saturday. If we can't put up numbers against a very poor SU defense then I don't know how we are going to do the same against the likes of Miami, Pitt, Duke, and Notre Dame. This past game definitely makes me nervous about the remaining season. I believe this team has great potential and I wholeheartedly support them. #BeatMiami

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- Jon Laaser 9/24/2016

I don't think we abandoned it more than we tried going with things that just weren't working. Early in the 2nd half, up the middle with Travon was destroying Cuse. That should have been our bread and butter the rest of the way until they adjusted. Instead, we went back to the well with the jet sweeps against a team that was bringing everyone up on the edges to stop it and when we did go up the middle, it was with Sam Rogers, who was good for maybe 2 yards per carry.

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On the surface you're both saying the same thing, but I think you may be closer to the truth. We went the length of the field on four straight drives, don't remember the 5th after Syracuse retook the lead, but Travon was only featured in one drive.


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I love Rogers as much as anyone, but I really would like to see him get less carries at RB going forward. It's basically a wasted play every time. He's tremendously effective as a pass catcher out of the backfield or lined up at H-Back, but he usually runs right into the teeth of the defense as a RB for minimal to no gain. My guess would be that the coaches trust him the most with pass pro and picking up his blocking assignments, but you have to give him some carries to prevent it being a tell for a pass play every time he lines up at RB. In any case, I just feel we have better options as pure runners on the roster.

Is the rest of the backfield so bad at blocking that we keep using Rogers? I just don't get it

I'm equally baffled.

But to me, the whole "Sam's a better blocker/Travon can't block" argument is a bit of a cop out. Sam's running the ball on first and second down is the reason we need a better pass blocker in there on 3rd down--because he puts us in clear passing situations. (For what it's worth, Marshawn is only a slight upgrade to Sam in this department.) On the contrary, when Travon has played sustained stretches this year (e.g., first drive of 2nd half vs. Cuse), the offense seems to stay on rhythm more often, stays ahead of the chains more often, and dictates the pace. What's the result? More third and short where any such pass blocking deficiencies are minimized, or even wholly irrelevant. Isn't that what Fuente's O is all about?

Someone wiser than I, please help a brother out.

Wasn't TM's blocking the reason Shane was reluctant to give him the #1 spot last year?

"I'll put a quote here to distract you from my inane comment."-Me

No I think that Shane's/Lefty's RB Wheel of Destiny is what prevented that.

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Red zone execution has been pretty flawless this year, but definitely didn't show up yesterday.

With the exception of Jerod Evans and the true freshmen on the team, all of our players have spent their careers only knowing this uneven, up and down culture in the program. Case in point, Conte's comment of never having had the experience of defending a ranking. We have new staff who preach consistency, excellence and attention to detail, but if you thought culture change was going to be like flipping a switch, you've probably never experienced culture change firsthand. This is what these players have known, and I'm certain for at least a few of them, this is what they expect.

We have seen firsthand that our problem at least the last couple of years has not been a talent deficiency. We have elite skill position talent. Fuente has already shown to what effect they can be utilized. So that part of it has been instant. Good system, smart game planning, effective play calling, and we outscore opponents 135-20. My faith in the system is already secure.

However, our biggest hurdle wasn't a change in offensive system. It's changing the tone and approach of the program. Giving 100% effort at all times isn't the way Beamer ran this program for the last several years. So we probably have a few more of these head-scratching losses ahead of us as Fuente makes this is program.

We lost a game we should have won. That's nothing new. But people are apoplectic or despondent over it like it's something we haven't seen before. That tells me fan buy-in has been nearly absolute.

Ultimately, you either trust Fuente to fix the inconsistency issue ingrained in our program, or you don't. If you don't, why are you still taking it so hard when it's something you've pretty much accepted as a given? If you do, then why are you so bent out of shape over something we've been living with for years, if you really believe we've got the guy who will eventually fix it?

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

I know I'll probably get mocked for this for being ridiculous, but part of me thinks the daily reminders about the Carrier Dome Curse and how we are never able to win in there and how Syracuse has our number really had an impact on how the team played. We haven't stepped foot in that building in 14 years, so it should have been completely different, but they looked just as scared and timid on all sides of the ball as we did the last time we went there. Eventually, if you hear the same thing from the people around you enough times, you're going to believe it. Part of me thinks the doom and gloom about going in there had us defeated before we even boarded the plane.

Which has me already chocking up the Pitt game as a loss. Its not that we can't beat them, its that nobody around the program actually believes we're going to.

King Alum of the House Hokie, the First of His Name, Khal of the Turkey Legs, The rightful Heir to the Big Board, the Unbanned, Breaker of Trolls and Father of Gritty this logic, LOLUVa should never beat us again. I think I can live with that.

But seriously, even if this is true, it is a non-issue for another 12 years, so I'm not gonna worry about it.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Well written piece Pierson. Cheers and spot on.

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I don't know why, but I have a feeling this will be just like the 2003 when we lost to WVU and then we came out swinging against Miami the next game. Now given the stakes were higher against Miami and the loss to WVu wasn't as bad as Syracuse, but something inside feels like the Hokies are going to come out strong and punch Miami right in the neck.

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I certainly hope not! After that Miami game, our defense completely went into the shitter the rest of the way starting with that next game against Pitt....


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haha well it was more of how I thought the next game would go, not rest of the season

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And we lost to UVA

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

We should've won that Pitt game. Eric Green locked Fitzgerald down for the first half and when Deangelo came in in the 3rd he played a 10 yard cushion on Fitz and let him run wild.

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A punch in the neck you say?

with a side of creampuffs and fru-fru daiquiris!

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And a biggest bunch of weenies you say??

of course... with a side of brie cheese too

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No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Don't forget they wear bowties and makeup to games!

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Offensive miscues and a defense scared to give up the long ball killed us.

Seems the inverse of Frank's quote is true. "Take care of the little things and big things will come." -> "Fail to take care of the little things and big blunders will happen."

Is it me or every time we play a running quarterback, we look like we have never seen any film. How many times did we rush three and not have a middle linebacker to "spy" the QB? Adjustments fellas.
Time to being back the Thursday night mayhem!!!!

Dell from the turkey!!

that's what kills me too. You even have the announcer saying there is only 3 down lineman and it would be a perfect play for a QB run/sneak. Most times than not, Dungey would run up the middle and gash our D. There needs to be some kind of QB spy or have at least 4 down lineman all the time.

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Tough to do when they are spread 5 wide and are very dangerous vertically.

true but you game plan against it and/or make adjustments.... I just didn't see any.

And it was that tough, maybe we should have done that more with Evans too

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Yea the only adjustment was early after getting beat over the top. We gave a lot of cushion and dropped 8 to coverage. That then created its own problems.

Our defense didn't play great, and definitely got gassed after being on the field for 100 plays, but I think they did enough to win. The offense is what let us down. 4th and 1 vs Cuse should be automatic.

they stuffed us on 3rd/4th and short multiple times, it was cringe-worthy.


You have five wide at the snap, meaning you have to have at least five DBs in coverage. And that's if you're willing to play man to man across the board. If you want any help at all, that's a minimum of six defenders committed to coverage. That leaves your four DL, plus a linebacker. So you can either have the linebacker spy, in which case the QB will have at least two favorable one-on-one matchups in coverage, or you drop the linebacker into coverage in the short or intermediate zone. If you drop the LB into coverage, that leaves your four man rush, and if any lane opens whatsoever, you're looking at a minimum of ten yards before the linebacker can meet the QB.

It's one thing to say there should have been an adjustment, but Dungey was finding holes in zone coverage when we spied, and finding the crease when we dropped seven into coverage. It was the perfect storm to handcuff Bud. And yet they still didn't run away with this game until the 4th quarter.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

dungey was finding holes because we were playing way too soft with man coverage. Too many times it was 3rd/4th and short and out DB's were giving them 5+ yards of space and all they did was run and slant and they converted almost every time.

I am not saying out defense played horrible, but there was too many of the same mistakes.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Just thinking outloud, but I would've used a 4-1-6 dime look with the DBs playing press man. Four man pass rush, still have over the top help in coverage with 6 DBs when they go 5 wide, and mixed in blitzes from the linebacker and safeties. Hopefully the tighter coverage would've disrupted the timing of the routes and taken away those quick digs and outs he had open all day. Sure, he may have still busted some long runs on us and gotten a man open deep from time to time, but I would take my chances on him trying to complete a desperation deep ball while running for his life all game. We just didn't have an effective pass rush and our coverage was very soft after the early long TDs, so they nickel and dimed us down the field, leading to long drives and a gassed defense by the fourth quarter.

Again, just throwing out ideas, and Bud Foster has forgotten more about football than I will ever know. But there has to be a schematic fix for this. Other teams have shut down Syracuse, there's no reason why we couldn't have.

It was death by a thousand cuts. Syracuse had 14 3rd and 4th down conversions.

Seemingly, the options were (1) status quo, i.e., try not to bleed out by outscoring the opponent; or (2) take greater risks and try to stop the opponent.

My unexpert thing Foster could have done, especially in the second half, was show pre-snap pressure from the corner(s). Dungy was hit hard by Reynolds, and despite his Brewer-like guts, he didn't like it. If he knows he's going to get hit by holding the ball for anything more than a catch and throw, then press coverage can be more effective. The risk is giving up another homerun, so maybe you play soft over the top. But conditioning Dungy to catch-throw into press coverage, or hold a little longer knowing he's going to get hit, was seemingly an alternative.

Why would you make an adjustment to that? We wanted the qb to run, every time he's taken punishment this season he's gotten worse and worse. And he's just not going to be able to do as much damage as his receivers running wild. A running qb didn't kill us, an uptempo spread with quality receivers running 100 plays while our offense twiddled their thumbs did.

I was just saying for that specific play(s), it was same result over and over again, and it seemed nothing was changed to prevent that.

and no, his running ability wasn't the only thing that killed our D, but it prevented us from getting off the field MANY times, whether it was 3rd or 4th down.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Is it just me or does it seem like our CBs are playing much further from the line of scrimmage than they have in the past?

This reminds me of the ECU loss after the OSU win. People were calling us a playoff dark horse then, too. I just hope we don't collapse like we did that season.

We swarm

By the second quarter, the psychological toll of defending Babers' offense was akin to playing Georgia Tech's triple option.

Nailed it!

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Was anyone else super impressed by Peoples sideline catch? Did not see that coming. Then shortly after we try and hit him downfield again.

Things are never as good or bad as they seem. Let's keep working.


"These people are losing their minds!"

including converting 4 of 5 fourth down attempts.

technically true, but I like to think they converted 3/5 and the refs converted that 4th one.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Great analysis!

One thing that seems to be a constant with the team this year is run blocking. We still aren't good at it. We simply cannot line up and control the game running the football, even on the jet sweep plays. I know the stats are better than in years past, but the reality on Saturday was that we were behind the chains offensively for most of the game because we simply cannot run the football very well.

I'm not sure what French will conclude when he does his analysis, but I have to imagine he will point this out.

Regardless of the staff changes and regardless of not having the "right people to run the system", if we can't line up and block the defense, we aren't going to good every week.

Is it basketball season yet?

So true - if felt like so much of our running was an inside zone which would get stuffed on 1st down and it would be 2nd and 8 or 9. Our traditional run blocking has been awful, and if they aren't deceived then the a disciplined defense eats our lunch.

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To anyone who thought that the new "Fuente" philosophy is that every week is a new season was a contrast to Beamer's, I think this game proved otherwise. Let me be clear, it's not that I think Fuente DOESN'T have that philosophy, I just think Beamer had the same philosophy. I also think that both coaches left room for improvement to get the players on the same page. I hope Fuente gives a little course correction

The thing I'm most upset about with this game is allowing myself to get caught up in all the hype. We aren't a top 25 team. We haven't been for a long time. Even the years when we had 10 win seasons we often would get our butts handed to us in major bowl games i.e. Bosie State, Kansas, Georgia, Stanford etc.... We've had several years of recruiting a lot of good but not elite athletes and I think that's why it's unrealistic to think that we'll be a play- off caliber team in the near future. We have some good coaches that can get a lot out of the players but you can't coach lack of depth. Can we still win the coastal, possibly, but realistically, not likely. If we win the coastal we would need an unbelievable effort to compete with a Clemson team. Could we beat Clemson? Sure, any given Saturday a team can be flat or on fire as we just witnessed. I don't think we can expect to play on fire every single game and expect our competition to lay down. To me the mark of a great team is that it finds a way to win even when everything isn't working. To me there's something still not right with our O-line. We aren't winning the battle up front and as a result we're constantly behind the chains. It all starts up front folks. If we can't get better play there we won't be winning the coastal. Okay - glad to get that off my chest. Now let's go Hokies! Kick some Cain Ass!!!


meh, there are a lot of bad football teams out there. There are 128 division 1A football teams out there. Say there's on average less than one worth being ranked in each G5 conference. That leaves ~20 spots to split between all the P5 conferences. So, to be ranked, you should just have to be top four in your conference and that's not even accounting for P5 conferences that are crazy top heavy and only deserve to have 2 ranked teams. Until that Syracuse game, we were certainly playing like a top four ACC school and I expect us to continue to be at least that good. Heck, we're even favored to beat Miami on Thursday. I fully believe we will be ranked by season's end if for no other reason than a lack of statistically better teams.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Yes, we could be ranked by years end and I hope we play well enough to accomplish this. My point was that I was expecting way too much out of this team. There is a big difference between being a good team and being a great team. I'm just not going to let myself expect us to be great until we end the season playing great. I hope this team proves me wrong but I just don't think we have the horses to get there yet.


Wow, I would disagree entirely. VT is very much a top 25 team and will finish the season as such. Maybe higher.

We didn't show up for a week, that happens. Happened to Clemson this weekend. Even in the loss, I saw a lot of positives. We are as good as anyone not named Alabama at the top 3 WR position. Our QB is tough and can throw the ball around better than any VT QB in the last decade except Tyrod in his senior year. Even though out DB's got nickel and dimed, we were on the coverage and hit those WR's time and again that should have led to drops.

I see a 9-3 team, just as I did before the season. One more loss, either to Pitt or ND but not both.

We will beat Miami and we will be ranked next week.

I've struggling since the game to come up with the right words to describe what happened. This is the best I can think of:

Fuck Syracuse.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

The first five minutes into the game, you could tell this was going to be bad. The defense got absolutely toasted on the first possession with the 58 yard pass to Ervin Philips. Not even two minutes into the game and they got rocked. Immediately you could see the defense was spooked. Fear set in. They started giving them 5+ yard cushions, and they got quick slanted to death. Did not matter. Defense was scared to death of giving up the long ball at that point and played in fear. You could see it and feel it.

While I do believe the defense is primary in the blame on this loss, the offense was equally tentative. The defense played with fear. The offense was just flat, lacked any intensity and seemed like they wanted to go back home. The offense line in particular was slow off the ball, lacking intensity, and allowed for many hands in the face and disruptions of Evans in the passing game. It does not show in the stats, but Evans threw off his back foot more than I have ever seen.

I have to place this debacle squarely on the coaching. This loss was not based on the refs, a fluke play, or poor execution. It was based on a team not ready mentally to play to their potential when the other side is gunning for them. This loss was due to a defense playing in fear and playing not to lose, and an offense that was flat and not engaged.

This is not primarily the defense's fault. They held the opposition to under 20 until 90+ plays into the game. The offense never answered the call against a truly horrendous defense. They had plenty of time to make up a small deficit and failed to do so far too many times. If you want more explanation as to why, look at many above comments about this.

edit: Haven't seen you post around the board before, but glad to have another Greenville Hokie in the mix.

You're both wrong.

The Hokies lost because Donovan McNabb is really a wizard who cast a spell on the Carrier Dome to curse the Hokies whenever they show up. He did this in retaliation for Michael Vick choosing the Hokies over Syracuse, after McNabb hosted Vick on a recruiting visit.

We just have to wait until the statute of limitation of said curse expires.

Leonard. Duh.

Thankfully we only have to go there like once every twelve years. I was kind of pissed after the whole 8+1, thing a few weeks ago. But now my take is less trips to the carrier dome the better. I think every ranked team that cuse played there last year struggled at least initially.

*Tiger Rag plays loudly in the background as they plan their seven home games every year and everyone else gets less TV money*

Lot of great discussions in this thread. For me, I'm done analyzing and second-guessing the Syracuse game. I'll be in the Miami thread rest of the week.

Peace, Fam.

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Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Great choice. Rube Goldberg would be so proud.

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