Remarkable how Fuente has elevated the QB position

While we sit around and debate if Josh Jackson is better then an incoming Freshman, many other fans around the country would kill to have JJ on their team. A player that completed 59.6% of his passes for 2991 yards as a Redshirt Freshman.

We not only have Patterson, and Hooker on the team, but also Ryan Willis who has looked sharp in our offense during the spring game. Grant it, JJ wasn't recruited by Fuente, but he was retained.

We have come a long way since the days of having 1 QB who is just "the guy" and some lesser talent behind them.

I think its the best depth we had since '08 (Tyrod, Glennon, Holt) or '05 (Vick, Glennon, Holt, Whitaker).

It's a great problem to have!

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Wish we would've had the Laborn, Slade, Ford, Tyree problem too.

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We'll have Tyree so we're good!

Oh my sweet summer child..

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Um, it's pronounced Ty-ruh. Jokes.

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The only Ford I need is Isaiah

Everyone might not know what Isiah Ford looks like, but everyone should know the major mistake here was naming @QuinBlanding an impact player

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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idk man there's a pretty powerful impact on this play

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or this one

Scott could teach some proper technique

Y'know, if it wasn't for #59 being so fast in pursuit Blanding would have gotten clobbered twice on this play.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Good point. I kind of wish Bucky could have decleated him into next week, just to add insult to injury.

I think Fuente would agree with you. I would give up a piece of that QB depth for just one above average to elite running back. Sometimes that's just how the chips fall I guess.

We do have some QB depth. Still got some big question marks at RB , O-line, replace a lot at the receiver spot. But I'm happy with the QBs in the pipeline.

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Our WR receiver depth is probably the best we have had in a long time as well. The top 6 receivers are going to get a ton of work.


The depth is there, maybe my thoughts are that it is just a bit unproven and inconsistent for those guys that were getting a fair amount of reps. I know they are coming behind some All Timers (Ford and Phillips). Hope they make their mark.

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Part of me wonders if the lack of depth at DT is the result of a semi-intentional decision by the coaching staff. By that I mean, of course the coaches want to get the best they can at every position, but the reality is they have to dedicate more time scouting certain positions based on perceived needs. Fuente has been vocal since he arrived that he wanted more quality WR depth on the team, and the recruiting results reflect that. I suspect that now that DT has emerged as a position of need, they'll realign their scouting efforts, but it might not have been a focus compared to certain offensive positions.

Wasn't it a couple of years ago where DT was strong and DE needed help? Moved Mihota to DE for some depth and recruited some good DEs. Settle declares early and DT needs reinforcements. Move Mihota back to DT.

We need five more Mihota's, stat!

Yea.... the O-line and receiver groups seem to be quite a bit deeper than recent history, especially if we don't have any decommits from the current class. Only areas of concern for me are RB and DL (specifically DT). The good news is it only takes one RB to change the perception and get the ball rolling. DT is a little more difficult to feel positive about.

Agree with everything you said. The o-line being better is going to make the running backs lives a lot easier. I think one of the RBs will stick out a bit this year. I'm most interested in seeing what Wheatley has.


Last year, apparently Jackson couldn't run full speed or lift his arm all the way up after the Miami game. And he played every meaningful snap anyway, - injured much of the year according to many. Hopefully the QB position is elevated to the point we have two that the head coach trusts to play meaningful snaps now.

Fuente now has his guys. It took him a little time to get there. Bush was not an accurate thrower, whatsoever. I also think Fuente values game time experience, thus why he brings in Juco's.


Every time I see "Juco" I think "Jnco"

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I was actually surprised when Bush played a few downs against GT and Pitt last year, because Bush was the entire safety net. My gut says that if Willis had been available last year as a third experienced backup QB, Bush or Willis would have been given a bigger chance when Jackson got hurt.

This year, if Josh gets hurt like last year where it's really affecting the offense, I bet Willis goes in and gives Josh time to heal.

A transferred QB from VT in Group of 5 is highly recognizable, another transfer is going to be a starter most likely (Bush-Illinois) and our own QB is primed to have a solid year. Our backup is a former starter at Kansas, then we have Hooker who's only a R-Freshmen and to round it out we have Quincy the phenom as a True Freshman plus we just got a commit who is 6 foot 5..I say the position is doing pretty well.

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I was hoping for some discussion on how QP is pushing hard to be second already. Seems from early Fu comments QP is already making strides and picking things up quickly.

The 2019 season will be the 20th anniversary of our national championship appearance. R-freshman QB in 1999 leading us to the Superdome... R-freshman QB in 2019 leading us to the Superdome...


Let's Go


Thanks for making me feel old...

Is it basketball season yet?

Quincys first appearance.


(even though I am kind of hoping that we dont see him full time until his rs-soph year/indicating josh has a really good year)

I think its the best depth we had since '08 (Tyrod, Glennon, Holt)

Wasn't Holt also a wide receiver? I'd argue that this is the best depth we've ever had a QB, given that we have 3-4 guys who are 3+ star recruits, each recruited specifically to play QB

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Cory Holt was recruited as a QB and played three years as a QB. He moved to WR for his senior year (maybe junior year too).

He actually played QB against I believe FSU when Glennon and Tyrod were hurt in the same game.


That was crazy.

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I thought he moved to TE.

too easy

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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I'm envisioning a Chris Leak/Tim Tebow situation with Jackson and QP this year, especially now that QP can play four games without losing his redshirt. I expect Fuente to bust out a Wild Turkey package with QP against Miami in November.

"Wild Turkey" seems quite beneath a Fuente offense.

Anyone arguing that QP should start this year is no different than the annoying Brown's fans saying Baker Mayfield should start over Tyrod. They just want what's shiny and new.

I think the projected starter of both teams will pleasantly surprise a lot of fans this year.

I agree with you. However, the fans chirping for the shiny new toys are the same fans whom are impossible to convince that they were ever wrong. No matter what JJ/Taylor do this year they'll find reasons why QP/Mayfield should start instead. JJ could literally win a championship and the fans currently calling for QP would be singing Bud's praises because the defense won the championship despite JJ's dismal performances. You seriously can't debate with insane people. The most impossible arguments to win are those with idiots.

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Oooh, I like that. I'm gonna start using that! Thank you, thank you!

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Great. Line.

I try to be sparing with this, but damn, it's well deserved here.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

The only reason I occasionally pine for a backup is for the same reason MLB pulls pitchers who have gotten into their own heads too much.

I think you can ride a qb too long sometimes for his own good, and it can turn a poor half game into a poor season.

But I'm not paid millions to make those decisions, so my opinion isn't worth much.