Photo Gallery: Virginia Tech Improves ACC Record to 2-0

Featuring the many faces of Buzz and Co.

Expressing genuine surprise at a possibly real top 10 ranking for a Virginia Tech basketball team. [Mark Umansky]

Buzzketball improved its ACC record to 2-0, and Virginia Tech put on a show in the second half against Boston College in the process. This is the last home game before students return to Blacksburg, but the home crowd still filled in very nicely for a kinda sleepy noon tipoff.

The first half was a bit of a struggle for both the Hokies and Eagles. There were a lot of shot opportunities for the Hokies that seemingly hit an invisible lid over the rim, but still produced quite a few good moments through the lens. We'll start off with a bog-standard layup attempt featuring Ahmed Hill's new look:

Justin Robinson didn't have the greatest game for a stretch, and there were some moments that seemed to really amplify that. First one is a nice little foul across the nose that in real-time happened incredibly quick, but was still present enough for the refs to call.

A few minutes later, Robinson ends up on the wrong side of a charge/block call, which led to not a only a few words and a quick escort away from the play by Wabissa Bede. Robinson would end up with a technical later for continuing the discussion before halftime.

Repeated missed shot attempts from the Hokies did produce several inbounds plays from the BC baseline that gave me an opportunity to stay wide for longer periods of time. Here we have Nickeil Alexander-Walker streaking away from his man as Robinson looks to pass. I especially enjoy this photo because of the Cassell lighting producing a mini-halo effect right over the defender, it gives it a little more depth and sense of scale.

The final theme of the first half was odd faces. I'll just leave these two here:

Buzz Williams, in his post-game presser, argued Bede was probably the player of the game. Robinson having a semi-off night contributed to Bede getting extended time on the court, which showed up in a couple defensive photos. First one has him executing some fundamental defensive moves to stay with the ball, and the second one is a key block that helped put the game away late in the second half.

Buzz was certainly happier in the second half, and not only because his tie game was extremely strong:

During a media timeout, this conversation started with subtle finger pointing, but ended up with the both of them sharing a pretty good laugh. I wonder what they were talking about.

And to round out the Buzz section, a happy celebrating Buzz after a good defensive stop:

Finally, these two are my favorite photos from the game. First is Kerry Blackshear Jr. throwing down a thunderous dunk:

And lastly, the Hokies in a good mood after yet another stop on the defensive end as the game gets out of reach. This photo really demonstrates how cohesive this year's squad is. Several times a game, you'd see whoever is dribbling down the court hit a little high five with a teammate before they cross the half-court line and this moment is that kind of that moment but with everyone for me:

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During a media timeout, this conversation started with subtle finger pointing, but ended up with the both of them sharing a pretty good laugh. I wonder what they were talking about.

Let's Go


Great shot on the Blackshear dunk! I only wish you had a wider view to posterize the poor BC defender.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

I haven't been following the team very well.

When did Buzz decide to go with the "Mission Control extra from Apollo 13" look?

9 more ACC wins puts us on the 3-4 seed line, IMO.

until proven otherwise, we are an undefeated ACC team. 18-0, baby!

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