Nate Proctor Transfering

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Former 4 star recruit. Fell behind in the pecking order, and cited playing time as the reason he's transferring .

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Not good for DL depth, but I wish him the best

Ouch. This one hurts. He has the athleticism to be great but never seemed to be able to translate that on the field. I was hoping he would have taken a big step forward this year and produced. That doesn't seem to be the case and this explains why his name has been missing a fair bit this fall.

Well, it's a good thing DE is a deep position this year.

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Yes, very much so.

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Leonard. Duh.

Pretty sure your message would be run off the road as soon as it enters Maryland by someone changing 4 lanes with no blinker driving 95 in a 55 before it can even reach College Park.

Woefully underrated. Make this truth plaid.


We put the K in Kwality

Funny enough...when I clicked the link to read the article the banner ad was for ODU Online education.

We put the K in Kwality

Pretty amazing considering the depth at DL. Plus the coaching change coming at the end of the season.

We put the K in Kwality

Not sure why this gets a downvote. Both are facts. We have limited DL depth and Foster has announced his retirement.

We put the K in Kwality

Necessary attrition so that we have enough scholarships for even a small recruiting class. Wasn't on the two deep or expected to contribute. This seems like a mutually beneficial transfer to me.

Ahh yes, the nation's #90th ranked defense doesn't need 4 star DE's on a brutally thin defensive line. Of course. Nothing to see here folks.

He wasn't panning out man, it happens. It happened to other 4star guys too. He was behind Belmar, Garbutt, Becton, Jaylen Griffin, and when healthy Zion as well. This was his third year in the program (r-Soph.) and the only time you saw him doing anything was tip a pass up in the air late in the FSU game.

Unless you have a poor memory you've had to have seen me share that DE is one of my top 3 position groups I'm most worried about for next season, arguably number one, but my worries are not affected that much by a 3rd stringer transferring. My worries about the DE position revolve more around whether we can get a pass rush out of our two deep. Proctor leaving doesn't really affect that at all.

Edit: I don't know why everyone is downvoting DC here, he isn't breaking any rules.

I'm just stunned by what seems to be a high frequency of higher rated recruits not being able to deliver the goods for us. Sucks. I think someone may have dug up the data regarding that in the past, but I'd love to see it again - all the four stars and above and how they panned out.

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I'm just stunned by what seems to be a high frequency of higher rated recruits not being able to deliver the goods for us

We probably didn't do any favors by taking a life long LB and just expecting he could turn into an ACC caliber DE.

It would be awesome if we could just recruit actual DEs and DTs and not turn LBs into DEs and DEs into DTs.

Didn't they try Bruce Taylor at DE? I swear I remember that and getting pissed off that a top LB recruit was being moved without really giving him a chance.

Well his eval out of high school was that he could play OLB in a 3-4, or move up to the line as a DE in a 4-3, so that wasn't just something we did. That was his expected path at this level. In fact his best attributes were explosion off the line, bend around the edge, and ability to chase a play down from behind. He was rarely asked to cover anybody, as he would have to do more as a LB. So yeah, he was really supposed to be more of a pass rush guy in the first place.

There was once this coach named Mike London who turned 4 and 5 star recruits into garbage. I remember the assessment was bad coaching. I sure hope that's not the case here.

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: β€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.” - David Teel Tweet 2018


Did you ever see Mike London coaching a game? He was known for bad in-game coaching decisions.

I thought he turned them into losing football teams and then sent them to the NFL as reasonably good talent. Last time I checked (and it's been a while) UVA had as many alumni in the NFL as VT, despite the mediocrity of their teams.

"Our job as coaches is to influence young people's lives for the better in terms of fundamental skills, work ethic, and doing the right thing. Every now and again, a player actually has that effect on the coaching staff." Justin Fuente on Sam Rogers

True. I was basing my assessment on a video I saw years ago where 3 star defensive players at VT were winning one on one battles against UVA's supposed 4 and 5 star O-lineman. In my estimation, that was coaching.

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: β€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.” - David Teel Tweet 2018

I know DCWilson gets hammered because of his, well, unique way of stating things. But he's not wrong. This is a defense that can't afford to lose anyone, especially at DE where we have no depth. A few badly timed injuries, and suddenly we're playing a 210 pound walk-on on the edge.

Even if the guy just flat out couldn't play, then that means this is either a bad whiff in the recruiting process, or a failure to develop a player. Either one is a huge disappointment.

There is no positive spin to put on a former highly regarded recruit leaving the team 9 days before the start of the season.

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We don't know how he was prioritized on the VT recruiting board but it doesn't make any sense to call it a big whiff just because 247 and Rivals talent evaluators were way off.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Going into his 3rd year of camp, he was listed at 6'2" and 237. He lost 3 pounds and was the second lightest on the DL.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that if he wanted to be in the mix, he would have worked a lot harder in his off-seasons... Hard to be a contributor on the line when you are still at linebacker weight.

Was it Parcels or Bobby Knight who said "potential just means you haven't done nothing yet".

I don't think 247 or Rivals forced us to recruit the kid. We prioritized him enough to offer a scholarship, and coached him for 3 years until he left the team a week before the start of the season.

We can argue semantics. But whether we call it a whiff, or call it a miss like French said below, it's not good.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

Ah, it's hard to tell how someone is going to pan out. Sometimes it's obvious. Sometimes people have potential but lack the drive. Sometimes people are awesome but lack the skills. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't.

In business, shortlist 20 candidates and interview them all. You'll boil it down to three or four and analyze yourself to death. In the end you make a decision in what you think is best and roll. Sometimes it pans out sometimes a year in youd love to have your #2 candidate. It is what it is. Good bad ugly he didn't pan out. Let's focus on moving forward.

In the end you make a decision in what you think is best and roll. Sometimes it pans out sometimes a year in youd love to have your #2 candidate. It is what it is.

Whether you are a Div. I football coach or a businessman, how often that happens literally defines whether you win or lose in the long run.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

That certainly factors in. But missing on a recruit is different than missing on a coach or key staff member. I would argue how you react to the miss is more important than the miss itself. Virginia Tech isn't going to implode because someone outside the two deep transfers after not showing much progress with over 2 years in the program. File it and move on.

I'm ready for football to start.

It's not good. But, it also shouldn't be unexpected. Nobody hits on all the evaluations and not every project can be developed.

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My point is you likely wouldn't have used the phrase "bad whiff" if he was a 3* instead of a 4*.

I agree we need talented players but recruiting sites are a tool with limitations and flaws rather than gospel, which many fans seem to believe.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Sola 247a

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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I mean, it makes some sense. That's all we as fans have to go off of, especially those of us who never played and thus didn't have as much of a chance to develop an eye for eval for whatever reason but still love the game.

not that I fall into that category or anything

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Amen. Against BC our 2nd team DE's are....??????????? A converted LB- which if you look up in this thread, is a bad thing. And Eli Adams, a RS Freshman. after that??? The hell Proctor could not have helped with depth this year.

If 6 of our DE's get hurt against BC then we will be missing Proctor big time.

How many sacks or tackles for that matter do Griffin and Adams have in their careers? Wasn't "youth and inexperience" a huge issue last year? Yep, we are fine/loaded. Holding Pitt under 10 YPC should be easy now.

They have as many sacks as Proctor.

Also, Javeon Becton will go in before Griffin if you are worried about him being a converted LB. Becton is 6-4 255lbs the most "traditional" sized 4-3 DE we have on the roster, and was at one time a Georgia commit. Inexperience is going to be a problem for our DE's no matter what happened with Proctor. It was an unfortunate reality heading into this season whether Proctor is here or not.

Why is it a bad thing that he's a converted LB? These dudes grow, there are tons of people who play LB in high school, but have a frame that could carry more weight, and are projected to play DE wherever they go to school.

Also, of course we could use depth. No one is arguing this a good thing. But every bit of slightly negative news is not worth blowing your lid over.

It wasn't that he was an LB. my issue is that the way he played LB was completely counter-intuitive to the way you have to play DE at VT.

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Question did he look like a contributor in the spring game? Has Wiles or Foster mentioned his name in a press conference?

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He's been in the program one year bro, most guys don't get mentioned at that point. Devon Hunter and QP were 4 star recruits who have been riding the bench, shit happens. Proctor would have been good to have in the long term.

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He's a redshirt Sophomore so......

Counter point - do we really want someone that can't make the 2-deep on the 90th ranked defense?

Is Proctor better than no one at all?

I think that's Wilson's bottom line up front, but everyone will just neg him and call him a troll.

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He was 3rd on the depth chart on his side but probably the #5 or 6 DE overall. Given this, he most likely wouldn't have even traveled with the team for away games and only dressed for the Furman, ODU, and RI games. I think its safe to say we probably wouldn't have 3 or 4 major injuries to force him into duty. Better to have the flexibility with a scholly spot.

uva - the taint of the ACC

He was 7th, and only because Debose is dinged up

Walk On-Griffin
Proctor-Debose (injured)

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Missed Simmons

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Ummm here you have him in the 2 deep?

I think French made a typo and meant Becton as second string, not Proctor. DC, I'm worried about your blood pressure. Maybe you should try some yoga or tai chi or gardening or something. Come on man, relax.

Also, I wrote the defensive preview before camp opened. The news about him falling off the radar just started popping up last week, and I was at UVA because of a family medical emergency. I apologize for my bandwidth limitations, but when I authored the article I thought Proctor showed enough in the spring game that he would end up as the 2 DE. Part of that is I didn't think Adams and Becton would take a leap forward. I was wrong and glad to be.

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LOL he suited up on the road last year and played in the bowl game. Cmon

My dude. Do you think he was fired? That the coaches just chucked him out the door? The reason he's transferring is because he doesn't believe he would get playing time. Presumably, because the coaches said he was down on the depth chart.

I don't understand the "What do you think I am, some kind of idiot?" responses when people just repeat what the player himself said. It would've been nice to keep him. He didn't see a path to playing time for himself. Now he finds a place he can play, and the rest of us move on.

Oh i agree. I would rather have some depth than no depth. I dont disagree with what DC said I was just trying to make the point that if he isn't good enough do we really need him? If he was so far behind on the depth chart that chances of him making improvements from now to next year were limited when compared to what a new recruit could do. The coaches probably gave it to him straight and said his chances of ever starting were slim based on the current and projected progress/development. Lately it appears that when that message is delivered the default action is to hit the transfer portal instead of working your ass off to move up on the depth chart.

dcwilson40 = troll , doesn't even understand what he just said . 4 star recruit can't get in the 3 deep on 90th ranked defense .

Coastal 1

So either the staff failed to develop him or missed on the eval. Either way, it's not great.

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OR the kid didn't put in enough work to improve and got passed by everyone else who did. You can lead a n elephant to water but you can't make him drink it.

Yea, I count that as failed evaluation on the character front. But point taken, you can't blame this 100% on the staff.

Given that there has been a trend of players players leaving early and/or not developing, and given that recruiting in the Mid-Atlantic and the Carolinas is more competitive than ever before, we just don't have the luxury of having under-performing players.

I agree that on the micro-level this isn't a big deal, but at a time when Fuente has basically used up all of his goodwill from the fanbase, it's just not a good look.

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Fuente has certainly used up the good will of a few posters here, who blast him and his staff for any move he makes, even those that aren't at all unreasonable or significant.

Thus far, none of the 17 transfers the past 18 months are "significant", right? so, we should expect that our depth is fine, and we should win 10-11 games? right? or does the staff deserve some criticism over the high volume of exits?

Last year's losses were significant.

The only question here is whether this is part of that trend or normal attrition. Is that what we're debating, or are we beating the same dead horse?

It could well be that this is the best move for Proctor AND the Hokies. Proctor preserves a year of eligibility, so I think it does make sense for him.

I think you are having a hard time accepting the new reality in college football. Other than Kumah who was a good player (would have been 2nd this year) nobody who transferred would have had significant playing time - its that simple.

You can draw some potential conclusions to this and this year will bear out the ultimate truth:

1) VT's maligned recruiting is better than you want to give it credit for as the kids leaving are being beat out by younger players and are far down the depth chart - 3rd string or lower (Ex. Plantin, Ellis, Cunningham, savoy etc.). - note this isn't a slight to those kids - just the facts. I'm not wishing anything bad on them, but their position relative to playing time is a factor in their decision-making for the future.
2) Complaining about the results from last year, while being so resigned to believing that the transfers are a bad thing is a contradiction. The results from last year are either indicative of needing big changes in terms of who plays or they don't. This means we will get new many players - see point 1.
3) Ultimately, kids want to play and have a limited window to do so, therefore, any kid who falls on the depth chart might be tempted to see if the grass is greener - this will keep happening everywhere.
4) This opens up schollies for VT to use- might be a good thing instead of on a 4th string TE - WIN WIN. If a kid who was a project (Proctor) doesn't work out and he wants to leave early it might be a good thing.

My opinion is that these transfers are a sign of the times in general and specific to VT at this time it's been a good thing and that will show up this season.

dcwilson40 is definitely not a troll. He may be a glass half empty kind of dude, but at least he has opinions and isn't afraid to voice them. Just like any forum, TKP can suffer from groupthink. I think it's nice to have him playing devil's advocate and adding some color.

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Counterpoint: there are a handful of posters who just aren't happy with anything Fuente does, and blast him at every opportunity as if he's completely incompetent.

That's also a form of groupthink, even if the group is significantly smaller.

It's fine to second-guess the coaching staff. It makes for lively debate. Sometimes it's just the absolute certainty that Fuente is always wrong and that the folks here know better that gets a bit tiresome. Time will ultimately tell, but do we really have to constantly criticize every little move as if it's a death nell for the program? I guess it's a necessary function, but the same 5 people are sometimes negative overload.

When the frequency of scholarship player attrition dips below 1 per month for a steady period, perhaps the groupthink you point out will change?

Probably not.

Disagree... If Fu loses to ND and Miami this year and we are playing in Charlotte, 99.9% of hokies will be behind him and his culture at this point in his tenure. Only the old school Beamer/Foster die hards will have questions at that point. Now, if we get neck stomped by a 7 win Pitt team again, lose a head scratch-er to Duke, go to overtime vs. a 4 win Wake team and get stomped by Miami? After 17 players leave in 18 months? Yeah, only Lombardi would have a free pass.

I agree with that. So how about we let the season play out before we start screaming the house is on fire?

Gobble Till You Wobble

agree... pumped for BC... as I watched ACC N last night in glorious HD on Fios - so I'm good!

See? There are some things we agree on.

Sniff πŸ˜‚ I love it when football brings us all together.

VTCC '86 Delta Company, Hokie in Peru, Former Naval Aviator, Former FBISA, Forever married to my VT87 girl. Go VT!

I believe that wake will be better than four wins. But I'm just being pedantic.

Looked it up on google:

"Pedantic means "like a pedant," someone who's too concerned with literal accuracy or formality. It's a negative term that implies someone is showing off book learning or trivia, especially in a tiresome way".

Look Dude! If you are gonna post stuff that requires me to use a dictionary! Aren't you becoming pedantic about being pedantic???

Leg to you sir!!!

I mean I think part of this is just a product of how many people have transferred and everyone getting used to the new world of the transfer portal. Proctor transferring makes sense. He wasn't a natural fit for our defense as a recruit, but we can't not take a swing at that high of a recruit. We tried to develop him to fit into our scheme, but it didn't take. He's got talent and doesn't want to get buried on a depth chart when he knows he can probably contribute somewhere where he's a better fit. It's just not a good look because of how many people we've had leave already. Some of the previous transfers i agree raised some question marks, but not this one.

Gobble Till You Wobble

Certainly, the portal makes it much easier to get out of dodge - that's not really my beef. I'm just concerned about the number of high profile guys (read 4 star) that have just not panned out - at all. It's a head scratcher. Does that happen to us more than other teams? Are we missing something in the eval?

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Big old disagree here. Negative opinions need sound reasoning that is expressed when you give it. I downvote DC all the time, not because I disagree, but because he spouts negativity without even bothering to coherently present his argument, or because his negativity is in direct odds with common sense. That's troll behavior and it ruins communities. On the rare occasion he has a point, he doesn't bother stating it, and someone else deep down the comment chain has to write it out to make any sense of why people are so angry.

I down vote gross hyperbole all the time too, because that doesn't add to the board either. Thanks

I hesitate to engage but I'm genuinely curious...what was hyperbolic? A little harsh perhaps, and hell, even a bit condescending, I'll cop to that. But I don't think I exaggerated anything.

I make valid points on here very frequently that are pointed out by others, upvoted, and green in many threads. But you don't like the messenger- it's fine. When we stop losing a kid a month to attrition, I'll be more positive on that topic too.

You are 100% wrong here. I don't know you. You are a stranger on the internet. You convince yourself that I disagree with you because I "don't like the messenger" because it's a way for you to deflect criticism. You don't have to be positive, plenty of negativity is warranted. But you express it in incoherent ways. When someone points out basic facts you attack them, move the goal posts, then desperately defend your own negativity. In this very thread, someone pointed out that he was a third-or-fourth-stringer and you went on a tangent about 100 other things justifying your own negative viewpoint. That's not an argument one can agree or disagree with, it's just you being annoying. At the end of the day, whether you think the program is doing OK or in deep trouble, we're all going to watch the games this season, see how it goes, and assess from there. Attacking people whenever they don't fall in line with your hyper-negative viewpoint (and to do it, unfailingly, in sarcastic, condescending replies) is what makes your behavior troll-ish.

And to be clear, I don't care that you have a negative perception of the program. That is absolutely a valid view-point to have after the past couple of years. But at the end of the day, being negative all the time is exhausting and unproductive. Stop attacking people for not falling over themselves to declare everything a dumpster fire before a single game is played. If the season is terrible and Fuente is fired and the team falls apart, you don't get bonus points for predicting it. All it means is we all just wasted an off-season of anticipation and projection and excitement over getting to tailgate and watch college football again, and instead spent it arguing over who was the right amount of negative about something we're supposed to enjoy.

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I don't know you internet stranger but I think I like you.

However I disagree with your username. Just don't get them wet or feed them after midnight and they're about as dangerous as a care bear.

I'll add, that I'll bet blue blood college programs have alot more D.C.'s in their donor's club than programs that are mediocrity. Sometimes it's the ones who don't settle and are constantly scrutinizing things that push programs over the top.

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: β€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.” - David Teel Tweet 2018

Sometimes letting those same people call the shots can also push a program over the edge. Just ask the folks down the road in Knoxville.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Blue blood programs have a lot more of everything.

More critics don't really help.

In fact, the critics hurt Nebraska and Tennessee programs for decades, with a "Good to suck" mentality.

Coastal 1 = apologist that if Tre Turner transferred would say its because we are "loaded at WR".. Tired of the narrative. Who are our 2nd team DEs? and have they made a tackle in a college game?

Coastal 1 = apologist that if Tre Turner transferred would say its because we are "loaded at WR".

You really let that strawman have it DC.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

It's not a strawman... We lost our best DE to Miami- Meh... We lost last season's opening day starting QB- Meh, Patterson is better... We lost a starting WR, and the one guy on the roster that could attack redzone jump balls- meh, he sucks anyway. We lost McClease - he sucks, don't need him - wait, he's coming back and is going to start against BC? .. oops our bad. We lose a precious 4 star recruit- the metric we use to defend our recruiting program that hovers around 30th in the country, but yep, he too - sucks- wasn't going to play anyway, walk ons past him, etc. It's tired. It would not be tired if we won 12 games last year, I'll grant you that.

You literally applied an argument to someone that they didn't make then attacked it.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

dcwilson40 said :We lost a starting WR, and the one guy on the roster that could attack redzone jump balls- meh, he sucks anyway.

You really know what you are talking about do you . Hazelton , Turner , Patterson, Mitchell can't attack redzone jump balls and others that you don't see everyday like the coaches do , but you know best.

Coastal 1

If you want to talk X and O's civilly, I'm game- let's do it. And I never said those kids "couldn't" do that.

You said "the one guy on the roster Kuma, that could attack red zone jump balls .
That's crazy because I saw other guys catch red zone jump balls and we have others
that can also do it that haven't got their turn to do it yet . Proctor was 3rd team depth
on the 90th ranked defense .That means that a 4 star could not get in the depth chart
on the 90th ranked D,he has since been passed by others that redshirted. He was not
even 3rd team so good luck to him for him moving on . It will not effect us one way
or the other .

Coastal 1

hmmmm. reminds me of this:


We lost a starting WR, and the one guy on the roster that could attack redzone jump balls

How many have the 2 at BC that are redshirt fresman made ? Silly argument everyone are breaking
in some new players at some postions with no stats . How many passes has the QB at UNC completed ?
None .

Coastal 1

If the stars from 2.5 years ago matter so much why wasn't he going to play? Do the coaches not want to win or maybe he just isn't good enough? For proctor I see this mainly as impatience.

Get used to the depth chart transfer/quit. This won't be the last kid who quits.

For the record I'm in favor of kids having options who want to play. Good for them, but I don't think it's cause for panic when kids get beat out and want to go somewhere else to play.

They got beat for a reason and they quit for another reason. Those reasons don't mean it's a program issue - it's a sign of the times and each individual situation differs.

Those stars are solely based on what you did in high school. There have been plenty of 2-star and walk-on players who have outplayed 4-star guys. I think he would have been on at least the two-deep depth chart if those stars really meant something other than collegiate potential.

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Hope he lands somewhere and gets a chance...but this just screams of not wanting to risk wasting a year of eligibility because he's not likely to play. Welcome to college football today #allabouttheportal.

...but doesn't he lose this year by transferring?

We put the K in Kwality

But if he sits this year and then transfers he loses 2

Danny is always open

He's a r-So. So whether he plays this year or not he has 2 years of eligibility left. Right?

We put the K in Kwality

If my math is correct, he should have 2 years left after sitting this year.

But if he played this year wouldn't he still have 2 yrs?

We put the K in Kwality

Difference is he can sit this year for VT and then sit next year for transfer or he can transfer now and sit this year only

Danny is always open

I'm pretty sure I referenced this with ellis. This is happening everywhere as the portal is giving kids the opportunity to quit when they realize they won't play. This will continue. It's unfortunate, but it just affirms that this trend is real and is a new part of college football.

I fucking hate all the condescension about a kid transferring because he can't get on the field. This kid has 5 years of college, 4 of which he can possibly get meaningful playing time. If that's his dream, then he should chase it.

It's a complete dick move to say this. In no other industry are people held to this standard. If a consultant can't make partner at Big 4 firm, and he decides to leave to leave for a boutique firm where I can take a leadership role, no one says "man that guy is a quitter."

The kid knows what he wants, he realized that he likely won't get his opportunity in his current situation, so he's looking for new path. There's nothing unfortunate about that, and tbh I think it's pretty smart.

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Not sure where you think there is a condescending viewpoint of kids wanting to play. I wasn't saying that and I think the portal has the ability to balance the power away from coaches a bit.

On the flip side this is the old grass is greener discussion. Just because you enter the portal doesn't mean the outcome will be good. There is risk that the portal is used as an excuse and the kid never plays anywhere and loses his spot.

I think all options and situations have to be fairly considered and there will be good decisions and bad ones - each kid has his own unique circumstances. I do think kids will be impatient and hurt their careers - period. I also think some kids will improve their situations - just depends.

Using a word with a negative connotation like 'Quit' and saying 'It's unfortunate' give implication that you don't believe the players (or at least this player) should transfer. Now, I recognize that you didn't say this, but often times the people who speak with such disdain towards the new transfer rules talk about the player is giving up on his team, or isn't working hard enough, etc.

I think all options and situations have to be fairly considered and there will be good decisions and bad ones - each kid has his own unique circumstances.

Hard agree. The decision may or may not pan our for Proctor. Realistically, he's probably not trying to play on Sundays; but wants to play every/most Saturdays. If that's his goal, then he should find the best (and fastest) way to achieve that, and VT is not the place to do that.

I keep going back to the analogy of one's career... You gotta do what's best for you, because (almost) no one else will. If you can't achieve your goals at your current employer, I'd urge anyone to look elsewhere. Of course, one must explore all options beforehand and avoid making a brash decision at all costs, but unless there's something I'm missing, I see no reason to believe that Proctor failed to consider all of his options?

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I hear you - kind of. My wish is for VT to be successful. My opinion is that he did quit and it's unfortunate that it didn't work out for him and VT.

However, I'm not saying he didn't do the right thing for himself - I honestly don't know. I don't want him to not be successful or for the situation to not be mutually beneficial. I do believe that everyone tries to make it too nice. Let's be honest this could be a very bad decision for him - or it could be very good. If he doesn't accept risk he shouldn't be making that decision. Me pointing out the realities of big changes isn't negative it's the truth. The kids are young men and sugar coating the reality of their potential risk/reward isn't my style. I personally know people who have had this work out well for and where it has 100% back-fired. The truth hurts.

I do know the people freak out over 1 stat - a kid's star rating based on HS projections and I don't think that applies years later. He was obviously not feeling optimistic about making a dent in PT this year and also probably not going to graduate in 3 years so he waited as long as he could before deciding to make a change.

What's a "4 start" recruit?

It's a projection, a guaranteed 4 starts in college /s

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Looking forward to another productive thread about attrition.

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Man! This seems like entering a game of musical chairs with way too many people and not nearly enough seats!

Do you give up a FREE year of school, nutrition and experience??? For what?

If you go back to my initial review of Proctor's high school film, I noted how he was a passive read and react outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense who had never been asked to set the edge, much less sustain a pass rush. I noted how he would take some time to get accustomed to playing with his hand on the ground. While he had the athleticism to play the position, I still think he would have been better suited as a backer.

People will focus on Proctor being a 4 star. But I don't even think he was in the top 3 DE groups. The reality is, he was a miss, and hopefully he finds his game and gets his degree.

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Wiles talked highly of Simmons and no mention of Proctor . What does that tell you ?
Good luck to him a win win for both parties

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Do you think he would have competed for playing time at backer, or also lost in the shuffle? If the former, misevaluation on the staff for putting him in an unnatural position. If the latter, then he wouldn't be a contributor here in any role.

I think he would have had an easier adjustment at backer. But he really should have gone to a 3-4 team.

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So he's gonna transfer to LOLUVA?

Is coronavirus over yet?

No reason to attack a guy like that. Damn.

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Yup - it will be interesting to see where he goes. If he goes somewhere to play DE in a 4-3 I would see this as impatience and would see this as a bad decision.

He would be better served to work and play it out in that situation as his fate might be the same.

I remember being excited about him when he committed. But I'll be honest it was because he had 4 stars next to his name, he looked like a badass in his picture on the recruiting sites, and he was between us and PSU.

I'm disappointed that it didn't work out with him. He flat out did not develop and he was being passed on the depth chart by younger players (that weren't rated as highly) and an OLB that just moved to DE. He wasn't going to play meaningful minutes on this team.

He didn't have 4 star HS film. Camp folks must have loved his measurables. I didn't have high expectations but with his frame he could have proven me wrong. Hopefully he finds a better fit for his game

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Not going to rerun the numbers, but think this pushes us ahead of PSU on Transfer Portal rankings. Watchu got James Franklin? All kneel to Portal God, keeper of transfer souls.

More seriously, hope he ends up in a good spot.


I've been expecting this one for a while. He came in highly lauded and seemed very lost in the shuffle. There are a few others I've held fears about them leaving. Similar conditions.

2020 might get to 20 yet!

Mark him down as another should've been an LB. Too bad we're already stacked there

I wish the best to him. Hopefully he can find a place to get some meaningful playing time. I'm all for free'ing up scholarship spots when guys are buried on the depth chart and won't see any playing time outside of blowouts and even then, with how young the team is especially at DL, I doubt he would see the field much then.

The portal sucks when you have either a brand new player up and leave or one of your 2 deep up and leave. I think I shows some of the lack of maturity of the former and potential issues with the latter (unless it's for obvious family / health related reasons).

No harm in this, read French's comment as he brings it back to reality. Good luck to him.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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Can we all agree that participation trophies are to blame?

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Congrats to Seisay ,Cannon and Smith for earning Scholarships through their hard work and dedication ! This is the way to use the new rules ( the portal ) for a win win . Bring in some kids with growth potential and if some of the scholy kids don't cut it and want to bolt then these kids earn the schollies vacated. It will also bring the baseline depth talent up . Seems maybe Fu and them saw this coming, appears we have a good group of walkons at VT . Hopefully Philpott , Driscoll and Simmons keep working and earn theirs and solidify the depth on the DL . Could do wonders for moral and makes for competition .

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I am reading a lot of worry about this being a recruiting miss, failure to develop and bad evaluations. Maybe one or all of those things happened. I'll tell a story for perspective. I ran track in college - the 400 and the 800. My sophomore year, this stud distance kid was coming in. He was a huge get and came due to the relationship with a hs teammate on our team. This kid had been winning everything since he was a freshman. Cross country, mile and 2 mile. State titles and the definition of consistency. He had multiple times that as a high schooler would have competed at our conference level. He was looked at as a instant contributor.
He showed up in August to camp almost chubby. He didn't look anything like what he did on his recruiting trips. He had gotten sick that summer and struggled to get back in shape. It was almost like his body was changing to something else besides an elite distance runner.
He never drank, took care of himself, was a good kid, tried hard but he just kept getting worse and worse. He got slower and slower. It was like he peaked at 17 and went downhill fast. He eventually gave up at the end of his sophomore year, gained 25 lbs almost instantly and transferred back to a school back home.
Would you call this a miss by our coaching staff? He was a surefire recruit. It happens. Have no idea of what happened with Proctor but it didn't work out for him but it looks like it IS working out for Eli Adams and Becton. This kind of stuff is also why you take multiple guys at a position of need. That year's recruiting class DE's were Garbutt, Proctor and Debose. At the time on 247 I remember reading some guy talk about how stupid it was to take 3 DEs in the same class.

Great example! While it's quite possible that this is exactly what happened to Proctor, there's two pieces of context that are giving the fan base some pause - The seemingly lopsided recruiting (taking 3 DE's and doing nothing at DT) and the fact that we've had a ton of people leave the program. At the micro level, this isn't a big deal, but at the macro-level, this furthers the narrative that something is wrong with program.

I really believe that Fuente is the right guy for the job, and I think it's wrong to ignore the success he had at Memphis and in his first year or two at VT. But we also can't ignore what's happened over the past 18 months.

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It is just that the portal deal is happening everywhere. Florida has been crazy. Bama just had a bunch of guys transfer. And I know they have much more in the cupboard. My wife is a huge Texas fan - same thing going on. Maryland just had its second CB transfer out within 30 days.
You are correct there should've been some DTs in there. I don't think it was a lack of trying though. I also don't think anybody expected Settle to enter the draft so early.
I'm pumped about Adams and Becton coming on at DE Adams was a sack machine and his HS film is fun to watch. He just got poo-d on because of his height. And Becton has some serious size and speed. I loved the insight LA gave us about him just needing to be more consistent. I think he said the staff described him as one play being lost and the next play swimming past Darrisaw and then putting a spin move on Keene to get to the QB.

This comment isn't directed to the news of Proctor specifically going into the portal...but in seems like there should be some kind of cut off. I mean, I get it that him going into the portal before the season can mean that he can sit this year, and be eligible to play somewhere else next year potentially.

But really, like a week before the first game? Kind of leaves the team in a pinch, even if you are buried on the depth chart, you're still a body, and somebodies backup, that may be needed. People are counting on you being a part of the team. Even more so if it happens to be a more prominent player that goes into the portal, for whatever reason, right before the season starts can really affect that teams entire season. If you go into the portal early enough, the team can at least have time to adjust.

I would like to see them say portal entries are cutoff at the end of spring camps, at the latest.

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The kid would just quit then transfer. Nothing you can do.

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True, but if I'm a coach on another team, and a kid quits his current team right before the start of the season, I hesitate on bringing him to my program.

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So you're saying if a 4* or 5* lineman quit a team right now because of playing time issues, or conflict with the coaching staff, or some crazy scenario where they just want out, you wouldn't take him for Tech if you talked to him and got a good vibe?

These kids aren't bad. They are chasing a dream of being a pro football player for the most part and just want an opportunity. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Outspoken team cake advocate. Hates terrapins. Resident Macho Man Gif Poster. Distant cousin to Dork Magic. Frequently misspells words.

Didn't say I wouldn't take him. I'd be hesitant.

I get the reasoning, but there needs to be some kind of reasonable cut off, where if you don't enter the portal by a certain date; you're on your team for the year.

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This makes sense for him. He's got a few years of eligibility left and if he didnt think he was going to crack the regular rotation and he wants to get on the field, then transferring makes complete sense. I hope he finds some playing time wherever he ends up. He was really classy with his public message, really cant ask anything more from a kid.

With the transfer portal available to kids now, transferring will just be a regular thing that happens. I like that it gives kids a chance to take their future into their hands but I think that a lot of teams will end up with depth issues because of it too.

If you recruit 20-25 players a year, you are going to have "misses". And yes, 4* misses. And yes, I've even heard that the Bamas and Clemsons of the world have 5* misses!

My numbers may be a little off but of the 20(ish) 4*s recruited on the roster, don't we have like 80-85% retained?

BTW: if we're gonna get all wound up about a 4* miss, I hope we get equally wound up and cheer our staff for our walk-ons that crack the two deep and special teams!

A walk-on that cracks the two deep reflects poorly on the quality of our 4* guys.

S/ S/ S/ S/

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I find these conversations interesting.

Highly rated RB recruit considers transferring for us, one who wasn't getting playing time at his current program. We really want and need him.

Highly rated DE recruit transfers away from us, because he isn't getting the playing time he wanted. It's cool, we don't need him.

Now I know they aren't apples to apples, but still interesting to see the discussion points mirrored between both.

Previously LowBrau.

My point is that if you watched our defense last year. We "need" everyone we can possibly get, especially guys with 3 years in the program. At that point its either a recruiting miss or a development issue on a defense that could not stop anyone last year. This isn't bama losing a 4 star DE that couldn't develop fast enough.

Our shitty defense last year has nothing to do with Proctor. He is actually falling down the depth chart, meaning that while other players are improving he is either stagnant or improving at a slower rate. Losing depth is never a great thing but if we need to play our 7th best DE due to injury, I really don't have the highest of expectations at that point. I will join you in this argument when a 2nd string player transfers (Kuma comes to mind).

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It is frustrating when blue chip guys don't pan out. But its gonna happen, recruiting isn't an exact science. What if we continued to label kids through-out their college career on the same scale. Then losing Proctor would be like losing a low 3 star recruit? Maybe we would all feel better about that.

I blame that on the Portal. So we don't need back-ups now, cause all the back-ups who realize they're not 1st string are entering the Portal. Just leave and take your stars with you. Doesn't mean they won't play as a 2nd or 3rd string player, cause its a long season. Well, there's only so many chairs, folks. Not everybody is going to start, and having your mom or dad complain to the coaching staff about it doesn't work at this level, and hopefully it never will.

Also people, this problem isn't just here. It's an epidemic across college football, so don't blame Fuente and our coaching staff for it, please.

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Agreed. The portal sucks. There were 3 more backup QBs (UW, MSU, and UNC) who entered the portal over the weekend. I'm not in favor of college athletes being exploited but this is getting ridiculous. Every kid at an ego who ends up on the 2nd or 3rd string is entering the portal. How are teams supposed to have depth or build for the long haul?

No worries, there will be plenty of extra players in the portal with no where to go begging to be taken!

Being a "team player" and staying on a team where you aren't getting playing time is a pretty good formula to never get drafted.

Get Angry, Bud!

It is a good chance that if you aren't good enough for your team to start, NFL wont draft you anyway. There are few exceptions though.

Counterpoint to my own, if a player is not going to have a football career beyond college, then the player is going to want to play as much as possible somewhere.

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So the idea of coming to college (knowing that a very small % of players ever make it to the NFL) and picking a school with the right atmosphere and academic programs to give you a head start in your career and life is really out of the question. Especially, if you are second or third string and you still get EVERYTHING paid for!

That's an interesting topic. My guess is that there are two types of student athletes: 1) those that want to play a sport first and foremost knowing that they are also receiving an education and 2) those that have career aspirations with an added bonus of being able to play a sport they love while receiving that education. I have no idea what percentage of football players would fall in either category. For those in the first group though, I'd imagine they don't put a whole lot of weight on the differences in the academic programs as long as they get to play the sport they want to play. I have friends that chose to go to a small college because they were able to play sports (without scholarship or very limited). It's important to note though that they do not take the education for granted, it just isn't the top priority in the moment.

The larger concern I have as transfers become more and more common place is that it is going to become very difficult to establish quality depth across the roster. Second string players that see light at the end of the tunnel (meaning they expect to be waiting their turn) aren't likely to jump into the portal as quickly. However, if a second string player gets bumped to third string by an underclassmen, the light gets very dim and I imagine they begin to question the likelihood of making it to the field. I wonder if the whole thing is leading the coaches to recruit differently in any way. For instance, are they probing for people that would not likely be all stars but fit into that second group mentioned above? In the past, I think coaches basically went down a wish list of players to throw offers to, but perhaps they now jump around that wish list some.

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." - K

If evaluations were correct (i.e. all 5 stars are better than all 4 stars) then ~80 of 4 star recruits should make the NFL based on the number of 4 and 5 recruits from 2008-2013. So his chance should be not that small. Practically speaking a little liss than 1 on 4 four star recruits make it to the NFL. Which I wouldn't call 1 in 4 small.

No not really.Teams have different needs on their roster . FSU had a terrible OL last year . Alabama picks up
grad transfer from that OL. Maybe they see something or maybe they got left shorthanded by guys leaving early or whatever but they saw a need and took him. He may be a backup insurance we don't know but they did take him .
Most teams are at times scrambling to fill depth or quality at different roster spots . Obviously the elite less than the others

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The FSU lineman that went to Bama had a history of being injured and as a grad transfer I believe they're probably hoping they can get one healthy year out of him in a rotational situation, not being full time starter and then he's gone. Don't really have to invest a ton into him either.

No bad blood. Was 4th string behind a walk-on and saw the writing on the wall in regards to PT

Wiles talked highly of Simmons ,thinks he can be a good player, I hope so .

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I don't have any insights into the program, all I have are guesses and deductive reasoning. In other words, an average fan.

Some of the early transfers probably went because they didn't like the locker room vibe. Instead of trying to fix it they left. A shame.

Some of the transfers probably went because they were pushed out (they were hurting the team with their attitude) and the coaches and/or team said GTFO. Good riddance.

Some of them are leaving because they don't see a path to the field and it is in their best interest to try and go somewhere else. Best of luck to you.

Some may have left because they are immature, feel entitled, and the coaches didn't stroke them the way they wanted. No one brightens up the room like your absence.

Each transfer Tech has experienced has one or more of these reasons going on, and some I haven't thought of. Don't think we can deduce any sort of generalities from the data we have. I sure hope we reach bedrock soon.