It could be worse, we could be FSU

What a dumpster fire that program has become squeaking out an OT win against LA-Monroe. I really don't blame Taggert for all of their issues or even Jimbo for leaving.

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Can you imagine how the discussions on their fan sites are? They've fallen from a much higher point than us

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They've fallen from a much higher point than us

Karma's a thing.

If you play it, they will win.

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Natty in 2013 to this..that's insane

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I wish the Hokies had a NC trophy. Falling hard may hurt, but you still get to keep the trophy!

I'd also take all those top 20 recruiting classes

I have a feeling those may not last long with taggart there

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Someone tweet at Cam Akers and get him to transfer for a hardship waiver..since it's Tech he will have to sit out a year but it's worth a shot

It could be worse, we could be Tennessee

That's what I'm thinking. Those fans are probably the most unrealistic and crazy fans on the planet. I bet there are over 100 dudes over there that make doom n' gloom guys seem like eternal optimists.

I mean, we went into a couple of OTs with Marshall in 2013. D Hop almost had a big man TD that day.

In 2014 we beat tOSU and turned around to lay a dud vs. ECU and then the infamous 0-0 Wake game.

Point being, a whole lot could be worse, but we are 1-1 now, and need to reset to hammer Furman next week.

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It will be a sweet relief the day I finally forget about the Furman game in 2008. Western Kentucky and Duke games were other notably steaming pile of crap games from that season.

Oh, and that was the only VT team to ever win a BCS game.

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I was at all 3 of those games. If I wasn't a 5th grader, I would have blacked out before every game that season. Honestly, that offense was peak ineptitude. That was Bud's best season in my opinion. He lost Chris Ellis, Carlton Powell, Barry Booker, Kory Robertson, Xavier Adibi, Vince Hall, Brandon Flowers, and DJ Parker to graduation, and we won a BCS bowl. Truly a Foster masterpiece.

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Marshall went 10-4 that season and 13-1 the next. Probably a top 5 win in the last 4 years of Beamer's tenure honestly.

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I take it all back... Tennessee is a true dumpster fire.


It's also been 16 extra years since they last won a title, so they've had longer to fall

Yea, it's pretty easy to understand how a powerful program like Tennessee was slowly dismantled. But FSU went from National Champion to missing a bowl game in 5 years. Pretty crazy.

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Also longest active bowl streak.


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That should be the shortest ever plaid post.

Or the canes. But I will say nc looked really quick last night.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Or even worse. Look at Tennessee.

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FSU stands were empty. Really sad. I hope that isnt us in the future - and we as fans have some responsibility there.
Also, i hope our team keeps developing over the next couple weeks, cause miami, unc, and uva are gonna be tough hard fought games.

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I firmly believe that Hokie nation would not let it get to that point. Ain't no chance we abandon the team.

I inspected a lot of houses during my time in Florida where a lot of Noles/Gators/Dawgs stuff was displayed but then plenty of stuff from the other 2 schools was stored in the closets/attic.

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I think the root of the issue stems from the Jenga tower that is assembling a team loaded with talent and big egos. Add to it all of the ass kissing that comes in the forms of ridiculous dorms, ridiculous non-football amentities, and beautiful "campus liaisons", you get even more fragility. When adversity hits, those big egos are quick to check out, and the whole thing comes crumbling down.

The true blue bloods rarely face this problem because, I assume, those big egos realize the program is bigger than their egos, and they don't ever want to lose their spot.

I think VT was able to survive for so many years because Beamer & Co were able to get their players to play/give more than themselves for the betterment of the program. But my guess, based on things I see and rumors I hear, is that Fuente is running the program more like those true blue bloods, but (some) players are aren't seeing the program as bigger than themselves. So we may slowly be drifting in the direction of FSU and UT. Trouble is that erosion is hard to see day to day!

The situation isn't Taggerts fault, but he's incompetent and won't be able to fix this

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Much as I like the video with the horse falling down, I would have preferred the one of the receiver lining up backwards. Yep, it's a real thing, never seen this before, maybe someone who knows how can imbed it here.

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Is it possible that was some goofy tactic to try messing with the defense?

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

You mean like making them laugh so hard they fall down laughing and can't tackle anyone? Good possibility.

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Had to be

Or even worse. Kansas. I legit don't know how that program is so terrible. Just lost to Coastal Carolina and no one blinked an eye.

Yet somehow we are their BCS game win.

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A real shame. I feel like the team was not as up for that game as they should have been. We slept walked through the first half. I kind of understand because the emotional end of that season was getting revenge on BC and finishing one spot out of the NCG. I don't think that's an excuse for how we started that game, but it's not too difficult to see how that could happen.

Definitely. That was the game where Vince Hall hurt his knee on a jetski the week of. I believe this was also when Frank said he viewed Bowl Games as rewards.

Super frustrating game to watch as we definitely weren't prepared well and had no business losing to Kansas. Right up there with the 2012 Sugar Bowl for throw your remote thru the TV moments.

I was uniquely frustrated in that 2012 Sugar Bowl. I'd be so happy to be losing NY6 bowls regularly the last 7-8 years. It's been a crazy perspective and expectation change.

I'd rather have a grim outlook on the future and a few trophies in the case than a grim outlook on the future and no chance at a trophy anytime soon.

My apologies if that sounds too negative, but this post is silly. We arnt going anywhere any faster than FSU at this point.

Taggart will not fix this. I knew that last year after one specific play. Florida State was punting, and the ball took an FSU bounce at the other's team 30 yard line or somewhere close. Rather than letting the punt roll and bounce as far back as possible, an FSU player quickly picked it up. It probably would have gone inside the 20. Not a single soul on FSU's sideline (Taggart included) said something to the player about it. Something as simple as letting a punt roll as far as possible before reaching the end zone is something FSU players are unaware of, and something the coaches don't think needs to be taught.

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