Devon Hunter works out in the "garage.

On days when he's joined in the gym by small groups of his 757-based brethren (usually no more than three guys at a time), Hunter feels like he's part of an exclusive club of players, all aiming for their own individual goals.
"If you want to come through, you definitely have to talk to the right person," said Hunter, an Indian River High alum and a rising redshirt junior safety at Tech.

Pretty cool seeing all these 757 Kids working out together.

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Hard work and athleticism have never been Devon's problem. However, he plays slow and isn't assertive. Honestly, if Hamilton is trying to get Tisdale on the field, I would be very surprised if Conner isn't the starting rover, with Tisdale as a field side linebacker.

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Agreed. Looks like a tremendous athlete and by all accounts a great guy and teammate, but for whatever reason it just hasn't translated on the field yet. Really pulling for him this year. Part of me still would really like to see what he could do at RB honestly.

Wasn't that the rumor his redshirt year? That we were moving him to RB? Reminds me a bit of Karlos Williams from FSU/Bills.

Im assuming he didn't play slow and non assertive in HS right? Otherwise he wouldn't have been the prized recruit he was.

So what do you think is the reason for the change? Difficult time learning the scheme? Speed of the game?

High schools offenses and defenses are easier, and being stronger and faster than everyone hides missteps. There are a lot of things that could cause some one to not play as fast. Bud once commented on Exum how it was so odd that he was so smart book wise but his mind kept tying up his feet his first year.

LSU had a LB that was drafted 1st round either this year or last, that routinely made his way out of the play but was so fast he made a ton of amazing tackles, the issue was that those tackles should have been made for 2 yard gain not 15.

So who really knows.

From what I remember watching his high school tape, the defense just used him as a ball hawk. His job was mostly just to go after the ball and tackle people. I think early on he had difficulty with the coverages in Foster's scheme from the whip position. He's a heck of an athlete and I really hope he finds a role in the new defense.

Devon is from the River (IRHS) so he is hard and tough, and it appears he truly has a team first mentality and is not a quitter. As long as he blocks out all the negativity, gets the proper productive chip on his shoulder, and plays the way he is capable he will have a very good year. Lets get behind him, support him and cheer him on as he opens a Can of Whoop Ass on the rest of the ACC and frikn Penn State who needs to stay out of Virginia, except when they are getting their butts kicked in Lane Stadium.


This is the guy on the roster I'm pulling for the most to have success (although Brock is up there too). He's been a true Hokie and I'm hoping he can put it all together these next 2 years.

Seems like if he was a ball hawk (or rover/monster or whatever you want to call it) in high school, the rover position would be ideal for his skill set. The only reason I could see why he's been playing slow is that he is thinking too much about responsibilities, which generally is not what the rover is about. To me, the rover is all about being that ball hawk, disruptive force on the field, with minimal responsibilities except trying to blow up as much of the offense as possible. Hopefully, all the mental stuff will click in this year, allowing him to play faster. I'll be pulling for him.

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FYI for those on ncaa14 dynasties this guy's a beast on kick off returns averaging over 1 per game with him as a returner.

Real note I hope this guy's gets on the field and really flexs his athleticism I'd be excited to see him as a running back or on a jet sweep

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Whatever. It was one bad year.

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I somehow doubt Devon has a dungeon master's guide...

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Would really love for him to come great. When he was in last year I didn't see him making a lot of mistakes, but I also saw him playing conservatively to do so. Sometimes that works, and many college offenses will stub their toe if you bend, don't break defensively. However, I think he has too much talent and potential to play like that. I'm hoping the light comes on and he can fly around and be a playmaker.

I'm really hoping this young man has a great year. Seems like a really hard worker and a great teammate. We really need our 4 stars to perform at a high level.

When he had to step in for Floyd last season, I think he did a good enough job to not get noticed like against Old Dominion. Aside from the fact that he is a hard worker and good representation of the program, if one of the 757's premier recruits can succeed at Tech, a lot of others might follow.

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