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You would think we would have a shot at Devin Vandyke too, with his brother committing to us in this last class. Interesting that there is not many playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. I don't see a QB in there, and only Coleman at RB with 3 WR's scattered throughout. Looks like a very defensive based top 25, but you never know with these rankings...they can always change. A lot of Richmond and 757 talent like always, interesting to see how Shane and Stiney do in their debut's in those areas.

This article should be required reading for anyone who wants to complain about recruiting. I myself am guilty of that. We all know this sort of thing goes on, but explaining it in detail like this puts things into a new light.

we all "know" this stuff happens and JLM just plopped out the how. Calling the SEC the $EC is nothing further from the truth. I've hated Urban Crier for a while but a soft spot just crept up for the man's integrity. Something all but lost. I'm sure Tech has had missteps, blind eyes, etc. Nonetheless, looking at how we take 2-3* kids and transform them into greats goes to show its on a much smaller scale. Klempsum is mediocre at best but gets a top 10 recruiting class the next year because "Dabo is just a hell of a recruiter". Shane, i'm glad you're back but if you bring this shit into our house I won't be impressed. i like the changes but i won't take a shot to the nuts of integrity just to try for an NC.

Yeah JLM totally slaughtered this. I think the majority of us are oblivious to what it really takes to be successful at recruiting. As long as we don't devolve into one of the "players" I'll be happy with our recruiting. We get a lot of projects, but they have a good head on their shoulders and I think that shows on the field.

From what I heard it sounds like we only had one slot open last year for a lineman, this year we're looking to sign three of them. Like you JPC I hope they're actually linemen and not dressed up tight ends.

Thanks for the hard work, JLM. Really eye-opening stuff there. I want to give our coaches the benefit of the doubt, but what are the odds something like this ever happened at VT? I'm pretty sure no one is 100% innocent when it comes to recruiting.

3. if the o-line doesnt come around then vt should have 2 openings

Newsome went to coaching the entire offensive line and recruiting the 757 to splitting both duties with Stiney. Stiney has a lot of history as an offensive line coach, I have to wonder if Beamer is positioning for more moves next season is certain coaches don't step up.

3. if the o-line doesnt come around then vt should have 2 openings
4. O'C the non-OC would have to try to be more unimaginative calling plays
6. dont like this from an appearance stand point however the Budman does not have the people skills to get a HC job without going the mid-major route...why he is still in Bburg

you dont have to tall to throw a screen pass. you do have to have a scheme, however. the variety of screens available are only limited by the imagination which is why vt only has the slip screen (this is a whole other rant). when executed correctly, they are like a power sweep in space instead of student-body right.

Just my thoughts in ranked order of my deemed importance/impact:

  1. Shane and
  2. Cornell, great moves, get them in anyway you can for obvious reasons
  3. Splitting O-line duties: maybe more coaching will finally get this train in gear it's been the weak link too long, not the playcalling IMHO
  4. Stinespring/O'Cain: Seems to me like a window dressing reorg that you see in corporate America all the time with no real expected tangible results other than to try something different and to say that you tried. Which is not a bad thing, you need to at least try. But to me our playcalling won't really improve
  5. Stiney at the beach, good but cancelled out by Cav disgruntledness
  6. Shane as Assistant Coach and its impact on the annual Bud Foster leaving watch
  7. I like the realignment on the Defensive coaching side

Beamer said in his interview with KT that we need more screens, and I am glad that they are thinking like that. I am a fan of thoughtful systematic change.

I have been reading about all these changes and I can see that there are a lot of mixed emotions among us Hokie faithful. My take on these changes is that its been past time to make them, alot of these should have came right about 2003, thats when we would start out hot and dive the last 4 games of the year. There were alot of 8-4 years after we played for a national title. I personally think we are gettin back to the basics of Hokie football, great special teams, a lockdown defense and a pretty good offense. Our teams of the past would have never lost to JMU or anybody even close to that, theres a few games that were a little to close for comfort along the way as well, against subpar competiton. Also our national title team rarely lost to top 10/ top 5 oppenents now we didnt beat them all but we did win the big games that we needed to, except the natl title game, and 2001 against miami. But we showed up in those games, scored some points and shut down some pretty damn good offenses along the way as well. I am excited for these changes, as all of you should be. It is time to stop bottom feeding and getting beat by the sec and everybody else, its time for the Hokies to put the ACC back in the top echelon of college football. Its time to get back to Beamerball, and scoring points on D, blocking kicks like crazy and making noise in the top 5 and in the BCS. Its time for the Lunchpail, its time to fear the Hokies....!

This isn't a pro O'Cain rant by any means. However, this excuse of why fire stinespring after his most productive season is a bit silly. Did no one remember the atastrophe's from the years following up to this. Tyrod was a senior, had a stable of RB's, mediocre line, and experienced receivers this last year. it wasn't until half way through he realized Danny Coale could get open on a slant and that every 3rd and short need not to be a draw. The team as a whole broke down with the JMU and Stanford losses. Coaches were at the top of the debacle so I don't pinpoint anyone in particular but in the Stanford loss we couldnt get any TD's in the second half. Even a FG? Many of our wins came after the half. Thank Stiney all you want for adjustments but credit is namely due to getting into a rhythm and feeding off turnovers. To his credit outside of gamedays the man is hands down our best recruiter in one of the best pipelines in the country, va beach area. Will Mike cause our O to explode? probably not. As a QB coach he's been decent. Maybe a B grade. Tyrod, with all that talent, could have been stellar but we're not here to coulda, woulda, shoulda like everyone else. I just think Stiney worked more with what he thought the QB and O as a whole could handle versus challenging them with a winning gameplan. Chalk full of adjustments and diversity. Let's just see how year one as OC goes with greenhorn LT goes before we clamor against him. There'll be hiccupps i'm sure.

Yeah. I haven't always been a huge Hite fan (meh)...but I'd like to know a little more about the motives behind that move as well.

I also have a feeling that The Hokies are going to do whatever to takes to keep Foster in Blacksburg. I'd find it hard to believe he wasn't involved in these decisions every step of the way.

FireBryanStinespring frequently makes me want to dropkick kittens.

Still LAWLing 40 minutes later after reading that.

As the BF said, if we really wanted a new OC, we should've called up Kevin Rogers before BC got to him. This decision is a half-step... I haven't decided if it's a half-step back, or a half-step forward.

Well I think the problem with that is Beamer didn't have another coach to "elevate". In all likelihood the trade would have been Rogers for O'Cain. My guess is Beamer didn't want to sacrifice all the work Logan and O'Cain have put in. However if this turns out to be a beautiful disaster the Fridge will be out there next year.

There's a ton of stuff to process here, and let's be blunt, we're all watching from the outside. If people are unhappy, hopefully they're mature enough to give the new moves a shot or at least be up front with Coach Beamer about it. I doubt the offense will change drastically under O'Cain, but will all of these moves free up new people and our best recruiters to do their thing? Only time will tell.

The only thing that seems odd to me is moving Coach Shane to Associate HC. What's the motive behind that? And how does Coach Foster feel about it?

I'm not sure if O'Cain is going to be our answer...but (and I may be wrong and I may deserve to be slapped with an "I Told You So" later) I think Stiney needed to go. I didn't jump on the fire Stinespring bandwagon right away either. He had an AMAZING offense (despite the O-line's weaknesses) to work with this year and disappointed me time after time with his calls. (ESP during the Boise St game). No the Boise St. loss was not only his fault, but he disappointed me during about every game the entire season. I'm not sure what play book he's been reading from for 3rd and long plays...hell most of his 3rd and SHORT play calls...but he needs a new one. Some change needed to happen and I'm happy to hear about this one. And this is what a lot of us have been asking for so no complaining about that this season.

Ultimately ... only time will tell.

I haven't been critical of O'Cain, but I haven't been super ecstatic either. I thought it took TT far too long to develop as a passer, and ever after four years he still isn't ready for the NFL. That could have as much to do with O'Cain as it did with the Tyrod/Glennon situation for two years. With knowing or expecting very little, and as others have said, I like this move because it will develop a strong relation between he and LT. That comfort level is going to help ease him in.