Keith Simms picks Oregon over VT

Washington DC linebacker Keith Simms announced that he will play football at Oregon on his twitter account earlier this evening.

Simms, a 6'3 230 three star 247 Sports composite recruit, was visited several times by Bud Foster in person before the deadline.

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He has succumbed to the Dark Side.

You mean the Duck Side.

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Oops. Replied to the wrong comment.

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For those who don't know Twitter lingo: #WTD stands for #Want To Die

I always thought it was ' We Turn' Dup!'

Well that's not English so it can't be that. /s

Do you require translation services?

Outspoken team cake advocate. Hates terrapins. Resident Macho Man Gif Poster. Distant cousin to Dork Magic. Frequently misspells words.

Wait why do people say that?

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In this case I'm thinking more like:

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Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Gotta wonder if the uniforms played a factor in this decision.../s

Chase Pine, a slightly higher rated OLB who is currently committed to Pitt, was on campus for an official visit. Pine's highlight film is entirely him playing QB, so I don't know if he is a better catch in my eyes, but I had some concerns about Simms ability to get to the edge to contain on the boundary from a normal backer alignment and thought he may end up being a DE.

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Leg, fellow Zete

He reminds me of Lavar Arrington some, getting behind the LOS to make a play.

I wonder if perhaps this (or other recruiting misses this cycle) could have been avoided if Bud had been more proactive with his home visits pre-Fuente hire. He certainly demonstrated in the last month or two that he really wanted this kid, but I think there may have been too much ground to make up. It's a little frustrating that this level of attention wasn't applied earlier, especially since Bud's scheme is already at a slight disadvantage in attracting front-seven players.

I disagree with this idea that scheme hurts recruiting. You still have to have players step up and play. Hall/Adibi from 04-08 was execution magic. The pair showed the highlight reel playmaking ability of LBs in Bud's scheme. Grimm showed it from the whip. The scheme sets up the linebackers to make the play on the ball, whether its the Whip, Backer, or Mike. That's key to recruiting LBs in Bud's scheme. That's not a drawback.

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I think LBs would be stoked to play in Bud's scheme. Want to lead the ACC in tackles?

Don't know how many 3 and outs I recall hearing: Ben Taylor on the tackle. Ben Taylor on the tackle. Ben Taylor on the tackle.

/Block punt.

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

Love a little Ohio LB kicking in teeth!

The knock on the scheme for recruiting isn't based on college production. Its about being able to sell the next level. Both of those guys were out of the league in 3 years.

It's a fair point - the Hall/Adibi combo spanned my freshmen-senior years and they were incredible as a pair. My dog's even named after Cody Grimm. But I would be willing to bet that 90% of current LB recruits wouldn't know who those three players are. Since Hall/Adibi, VT has not had any notable NFL LB alums, no real national cache and rarely are they included in any watch lists or All-American roundups. As a fan, I don't care about that when you have very solid play out of guys like Bruce Taylor, Tariq Edwards and Jack Tyler. However, it becomes concerning when we haven't had that in a while, and the existing cupboard looks pretty bleak. To your point, it's even more alarming to me that in a scheme specifically set up to spill to the LBs and allow them plenty of shots to make plays, VT can't close on mid-level talent LBs and is now in a position where they desperately need the commitment of a two-star MLB prospect.

How many schools have "cache" at every position group?

I think aTm and Auburn, at least, pay cash for every position group. Is that not what you mean?

I think you mean ole miss.

No, they pay in casino chips

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This isn't just bad. It's embarrassing.

I think this demonstrates that Bud's brand has taken a pretty significant hit over the past couple years.

If he can't get the LB corps producing better next year, I have a hard time having much optimism for the D.

It's embarrassing to lose out on a recruit to a team that played for a national championship last year and is petty much owned by Nike? I think it proves we were in a hole recruiting-wise especially since the staff was in limbo for half the season. We all know 2016 was gonna be a punt. As much as it blows, it's just reality. Happily, things are looking pretty good for '17 and '18.

Yeah, the idea that Simms was ever a VT lean is simply not true. We were never really in it until Fuente came along.

We still have 3 LB targets that visited this weekend and have much better chance with each of them than we did with Simms.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Great about Adibi Hall but we've had a bunch of highly rated guys flame out. We seem to do better with guys who go a little slower getting to where they need to be but have a more intuitive feel for the defensive scheme.

I don' t know how you screen for that. But I do think that other defensive coaches recruit against us ... and they probably use Adibi Hall as upside for VT LBs. Be as good as you can be, but remember education first. Thats not what aspiring NFL LBs want to hear.

I really believe that we had injured guys this year (and last) on the line. Dadi just doesn't look like himself... he was all legs no arms. DTs we had Baron and Maddy, small and big... I think Maddy still working through injury issues himself... another year of recovery Maddy I think is gonna be much better... hopefully in the NFL.

Anyway I think next year's line is gonna be much bigger and you're not going to see us get pushed around and manipulated as much. That should free up the LBs more.

Also our DBs are going to be working out like crazy after a rough year. They will be better next year allowing the line more time to get to the QBs.... but also allowing more guys in the box.

We got some talented guys on the roster. I really want to see Edmunds (LB) emerge as the next monster to play NFL ball from VT. Gotta keep his speed and agility... another ball hawk or two and Foster can draw up more blitzes... maybe its Alexander next year? I dunno. We just don't have the depth that other teams do. This will get better. Can we use our DL size to get a few guys in the NFL from the DL and LB corps? Thats the big question IMHO. Absent that its gonna be a tough pitch. Data is data and when you got plenty of it on you its a bitch to overcome.

Really hoping even some of the line graduating stick on NFL rosters next year. I know it sounds ridiculous given this year but there is alot of time to workout and fix injury issues.

Damn, I am so ready for some good news.

We just got a recruit today and retained another so we're doing okay

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I know in recruiting you win some, you lose some, but I just don't get this. On one side of the coin, you have an opportunity to play ball relatively close to home, for arguably one of the best Defensive Coordinators in the game, in a traditionally strong defense with a good reputation and chance for early playing time at a position of need. On the other side, you will play across the country for a team known for flashy offense and high scoring shootouts. No one can argue with Oregon's success and my hat goes off to the program they've built, but come on man. Guess that's what I get for trying to rationalize the decision of a 17 year old. Damn those glow in the dark uniforms.

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Maybe he really feels comfortable at the school and this is his opportunity to experience life far from home.

Personally I hope he does well and he enjoys life away from home. I know I did.

I bet the DC guy gets a little homesick after a year or two of limited playing time and staring at evergreens. Could be a tough adjustment. He might be back.

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Hard to compete sometimes with that flashy football center they have.

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I've got a few friends who go/are alums of Oregon. Can confirm the facilities are ridiculous.

I mean look at this, I'm 32 and I'm awestruck by all this what is a 16/17 year old kid going to think?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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We lived out there for a year or so after college. It is a pretty cool state to live in, as well.

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When I Heard he was looking it Oregon I knew we would lose out. There facilities are the best in the business and they have a much more exciting football program. Just the facts of the situation. Their facilities are like having a high end mansion in LA and we are the high end double wide in VA.


When I see these pics, it makes me want a ten-story tall, bright glowing orange VT in a field of maroon. Until then, we'll just need to win and win some more.

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Yeah, let's hope Whit isn't going to bring such horrendous uni combinations to VT. Maryland can have that title of the 'Oregon of the East' with those absolutely putrid unis they've been donning the last few years. Not saying we have to be Penn State traditional, but keeping our unis stylish, but still on the old school side would be nice.

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Well first I have always thought Oregon has had some of the best cheerleaders.

They always recruit well there.

On a serious note it would be nice to commit from a good LB. I mean I think, as mentioned above, that Hall and Adibi were the last notable LBs we had. I know there have been others that played good but those two were always talked about when VT's defense was on the field and were considered one of the best LB duo's in the country. I know we aren't going to win every LB but damn it's been a while. I hope Pine switches but other than that I don't know what we have at LB.

Although Moto played better as the year went on, there were still a lot of busted plays by him not getting to his position or just eating a block for whatever reason (as has been discussed almost after every game). Maybe he'll be better this year but still a win at the LB spot on the recruiting trail would be nice, and not from some guy whose only other offers were G5 or DII schools.

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Many think Chase Pine is better than Simms. We need to bring him home to Hokies!

Personally, I think Pine is a good prospect but I see him as a stand up DE or 3/4 OLB as well. I think we'll get Beckett, Belmar, and Carter. Ross is the other name possibly on the table...and per 247, rumblings of possibly moving Shegog to Backer.

I don't see any Fr's playing linebacker for Bud next year unless he simplifies the assignments. Offenses have found ways to consistently confuse those assignments the last few years as well as create numbers advantages. I think having Fu's O challenging Bud's D every day on the practice field, and vice-versa, will be to everyone's benefit.

I don't buy Shegog to backer. Now, if the theory is Bear front with the true backer aligned as a stand up OLB on the LOS and Shegog aligned in a boundary linebacker position, well then you could argue that Jarrett "played backer" against Ohio State.

To me, Shegog is a free hitter. Wherever he is aligned, his role will be to have the play funneled to him to make tackles. The backer in Bud's defense is a gap fit/ force-spill position. The backer either aligns on the edge to contain (Bear) or aligns to the boundary and fits inside when the DE plays the edge/sets the edge when the DE crashes.

Pine and Simms (and Tremaine Edmunds) were guys who seem to fit Bud's vision that the backer is going to just align on the edge rather than running to the edge and fitting. Ross is more of a traditional backer in the ilk of an Adibi/Tariq Edwards type, but he still aligned on the edge in high school and has great bend to the inside. He would be very comfortable playing in the role that Clarke was in this season.

Shegog isn't either. Shegog is Torrian Gray in 1993. He can cover somewhat, but is a small guy who can find the football as a free hitter and is more comfortable around the LOS. Chuck Clark is the same kind of player.

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Their cheerleading squad did recently come under fire for being too sexy. If you do a YouTube search you can find some of the news coverage.

Let me just google that real quick...

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This guy was in our pocket ask along according to most experts and Oregon came and just got him because they could. LB is our biggest area of need and out defensive coaches, the bulk of whom are staying from last year, miserably failed at addressing it this year.

I don't see how you can spin what happened this year as a positive. Our defensive staff failed to fix their biggest problem. That is not good.

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Some assumptions here.

Not sure they came in and got him cause they could. For all we know, this kid does not want to stay close to home. I know plenty of college bound kids that want to go as far away as possible for college. Or who knows he may have been an Oregon fan for most his life and was waiting for interest.

There is so much going on with recruiting, I think it's really hard to say someone is a fail. Now there are some instances that are easy to see, i.e., no visits or contacts. But if bud visited him a bunch, hard to hold him accountable. If we even go back and look at Hand dropping us, we can now say his decision wasn't so crazy, considering he played in the NC and now has a ring.

the first 247 "Crystal Ball" to Oregon was in October.

NC was the long time favorite. VT got in the game relatively late and fans got their hopes up.

Still have a lot of targets announcing in the coming days- Ross and Pine we could flip and Carter.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Beckett and Carter address the mike spot. Carter wasn't highly rated because he isn't a sideline to sideline guy. That doesn't matter at the mike spot. He has the frame and plays downhill-both critical at the mike spot. The challenge is being in the right place AT THE RIGHT TIME in his fits. Beckett- size is the worry, but the kid is a devastating tackler and plays with a nasty attitude.

For me, backer spot is the worry. Until I see it, I don't take the rumors of Tremaine Edmunds moving to DE credibly. The DE spot is three deep even if the 2nd and 3rd team kids are unproven. THEY HAVE NO BODIES AT BACKER. Edmunds, Moss (who may never be a contributor), and pray for rain. Belmar is the first kid in. Fingers are crossed on Ross and Pine. It is unprecedented for a freshman to start at backer, but if there was ever an open window for it to happen, now is the time. Worst case, it wouldn't be shocking for whoever ends up showing up to be the number 2 on day 1 of fall camp.

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Yup. Someone has to play Mike and I can't imagine Bud playing a true Fr there.

Looking forward to an analysis of what Coach Fu does on O.

Do you see Bud making any tweaks? More zone? VT has given up an inordinate number of big plays the last couple of years.

I look for Carson Lyon to take over Mike wry early in the spring.

We put the K in Kwality

I hope we move to a more traditionally sized defense. I am sure bud can handle it. That is what is going to bring our team to the next level.


Simms was never a VT lean , he didn't want to stay close to home. He even snubbed UMD , his homestate college. Bud and Fuente did all they could to change his mind. Pine has always been a VT lean and hopefully he flipped to his dream and homestate team.

I thought Pine just recently confirmed he is solid with his commitment to Pitt?

Life's short, If you dont do it, somebody else will.

And then made an official visit to VT.

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Kids, today.

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So I guess this is a 2nd reason to hate new Oregon D. Coordinator Brady Hoke?

Danny caught it.

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I consider that game a win...seriously

That game was an absolute joke, from the WTF fake punt to the catch that wasn't by Coale. We totally outplayed Michigan, and deserved to win, even considering the coaching snafus by Beamer & Co., and our kicking issues. They ought to call that bowl game the 'Let's Give Brady Another Year' Bowl.

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We did win. It's a correctable error and I corrected it.

File this under "Where are they now":

Recently ran into someone close to Simms. Asked how he was doing at Oregon and learned that he left a year ago to be closer to home. Currently not playing football or enrolled.

Dude I started reading this as a current recruit and I was like "Who?". Got about 4 or 5 comments down before I realized this thread was 4 years old.

Why would a current recruit be reading this?

I've had two kids since this thread last breathed.

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Obligatory congrats on the sex!

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Simms was getting some playing time 2yrs ago. I don't know if he fell out of favor or just lost his love for the game....RB and LB are the two most physical positions in a super physical sport in my opinion. I really can understand walking away if you don't think you are going Pro....

Can we please lock threads that are over a year old?

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I don't feel like this warranted a whole new thread. I actually appreciate 757to703 searching the old threads and finding the appropriate place to put this.

Fair. Same.

I've been in those shoes before. Knowing that something I am seeing today relates to something from sometime at a place called TKP.