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if a tarhole ever asks what a hokie is ... the correct response is ...

"ida know, but i know what a tarheel is .... a dumb muthafukka who can't afford shoes."

they usually don't find that amusing.

because i tell you ... and you like it.

But, what the hell:

Hog sueee..just 'cause it's fun sayin' it 'till they have a 2nd loss.
Ioway (as my grandma used to say)
Horns (got a feelin'....husher nation not used to talkin' this much smack; horns still got skills and a lotta points)
Florida- and I don't know why.
Ohio state;whisky typically slightly over-rated 'till they start playing the big boys.

Volunteering at Dobbins AFB for the air show in ATL Saturday to raise $$ for the cub scouts; easy call since the only game I'll have to DVR is VT. Playin' cards Sat night; looking to find a good pumpkin ale for the weekend.
Bern, I still owe you the rye; I haven't forgot.
Goin' fishin' next weekend in wNC.

Texas +9.5
Iowa -3.5
Auburn -3.5
Ohio State -4
Florida -7.5

Here are my brilliant picks so I can move up to 36% correct!

missy state

Beer of the week: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, thick, rich and chewy for the first real fall weekend of the year.

just taking the last game as Loss, not even trying. i like it.


PS - I love the 5 beer - 5 game analogy

michigan in a rout
brasky pants
who cares? it will be a boring big televen game that i wont be watching

The weakest parts of the team are offensive line, defensive line and linebacker (specifically whip). While outstanding players, DBs like Keion Carpenter and Anthony midget really wouldn't help improve a young and improving secondary as much as Grimm would upgrade whip. When he finally saw the field last season it was like Bud molded Grimm out of clay to be the perfect whip.

grimm was a great player and his work ethic was phenomenal, but i can think of atleast 15 players over the last 15 years who i would rather have:

corey moore, cornell brown, john engleberger, keon carpenter, willie pile, nathaniel adibi, xavier adibi, vince hall, torrian gray, antonio banks, j.c. price, anthony midget, deangelo hall, chad beasely, darryl tap.

i could keep going but i won't since i hit 15. i left out one of my favorites, tryonne drakeford because he left 16 years ago. every single one of these guys could beast up on cody grimm.

1) Auburn
2) Iowa
3) Texas
4) Mississippi State
5) OSU

pyne and chung just because with those beasts everyone (tyrod, ru, evans, and wilson) would rush for 1,000 yards this season and our defense wouldn't matter because we would score more points than oregon.

Ohhigho State.

For what it matters, I pick the Verginya Tek Hokeys to win by 20.

I will give Texas the points but Braska the win
Florida against my better judgment (i kinda want to give Sippie the points)
Im going with Wiski too

I will be in Norfolk this weekend, if anyone is heading to the burg from that direction I will split gas

I have been to Olde Hickory brewery a bunch if times and I love that stout. Their bubble gum ale however is not on the top of my list of all timers.

Since I will be back in the Old Dominion I will be drinking Dominion beer most likely Hop Mountain

Last weekend I went to Total wine and did a Bell's brewery tour minus Hopslam(they were out). I also had Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout (which was as desert like as it sounds) and a wonderful beer in

I think I spend about half my time at the bar cursing when GW is on the field. So far each of our opponents has picked on him to establish the pass.

OSU (but I'll be rooting for Wisco)

...and how many TDs we have given up due to his replacement?

I think I'd pick Vick though when it's all said and done, as Foster is scheming around that deficiency. I do like the Powell/Lewis angle too, since we're going sci-fi maybe some funky half-n-half if we put them both in at the same time.

to get my friend to get me a sixer of sweet water ipa for the GiT game from north carolina. if not it will be a terrapin product.

red rye harvest? i have had the red's rye and have heard of the harvest but never the red's rye harvest.

red's rye is ok, not hoppy enough for my taste.


trying to decide whether or not to go down for the game this weekend.. Might stay up here so I don't miss my Rangers games this weekend. Woo!