Highlights and Thoughts from Coach Beamer's call on the ACC Spring Teleconference

Highlights are below. Everything outside of the quotation marks is a condensed synopsis.

  • There are two more full speed scrimmages: one today and the Maroon and White game Saturday
  • Tyrod Taylor is "playing better than ever, really impressed with him. How he's playing his leadership".
  • Ju-Ju and Logan are going to continue to get plenty of reps. Beamer thinks they're both high character guys that bring something different to the table.
  • The injuries to linemen Vinston Painter and Michael Via was the worst thing to happen so far this spring . Not only do they miss out on important reps, but the twos aren't up to snuff.
  • He thinks the offensive line is "getting more athletic and getting tougher and more consistent."
  • Mr. Lunch pail 2010 John Graves is the leader of the defense, "not only exceptional player, exceptional person, like what he's all about."
  • Steven Friday has stepped up to fill the void as end speed rusher left by Jason Worilds. Chris Drager is playing smart and consistent.
  • "We're a FAST group [defense] and last Saturday I thought we played fast."
  • Hazley and Myer are the two lead kickers and Brian Saunders would be the punter.
  • Journel has been injured and because of that isn't kicking consistently enough.
  • Boise State gets a lot out of their talent and their coaches coach them up. No different than opening up with Alabama or USC, you're playing a top five program. They deserve to be ranked there.
  • Darren Evans has participated in the entire spring practice. Physically he looks better than ever and after the summer sessions Beamer says, "he'll be ready to roll in the fall."
  • David Wilson and Tony Gregory have had some big plays.
  • The hot hands (or feet as it may be) are going to dictate who gets the carries in the fall.
  • Planning on incorporating more two back sets into the offense.

So that wasn't too riveting. The battle to be QB-two is deadlocked. We knew that. I still suspect Ju-Ju will "win" the job, because he knows the offense (read in case of catastrophe can hand off) better than Logan Thomas. However, going into 2011 Thomas will be given the opportunity to be the starter, unless Young or Leal can make a huge push. As far as the line is concerned, I'll believe it when I see it. It's been same song and dance each spring since Curt Newsome took ever. Also, there was no mention of all the false starts by the line during the second scrimmage that we made mention of. Fast inexperienced defenses are fun to watch, either you're making big plays or getting burnt. Journel still has plenty of time to heal up before August to factor into the kicking competition. God, if you're reading this, please impart some divine formation creativity to Stiney and let us have Williams, Evans, Wilson, and Oglesby on the field at the same time at least once this season.

You can to the Frankinator for a full 9:03 as well as the rest of the rest of the ACC coaches here.

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