GIFTORY: 44-33

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And that's number four.

I'm still decompressing from the win and the bourbon I drank last night, but that was a fantastic game. Even with backup quarterback E.J. Manuel starting over Christian Ponder the 'Noles gave us a fight, and they really really pushed us. But every time they punched, we swung back harder and stronger like I thought we would. It's taken time but the offense has turned into an unstoppable force that seems to put up points every time they have the ball. G-W, who I have criticized the hell out of, was responsible for getting the ball rolling with a pick six. He bested that with this quote that had me laughing for a solid 5 minutes this morning.

"I read run," he said of the play-action. "I had come up. And the fullback had gotten behind me. He was going to the flat. I turned around and I'm out of position. I'm running to the flat. Then I see the wide out. He had his hands up like the ball was coming. I kind of went to him. Bruce had got his hands on the ball and it fell in my hands. I was just at the right spot at the right time. I didn’t see the ball get thrown. I was out of position, so I was running back.

"Honestly, it was like slow motion. It felt like the ball was in the air for five seconds. Then I was like, 'Oh, I caught it. I've got to start running that way.' I was totally faced the other way."

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Stanford or UConn

The more I think about it I say bring on the Cardinal. I want the big matchup.

It HAS to be Stanford

A win over them would bring the greatest possible redemption to the 0-2 start.

A win over UConn would provide little to no closure for this special team.

wanna prove we are big boy football

beating stanford takes vt to that level this year.

btw, 3 coaches got the ice bath last night.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

3 coaches

Who was the 3rd? Was Stiney down on the field for it? I saw 3 ice piles but only saw Beamer and Bud get it.

i am not sure

i missed it too.

i assume they wouldn't be so rude as to get either 2x.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Last Night

I'm still in Charlotte, the game was so awesome! We had 40 yd line 6th row tickets so it was great to see everything up close including the bench. We chanted the Seminoles out of the stadium at the end, again. After the game, I shook hands with Tyrod and Bud, and got a hug from Beamer! Awesome night in NC!!!

That was

a helluva dump on Frankie. A full bucket and what a grimmace. At some point he will be too old for that. Someone else is getting dumped on in the background.

#Let's Go - Hokies

We watched the game

with some friends who's kid is in the F$U marching band. No one got really obnoxious but we did plant a VT flag in their front yard to counter their F$U. All in good fun and the game result was great. No gloating involved.

#Let's Go - Hokies