The Mike London regime is right on schedule. After some initial recruiting buzz the first year coach and athletic department are reaching out for the support of Hooville.

"It starts with getting our state back," Oliver said. "I've said it on the radio, and I'll say it again: I have a lot of respect for Virginia Tech and what they've done. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

"I'm tired of losing to them. We don't want to lose to these guys anymore. There's no one here that enjoys losing to Virginia Tech or doesn't care about it."

The fans have a role to play in the rebuilding process. Many would like to see tangible evidence of a turnaround before they come back on board, Oliver knows, but London needs their help. Now.

"It requires that they be involved and engaged," Oliver said. "That doesn't mean you have to buy a ticket, but wear your Virginia stuff with pride and say this is your team. Because it is your team. Mike, his staff and the student-athletes will do a great job representing the University of Virginia, but they can't do it alone.

Are you curious as to how it will all go down? If so, I present for your viewing pleasure, the UVa FAIL CHART:

White: London Can't Do It Alone [VirginiaSports.com]

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Love the chart. Sadly we cannot claim dominance over UVA and although every year since 2002 we should beat them we don't so one of those 5-8 wins is ours by default.
Love the new digs and I'm excited about the new site.

DOMINANCE over uva

Commonwealth Cup has been in our possession for 2,985 consecutive days

9-0 in last nine games
VT hasn't lost an ACC conference game to the fighting zimas

The Hokies are 13-1 over the past fourteen years and have outscored our rivals 423 to 182
yes 423-182

Enough said

Go Hokies!!!

For the record, InTheBleachers is Mike Felder (featured columnist at B/R and podcaster), and he played at UNC.

Ooooooooh. My bad. I just assumed he was really confused or possibly trolling.

It was a catch

and he played at UNC.


If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

nicely done

charlottesville crap circles


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Thank You Sirs

This was a way to make myself feel better after the collapse at the end of the basketball season.

That was awesome

Retweeted today immediately.


Pure awesomeness...can't wait for the Fail Whale to make an appearance in Charlottesville!

Never FAILS for Hokies

I have "flowed" through this chart about 20 times now, and the outcome is never bad for the Hokies. Pure genius, from a logical and mathematical standpoint.

at 4-8, UVA is did their best to break the fail chart

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

I could probably program this into MatLab. Sorry, flowcharts = MatLab in my view.

Rip his freaking head off!

I would hope there's no one here who is a big enough loser to actually program this into MatLab. Having said that, this code will simulate the flow chart for an arbitrary number of years.

%Simulates Results for the UVA football program over the next 'N'
%number of years.

clear all

N=25; %Number of Years to Simulate

%Initial Conditions
Bowl_Appearances=0; %Initial Bowl Appearances
Bowl_Wins=0; %Initial Bowl Wins
Hokie_Wins=0; %Initial Wins Against VT

for i=1:N
if Wins(i) >= 6
if i/(5*Head_Coaches) > 1



Below are the results of a 25 year simulation.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

haha, well done sir!

Rip his freaking head off!

Is it bad that putting it into Matlab was the first thing I thought of?


Not at all. Fun fact, I was running some stuff through Matlab myself when I saw this. It made me happy.

You sir, have won the internet for the day.

can we add a quarterback carousel to this chart?

It's more like a revolving door than a carousel. We all know that if a Hoo is on a horse, even a fake carousel one, he will inevitably fall off of it.

like this?

Thanks for reminding me of my favorite Sci-Fi series that never was. Now I am going to have to go back and watch all the episodes since it has been over a year since the last time I watched them... At least Castle is still going well. BTW, one turkey leg for you sir.

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Another turkey leg for the serenity/firefly reference. Although I don't quite understand how it comes into play here..

Whoopsie. Just saw the sword... Dang iPhone screens

What's Important Now
The Lunchpail.
The Hammer.

Waiting for horse on treadmill comments or gifs...

Previously LowBrau.

Does this count?

Haha, was hoping for horseontreadmill bucking off the cav...

Previously LowBrau.

Or a horse hind leg kick of the Cav


I laugh everytime I see Cav Man falling off a horse. If he doesn't get some luck on the sword rolling away from him this could have been a very different outcome. This is downright terrifying.

The Dude Abides

I wouldn't worry, I'm sure the sword is as real as their "football" program. I mean seriously, do you really think they'd risk killing off at least half of their fan base?

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

killing off at least half of their fan base?


"The Big Ten is always using excuses to cancel games with us. First Wisconsin. Then Wisconsin. After that, Wisconsin. The subsequent cancellation with Wisconsin comes to mind too. Now Penn State. What's next? Wisconsin?" -HorseOnATreadmill

Sorry, don't know why, but I felt kind this morning. No worries, though, I'm over it. Maybe we should take up a collection and sent them a realllllly sharp.....nah, must still be feeling kind.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

A transferring quarterback carousel?


As a keyplayer that joined just last year, this thread/fail chart is awesome!

The horse, aka UVa, football throws off the coach. Good thing cavman didn't land on his sword. I would hate to see that.

#Let's Go - Hokies


I'm sure it has been around for a long time, but I just saw it on failblog:

License plate

I'm not sure if it is proLOLUVA or just LOLUVA. But I LOLUVA at it anyway.

Yeah, its been around awhile, but seeing it always makes me smile. The first time I saw it was in person a few years ago in the lot behind Sharkeys.

The best part? It's been up there since August 15, 2008. It isn't recent vandalism of any kind.

Classic #LOLUVa
Virgin Alert

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Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

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If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Always a leg for Role Models.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

It will be many years before he speaks to the whispering eye.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Chive on brother kcco. I laughed so hard when I saw it



the chart needs to be updated to annotate number of top recruits to leave the program, but i love the commentary above it.

"I'm tired of losing to them. We don't want to lose to these guys anymore. There's no one here that enjoys losing to Virginia Tech or doesn't care about it."

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

This is my school
This is home

The one thread that will never become irrelevant.

Mike London can't do it alone.. he needs YOU! But....

All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world
So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding, dang my dang a long ling long....

Does anyone know where the updated chart that accounts for unused timeouts is at? Someone had posted it before, but I couldn't find it the last time I searched for it.