Beamer May Have Ruptured his Right Biceps

We mentioned this on Twitter yesterday (@thekeyplay), but if you didn't see it Frank Beamer may have to have surgery on his right biceps.

“I came down hard on my right side and I kinda felt something rip in there,” says Beamer. “When I saw all the purple and black in my arm, I figured I probably had a tear somewhere. It’s just one of those things, I was rushing off the plane and I had my travel bag over my shoulder and my bag snagged on something and it literally pulled me over and dumped me on the pavement.”

Beamer says he’ll have an MRI either Friday or Monday. “If they tell me that it’s going to require surgery, then we’ll most likely do that later in the summer after I get to spend some quality time with my children and grandchildren.”

via the un-linkable BeamerBlog

EDSBS reports the pavement was the more injured party and was complete decimated by the Frankinator.

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