Glory Days

I feel something special every time I take that right off of 460 onto Southgate. It was fitting that The Boss' Glory Days was the music to my personal montage of my ride on campus. The maroon "VT" sprayed on the road is a welcome mat back to the best place in the world. Off in the distance Lane Stadium is neatly tucked away behind the perfectly manicured "VT" shrubbery. That view is intoxicating to this Hokie. I feel "back" and I always question why I left in the first place. It's a simple answer though, life must go on, and people must move on.

However, the truth is I am back for one reason, and I know y'all are too. We want to see our Hokies take Paul Johnson's Bees, bend them over their knees, and spank the arrogance out of them.

Both groups of fans want this game. I know that's hard to believe considering 9 out of 10 Georgia Tech fans use a football game as a study hall, but for every 9 there's one 1 passionate bee. And I won't be satisfied until we squash them and flick 'em back to Atlanta.

Actual evidence of a GT student studying during a fucking football game. via

Go Hokies!



I love that feeling. GO HOKIES!