Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the not so obvious movers, shakers and frozen.

  • By my eye test LSU might have the best defense in the country. Over the last few weeks their offense has gone from suspect, to serviceable. There is also something to be said for Les Miles getting the big call right every, single, time. I think they're the best one loss team in the country and it's close but I think they're better than Boise State.
  • For right now, I'm just whacking Arizona on the knuckles. Stanford blew their doors off, but they still only have two losses and have beaten some good teams. With that said, if they lose to USC they could drop out of the poll altogether.
  • Oklahoma - Phil Steele needs to work in "bitchassness" into his set of power rankings for next year so he can give a better preseason prediction.
  • Utah - I haven't been impressed with them all year and I think they've only looked flashy against the bottom feeders. So here we are.

I'll be submitting my final ballot on Wednesday, so if you have any suggestions leave them below before then.




Doesn't 15-25 just feel like a scrambling of mediocre college football teams. Honestly none of those teams are that good.

Outside of the Top 5

None of the teams are that impressive.


Shouldn't they be #3? After all, everyone says they should be in the NC game no matter what...
So happy they are "gone", and can only jumble things up for Auburn now.

How screwy would things be if Flo-rida beats USC this weekend, then looses to the #1 team in FCS, the ONE and ONLY App St, but goes on to beat Auburn for the auto berth from the SEC? (And Auburn STILL plays in the NC despite NOT winning their conference....

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all that

just makes me want to hurt peoples feelings, cause it just hurt mine.

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of the 1 loss teams

i like Stanford the best but they might be a bad matchup against LSU. Beat the bayou bengals with the spread, not power on power. Same for Wisconsin.

Rank those 3 any order, and not get too much argument from me but I think Stanford would beat the doors off tOSU if they played.


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I think LSU's defense would choke them, like they've done to everyone else, but I moved them ahead of Wisconsin and Ohio State.

You got fucknuts up too high Joe.

I been here since day 0.

Where should I move them?