Debacle against the Dukes

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0-2. We are not a good football team. After our loss to Boise State the Frankinator said he believed we would become a good football team, and that a team makes their biggest improvement from week one to week two. Well, there are only ten games left to turn this boat around bail the water off the deck and we played worse against JMU than Boise State. I'm not optimistic after what I saw today.

  • We cannot tackle in space. It's embarrassing.
  • The linebackers are even more embarrassing, because they're asked to tackle and cover and they do both poorly. Even though Bruce Taylor was such a highly regarded recruit he's not ready to play. From my count Bruce missed four open-field tackles and had a devastating holding on 3rd and goal while back in pass protection.
  • The JMU offensive line worked, straight up worked our D-line.
  • For the love of God and all that is holy can we run more bootlegs? We have an athletic, accurate on the move, mobile, senior quarterback and we do everything we can to let him live inside the pocket to limit his abilities.
  • Going back to the Boise State game Darren Evans has been holding the ball too far away from his chest and today it bit us in the ass.
  • We need to start converting 3rd and 4th downs inside of the red zone. We do far too much settling for field goals inside the twenties. In year's past this worked fine because our defense produced three and outs. This year, not so much.
  • We need to stop running half our rushing attack out of the shotgun. Yes, every once in a while it produces a big gain, but we cannot sustain a drive that way. Rotate those trio of backs in the I and start pounding the rock.

And for anyone who's blindly muttering, "Fire Byran Stinespring", because it's convenient and lazy, watch the games. This isn't 2007 or 2008. Yes, the second and third down calls on the second to last drive against Boise State are beyond comprehension and are inexcusable and he had a couple of questionable decisions against today. But, Stinespring isn't fumbling the ball, missing field goals, missing blocks, missing tackles, impersonating a leaking dike in pass protection, allowing blocked punts, whiffing on coverage in the secondary, etc, ... My point being, it's a team game, and he most certainly is part of the problem and should be accountable, but right now every coach, player, graduate assistant and water boy is too. As an intelligent football fan, you're better than that.

With all that said, against my better judgement, I'll still keep believing we'll get it done because hope is all I have left.

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well said, sir

I'm clinging to the hope that this really is rock bottom, and we can only get better from here.


i was wrong

about who the most overrated top 25 team was ... it's not florida.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

certainly wasn't BSU, at least until Labor Day.

i will say

about the frank n stiner O (both to blame) is we all know the 2 plays the i formation is going to be. and why in the hell go to wvu or wherever to learn new stuff for the spread but NEVER use it.

the O is predictable.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Good comments

BeerControl... good insights.

Joe, good writeup.

While Watching Michigan

I thought to myself over and over that we have the speed, quarterback and talent to run that offense and man that'd be exciting.

at this rate, RMFW will be here next year

Although I am liking David Wilson more and more everday.

I know this was whiny and hating

but can't help it today

I reserve drinking for happy and fun times.....too depressed and pissed to drink. Would rather watch my boys play Wii right now than PSU/BAMA (although the DVR is runnin'). All of us are gonna eat a LOT of crow for a while; but wait, the ACC is still up for grabs, right? Damn, what a shitty weekend for the ACC. Highlight was DUKE/WAKE in a slugfest. Please please please please don't lose to duke. Good call 'z', this loss (and arbitration) will keep RW in BBurg another year of 2.


Oh how quickly does our fate change

We sucked big today. We were still hungover from the Boise loss, but just think if we somehow just simply converted that last 3rd down in the Boise game we would have won that game. I am sure we would have played completely different today and would have won big. I think there is problems in the locker room and it showed today. The Boise game counted for two losses.

Keep Hope Alive

Great summation, Joe. Seriously I am not able to add anything but thanks for helping me get through this dark, dark time.

someone let me know when its ok to crawl out of my hole

I been here since day 0.


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Welcome Sir!

Stinespring: ...naturally we'll go with the triple option
Tyrod: But I am the only one here
Stinespring: Fine get the ball and run somewhere that'll work

A new hope