Orange Pants in 2011?

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Last year we learned what our 2010 Nike Pro Combat uniforms would look like when I saw them on display at a Dick's Sporting Goods in Fairfax, VA days before the official announcement.

And now here's a picture of orange pants on display in Charlotte via @brooksaker.

Oh please let these be paired with the orange helmets.

My guess, without any confirmed information is we'll see Antone Exum and the rest of the team rocking those pants at some point this season.



My first thought was OH NO!

My second thought was...maybe, as long as the helmets aren't orange.

Now I am undecided...

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Could live with that...

With these helmets.

Think the pic of Bruce in the banner at the top with orange pants.
At least they didn't put orange socks in there. That is going WAY too far.

Not sure how I feel about being the Oregon of the East, but this combo doesn't bother me that much.

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What's the

Over/Under on number of different helmets this year?
We wore 5 different ones last year, including the Orange (helmet) Bowl.

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That combination as an away uniform would be sick.

The white helmet

Definitely with this uni. If we win a NC in it then I would approve. I think the mannequin would make any uni look good.

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Oh hells no! Why do they keep trying to add orange to the uniform. Do they want us to look like the Charlottesville school for the deaf and blind?

They are Okay

I just don't want to start looking like Tennessee with all the orange in our uniforms. Just do an Orange Helmet with the rest of the uniform all Maroon.

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For anyone wondering if they stuck the wrong pants on. I did three random color samples from the stripes on the shoulder and pant leg. It's the least scientific and most SportsByBrooks thing I've ever done...

But, it appears as if they match.

Not a fan of orange pants. Just no.

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Would look better

if paired with maroon top, I think.

not sure if want

however, if they put up huge numbers on the scoreboard while shutting out whoever we're playing, this will be my favorite jersey.

yup yup

Yup yup...just like the old Revolution orange-sleeved jerseys were my favorite for one week after crushing BC at home until Miami slapped us around in 2005. I tend to agree: if VT keeps winning in them keep wearing them even if the fans and recruits don't love them.

Hahahaha...nice pic by the way. Really sums it up perfectly.

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I guess I'm the only one that kind of likes it...

Not bad though I would prefer it with the white helmets... especially the "TECH" ones.

i like them.

not every game, but i really love how ohio state and uga have silver pants for all their uni's.

orange isn't neutral like silver/grey so not sure it can be done, but white pants are boring.


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they may be boring

but they looked good in the all white uni. Throw in the old school helmet styles and we would be all good.

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Oh man...not a fan of the creamsicle pants with Chicago Maroon filling. Honestly, not to sound too much like a nerd, I wore the current away jersey with the maroon pants from the 08-09 unis in NCAA 12 and it did not look terrible- kinda weird though. I tend to like the combos myself (Maroon top, white pant; White top, maroon pant, etc) much like many others. All whites are boring and the all maroons are great but only a few times. in 07 and 08 it got real old real quick for me.

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Call me crazy but..

I'm a fan. I like Orange as our color. Maroon seems kind of soft to me. People say Orange in unoriginal in the ACC, but the Maroon we wear is too close to BC, FSU, and 2-3 SEC teams' main colors. Burnt Orange stands far apart enough from UVA and Clemson for me to like it. Just flashy enough to make us look good. I'm all for the pants.


38-0 bro

I'm a huge fan of the all maroon helmet, jersey, pants....

I love the blackout, just wish it were maroon and black not orange n black... It's not hollaween, it's football

Don't love em, but they could be ok with a white helmet. would much rather have orange pants than orange jerseys. btw, love that this is the 2nd fashion post in as many weeks

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