Hokie Happenings: GameDay in Blacksburg

Your sights and sounds of Blacksburg or wherever Hokie Nation is headed.

I am sure Kevin's recap of the Duke upset will be up later this evening or tomorrow after he's through covering the Hokies on the diamond, but for now I offer up the best signs I saw at GameDay. By the way, the atmosphere at GameDay was electric. The students came, saw and conquered. At one point the production crew had to signal everyone to quiet down because they couldn't hear Bob Knight be salty.

@TheHokieStone made this and @frinkahedron captured it outside of The Cassell waiting for GameDay to start. I owe them both a beer.

You win the day.

I want to put SETHFACE on the ceiling above my bed so I can wake up to him every morning.

He certainly has the stats.

The Hokies storm The Cassell via @VTuba.

Did you all enjoy yourselves too?



worth it

Waiting outside of Cassell all night for gameday was a once in a lifetime event, and culminated with beating Duke. Finally, a whole day dedicated to VT sports paid off.

The random sports sign / chant was hilarious.


I should have mentioned the "Who's Your Daddy" and "Teabag Paulus" chants were simply fantastic. Thank You Students.


Those chants were great. I had fun starting / helping out with those. We (the students) had no idea that the real Curry was at the game until the highlights were shown on ESPN later that night. And the sing-a-long for "Who's Your Daddy" was priceless to see on ESPN.


Thank Sam Adams

I watched the game at the bar where we watch football games. They didn't have Rogers Pilsner on tap so I went with Sam Adams Noble Pils. We are now undefeated with me drinking 8+ Noble Pils. The Hokies haven't won many game that I have been able to watch this year but I have seen 4 games at the bar and they have won all 4. I will be heading to the bar on Tuesday but can't guarantee the 8+ since it is a school night.

Great pictures, great signs and great chants.

Well, we know who to blame if we lose.

Suck to your liver, take one for the team.