The 2011 Football Media Guide is Here

For your viewing pleasure, has posted the 2011 media guide. Depth charts, thoughts about the upcoming season and lots of dialog about the players from the coaches are included. Here are some of the things that caught my attention as I was thumbing through.

Coale is listed as the number one punter (and flanker) #coale4punter. "If the competition continues to be inconsistent, is likely to get the starting nod."

The coaches seem really encouraged by how Lil' Wang played this spring. "With starting left guard Greg Nosal sidelined for the spring following shoulder surgery, redshirt sophomore David Wang stepped in and wowed the coaches with his physical play. Wang got better in every phase of the game and showed he’s ready to play."

Ju-Ju Clayton is the backup quarterback and Leal is the emergency, for now... It seems like if Leal can learn more of the offense he's got a chance to make a run at the backup job.

The Whip battle between GW and Tweedy seems to have picked up right where it left off in spring, last August, etc...

Neither Nick Acree and Zack McCray are listed on the two-deep. We heard all along Acree was a work in progress, but I thought McCray would push for some serious playing time this fall. However, it's possible that Corey Marshall and Kris Harley see the field according to Coach Wiles. "Our first group right now can be very good, but we’ve got depth issues. We need another playmaker or two inside to solidify our two-deep at tackle. I feel better about our end position than I do about our tackle spot right now in terms of backups. in August, we’re going take a look at our freshmen at both positions to see if they can be better than the backups we’ve got, and if so, they are going to be in the two-deep."

Wilson, Roberts, Hosley and Coale are all listed as the returners. Since they're all starters/contributors at other positions I wonder if the incoming guys like James Farrow or Robert Lockhart will get a chance to shag some balls.

Did anything in particular strike you guys?


the helmets

notice the helmet on the front and back inside cover. perhaps a return to the old state logo for the white helmet this season?

It's a Miracle in Blacksburg...TYROD DID IT MIKEY!!! TYROD DID IT!!!

yay state logo

LOVE the state logo with TECH on it.

Also, I cant open the hokiesports mediaguide in IE7 on my gov't issued PC. GRRR

Very Good Call

I added the picture into the post. Here's the other one.

I love those helmets, and I'm glad we're sticking with the throwbacks.

Looks like BDC has dropped some LBs while my boy Kwame has put a few too many on. KH will play in my opinion and so will Marshall

Greg Nosal is Crafty

First I noticed is Nosal was smart enough to cover up his bloody stub of a pinky.

Brooks with the American flag, so awesome


LOVE the throwback VA map on the helmets. Subtle hint at in-state recruiting focus?

What's Important Now

Still Jealous

I want that stool so bad. As for contests, right now all that's lined up is BCO's six pick. Any suggestions?

oh hai

greg nosal is putting out the VIBE.

'Lil Wang stuck I see :)