CTC: D.J. Parker

On their opening drive in 2007 Clemson faced a 3rd and 19 from their 10-yard-line. Cullen Harper let it fly, D.J. Parker pulled the ball out of the air and called B-I-N-G-O on his way to the end zone for six.

The Hokies went on to win 41-23.


Love it!!!

I love this pic! This was one of the few truly "complete" games I've seen the Hokies play in my life as a member of Hokie Nation. Really cool too that it was my senior year at VT to see this and the GT Thursday night blowout with the stolen jerseys in a few week span let alone the same season!

Tyrod was a monster hitting Morgan, Royal, and Harper all over the field and for a huge TD pass and then running all over Clemson's defense.

Defense was lights out and out gaining Clemson's vaunted offense in yards and destroying their bubble screen game literally knocking receivers out.

Special Teams was running all over Clemson who supposedly had that 'X-factor' to compete with us in this game.

And of course Bud puts the exclamation point on Parker's huge pick six!

Great memories- thanks Joe.

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I remember

this beautiful spectacle as well as the GT game. I was in Atlanta for that too. Sean Glennon's 15 minutes expired that night. I was even able to get a cameo that night at the end of the game as the guys were walking too the locker room with my wife E. Andrews. Yea she kept her last name.

I remember we were supposed to get burned all night by their all-everthing, speedy WR (whoes name escapes me) until Macho blew his ass up in the first quarter. Macho also had a 100 yard KO returned @

James Davis? That kid had ESS-EEE-CEE speed, but never got a chance to show it against us.

How about Bud just Supermaning out Death Valley.

yeah that kid

james davis and cj spiller. too bad we embarrassed them.

i think the speedy wide receiver was aaron kelly...

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The Bubble Screen was supposed to kill us all game...but then apparently Macho killed their speed receiver. It wasn't just him either- Macho, Flowers, Chancellor, Warren all laid down the law during that game on Clemson's 'devastating speed weapons'. I think that was one of the first times I saw a college receiver crying on the field in pure pain (the Macho hit). Clemson did have that kid Gresham who was similar to Coale: though not as good he took some serious shots and kept bouncing back if I remember correctly (Kam C. laid him out in the first quarter in the endzone but ended up burning him later in the game for a TD). Like I said in my first post still the most complete game I saw VT play in my four years there even more so than '04 Miami game- on par with GT game of the same year. That was a hell of a stretch run.

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i was at this game

being from south carolina, nearly all my friends went to clemson. my father went to clemson. my grandfather went to clemson. i was thiiiiis close to going to clemson, until i visited the VT campus. needless to say, i made the right choice. beating clemson has been one of my favorite things in life since we joined the ACC. can't wait to do it again this year.

How about Eddie Royal returning that punt for a TD? How about Eddie returning a SECOND punt for a TD that got called back for holding?

Such a great game to watch. Those are still my favorite VT unis.


The punt return is at 1:35.

After watching the whole thing I remembered that defense in 2007 was quick as all hell. Flying to the football and sticking the ball carrier.


If those don't get you excited you must be dead. One hell of a game.

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What's Important Now

Bud Foster doing his great Yosemite Sam impression

D.J. Parker is also doing the Dougie 4 years before anyone else


macho: end zone! it's that way!
dj: dude i GOT it.


They be like Parker, what you aint messing with my dougie!

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Great Stuff

DJ Parker, the most underrated Hokie of the past 10 years and one of my all time favorite players.