Miami Roll Call

Wow, what a game.

We finally saw what this group is capable of. Sure, they ran wild on App State, but this was exactly what we've been waiting for since fall camp. There was obviously some dropoff on defense, but I credit a lot of that to losing half of our front four for this game. We didn't get consistent pressure on Jacory, which has been the case this year. I think rotating guys more could help with this.

Otherwise, I feel so happy for the offense. What a way to bounce back after Clemson. I hope it's here to stay.

And, Frank finally pulled the trigger at punter.

Overall, a great Saturday.

1. Antone Exum - He lost the battle on Miami's first touchdown, but I thought that throw was outstanding and Exum was there. Overall, this was his best game of the year. He made great reads and made a lot of good tackles.

2. Josh Oglesby - Didn't see as much action, but when he did he competed well. It's nice to have a reliable alternative to 4.

3. Logan Thomas - What hasn't been said? It was a total coming out party and I'm glad I was there to see it. He did so many great things on Saturday, from loading up and blasting Sean Spence to displaying nice touch and accuracy. If you can, go back and watch the play where he fakes a handoff, rolls out right and hits Davis on the sideline with a laser. What a beautiful play - I hope we see more of it.

4. David Wilson - You can tell his eyes were focused on the next level. He had some really nice carries. And we got our wow-play when he kept his balance near the sideline. Love this guy.

7. Marcus Davis - He had a pretty nice game, probably his best since the opener, right? He needs to be more consistent and aggressive in the run game - but I can tell he knows it (watch him after plays he doesn't finish the block). Little by little, but I'm still real excited about him.

9. Cris Hill - This definitely wasn't Cris' biggest game of the year, but I think he was hosed on that deep sideline throw. I know everyone reading this agrees. Such a bogus call. But I have no problem with Hill on the edge. He's been good all year.

12. The Fans - First off, I'm insanely jealous I couldn't be in Lane for this one. Second, heck of a job. Tech made it easy for you guys to have energy, and you put it to good use.

15. Eddie Whitley - Yikes, that INT attempt was not pretty. I thought he played his best game last week and was decent on Saturday.

17. Kyle Fuller - I would say you can see his growth as we go, but he's really been outstanding all season. The open field tackles he made, both on the edge and in the middle, were all huge plays.

18. D.J. Coles - I'll throw this out there: He's our biggest weapon we're not talking about. I saw several outstanding blocks in the running game. He's super physical with or without the ball in his hands. He, Dyrell and Marcus could do big things next year.

19. Danny Coale - Stud.

20. Jayron Hosley - That near-pick looked really tough on the second glance. I do not think he saw a lot come his way, otherwise.

24. Tariq Edwards - I think he misread a screen in the second quarter that went for big yards, but otherwise played a good game.

28. Alonzo Tweedy - He was like a blur on my screen on several plays, including the final tackle of the game. He's super quick. He had a tough assignment and I think he passed with flying colors. Nice job.

33. Chris Drager - He should get a game ball. First, the 3rd-and-long catch was really nice. Second, he dominated in the run game on many plays. What a bruiser.

38. Michael Branthover - First off, great hair. Second, the first punt was a beauty. His last punt wasn't great, but we'll see what he's got...looks like there's some power in the leg.

42. J.R. Collins - Collins was high-octane again. The personal foul sucked, but he deserved it. I do think Jacory should have been flagged, as well. But he didn't get many breathers and played really tough.

43. Jeron Gouveia-Winslow - Bummed he got hurt, but I am pretty sure it happened on one of the biggest plays of the game: The fake field goal stop. What an outstanding play by JGW.

45. Joey Phillips - We didn't see as much of Joey this week with all the shotgun. But check out the Wilson summersault play. Joey doesn't get a block in before the flip, but after Wilson recovers, Phillips gets in the grill of some massive 360-pound DT. I need Lanier and Becton to play like that. Balls out.

48. Justin Myer - Excellent job on kickoffs.

51. Bruce Taylor - Bruce looked to over-pursue on the first drive of the game, which led to a long pass. But he settled down and played another really impressive game.

54. Nick Becton - I saw him display a lot of strength, so I know it's there. We need him to engage the ends and just wipe them out on the regular. (Also, see 45. Joey Phillips)

59. Courtney Prince - Played on both sides of the ball and special teams, including critical drives in the 4th quarter. Take that, Danny Coale. There has to be some sort of Wes Worsham versatility award, right?

62. Blake DeChristopher - Anchor.

66. Tyrel Wilson - He played a lot of football. He's obviously not as imposing as Gayle, he's just not as big and strong. But his motor is really, really good. Watch him on the last drive of the game. He did a fine job, but I think he would benefit from a little more rotation. And Beamer said Monday he was battling a stomach illness? I couldn't have put this post together if I had a rumble in my tank.

67. Michael Via - Didn't notice many blemishes in his spot duty. I did notice he's not afraid to stick people, which is good.

68. Jaymes Brooks - Overall, Jaymes played much better this week, even more so when you consider he was dinged up in the first quarter, but came back. I noticed several times that his first step is often a culprit on "meh" plays. But, he did an excellent job and really stepped it up on the game winning play.

72. Andrew Lanier - I thought he played well for the most part, and his awareness to pick up the ball and rumble for positive yardage deserves praise (but, he was the one who was beat, causing the fumble). One issue: I just see him as this jolly strong guy out there. I want him ripping faces (not facemasks) off. Just yell like William Wallace every few drives. Make dudes think you're crazy. (See 45. Joey Phillips)

74. Andrew Miller - His snap on the fumble wasn't perfect, and he had a bad snap on third down -- that needs to be cleaned up. But, he was pretty solid on the day. I'd like to see him the second level a tad earlier on some plays, but overall it was a solid day for the young guy.

75. Greg Nosal - Great day for Greg.

80. George George - He did OK. He's afraid of no man. It's just some men are bigger.

81. Jarrett Boykin - He looked like his old self in the passing game, which is huge for the offense.

89. Cody Journell - Perfect day. That's all we need.

90. Duan Perez-Means - I saw him in on two nice plays. The first was the fake field goal. He was on the scene right away. The second was the Bruce Taylor sack. He did a great job of taking the tackle inside. Otherwise, didn't see him much.

92. Luther Maddy - Considering he was hobbled, he played strong, and had a great pile topper in the 4th quarter. He wasn't in on the tackle for a ton of plays.

93. Isaiah Hamlette - The first play I noticed him was about halfway thorugh the first half, when the man assigned to him was flagged for a hold. If he could play with that kind of burst every play, he'd be on the field a lot.

95. Zack McCray - He needs to play MUCH stronger.

96. Corey Marshall - Asked to start and play that many snaps in his fifth game ever? He answered the bell and did the best he could.

98. Derrick Hopkins - Great outing. We're gonna need him to play like that every Saturday. Heck of a job.

99. James Gayle - "shout out to the weak ass tight end who cut me backside" - @JGayle99



You're right, the crowd and atmosphere were pretty insane on Saturday. I would give it a close second to Miami '03 (which, I think we can all agree, will never be topped). However, when the first riff of "Enter Sandman" came on during the final Miami drive, I felt certain we were going to see a re-do of Boston College '07 (the "Matty Ice" game). Fortunately, such ironic heart break didn't occur.

As I tweeted last week, though BCS Championship dreams were dashed via Clemson (and c'mon, were largely overstated with our weak schedule and youth at crucial positions), the unknown of the next 7 weeks is very exciting. We have no idea what to expect from this team, and that is both frustrating and exhilarating. If the offense can replicate Saturday's performance on a consistent basis, in the words of Randy Moss, "it's gonna be a fun ride (ONE CLAP)."

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I am partial

to 2003. We were there, so naturally it was louder (I was in the pressbox for that one, so I was not contributing to the noise). But Kellen Winslow II was vocal about the noise hurting Miami in the huddle.

We need the guys that are on the DL right now to stay healthy for us to have a shot. Of course, GT is a must-win.

Row Z forever.

Enter Sandman

Has been played during the game since the BC '07 debacle. They played it last year vs GT after DW ran one back with 2 minutes, so I think we have broken the curse....

Logan 3:16

#12 - The fans had an impressive comeback after a letdown last week.
#20 - I'm pretty sure he was beat on a goal line fade route. It wasn't even close, like he wasn't ready (or just set up too far inside).
#38 - My excitement when he came in can't be overstated. True elation. Hopefully Demler doesn't show up on the roll call again.
#99 - lolz good tweet. Hopefully he's back soon.

I'm not sure who's shoulders it rests on, but the d-line left gaping holes for Lamar Miller in the 4th quarter. I'm not sure if it's because they were tired, or if somebody was getting playing time when they shouldn't, but it was scaring me.


on Hosely. The corner throw that beat Exum was better than the throw that beat Hosley, and I think it was doomed from the start because of his position at the snap. So great call there.

I'm not sure what we're gonna do about D-Tackle, especially if Maddy is going to be hobbled for a while. Marshall/Maddy/Hamlette/Prince were not getting much pressure as the game wore on, and it's something everyone should be concerned about. They'll get better, but how quickly?

Row Z forever.

Not sold on Branthover yet

If I remember correctly Demler's first punt (against App St) was also a 50 yarder (or thereabouts). Branthover's second (and only other) punt was a Demler-esque 30-ish yarder. It's like deja-vu all over again.

Branthover > Demler for sure

Demler's first punt vs App St was a 34 yarder into the endzone (net 14). He didn't top that until the 4th quarter with a 44 yarder. The only time Demler broke 45 yds was with a 51 yd abberation vs Marshall (followed up with a 26 yarder). It wasn't his lack of consistency that did him in, it was his consistent bad punting that made everybody call for his head.

Branthover boomed about a 50 yarder that didn't count (due to false start on George^2) right before his 52 yarder. His 32 yarder was kicked while standing in his own endzone. I'm guessing he was nervous about getting it blocked.

I'm not sold on Branthover as an amazing punter just yet, but I'm sold on him being better than Demler. Also, I got all these numbers from checking the box scores and play-by-plays of all our games on ESPN.

Role player

I know with the consistent pressure JR Collins has been getting on opposing QBs it would be a tough call but I do recall the coaching staff wanting to use him inside at tackle this year until he showed up to camp under weight. I just dont see a problem with moving him inside and rotating McCray and DPM and Wilson who played with great intensity this week at end. I dont think it would hurt Collins to much to move inside with the high motor and mouth foaming intensity he plays with. Plus with the depth we have at end being a significant upgrade to that of the depth we have at tackle, I only seeing it as helping the team and being an upgrade. What do you guys think?

Win one for the Beamer...

Interesting thought...

I want to see what we put on the field one more time. Collins is such a weapon at end because he makes a lot of tackles from the backside. I'd need to see that more from ZM and DPM. Wilson has shown it at times this year.

The key here is Hamlette. He really needs to elevate his game. I'm telling you, go back and watch the call where he was held. The twitch is there. Just need it on the reg.

Row Z forever.

Stop the bleeding

I agree I would love to give those young tackles every opportunity to succeed but if they can't get it together at some point we have to stop the bleeding at the line of scrimage. I just am more worried about the team having success at this point. Albeit I am not sure the other 3 ends can handle all their responsibilities through the course of a full game. Just some food for thought...

Win one for the Beamer...

Miami Roll Call

I agree with you whole heartly, move J.R Collins to D-Tackle and place DPM or ZM the Defensive End spot. This way you have an experience player in J.R Collins who can not only play the D.T. position but also communicate with the young guys at the DE spot. You guys talk about DPM and ZM displaying their abilities to perform, well first and foremost you have to get these guys reps,ex:when DPM gets in the game he is in for 3 downs and then removed, have you notice when he is in for the 3 downs he is effective in 2 of the 3 downs, increasing his playing time to at least 2 or 3 series will give him the opportunity to make plays.Someone mention ZM is not strong enough. I dont think that is the problem. The youngman is strong enough however, he is not a physical player. He has to work on being more aggressive however, playing time is the key for the back ups.When you hear the coaching staff say they donot have trust in these young players, it frustrates me because in order to build trust you must play early and often to get the experience, and not wait until the game is on the line. The only way to build confidence in anything you do, is to do it often. The comments here are not only for the D-Line but , all back ups. All it takes is an injury that can mess up your chemistry, get them all involved...Go Hokies!!!!


I agree dnyce McCray is strong but that is not his game he is an athletic pass rusher who I think is at the least strong enough to shed blockers maybe not bull rush but still a beast. I think if he had the first 5 games under his belt he would have been more than capable of holding his own against miami, same goes for DPM and Wilson just gives every ounce of his soul on every play. This is just something I have been thinking about all weekend, glad some of you agree, thought I was just over analyzing...

Win one for the Beamer...

on #12- it got so crazy a bleacher broke in North End Zone. I am proud to be among North End Zone people this game. Last game I was one of the few loud people all game, but this time, it was crazy. Still can't believe that bleacher broke.


Duan Perez Means had a great series up until Collins took the 15 yarder. He was then replaced by Wilson, who spent the rest of the Miami drive in Bruce Taylor's lap (especially on the Miller TD run.)

As noted in my blog post, Nick Acree should be moved back to defense today, and his instructions when in the game should be "DON'T GO BACKWARDS." Marshall will be very good, but at 260lbs, he can't hold up all game against a 300lb guard who can play. Prince, Hammlette, and a banged up Maddy just won't work, especially against Georgia Tech's veer blocking, which requires the athleticism to defeat cut blocks without missing your assignments. I would continue to start Marshall, try to get Acree up to speed so he can be a stop gap, and against Georgia Tech, I would consider looking at Zach McCray (who won't be a size mismatch against GT's smaller OL. No way would I move Collins down. He thrives playing the angle to track plays down from the backside. He is less effective at the point of attack.

DeChristopher had his best game as a Hokie, and unlike last week, I didn't need the coaches "scoring" to tell me so.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN