Week 3 BlogPoll Ballot

My full poll is after the jump. As always I'm going to rely on y'all to keep me in check so leave your opinions, thoughts and suggestions in the comments and I'll adjust the poll as necessary.

  • LSU \ Oklahoma \ Alabama - All can make a claim for the number one spot.
  • West Virginia - The 'Eers get bumped down after almost collapsing against Maryland. As most of you pointed out last week, I had them too high. If they beat LSU, they'll be in my top 5. /shivers
  • Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina - Three ACC newcomers, all are 3-0. Tajh Boyd looked like the best quarterback in the ACC yesterday. He can spin it, and led scoring drive after drive against Auburn putting a slow starting first-half behind him. Georgia Tech's offense is throwing up NCAA '11 type numbers. North Carolina... Well, they did beat Rutgers. Yay? Should I put Auburn back in the poll or do wins against Virginia, Rutgers and a I-AA qualify Carolina over them?
  • Florida State - They played Oklahoma close, even tying the game late behind the arm of backup quarterback Clint Trickett. I came away impressed with the FSU defense, I can't say as much about their offense. Regardless of who played QB for the 'Noles the offense would have struggled. FSU-Clemson this Saturday will be very telling.
  • Texas - They got out west and beat UCLA and I drop them a spot. I had overvalued them last week.
SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings
The Key Play: Week 3
Rank Team Delta
1 LSU Tigers --
2 Oklahoma Sooners Arrow_up 2
3 Alabama Crimson Tide Arrow_down -1
4 Boise St. Broncos Arrow_down -1
5 Wisconsin Honey Badgers --
6 Stanford Cardinal --
7 Oklahoma St. Cowboys --
8 Texas A&M Aggies --
9 South Carolina Gamecocks Arrow_up 1
10 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_up 1
11 Florida Gators Arrow_up 2
12 Arkansas Razorbacks --
13 Virginia Tech Hokies Arrow_up 2
14 Clemson Tigers --
15 Florida St. Seminoles Arrow_down -6
16 West Virginia Mountaineers Arrow_down -2
17 Texas Longhorns Arrow_down -1
18 USC Trogans Arrow_up 3
19 Baylor Bears Arrow_up 4
20 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets --
21 Oregon Ducks Arrow_down -2
22 South Florida Bulls Arrow_down -2
23 TCU Horned Frogs Arrow_up 1
24 North Carolina Tar Heels --
25 Illinois Fighting Illini --
Dropouts: Ohio St. Buckeyes, Missouri Tigers, Auburn Tigers, Michigan St. Spartans


A win is a win

But I don't see moving VT up 2 spots after a lackluster performance.


I feel a little guilty here with FSU below us....if we played them today versus in December, how do you think we stack up? Maybe I've just been bombarded with too much propoganda. Agree about their QB play not changing the game's outcome.

A few comments

I don't see how south carolina gets moved up. They damn near rode Lattimore into the ground in order to beat Navy, and have now had a scare in all 3 games.

After watching OU-FSU, I don't know what to make of either team really. Both defenses were punishing. I wasn't impressed by Landry Jones. Yeah, he put together the winning drive but Stills should get all the credit for that TD hookup...the pass was a lame duck. FSU's backup quarterback had to be the scrawniest QB I've ever seen, and his TD pass was the result of the safety's screwup. Once Manuel went down it was pretty clear FSU was done. I certainly don't think VT would have fared much better at this stage of the season though either.

USF may be the best team in the Big East and B.J. Daniels is playing like a man possessed.


All the way up to #14 after a win over Auburn, who you dropped out of the rankings? Not too sure about that. Tahj had a break out game, but I'm not sure that putting them ranked over FSU is quite justified yet after their first two weeks of playing. Maybe 17 or 18 would be better.

Also, you dropped Oregon further, even though GT and Oregon both seemed to beat up on their cupcakes, not too sure why GT overtook them in that respect. If Miami keeps winning hopefully they'll get into the mix as well, looking great for the ACC as a whole for certain.

Logan 3:16


You also spelled Trojans wrong (its spelled troGans in the rankings)

Logan 3:16


Had not seen that, its a good one.

Logan 3:16

Can't Comment Much

Considering I was bustin' fly dance moves at a wedding all day yesterday and NOT watching football, I can't say much. But, I did get to watch FSU/OU and I must say FSU didn't impress me much. EJ is great while running with the ball, but he still can't sling it. Media hype was a bit much IMO, even though they were playing OU. Landry wasn't impressive either though. I like the rankings though, everyone is within a few spots of where they should be, no huge surprises.



would beat aTm and sakerlina.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

I don't think that's a given.

Florida State's offense looked ugly against Oklahoma. I think people are giving them too much credit for "losing with their backup QB."

CT	7/15	134	8.9	1	1
EJM	13/19	85	4.5	0	2
Team	20/34	219	6.4	1	3

Trickett threw the ball as well or better than Manuel. As a team they rushed for 27 yards, only 4 total yards by players other than their quarterbacks (49 Manuel -26 Trickett)!

South Carolina might have struggled with Navy, but everyone struggles with Navy. It's Navy. They're well conditioned, chop down lines, play tough and to the whistle. They have a recent history of playing good BCS teams close: Maryland '10 (9 wins), tOSU '09 (11 wins) and Pitt '09 (10 wins). USCe's resume is infinitely better than FSU's with a road win in Athens against an undervalued Georgia and a neutral site blowout against, what we found out to be, a tough ECU team.

Would FSU beat A&M, maybe? I know we'll find out a lot more about the Aggies this week against Oklahoma State, and next against Arkansas.

But either way I don't think FSU came away looking good from that loss and I wouldn't put my money on them beating either USCe or A&M, right now. If they go into Clemson and thrash the Tigers, then obviously I'd have to believe they're a little bit better team than I am giving them credit for.

Let's not overreact, here... Clemson needs to be lower. I'm a huge Auburn fan (War Eagle!) since both parents went there, but that AU defense can't tackle anyone. That was one of the worst defensive performances I've ever seen.

I would keep Alabama ahead of Oklahoma, but not drop FSU quite that much. I guess I'm not sure what to take away from that game. Both teams seem to have pretty good defenses, but I kept getting the impression both teams were probably a little overrated.

I think Oregon should be higher. I don't know that we should read too much into that first game loss to LSU. It was the first game, and LSU isn't awful, right? ;)

i'm a little uneasy being #1 in the acc (on the ballot, at least). purely going by performance and not previous ranking, i might have us below free shoes, clemson and the other tech. while i think we're a work in progress (on offense at least, our defense can ALMOST play with anyone), solely on what i have to look at i'm not convinced we're top 15. hopefully the game looked better on replay, but being in the stands LT3 looks like he decides on his receivers before the snap and is going to get eaten alive by real corners.

here's hoping this is by far the most he throws all season.

...you know...


Based on everyone's feedback here's what I've done.

13 Florida St. Seminoles
14 Virginia Tech Hokies
15 West Virginia Mountaineers
16 Texas Longhorns
17 Clemson Tigers
18 Baylor Bears
19 Oregon Ducks
20 South Florida Bulls
21 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
22 USC Trojans