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Sigh. Stupid, but college kids, I've been there and did dumb stuff too. I wonder if we will get more details.

Joshua Taylor Trimble, 20, and Brian Frederick Rody, 19, were charged with manufacturing and detonating an explosive device. Trimble and Rody are members of the Virginia Tech football team

No one was injured in the incident, according to the release. Taylor said he could not comment on the type of the device or the reason it was detonated.

I'm curious as to what constitues an explosive device, obviously it's not something as innocent as Mentos in Coke, but could it be blowing up some gun powder or something?

According to Norm Wood, they were charged with felonies, so they are suspended until this is resolved.

On the field, I thought Trimble had some upside. I was impressed with him after watching August practices.


Outside of Tweedy he was our top special teams ace. Like tweedy he had a knack for finding the returner.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake



This falls into the category of 'stupid stuff many of us did in college.'
Nobody got hurt.
But still stupid.

Not sure why, but my big "oh shit" moment was before 21 too!?

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

In other news..

Marcus Vick made headlines again on facing more possible jail time. Two great stories on Virginia Tech athletes..


And twice the responsibilities for Jimmy Turk.

Marcus Vick has more mugshots than UVa had fans at their spring game.

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Love this

I love self-deprecating humor.
I love sticking it to Hoo's whenever we can (which is fortunately for us, like, always).
So I really love this comment. Kudos.

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Kicked off team?

Both players have already been taken off the roster page on, dunno if that constitutes some official dismissal or if they are just removed if suspended temporarily.

I'm getting real sick of hearing all this kind of stuff. You would think that Tech has endured enough crap in the past few years, but no. All I get to hear about from people around me is how VT is the place to go if you want the students to die or get arrested. Obviously this is a VERY SMALL minority of people who make poor decisions and get caught, BUT WHY, OH WHY, ARE YOU MAKING AND SETTING OFF EXPLOSIVES!!!!!!!?????? WHAT POSSIBLE REASON COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE!? I love a good Hollywood explosion as much as the next guy, but to do something as stupid as to endanger yourself and those around you by building something that is, by design, a fatal weapon, WHY!!!???? Plus, you are part of a well know athletic program, and in some circles, local celebrities. You should hold yourself to a higher standard and know that people expect better of you. Go to college, do stupid things like get drunk and streak through campus, break curfew, sneak into a football game, or something dumb like that........NOT BUILD A FLIPPIN BOMB! Regardless of how this turns out, they should have known better. I won't judge their person, as I don't know them. I will only say that this is disgraceful and they should have known better.

Common sense people, develop some, please.


All right man,

chill a bit. They put aluminium foil and toilet bowl cleaner in a soda bottle. It's pretty stupid, but no one was hurt and there was obviously no intent to harm anyone. It's just a poor attempt at a prank. College students occasionally do stupid things and you can rest assured they'll be chewed out and punished for it, but it's just not that huge a deal.

some friends and i did the same shit once upon a time. we were like 13 or 14 though. . .

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Dude, I was calm when I wrote that. I'm calm now. Type doesnt translate that very well, so that part is on me. But, you know, I did stupid pranks in my past too, as did we all. And I honestly don't give a crap what they made it with. My problem is that they went through with the idea in the first place. I can go out on the internet and find a dozen websites that sell prank "explosives"- smoke bombs, stink bombs, firecrackers, and the such. These were made in factories to specific standards to make them as safe as possible barring user error. Were either of these students majoring in chem? did they know how the substances would react? Did they know the exact measurements to use to make them as safe as possible? OR did they use the mentos-diet coke method and just throw them in and shake them up? I don't really care. They are part of a well known football program in a well known university. They have their education paid for (assuming scholarships apply here) and possible pro careers if they prove to be good enough. I'm care more that they made the decision to take all that and possibly ruin it by playing a prank. You want to play a prank, go with a classic- Din Dong ditch, TP a house, spray someone with silly string as they go around a corner. Not something that is gonna make the cops say your setting off explosives. Poor decision making is what I'm getting at. I never got any of the opportunities that they have been given(my own fault) so when I see someone do something like this, it makes me want to grab them and shake them and yell ," WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"


Specifics on what Rody and Trimble Did

Mark Giannotto reported them.

The incident involved a small explosive device that was detonated Sunday night near the 1600 block of Patrick Henry Drive in Blacksburg, Va. Nobody was injured, according to a Blacksburg police department news release.

Jimmy Turk, the attorney for Rody and Trimble, said Monday afternoon that this incident was a prank gone bad. Rody and Trimble put aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner into a soda bottle and left it outside someone else's apartment.

"It goes 'Boom,' blows up and made a loud noise," Turk said. "They went back to their apartmnent and were laughing about it. They certainly did not have any idea that it would be anything at all that would constitute a felony charge being brought."

Turk expects the the charges will be dropped to a misdemeanor in court once Rody and Trimble go through their preliminary hearing next month. But because both Rody and Trimble are facing a Class 5 felony, they have been indefinitely suspended from the football team until the charge is resolved, according to University policy. If convicted of a felony, they would be kicked off the football team permanently.

So essentially what they made was the next step up from exploding Mentos. In hindsight, still not the smartest decision, but again, college kids.

Sodium Hydroxide plus Aluminum

Sodium hydroxide plus aluminum yields hydrogen. So in affect these fellas made a hydrogen bomb.

A hydrogen bomb of this size has enough power to level a home.

No to smart. Not so sure that gets reduced to a misdeamor.

Not sure if serious...

Yeah, the build up of hydrogen inside the closed container created enough pressure to explode the bottle and presumably make a very loud 'pop' sound. A 'Hydrogen Bomb' uses nuclear fusion and fission to create a thermonuclear explosion. Now, I'm no chemist or physicist, but I think your comment, if serious, is way off base. As to it's house leveling power... I just... I don't know.

What they did had a lot more in common to leaving the top on a container of soup while putting it in the microwave, allowing the steam build up to make a mess of the inside of the microwave, not to mention soup container.

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The bomb they made doesn't have enough power to level a home. I've made one numerous times and I can probably make one right now. It's not that big lol.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

The Point

The point is making a bomb fueled by hydrogen gas is dangerous and really dumb. No way of controlling how much hydrogen is generated before it is detonated. You could make a loud noise or create a bomb equivalent to a grenade. No controls.

Kind of like the genius in Indianapolis last month that decided to blow up a house. Filled it with natural gas, detonated it and blew up the entire development.

Killed the neighbors next door and completely leveled 4 homes. The shockwave blew 32 homes off there foundations. Currently all 36 homes have been completely leveled, or will be leveled, and the neighborhood will be rebuilt.

Although no harm was done in this case, the disregard for public safety and the potential harm it could have caused could lead to a felony conviction.

You are ridiculous

It's ridiculous to compare somebody making a bottle burst for shits and giggles with someone who planned on blowing up a house. Even calling it a bomb seems overzealous. A 5th grader could do this. Look it up on youtube and you'll see it's nothing.

apples to oranges?

TheArchitect compares it to soup making a microwave messy, while Charlie compares it to blowing up 36 houses. I don't know who's right but the extreme opposites are hilarious to me.

stupid teenage thing or weapon of mass destruction?

exhibit a:

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

the child safety lock giving trouble here is too funny.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

It's only "fueled by hydrogen" to the extent that..

hydrogen gas under pressure bursts the bottle.

The hydrogen gas does not ignite, it's merely the byproduct of a chemical reaction between Hydrochloric acid (e.g. Draino) and aluminum foil. In a sealed bottle the hydrogen gas keeps building up and building up until the bottle fails and makes a really loud popping sound when it bursts.

This is in no way equivalent to a house's natural gas supply line being used to turn it into a gigantic fuel-air explosive.
look at the draino+foil "bomb" video above and watch this video... which is more equivalent to that incident in Indianapolis... completely different orders of magnitude.

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Not actually very dangerous. In fact, it's less dangerous than the gas you put into your car. The reason we think hydrogen is so dangerous is because of the Hindenburg. Many incorrectly believe the explosion was due to the hydrogen used for buoyancy. However, electricity and the fabric of the zeppelin are the likely culprits.

If Hydrogen production ever becomes efficient, we'll all be driving hydrogen cars in the future.

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That's great and even better that VT is at the forefront!

Nice. Good find. I like it because of the use of microorganisms. Combining Biofuels (the only the fuel that can remake itself) and hydrogen (the most efficient fuel).

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Really guy??

you cant compare the two incedents.


Crazy talk

Dude those are just noise makers. We used to make things like that all the time in the Corps of Cadets (unofficially of course) by putting MRE heaters in with water and shaking them up before throwing. The chemical reaction causes heat therefore expansion and explodes. Pretty loud but that's it. It's not like they tried to tape shrapnel to it or something.

All I learned in all of this is that if I put aluminum and sodium hydroxide together it creates an explosion. Well now I think I have something to replace those dry ice bombs I set off every summer.

Rip his freaking head off!

Come on now..

You havent lived unless you have tried this at least once. As for the "level a house" comment...thats BS! the only thing that hcl/ aluminum bomb will jack up is a mailbox...dont ask me how I know. LOL


As a chemistry major

I mixed things way worse than this in a lab and was paid for it. Heck, we set stuff like this off for science fair projects approved by our teachers in high school.

It was just dumb of them to do it in a way that would scare someone enough to call the police. That's where the stupidity lies: putting someone else in a position to call the police on them.

Now if they had done it in a field, just for kicks to see what it would do? Different story. But they set it off near an apartment, without warning others, and ended up scaring someone. That's the real problem here.

See video above. No damage to anything, except maybe the grass. Just a loud noise. The resulting product is corrosive, but that is no problem with a good pair of nitrile gloves. It's not radioactive or anything and it's certainly not going to cause much damage if handled properly.

And Mr. Turk is right. This will definitely get knocked down to a misdemeanor. They are cooperating. And it's obvious they meant no harm to anyone. No malice or intent to harm.

In my mind, these two could have been doing something much, much worse. Ahem... see Miami football, Ohio State football, North Carolina football, Marcus Vick, I could keep going.

Bottom line: Stupid? Absolutely. Prank? Obviously. Capable of blowing up houses? No way.

After reading about this

Only one thing is clear. I have got to try this before I graduate.


I used to do this all the time between 4th and 6th grade. I had no idea I was committing felonies on the reg. #STREETCRED.


The comparison to the Indianapolis incident was meant to be an illustration as to how explosions necessarily are not controlled events.

Given the current awareness climate concerning detonation of explosives (Indianapolis) and of public safety for the campus community (Virginia Tech), the prosecuter could come down harshly to prove a point.

As far as the position the student athletes are in that committed this offense, they put themselves in this position. Part of growing up, was it really worth it?

The prosecutor

was WAY over-zealous IMO. To saddle these 2 young men with a felony charge that they will never be convicted of is ridiculous. I was a federal law enforcement officer for 12 years and having even been charged with a felony is enough to deny a person a career in a bunch of different fields. Sending a message is one thing, depriving a couple of young men the ability to compete in a crowded employment field for something that should have been a misdemeanor from the beginning is BOGUS. Prosecutorial discretion was not exercised here in order to score some media points. Were they idiots? Yes. Did their actions merit a felony charge? No way, because the prosecutor knows it will never stick.

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