Notre Dame confirms starting QB Golson no longer enrolled at the school

2012 could not have ended any better for Notre Dame Football, producing the school's first undefeated regular season in two decades.

But 2013, it can't start much worse than this.

In news WNDU first reported, starting quarterback Everett Golson is no longer enrolled at the University...

Probability that Notre Dame repeats 2012's run anytime soon:

Don't Count on It

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I have a buddy who is a ND fan and hes really bummed about this one. I told him that I know EXACTLY! how he feels, Marcus Vick 04 and 06. To me it feels like the 2004 MV5 situation with the football side of it not the legal side of things. Golson says he wants to regain the respect of his coaches and teammates and family and re enroll in the winter of 2014. So in that right its nothing like Marcus in a way.


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kudos to notre dame for sticking to their guns and not making up some classes so that the dudes eligible ....not pointing any fingers here... still who wants to take bets as to how low the dudes GPA was?

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

We recruited Golson hard (makes sense, total Tyrod doppleganger), so if he calls us up, would you give him another chance?

(That said, he doesn't fit the Loeffler model well. The kid from Okie State did that better. But, we might be a good place for a transfer QB, sit out a year and get a chance to beat out Leal, Bucky and (hopefully) Parks)

From the sounds of it, he is trying to get back into ND and is just going to wait til next spring semester. Otherwise, I think a lot of schools would come knocking on his door; though some still might anyway.

I believe that when you transfer, you cannot transfer to a school in your conference, or any school that your current coach chooses to prevent you from playing for. If you choose to transfer to one of the schools in your conference or on the coach's list, you must sit out a year.

When Danny O'Brien transferred from UMD to Wiscy, he played immediately.

I didn't look this up, just going off memory, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

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If you transfer to a 1-A school, you sit. O'Brien didn't sit out because he got his Bachelor's degree and transfered to Wiscy to enroll in a graduate program that wasn't offered at Maryland. Same type of deal with Russel Wilson. Pretty sure you generally don't have to sit out a year if you transfer to a 1-AA (FCS) school, but I may have just made that up.

I believe you're right, transferring to I-AA or lower from I-A precludes the need for a redshirt/break year, and allows for immediate playing time.

Ahhh I didn't realize O'Brien was transferring under the Russel Wilson rule. Thanks for clarifying.

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Seen some rumors that the SEC school is Ole Miss