OT: Nebraska Football Continues to Stand Strong behind young Cancer Patient Jack Hoffman

Classy move by the Huskers:

One of the best moments from all of the college football spring games in 2013 was Jack Hoffmans 69-yard dash to the end zone at Nebraska.

Hoffman, who is from Atkinson, Neb., was 7 at the time and battling brain cancer. The video of his touchdown run was something special (goosebumps, as one announcer said).

Although Hoffman had been in remission that unfortunately is no longer the case. Hoffmans teammates at Nebraska sent him best wishes in a video that was posted Wednesday:

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/campus-corner/article...

Some of you might remember Young Jack scoring this TD in their spring game last year:

Good for them, and many of us had friendly and positive interactions with their fanbase back in '08 & '09.

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Great demonstration of humanity. This is great stuff. Hits me in a special place.

My nephew Nick passed away from brain cancer after a year and a half fight this past Easter at the age of 17. Nick's support team was TVs Gator Boys and the Robertson clan - he met most of them (Nick was an avid fisherman, hunter, and loved air-boating with his Dad). Its always nice to see people that get to do special things and get special public attention go out of their way for us normal folks. There is hope for humanity!!

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It hit our family hard too; my mother passed away from it when I was 16. Each year, Tech's Relay for Life really meant something to me.

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