The Reason for the Season - Countdown Edition

Rank the top 5 reasons in your mind in order for why we are 5-6 this season going into the UVa game. #1 is the biggest reason, etc, Try to be specific. Here goes:

#5 - Brewer's regression
#4 - Key defensive injuries - Maddy/Williams/Facyson
#3 - OL - lack of depth due to recruiting woes and injuries, as well as coaching turnover
#2 - Offensive play-calling
#1 - RB injuries - Shai, Marshawn, and Trey were a legitimately big, deep and talented backfield when healthy, but unfortunately we didn't have all 3 at 100% for a single game this year

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I'd bump OL issues to #1, and RB injuries to #2. Without those issues, we'd see better play calling and less pressure on Brewer.

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You can just make "Injuries" the #1. Benedict and Shuman would have seen significant playing time. Then you have of course Edmunds, Shai, and Marshawn plus Wright now, then Maddy, Facyson, and Williams. That's rough all around.

No. 5 BeamerBall? - Game changing (or sealing) kick returns, pick sixes and blocked kicks no longer happen with regularity or at all..

No. 4 Brewer - He dazzled us in the 'Shoe as Vanilla Vick, but that seems to be the outlier performance of his career. His decision making is questionable at best and he struggles to make a lot of high percentage throws.

No. 3 Running back injuries / Lack of a running game - Tech's right back to where it was last season, except Edmunds is injured and the Hokies don't have LT3 to rely on. Am I the only one worried about running back depth next season? Shai is rehabbing his second ACL tear to the same knee in about a calendar year. Marshawn, a kid who struggled to keep his weight in check, is rehabbing an ACL tear of his own. Edmunds is unfortunately injury prone. Tough breaks across the board. I would 100% be on board with Tech trying to spot recruit another 4-star RB in 2015 to come in and compete to play right away. Tech wants to be a team that runs the ball, but ranks 99th in YPG this season, and ranked 110th last year.

No. 2 Lack of offensive identity - It'll never be clear if it's Frank micromanaging Loeffler's vision, Loeffler having an over complicated scheme or spotty play calling by Scot, but the offense never had an identity or a bread and butter core set of plays to fall back on.

No. 1 Offensive line - As a group the unit can't pass block worth a damn. Injuries exposed a lack of depth. Searels having them gain weight didn't help matters. Everything starts up front and you can't win a lot of games with what is probably the worst offensive line in the ACC.

With regards to #3, was DJ Reid a 4-star? Will he be able to start next year? I know that McClease isn't a 4-star (yet), but maybe he can help as a true freshman. Chris Mangus would be set right now if he had stayed.

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5 - Brewer/Leal/Motley. Brewer isn't the guy I hoped he'd be, Leal left, and Motley hasn't had the reps. The whole QB situation hurts us.

4 - Injuries. RBs. Shuman and Benedict. Klein. Maddy? Facyson.

2 - Special Teams. Getting pinned inside the 5 all game vs BC didn't help things. Returning kneel-able kicks to the 12 doesn't help. Blocked kicks.

1 - OL play. Revolving doors. Depth at OL. Talent. Pick something.

I know I skipped 3 I can't think of another one.

Welp tonight at least, all that didn't bite us in the tail. However that could have been due to the proven "London Factor," too...

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