Cutting the cord. Best streaming options?

We are getting ready to 'cut the cord' and have been doing research on the various streaming options out there. I was wondering what everyone's experience was with online streaming (particularly with sports).

We had SlingTV a couple of years ago, but the streaming was atrocious so I'm not excited about going back. YoutubeTV seems to be the best bet based on the sports channels available, but again there are a number of options out there and the reviews are vastly different.

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I have SlingTV now (started a little more than a month ago) and I haven't had much problems with the stream. ESPN streaming was sometimes a little fuzzy but I just use the watchESPN app and the picture is always clear

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I have SlingTV as well and it's worked fine for me. Word of warning, I don't like its interface through my (really old) Roku. It's slow and can be frustrating to switch channels. I mostly just pull it up through the iPad app and send it to the tv with GoogleCast.

using sling for 3 weeks now. 1 roku, 2 fire sticks, 1 xbox. like the roku interface the best.

so far so good. changing between games is going to suck tho.


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I've got Sling, had it ever since someone from this forum recommended a free trial so I could watch one of those tech games that was only airing on ESPN3. When it's not football or basketball season, I dont use Sling much, i've thought about cancelling it during the offseason.

Here are a few thoughts.. Blackouts still exist regionally, there have been multiple times where I was unable to stream because of my geotag and local television rights. It's a big crock of horseshit if you ask me.. would be way too slow if I was using a VPN on top of this to mask my location.

I have multiple chrome casts, gen 1 and 2, these do not stream Sling very well, especially ESPN.

I have a Amazon firestick and that thing works great for Sling streams. I pay $25 a month and have all of the stuff I actually watch, less the local channels. I really miss the locals, mainly due to Football and news. The HD antenna doesn't get a lick of reception in my town.

I've also got Netflix, and I use that Firestick with the Kodi app and TV-Add-Ons to stream all the stuff I want.

Playstation vue. Had it for 2 weeks and will cancel after college fb season. Month to month is great, and it works great so far.

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Ditto, Vue was legit and affordable for the channels you get in my experience. I only cancelled because my roommates still wanted a cable sub


I've used SlingTV and DirectvNow (free trial). Both were alright but killed my data usage set by my cable company. In the end I'm not sure that I'm coming out any cheaper than bundling my internet and tv.

The biggest problem I have is that even with a decent antenna, I can't pick up or stream ABC from Blacksburg. It's not a big deal until a game is on I want to watch like the West Virginia Game. So far I haven't found a stream that provides local channels from SW Virginia.

Now its really making sense why they are putting those data caps on home wifi.

Yeah, that was our major struggle when we tried this. With all of the TV we were streaming, plus my husband's online gaming habit, we kept getting slammed with data overages from Shentel, which negated the savings. Overall it just made sense to haggle with DirecTV (we placed the account on hold while we tried out all the options). When I threatened to cancel due to price, they offered me $50 a month off for a year....and I fully intend to do the exact same thing when that 12 months runs out.

While we were trying everything out though, Sling was terrible for us, but we had great success with Playstation Vue quality wise.

Assuming ESPN doesn't change anything with this upcoming season you can watch all the ABC games through WatchESPN. That is how I have done it with sling the past two seasons.

Can you watch them live? I seem to faintly recall having issues with doing this last season. When I tried to watch a game that was on ABC, it wouldn't let me. The next day I was able to watch it on the WatchESPN app, though. I'm not sure if that was a glitch, or if they have to wait 24 hours before making those available to stream.

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Yep no issues watching them live.

What internet provider do you have?

That is really illegal what they are doing. They can do that for phones, but not home internet as it violates net neutrality legislation.


Nope, its not illegal.

What do you mean by "net neutrality legislation" btw? AFAIK there is no such legislation, just FCC rules. The only rule on data caps is "you have to tell your customers there is a data cap (if you have over 250k customers)".

Shentel and I don't think it's illegal but when it's the only internet option they can do what they want. $99 a month for 500GB a month.

Unfortunately the net neutrality legislation simply means that a company can't discriminate against a website, they can charge you for going over, just not out of the blue make TKP load slower than ESPN because ESPN pays them money.

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Um... what?

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I have sling, hulu and netflix. Saving about $40 a month over the cable package we had plus I can watch stuff anywhere so i am good with it the minor limitations of not having shows right away (I used to dvr anything anyway because most of what I watch is on past my bedtime). I did not have any of the movie channels (hbo, showtime, etc) before so I am behind on a shows like GOT and Ray Donovan until the new season comes out on Netflix but I am good with that. It is really what you are comfortable with.

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I actually just hopped back on the cable train yesterday. ...for football season.. I watch way too much football to reliably depend on streaming services.

YouTube is probably your best option.

I have tried out 3 of the streaming services: SlingTV, PS Vue and Hulu Live TV. One of my requirements for sports was CSN for Caps games (and occasionally VT basketball). Of the 3 services, Vue and Hulu both offer CSN.

I like having the normal Hulu service alongside Live TV but the interface is extremely confusing. They integrate both services together so you really don't know what is live. Vue has a traditional TV guide so it makes channel surfing much easier.

If you really only care about sports then Sling TV for $25 is your best value. If you want more than just sports than I would have to recommend Hulu over Sling just because you get the regular Hulu service included for the same cost ($40).

All the services offer a 1 week trial so just try out various options until you find the one you like best.

Sling also offers CSN

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I hope I am able to get the Caps games on CSN. My only fear (and maybe someone can confirm) is that I won't be able to because when I tried to watch the redskins preseason game last week, Sling didn't stream it

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I cut the cord in April and have used DirecTV Now since then. At first the streaming quality was terrible, and ever so often it would be unwatchable due to all the skipping/buffering. I was about to switch services but it seems that they've ironed out the problems last month because now it's flawless. And it looks pretty sharp too. I'm using Amazon Fire equipment (FireTV and Fire Stick) which were notorious for DTVN streaming, but I'm a happy camper with their service now. Took a while to get used to no DVR functionality, but I can stream most of the shows I miss using other external network apps or using their "Rewind" feature. And this week, DTVN just added the local ABC network live to the lineup, so I'll be able to watch whatever featured games are showing on there. Not sure if this is a regional thing (I live in Chesapeake) or nationwide.

Also, HBO for just $5 extra (which includes HBO Go) is pretty darn nice.

Here's a website that tells you which streaming platform the games will be on.

Where can I watch my team?

That's not totally accurate. I was able to watch the W&M game on YoutubeTV.

It was on "ACC Network Extra", which is free for anyone in the nation to stream regardless of TV package (unless it's blacked out in your area due to a local broadcast). It's a pretty confusing system for this season. But, I expect that it'll be right for at least most of the rest of the games.

After using all of the normal options, I went the alternative route. I've used XMBC/KODI for a good while, especially during football season. I've been using StreamRoyale (Superchillin) as of late.

Cutting the cable and ramping up the internet speed really worked out. Now the UCLA grad-housing has free cable so I'm just doing the regular internet, with good results.

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How's the quality? I used to use SportsDevil but found it increasingly difficult to get a quality stream.

I usually tried finding streams with Acestream which usually had pretty good quality. You can get the stand alone player for Windows/Linux or get the add-on for Kodi.

SopCast is an option too.

I've been using Roku with good results. Either that or I just cast from phone apps to the TV. Probably would have had better results last year, but my internet package wasn't very good (read: I was ripping internet with an extender from the main lobby of the building I live in). As I told my girlfriend, it's not stealing if it's already free in the lobby. Set up a new internet package this year, but now I have to convince the girlfriend to keep the 300+ mb download through football season.

I've used Sling for the last two years or so. Got it shortly after it came out. They had their growing pains but I've had no major issues for the last year or so. My only gripe is when I go to watch some sort of on-demand content I sometimes have to go force stop the app on my Fire TV and restart it. They also change the app every couple of months sometimes the tweaks are just minor but it annoys both the wife and I. Maybe we are just getting old.

If you are just looking for ESPN, they are probably the best deal, but if you want Fox channels I think Vue or Youtube might be cheaper.

DirecTV Now on Roku. Love the interface and haven't had any real issues. As an ATT unlimited choice wireless customer, I'm supposed to get $25 credit each month on what is only a $35 service. So assuming that happens, the price is hard to beat. Also have an OTA antenna for local stations (Raleigh/Durham area) as only ABC is live streamed on DTV Now.

Had SlingTV last year. It was OK. Was on the $20 plan and bumped it up $5 to add ESPNU at some point. I don't have ESPNU on DTV, so that may be an issue.

I can't watch ESPN on my Roku because they ask for my cable subscription account number, which I don't have because that's whole goddamn reason I cut the cord. ESPN is going to go down fighting to desperately cling on to that 2006 model that made them billions. It's whoever blinks first at this point, the millions leaving cable or the fat cat execs in Bristol CT. Screw ESPN.

Can you not subscribe to ESPN streaming, or is that not up and running yet?

I've had sling and PS Vue. PS Vue is way better. Highly recommend it.

I second this. I haven't had any other services, so can't comment on those.

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Get an antenna if you live in a major city. I get over 50 channels in Atlanta, at least half are HD. Won't work as well if you're not in a major city.

I also have an AppleTV, but right now, ROKU is the most popular between AppleTv, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast and ROKU.

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What kind of Antenna are you using?


I'm about 12 miles from DC and I am using this antenna indoors and receive around 40 channels. The quality is great on the HD channels and I haven't had any issues with it. When I was looking for antennas, the recommendations were pretty much that the antenna doesn't matter as much as the location you are going to put it in. So no need to spend a lot on an antenna as long as you find a good spot to place it.

I just cut my tv service a few weeks ago and found this site really helpful, Figure out which channels you want to have and it will match you to the best streaming options.

Also, others have mentioned the free trials above and I will say that those are by far the best way to figure out which service is best for you. Just make sure you cancel on time. I tried Sling, PS Vue, Hulu, Youtube and DirectTV Now their free trials. Here are some things I learned through my experience with each (not a comprehensive list but the major pros/cons I noticed for each one):
-Sling TV had the best combination of channels that we needed - sports plus kids. It has the Viacom networks so it has Nick Jr to distract the kids. The one drawback is that you are limited to one stream on the Orange set of channels at a time. So I cannot watch ESPN while the kids watch Nick Jr. in another room. You can get around this by using either the Nick Jr. app or Watch ESPN app so it's a small inconvenience. You can get it through pretty much any internet connected device.
- I liked PS Vue app the most but it's DVR can only save programs for 28 days. It's an unlimited amount of shows though. It's an issue when kids ask for a specific episode of one of their shows and you cannot play it since PS deleted it. Also, doesn't have the Viacom channels - if it did, I would be using their service and just get over the time limit on the DVR. Obviously, it's not available on Xbox One but is on all of the other major devices.
-Hulu TV had the worst app out all of them. There wasn't a standard TV guide and the live tv channels were buried in the menus. My wife and I hated the way the app was set up. Available on most devices already with others coming soon (Roku and Samsung).
-DirecTV Now doesn't have a DVR so I cancelled it immediately. I've heard that they now have a beta DVR out but it's only accessible to certain customers (I think AT&T customers only).
-Youtube TV is only supported on a few devices. No Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One or Roku support so this was a disappointment for me (I've got one TV hooked up to a Fire TV box and another connected to Xbox).

The quality of the streaming has been great for all of the services. I think the largest factor for this is your ISP. I have Fios and I rarely have issues with internet. If your ISP is unreliable or routinely has drops in speed then you are going to be really frustrated with streaming. If you are going to have multiple streams at once, make sure you have enough bandwidth. The standard seems to be 5 mbps per stream unless you are streaming 4K content which needs 25 mbps per stream.

Im personally holding out for the Verizon Streaming service that should be coming out this year...once it comes out I'll debate on keeping Fios or switching.

Care to fill us in on this I didn't know Verizon was doing something like this?

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Still haven't seen an official announcement about it, but their CEO did mention something about their plans. Makes sense, considering that the other two major non-cable TV providers are introducing similar services (Dish with Sling, AT&T/DirecTV with DirecTV Now). A little late to the party, but certainly a way to leverage their large mobile market share by offering bundle discounts if they combine it with the streaming services.

I started the cord cutting with DirectTV Now because my wife and I have ATT and it was free streaming over the network. It was okay, lot of streaming issues at peak times and the guide was pretty crappy.

We switched over to Sling TV and it was pretty great, the new UI they released about a month ago is much better than it was when Sling first came out. I used Sling over FireStick and over Roku 4 and it worked really well. The only exception was during the NBA Finals. They just werent ready for that much was incredibly frustrating because the picture would freeze and then the audio would keep going, then the the picture would jump ahead to catch up with the audio. Incredibly frustrating. The lack of local channels and blackouts for certain sporting events (games on WDCA and abc/cbs were either blacked out or not available in general). That sucked. Soooo we switched again to YouTubeTV, mainly to get local channels.

YouTubeTV has been pretty great so far. Got all the local channels and the unlimited cloud DVR is great. Only two downsides we've seen so far is that there are 1) certain things that are on but that you can only watch on tv, not on mobile (so you have to cast it to a Chromecast in order to watch) and 2) LOT of commercials. Especially on DVRd things. Sling and DirectTVNow had much fewer commercials both during live programming and on DVR.

So for right now, I'd say Sling and YouTubeTV are your best options. YouTubeTV is the clear choice if you need abc/cbs. If you can live without those channels I would give Sling a chance again.

I've been enjoying the quality of YouTube TV, because YouTube knows how to stream high quality video... but I haven't had it for a season yet so we'll see how many games I actually get on ESPN3. I'm ready to kick the Sling subscription back on as needed if I have to.

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I must be a dinosaur. I already pay for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO on Amazon, but have kept Fios for the live sports. I watch everything. Soccer, Europeague basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc, Should I keep FIOS for the football season, and trim back the rest? Strongly considering PS Vue, I just want my live sports. So far, it's cheaper right now to keep cable, and VZ has explained keeping just the internet will skyrocket my price, maybe a way for them to keep monetizing off cord cutting?

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I hear you. The only reason we haven't cut the cord is sports.

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I've been cord free for +4 years. Can honestly say we've never had a moment where we wished we had cable. In fact when we visit friends with cable it feels like we're going back in time. Why the heck are you guys paying $150-350 a month for this crap?

Monthly costs: Internet $40 per month, Netflix $8, occasional Amazon rental $5 for kids (damn paw patrols)...around $50-60 per month.

Fixed Costs: Roku stick $29 and HD antenna $25

We use HD antenna + Roku stick. Found it had the best flexibility. We're Amazon prime customers so get all the prime entertainment, which Apple wouldn't allow at the time. (not sure if they do now) Have a subscription to Netflix and "borrow" password for HBO GO and Watch ESPN.

Note: we're going to purchase the HBO pass and will buy ESPN once they offer. Feel like we need to support the business model we're encouraging by paying for a la carte these services.

They have tons of other channels, including sling TV.

I also use Chromecast for random sporting events I can only watch on the internet.

One callout is the HD antenna which is great for local news and basic cable. I don't watch American Ninja warrior or the voice, but my wife would die without it. The antenna was like $15 bucks and quality is damn good.


H2okie03, I'm about to move to another place and will be cutting the cord. May I inquire where you get internet for $40 a month? thanks!

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It's a shame that to get internet at a reasonable price, you have to live at a property that has access to both cable and fiber. There was one place I lived where we didn't have access to fiber, and the best deal available was $70 for 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up through Comcast, while I knew someone less than a mile away who could pay $50/month for their choice of 50 down and 50 up on Fios or 50 down and 5 up on Comcast. Competition is a hell of a drug.

I could go on about this topic but I'm afraid it would quickly get political...

Yup. I'm close enough to a FiOS area to get the ads, not close enough for the service. It's brutal.

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I started Comcast at $39.99 and then bumped over to Verizon $39.99 for 50/50 mbps up and down.

I live in Summit, NJ about 40min outside NYC.


Nice town, Summit.

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Based on the info you provided, you really aren't accurately portraying your costs when you say $50-60 per month. The most obvious point being HBO and ESPN are two of the most expensive content providers so "borrowing" both of them is essentially reducing your costs by a minimum of $24/month (HBO NOW is already available and costs $15/month; the ESPN networks cost over $9/month thru cable providers). Also you stated you use Chromecast to watch random sporting events. Are these events freely streamed by the rights' owners or are these also "borrowed"?

The cost of most content has become fairly clear at this point. There are plenty of areas with limited provider options that lead to content becoming vastly overpriced but those people wouldn't have access to unlimited internet for $40 either.

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I've been considering this for a while now, my only hesitation is for football and basketball season...will I still be able to catch all the games I normally would?

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Yes, you should be able to watch the games. Do a little research first though - which which teams do you want to watch? Look at the link above that ohherro posted, it will help you with figuring out football. The streaming services have the ESPN channels (will also give you access to WatchESPN), Fox Sports and NBC Sports. An HD antenna will get you free access to OTA HD channels so you can get Sunday NFL games on NBC, FOX and CBS that way too. There is also CBS All Access which gives you NFL games and any college football and basketball games that they have.

I just cut back my subscription on Sling from both orange and blue to just blue.... The only reason I had orange was for the ESPN's but I now just use my parents log in info from their Fios account and use watchESPN. If you can get somebodies else's cable log in credentials, it is totally unnecessary to have Sling TV orange.

For some reason, the ESPN's streams kept going in and out between fuzzy and clear.... became extremely frustrating even with 300 mbps speed. The watchESPN app always gives me a clear picture and now I only pay $25/month (vs. $40) for cable.

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I cut Dish Network in May. They asked me why I was cancelling my contract and I lie to y'all not when I say I had to tell them five times because every time I told them I found a cheaper option they would say "I'm sorry you're breaking up." But it was fine whenever I said can you hear me now or I'd like to cancel my contract.

Regardless, we have Playstation Vue. Even with the recent price increase we are still saving $75/month (used that to buy me a sweet lawnmower) and I get ESPN/2/U, FS1/2, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, CSN, BTN, etc. I'll add the $10/month sports pack to get redzone too. I love it. The stream is always great. I use a FireTV with a wired connection to help. The DVR is excellent. I compared Sling, Vue, and DirecTV now and Vue seemed to be the best deal and when I first tried sling it was so buggy. Only thing I'm waiting for that *should* be coming after the price increase is more locals in the Roanoke Valley Area.

TLDR: Vue.

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My question to Sling TV users as I have only had sling for 2 months.... what do you do for sports on abc and cbs? do you still get all the games with watchESPN app since its still a espn broadcasts on abc? and what about cbs/sec games/afc games?

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ABC games are available through WatchESPN.

CBS games I was able to get through the CBS Sports App. The games actually on CBS (Both SEC and AFC) didn't require a login, but the games on CBS Sports did require a login.

This of course is all based on last season, so it could be different this season. It wouldn't surprise me if CBS goes the way of Fox and starts requiring a login for everything.

Does Fox require a login for things broadcast over the air? I could have sworn that I just streamed a USA soccer game a few weeks ago without having to login.

I know had to login (using my parents comcast login) either for NFL games or BIG Ten games last year that were OTA broadcasts, but it could have changed since then.

Need to get my antenna up and working so I don't have to worry about OTA games any more.

Since my parents get the DC stations and I get the Richmond stations, I tried to use their cable credentials to get one of the NFL games that was being shown up there but not here.

It didn't work for some reason on their end, but that means that they use the login to determine which game to send you.

I had forgotten that part, but I assume that national broadcasts are still free for anybody in the US.

I cut my cord last year. I just go to the bar. I think it is actually significantly more expensive.

I never thought of it that way. A couple of drinks at the bar plus some food a few times a year is way less than $100 a month for a year, though I suppose that depends on your drinking/spending habits.

To be clear I cut the cord the years ago, just always felt like the bar was expensive as well.

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A few years ago I was living in Chicago, and as a Steelers fan I didn't get many games out there. I probably spent over $200 on food and drinks during the season watching games at the bar. The next year I signed up for DirecTV so I could get Sunday Ticket for free for 2 years.

I've experienced similar cost issues with the bar. But then I remembered I also occasionally watched games at the bar when I had the cord. So, I will call that a wash.

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Before you pick a service make sure you have QoS enabled (if available) for your wireless router. A lot of times bad streaming is actually due to buffer bloat.

Y'all can downvote me if you want but im about to speak that dam truth:

You aren't legitimately a cord cutter if you use someone else's Comcast login to stream ESPN. You're just a bum who is taking advantage of a temporary loophole and someone else's subscription payment.

Signed: a bum who is taking advantage of a temporary loophole and someone else's subscription payment.

In all seriousness, I made my own antenna for $5 and only ever watch football on the networks. Stream ESPN with a friend's login for other games or just listen to John and Mike.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

bum here as well! lol

in today's word of charging people out the ass, if you can get a loophole to save you money, I applaud you... and give me your secrets :)

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Can you post a picture of said antenna?

Asking for a friend...

Is coronavirus over yet?

No I can't because I ain't crawling back up into my attic :-P.

Basically this. Except I used some extra 14 gauge copper I had lying around and sandwiched it between some 1/8" lexan from the dumpster at work. I only paid for the transformer/coaxial converter. Also, I didn't put a reflector on the back because I have stations coming from east and west and that would have made it unidirectional.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Semi related. Any chance there's a way a guy (and his wife) can stream games online for free from Uganda.... Asking for a friend

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Check out the CFBstreams and NFLstreams subreddits. Also, learn to use Kodi. While not necessary, it's even better with the Acestream or SopCast addons. Youtube and a bit of Googling should set you up pretty well. I spent 6 years serving overseas and these methods were a lifesaver.

My prediction: In 10 years, folks are going to pine for the days before cord cutting. All cord cutting is doing is providing opportunities for new entrants to ultimately give you less for more.

What you mean to say is that cord cutting is allowing for innovation and competition to enter the Content Provider market. At least for the time being, most of what is available is "less for less", but if you want everything that's available then of course you're paying more overall.

It will be telling what the landscape will look like once things start settling out over the next 5-10 years.

I'm hoping that eventually, they'll break the cable company cabal, and we can order what we want.

Right now I feel like I support a lot of channels so I can get the handful I actually watch, in addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

ISP, cable, what's the dif? Accessing Internet should be free.

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I am so jealous of all you non-Comcast people, that's all I have to say.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Being someone forced to use Time Warner, I am so jealous of all you Comcast people. Just not nearly as much as I am of those who have escaped Big Cable as a whole.

the difference between comcast and cox in negligible. Slightly better customer service for Cox but pricing might even be a little higher.

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If you're actually paying for it, isn't cord cutting getting to the point where it's actually more expensive than a cable subscription, especially to find a reliable service. I just grab my parents log in for their Dish because they didn't even know you could stream things like that and I hate seeing valuable device logins go to waste, but just moved places and we were having the "cord cutting" discussion. Once you add on all the goodies (HBO, Netflix, Sunday Ticket ect), doesn't it rival if not exceed that of cable bundles where with a little persistence on the phone you can get that stuff at no added cost?

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To be fair, HBO and Sunday Ticket are both addons to a typical package anyway. If you're talking about people that have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and SlingTV, then I have no idea why they are the way they are. I mean, we have Prime for the numerous benefits it offers, and we share a 4-stream Netflix subscription with the in-laws, but Hulu becomes almost completely redundant.

There's also the argument that you can always sign up for a month at a time, and rotate subscriptions as you need, as long as you don't care about being a month or two behind on some of the new releases.

I get what your saying. I balk at some of higher end streaming packages that some companies offer.

One thing to keep in mind when factoring the costs is what the person already has in addition to the cable/sat subscription. A lot of people cutting the cord already have Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. That was actually the primary driver of me dropping the cable subscription. We spent a lot more time watching Netflix and Prime than cable, but we were paying a hell of a lot more per month for cable. I dropped cable for the base sling (orange) package. It has most of the channels the wife and I frequently watch, but it only costs $20 vs $60+ for cable. There are a few channels I miss like Discovery and Fx. But those alone aren't worth the cost. A lot of the FX shows end up on Netflix or Prime anyways.

Even if someone goes for one of the more expenive streaming packages they may still come out ahead. One of the bigger cost savings can come in the equipment and fees section of the bill. If you have 3+ TVs in the house that can add up pretty quickly with a cable/sat subscription. Even if you have to say buy 3 streaming devices at $100 (you can get them for much cheaper than that though) a pop you already probably coming out ahead after 1-2 years. Many cord cutters likely already own at least a couple streaming devices anyways.

Bumping this because in the last couple of weeks there's been some new markets added to YouTube TV including the Roanoke-Lynchburg market and I wanted to see if anyone was jumping ship. I'm on Vue right now and as much as I love the UI and quality it's more expensive for less locals. I didn't mind the price bump since it was supposed to get me more locals but it's been 5 months and still only WDBJ.

In the Roanoke-Lynchburg Market:

Vue has CBS only.
DirecTV Now has CBS, ABC, and NBC
Hulu Live has CBS and Fox
YouTube TV has NBC, ABC, and Fox

Since YouTube TV typically launches when most of their locals are avaliable in the market, I'm confident they will get CBS soon especially considering they have deals with every other service. If they had HGTV and DIY it'd be perfect, though it's not a huge need for me.

Though it's a difficult decision, I love having the ability to switch like this at will. It's so refreshing.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

nah, as soon as I make the jump, Shentel will throttle the hell out of YouTube or charge me extra to stream or something [DUCKS]

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..


That's who I've got. The data cap hit me hard this football season but that was because my Xbox downloaded big patches for the X1X stuff.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I have had YouTube tv since the start of the football season. It's amazing because I can record anything I want and I have unlimited space. Downside is the minute I travel out of market the major four won't air live events. Also whenever we played on the shitty ACC Network I couldn't find the game because it was on obscure local channel and blocked on the ESPN app. That being said YouTube tv is still worth it in my mind

Edit especially once they got an app for the Xbox one. The casting from my phone was getting really annoying

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Why are locals so important to you? Can you not get the same channels by just using an antenna? I am guessing it is the convenience of having everything in one place?

I am not really a fan of the strategy of adding locals to the cord cutting packages and driving up the prices. I would rather them keep prices lower without locals. Then again I am using a Fire TV so my local channels are all included into one interface without having to change inputs or anything so it is pretty easy.

I can't pick up any locals due to my location. My house sits at the foot of a small mountain that makes it nearly impossible to pick up a signal. I posted my TV Fool report to r/cordcutters one day and we came to the conclusion that I was SOL for an antenna.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Sincerely the FCC.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

At the FCC, not you...

(I might have to steal this for references to the FCC Chair, I'm that mad at the decision guy.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Well, there in all likelihood be a "best" streaming option. That option will just will likely soon be tied to your service provider.

Freedom of choice for the consumer will be lost for freedom of choice for the provider. It sucks. But at least you'll get to choose which provider to contract with (depending on providers in your area), that will ultimately take you to the woodshed!

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

Man, I keep hearing this "choose your provider" stuff. Where do you guys live that you even have a choice?

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Anywhere Verizon Fios or another fiber provider is available which is unfortunately very limited based on land area (mostly concentrated in the Northeast I-95 corridor, DC and southern Cal).

I'm not well versed in the net neutrality issue, but isn't that part of the idea behind the change (in theory)? To encourage infrastructure development and not continue the ma bell model that had us using the same technology and lines for the better part of the 20th century?

In theory government regulation was "preventing investment". I suppose because since companies couldn't hold content providers hostage for huge sums of money, they couldn't then take those huge sums and invest them. Provided, of course, that they would have any reason to actually invest those profits, which seems unlikely, since there really isn't any competition.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

It just seems to me that govt regulation was just putting it's finger on the scale for content providers like Netflix.

It just seems to me thst everyone is seeing this in static, narrow terms of today's technology and their Netflix/Hulu cost going up. But I don't see how this won't benefit consumers in the long run in ways we can't even imagine right now.

But what do I know.

The problem is almost every broadband ISP is also some sort of content provider. Eliminating net neutrality lets your ISP tip the scales heavily in their favor. The start up costs for an ISP pretty much rule out new entrants to the market so it not something the free market can sort out. Just a couple of not so far fetched scenarios since this a cord cutting threads.

AT&T could tank Sony Vue, Sling etc streaming services to help push DirectTV now

Comcast could tank Amazon Prime, Netflix for Hulu. They could also tank CBS all access and ABC/Disney future streaming services for some future NBC Universal streaming service.

It gives service providers the ability to control what you see and do on the internet. How on Earth anyone can see this is a positive is beyond me.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

In theory, if an ISP crosses some line. It will pay for it by losing business to the competition. Of course, that's not the way the internet access infrastructure works, but why let facts get in the way?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

For real, I have two choices satellite dish or antenna. No cable, no broadband.

yea, that last sentence was sarcastic. Where I live, I have one DSL option and one fiber optics option. Not really a choice.

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

Yeah so finally cut the cord got sling and my wallet is absolutely loving it but now I'm waiting for the net neutrality to mess that all up we shall see

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Damn I didn't mean for this to become an extension of the Net Neutrality thread. Sorry folks.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

SlingTV is out as a good streaming option if you are on Comcast. I had been using SlingTV all season but it started to jump and skip constantly about a month ago.

This week when I went to WatchESPN, which was logged into my SlingTV account, it has been changed to be logged into Xfinity. I can't log back into WatchESPN with my SlingTV account anymore.

I watched some bowl games yesterday on WatchESPN (those that are on ABC are free) and it worked fine. But then I switched over to the SlingTV app to watch the ESPN bowls (I pay for ESPN through SlingTV, not Comcast) and it's a total disaster. It skips and jumps so often it is totally unwatchable.

Hmm - I watched the UK/VT game yesterday on ESPN 2 through Sling (via Roku) without issue.

I was running via Amazon Fire TV

I tried Sling when it first came out and it was awful so I haven't gone back. Hulu added WSLS so I gave them a try. I really enjoy it other than 30 fps. Once they get that fixed I think I'll stick with it.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

SlingTV was and has continually been awful. But you could use the credentials to log into WatchESPN.

Now, sadly that option is gone

Hmmm, No issues for me with Sling on Charter. Watched part of the b-ball game and whatever bowl game was on last night, no issues.

ETA. Just signed out and in of watch ESPN with my Sling account. No issues.

@HoaT, are you running through WiFi (I assume you are) or ethernet (hardwire)? I had problems with my Roku trying to use WiFi, but since I hard wired with ethernet (through one of those ethernet over electrical lines gadgets), I generally don't have too many issues (CBS All Access, excluded - but that's only live so I suspect it is my local affiliate's ability to stream well.)

Odd, I'm seeing the opposite problem. I tried to watch the VT-UK squeakyhoops game on the WatchESPN app through Roku this weekend, and it was totally unwatchable. The video kept freezing up while the audio (mostly) kept up. I exited that app and turned it on ESPN2 through the SlingTV app and it worked great.

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I've had Playstation Vue since the beginning of the season and will cancel it once the BCS championship concludes. It's useful, but the interface is still pretty clunky and slow...although that might be because I'm on a PS3 and not a PS4.

Interesting.... We had Vue on the AppleTV and the interface was about as good or better than that of any other streaming service. Could very well be an issue with the PS3

Is coronavirus over yet?

We had it with a FireTV box (not stick) and it was great. I only dropped it due to the price hike + not enough locals + taking channels away.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Bumping this for the new season. What is everyone using these days?

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A HD antenna paired with my parents' Verizon Fios credentials for Watch ESPN. Being a moocher is nice.

YouTube TV. Local channels, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, FS1, MLB Network, NBA TV, on-demand movies. Unlimited DVR space, so you could technically record every single college football game this season.

The DVR is clutch. I had Sling last season and their DVR offering leaves a lot to be desired.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

also has cbs sports which I believe the ECU game will be on.

Second, it's great. You also get access to WatchESPN so you can legally watch all of the ESPN3 games.


So I called them once to get info on their DVR, they will remove old stuff you have not watched in the past 90 days. Just a heads up

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Still using Sling via a Roku. I did add an HD antenna since I am in a metro area with access to HD singals from CBS, ABC and NBC. Fox doesn't come in but i can stream it via sling (the actual local Fox affiliate.) I still have CBS All Access for on demand access to their content (we watch a lot of CBS so this makes sense for us.)

Interested in people's opinions on YouTube TV.

Friend's Cox Communications credentials. I got DirecTV Now for $10/mo for 3 months for the NCAA Tourney and the NHL playoffs since there was a channel or two missing, but it was a pretty terrible experience. Should have learned my lesson after my experience years ago with their mediocre satellite service.

Youtube TV has been good for me. I get just about every sport I'd want to watch and the DVR is great. The phone app has been a little buggy but everything seems to run fine using my computer and a chromecast.

Another emphatic vote for YouTubeTV here. All of the ESPNs and all of the other sports networks, so all of the Hokie games. Plus local ABC, NBC, CBS,and Fox channels so the wife and I can watch local news in the morning for weather and traffic. Unlimited DVR, only caveat is that the recordings will only be retained for 9 months.

All of the TVs in the house have a Chromecast (YouTube TV suggests at least a generation 2) and a Samsung Blu-ray attached, so we can watch YouTubeTV, Netflix, Amazon, Movies Anywhere (formerly Disney Now), and HBONow anywhere in the house. I bought a tablet to use as a "remote" so I can also watch any of these platforms on the tablet.

So far we have been fine with 50Mbps through FiOS, but two of the Chromecasts (Ultras) and two of the Blu-rays are hard-wired to the router so the wi-fi doesn't have to do all of the work.

I couldn't be happier with YouTubeTV. You find out quickly how many junk channels that typical cable has that you won't miss. YouTubeTV was smart to include all of the regional sports channels. The only thing I miss is the NFLNetwork.

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Add another tentative vote for YoutubeTV. We have been really pleased with it so far, but this being our first football season with it, I'm withholding my final verdict.

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Has anyone tried Hulu Live TV yet? They look really appealing for non-geographically located families that share cable sub credentials already. $39.99 base package, then $14.99 on top of that for unlimited devices. Seems to make sense if you already pay for Hulu at $11.99/mo or whatever.

I'll be trying out YouTube TV, PS Vue, Hulu Live TV, and Sling this fall. I've got cable credentials, but the ESPN app has been such utter trash the last couple years that I am considering paying for one of the TV streaming services instead of using WatchESPN for everything.

I just started using Hulu Live TV. Streams are good and the interface is seamless, just like it is for the on demand subscriptions. I get more sports channels than I know what to do with (in the waning days of the offseason I've caught up with Purdue and Alabama's training camp stories lol): ESPN, (2), (U), (News), FS1&2, SECN, BTN, local channels, CBSSN, and some other regional sports networks. Seems to be good so far.

I'm doing the hulu live thing now, had it for maybe 2 months. Really been enjoying it, although the user interface isn't the best. Wish it had a better guide. But overall, good. We'll see how it is come football season

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Check the local lineup before pulling the trigger. I cancelled it after a month after discovering I only received 1 of my locals (Fox). I didn't have NBC, ABC, or CBS.

I'm in Charleston and get NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS on a digital antenna very reliably, so not too worried about local channels, but definitely something to consider if I'm traveling (like I am for the first month of the season...) and want to use the service. Def need CBS for Auburn primetime games.

We have been using it for about 2 months now and we really like it. The channel package is perfect for us and the sports package is solid (ESPN, 2, U, and News, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, FS1, FS2, Golf, BTN, SEC Network and the NBC Washington channel here in Richmond so all of the Redskins coverage is there). The only channel I have thought about missing was the NFL network but that is just for these few preseason games so I am not sweating it at all. 50 hours of cloud DVR is nice too. We only use the base package but it is just my wife and I so we don't need more than 2 devices. Here in Richmond, we get all of the local channels except ABC but we got a digital antenna with our fire stick and it gets ABC just fine.

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Hulu won't let you watch outside of your home zip code on "living room devices" (fire stick, apple tv, etc.); however, chromecasts are considered mobile devices, so you can use them anywhere.

I just found that out this weekend when trying to stream in OBX. You can change your home zip 4 times and then I guess it locks.

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

Direct TV Now, paired with the Apple 4k TV device, is GOLD (They have a deal where you pay the first 4 months up front and get the device free)(streaming through Chromecast wasn't the best). The streaming far exceeds my expectations, and I'm in love with the GUI's within each streaming app. There's a bug here or there, and the remote takes some getting used to, but the DVR functionality works great, and the basic package at $40 gives me all the channels my wife and I need and then some. We just picked up ABC in our area, so now I have absolutely no need for a digital antenna. Both ESPNs, NBCSN, Fox1, and all the critical channels for the shows that we tend to watch. Satisfied all the way around.

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I tried DirecTV Now and hated every minute of it. Granted, we didn't get the Apple TV, so if that works better then good for you. We already have about 8 internet-connected devices in the living room, so no reason for a Chromecast our similar streaming service, but the one device that had a DirecTV Now app was a buggy mess, and the in-browser experience on PC and Linux was somehow significantly worse (stream quality was awful and would occasionally cut out for a minute, and if you wanted to change the channel you had to click through one by one, the guide page didn't work at all). The Android app didn't work for me at all, but that's because they don't allow it to run on rooted devices. At one point I tried it on a friend's Chromecast, but it wasn't much better.

We got it for $10/mo for 3 months because our friend's Cox account didn't include a couple channels we needed to watch the NCAA Tournament and the NHL playoffs, but since it was brutally obvious that they didn't care about their customers' experience (Twitter was full of similar anecdotes whenever I searched) I feel no reason to ever spend my money there again.

Completely agree with all you're saying, but once I got the Apple device I never looked back. I honestly considered cancelling the service within the first couple of days, because the Android app and the browser experience was terrible with my streaming devices (Chromecast gen1/gen2). But something about Apple TV made it incredibly intuitive in my opinion. I know a lot of these views could be the regional streaming performance, seeing as I live in Utah. But honestly I will never look back, and no other streaming option fulfills all of my channel needs quite like the base package that DTVN provides.

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

Im glad someone bumped this as I was going to ask about this with football season right around the corner.

I'ved used Sling TV and PS Vue.... Sling was awful as the picture would go in and out of a clear picture often, plus a lot of the times, the stream to live lag was too big for me, I noticed it on New Years eve when the clock hit midnight but the countdowns on the news channels had like 30 seconds. The audio to video sometimes wouldn't matchup. I know it's the cheapest but I will never go back to them.

PS Vue was great, went with the Core package but they raised the price from $45 to $50, which pissed me off because I am a squeaker lol but I mainly dropped them in June because hockey and basketball was over and don't really care about baseball until the playoffs.

So I have been leaning towards YouTube TV because all I hear is great things about them. My questions for you guys derive from the problems I have had with previous streaming companies...

1) How is the lag from streaming to actual live TV?
2) Does the audio matchup with the video you are watching?

Thanks in advance!

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We've only had YoutubeTV since around the end of January, but we haven't had any audio matchup issues. The streams run a few seconds behind live TV from what I have seen. We have had very minimal issues with the stream itself lagging. Overall, we've been really pleased. Our first football season with it will be the real test.

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I think I am going to end up going with YouTube TV. The fact that it's $40/month and you get all the ESPN's and Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS is a winner for me. When PS Vue told me they were taking away ABC, that didn't sit right with me and they wanted to charge me $50/month.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Sports was the only thing that held us back from cutting the cord. When we moved and saw that YoutubeTV was available in our area it was hard to pass up with its lineup. At the time we joined, they didn't have CBS, but now that they have picked that up I feel that it's just as good, if not better, than our DirecTV package sports wise.

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1. Slight delay, from live TV, but we're talking seconds. Buffering issues for the most part are nonexistent since I've paired Direct TV Now with the new Apple 4k device. That device alone is such a useful interface that it honestly makes it feel like I still have a cable box and a remote, which made the transition easier for us. Versus using your phone as the main hub for channel surfing.
2. Audio matches with video, looks great.

Disclaimer: 150MB download speeds, using Comcast internet. Connected Ethernet directly to the Apple device.

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

YouTube tv is fantastic plus the local channels in app are killer for sports locally I don't have to get out the antenna anymore like with sling.

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reddit streams

Cox was figuratively screwing me sideways for cable and internet; so I went internet only and picked up a Roku TV. I also have a firestick in another room. We have added Philo, Netflix, Hulu, youtube etc and a HDTV antenna for additional viewing options. still paying less than before. I am little concerned with sports coverage this fall.

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I am forced to use Cox in my area but I refuse to use them for anything other than internet. They keep trying to get me to sign up for their cable, but I know they are going to royally screw me over on the price and services.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

We have Cox internet. Their TV packages looked criminal when we looked last time for how much it would cost. HuluTV, Netflix and Prime video has been perfect for us and we are paying $100 less a month than DirecTV and still watch all of our shows. We actually have more sports channels now than we did before with Hulu.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

I've tried almost every streaming service and PS Vue is by far the best IMO. With their service + Netflix + Amazon Prime... we always have plenty to watch.

I carry 100 MB/s cable internet through Specturm (Time Warner) and have never had issues.

I have a couple of questions about Youtube TV.

Can anyone tell me the success rate of Youtube TV on either Xbox One or Apple TV? Is the stream quality consistent and good? How delayed is the stream?


Works beautiful on the Xbox one, I use YouTube tv on Xbox, a Roku, my Sony smart TV and on my phone every device works like a charm

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That's great news, thanks!

Question from a possibly soon-to-be-former Comcast customer: My wife is a consummate technophobe. She likes being able to point the remote at the TV and change the channel, but is really wanting to ditch Comcast due to the cost. Being her IT person, what I don't want is to have her handing me the remote(s) and telling me "I want to watch HGTV. Switch it for me." Seriously, if she has to use more than one remote, it may throw her for a loop. How does the user interface for YouTube TV or PS Vue (the two alternatives that seem to be our best choices) compare? Anybody have similar non-tech oriented persons in house to deal with?

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The Apple TV syncs with your TV and you're able to use volume u/d, and power on off for the TV. Regardless of what service you use, might want to be something to consider.

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

Thanks, I'm not an Apple fan generally, but will look into it.

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I hate Apple, so I understand where you're coming from. I simply cannot deny though the usefulness of this media tool.

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

I'll second AppleTV. The remote is super simple, and does everything except turn your TV on. If my mom (who two months ago just upgraded from an iPhone 3Gs and struggled to figure out iOS 11) can figure out an AppleTV, your wife probably can too. You may have to download apps and log in, but that's a one time thing. For someone who is technically weak, AppleTV is your best option.

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Not sure if you know, but the ATV can actually turn your TV on and off and control volume. At least it does for my Sony Bravia TV.

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I know it controls the volume, but I didn't know that you could turn the TV on/off!

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When you hit the sleep option on the device, it also turns off the TV. Just hold the TV symbol and select sleep.

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

Does she have an Android smartphone? Is she familiar enough with it to navigate video apps? If so, the Chromecast may be a good option, since once it's set up it's fairly trivial to control the Chromecast from a phone.

Android phone and tablet. I think her phone has grown to be permanently attached to her hand.

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Roku is pretty easy to work with.

Google Home, YouTubeTV and Chromecast.

If you set everything up properly - then you wouldn't even need a remote.

Edit: If you think using multiple remote is a problem then invest in logitech universal remote. I personally use it to control all of my gadgets. TV, Surround Sound, TV Reciever and xbox. It takes time to set it up. But once the remote is set up it is very easy to use.

Already have a harmony remote, which I dearly love. Thanks for the links!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I had the same issues with the Mrs Hamdog. Try Philo , it has all those channels live for about 16$ per month. I have a Roku TV that manages the interface (with remote)-- so far she (the wife) seems happy.

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Harmony Smart Control

I love mine. It will take you a while to set up because each device and every function require programming. Programming will get quicker the more you do it. But from an end user standpoint, one controller does everything. I have a TV, Roku, Amazon TV, Blu Ray, antenna, and receiver. When my parents come in town, I say press "this" button for Roku/Netflix. Then press "Off" when you are done. They don't have to worry about anything else.

The Harmony will change devices (e.g. roku to amazon box to antenna), inputs on receivers, and inputs on TVs. All with the push of a single button. By default the Roku will continue to stream and not go to sleep if you forget to go to the home screen, so my Harmony is also set to return my Roku to home before changing to a different device. You also program the order in which things happen (click watch tv -> tv turns on, TV to HDMI 1, receiver on, then receiver changed to TV input). You can even assign apps. So say you only use Roku for Netflix. You can program it to wake the Roku then immediately open the Netflix app. No one even has to see the Roku dashboard (I have two Roku button assignments, one just turns everything to watch the Roku and the other one goes straight to Pandora).

Also all signals come from the box, not the controller. The controller only tells the box what to do. The distinction seems silly, but it's important. When you open the phone app (or even use another controller), the hub has the current setting. Your wife could use the controller to turn the TV on and when you open the app on the phone, it immediately shows that the TV is on. You can then change channels or volume. You don't have to go searching to open the function that is already being used. Absolutely no signal mixup or confusion.

If you have little ones and they loose the remote, use the phone app until you find it. Honestly, I think the phone app is the way Harmony intended the system to be used, but I'd rather use a controller. If you like the fancier chargeable controller with LCD screen, buy that instead. There is a decent amount of flexibility there.

Now this I can relate to my dad is awful with computers and tech and when I ditched cable I had to go with apps that were old fart friendly with easy to use interfaces and most importantly and good guide. Tried sling for a few months but the stream quality was poo poo plus YouTube tv launched and I went there and it's great the interface and guide is so simple and easy to use I no longer have yo help him find stuff. Also depends how you're streaming on the remote bit I use a variety of tech pieces like Roku or the smart TV I got as well even the Xbox is seamless

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So, How do folks calculate and compare their 'cord' costs? When comparing 'cord cutting' options do folks just look at the comparible costs of the Television/Movie packages? Do folks consider high speed internet costs as a seperate line item? I know I spend way too much but i haven't sat down to figure out how to still incorporate maximum live sports with maximum movie/premium shows with simple 'point remote, consume show' usability.

I might have to dig into YouTube TV a little more. DVR space and scheduled recording capabilities were a couple of my questions.

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There is value (for me) found in being able to stick it to the man (the cable company), even if you aren't saving a ton of $$

Is coronavirus over yet?

Exactly! THIS!

Just not having to rent a cable box monthly, incur stupid charges like HD fees, and regional sports fees (of teams I don't support) is something you can't put a value on IMO.

I tend to try to stay under $90 for internet/tv costs. So to answer your question yes I'd factor in the internet as well. But with Comcast you tend to almost pay twice as much by year two. Especially once the promotional deal ends. My bill was about to go from $84 (with taxes a month) up to $140. I don't even rent a modem from them and it was still going to balloon up to this amount. Unacceptable. I've enjoyed Direct TV now every time I flip a channel with a "free" cable box, while siphoning bandwidth off of their internet services, just to stick it to them. Take that!!! Mr. HD fee!!!!

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

I look at total cost. If you are a new customer to cable companies you would get a great rate, but once that lease expires, the cost increases exponentially, and then you have to haggle the price. when I had internet and TV, total cost including renting fees of all equipment and taxes came out to be little less than $120 (after haggling) for both internet and TV.

Switched to FiOS Quantom (1 gb internet) and youtube TV, and my monthly cost tumbled to $90. that is $25-30 savings with better internet each month. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I have never had a choice of broadband providers in my life. Growing up, Cox Communications was the only option. Obviously you don't have to worry about it in dorms, but since moving off-campus I've lived in 9 different rental units (apartments, duplexes, etc) in 4 different areas, and each time I have had to get internet from the local cable company, either Comcast, Shentel, or Time Warner, depending on location. At my current apartment, AT&T laid down fiber from a central distribution box in May (I remember it vividly because they hit a water main and we were without running water for over 36 hours), but still haven't connected the central distribution box to their outside network. I long for the day of calling up Comcast and cancelling service.

I would say it's wise to include internet cost, since bundling internet and TV generally saves a little money off the top.

Then again, I "cut the cord" years ago, and the only reason we've had TV service the whole time is that the introductory deals include a barebones basic TV subscription (pretty much just local broadcast networks, shopping channels, and CSPAN) "bundled" for less than internet by itself.

From what I've seen, it's generally true that you'll probably spend around the same amount on Internet + streaming TV package as an Internet + TV bundle, but if you can share a streaming TV package with a friend (or take it one step further like me and "borrow" a cable account's credentials from a friend) you'll probably find it's a bit cheaper.

I currently have Google Fiber (1 Gbps internet) and Youtube TV. I've watched a bunch of baseball with it so far with no problems. It works great on my computer and smart tv. Hopefully the youtube servers can keep up with demand for college and pro football (I've heard they do with no problems).

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

If you don't mind saying, how much is your google fiber? I can't get in my area right now, but wondering for the future. I have high speed internet and the lowest option for cable through spectrum and they chage me $60 total. I called to cancel the cable portion because I was going to try Hulu or YoutubeTV and they told me it would be more expensive if I kept the same internet but took off the cable. Would like to get rid of both sometime soon!

Yeah this is my problem. Drop cable and my internet stays high. They charge ridiculous amounts for individual services to offer "savings" through bundling. Frustrating.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Google Fiber in my area is $70/month for 1,000 Mbps and $50/month for 100 Mbps. That price includes taxes and fees, so you actually pay exactly that much. I previously had Spectrum which was $65/month (+ taxes and fees) for 200 Mbps.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

I didn't want to make a whole new thread and it loosely relates to the topic.

Walmart has a ridiculous deal on Vizio 70" E series, in store only (only in some locations) $599

(add if applicable) /s

One I've found recently r/CFBStreams (also one for NFL), connect a laptop correctly or clone to TV using chromecast and you are good to go.

I just looked up Youtube TV, but apparently it is only available in certain areas (ie, not where I currently live). Why would they add a restriction like that on their service?

They might be saying you won't get the local cbs nbc and fox channels it should be available everywhere you might look into that

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I clicked on the "free trial" link, and the next screen told me it was not available in my area, and gave me the option of giving them an email address to notify me when it is, in fact, available in my area.

I just looked at Youtube TV as well, and would sign up for that immediately...but they don't offer HGTV or Food Network. No Chip & Joanna, no Chopped, no Beat Bobby Flay...That's a deal breaker for me...because Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Ooh....that wouldn't work for me either! For the same reason.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Someone further up said all the free trials were 1 week long. Is this still the case for Youtube tv? In case my normal watching methods fail, it'd be nice to know how much of the season I can squeeze for the least money.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

That's what it says, if it's available in your area.

Youtube TV has been outstanding for me through 2 weeks. I'm using it on a Samsung smart tv, and the guide on the app feels even smoother than my previous cable provider's guide (Spectrum). No buffering at all, and that includes a bunch of primetime games. The unlimited DVR is also fantastic. I recorded all three broadcasts of the VT-FSU game to watch when I got back from the game. Ended up finding myself on TV twice.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

Count me in as a YouTube TV convert. Switched over just before the season started. Streamed week 0 games on the iPad from the campground, streamed Sportcenter and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the Airport RV lots this weekend. I still need to really sit down and learn the nuances and reprogram my universal remote.

We jumped to Gigabit Fios, switched to YouTube TV and I'm still saving ~ $50 per month

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I've been experimenting with YouTube TV for about a month, as I consider potentially shedding my $200 monthly Comcast bill. I have been very impressed with YouTube TV so far, and I'm fairly certain I'd have access to more than 90% or more of what I regularly watch on Comcast.

I'll throw in my support too. We decided to go the Youtube TV after reading this thread. It's certainly the best streaming option I've found for sports with plenty of sports options and perfect streaming quality.

Using /s is for cowards.

I love YouTubeTV, but I cannot get the 12:20pm ACC games since they air on the CW here in Richmond and the CW isn't included. That game is usually blacked out on ESPN3. Does anyone know a way to stream that game?

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Rabbit ears antenna should pick up that channel in Richmond.

I don't own rabbit ears. I'm looking for a streaming option. Thank you for you suggestion, though. I actually thought about getting an antenna before I found YouTubeTV with the local channels.

"Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our heart with tolerance."
-Stan Lee

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."
-Ron Swanson

"11-0, bro"
-Hunter Carpenter (probably)

For $5 and a trip to Lowes, you could own rabbit ears.

Hell, a stereo I got over a decade ago came with a wire that was intended as an FM antenna, but I was about to plug it into my TV and tack it to the wall and picked up a ton of TV channels.

Regardless, there usually a stream on somewhere that isn't blacked out, I'll see if I can find it.

I saw that after I first posted. I tried the ACC website, but I just get a blank, black rectangle and the game never loads. I'll try the app.

"Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our heart with tolerance."
-Stan Lee

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."
-Ron Swanson

"11-0, bro"
-Hunter Carpenter (probably)

Bumping this because YouTube TV is soon to be avaliable in all markets:

Engadget Article

I've been using YTTV for a year now and it is my favorite streaming option.

EDIT: Also adding this link. Streambuzz has this really handle google doc that tracks all the streaming services and makes it easy to see which markets offer which locals and which services have which channels. Without a doubt the most comprehensive chart on cord cutting.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Does it have HGTV yet? When I tried it awhile back, that was the only channel it was missing that I needed and it was a no go for my family.

Doesn't look like it, but really? HGTV is the hangup?

Yeah it's not on there. A lot of people supplement it with Philo ($16) or ATT ($15), both of which have it. Neither me or my wife watch much TV outside of sports. We stick to Netflix and HBO mostly. So YTTV is perfect.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

What itch does HGTV scratch that can't be satisfied by Netflix or Prime Video?

I think you meant to reply to mecca because I don't have that itch haha.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I agree it seems silly, but sadly we love HGTV. The day youtube adds it, I'll subscribe again. I can't wait to be free from Cox (at least for their awful cable packages).

HGTV is the hangup?

My wife would burn this house down if she couldn't watch HGTV anymore

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Then you could go on one of those shows and get a remodel/new house!

I don't think Love It or List It is filming in Raleigh anymore

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

Everyone's moving to Clayton and Knightdale anyway.

fuuuuhuuuuuuck that

My 20 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening drive in to the office is bad enough from North Raleigh. I don't have any desire to double or triple that distance.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

You can stream at least some stuff free on the HGTV app

Hulu tv has it I believe

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

I agree. I couldn't recommend YouTube TV any more.

I started with Sling but hated how they split the packages and the picture would always blurred out with audio/video never matching up.

Went to PSVue. Everything was great until they raised the price by $5 and took away ABC.

Went to Youtube TV and haven't looked back. All the channels (sports, movies, news, shows, etc.) that most people realistically watch. Picture is great with no problems with audio/video match up. $40/month with 6 logins/account. I give my friend 3 of those so now I really only pay $20 for cable. No boxes, no BS fees or taxes, and unlimited DVR.

Cable tv is pricing themselves out and I will never go back to Cable.

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I couldn't recommend YouTube TV any more.

At first I didn't read this the way you meant it.

Anyway, off the wall question for everyone. If you care cutting cords with cable, how much are you now paying for just internet and is it worth it? Comcast may be ass expensive but their internet is legit. I am generally around 150 megs or more.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I pay $65/month for Fios internet with 100 Mbps up and down. No taxes, no fees. My prices may be lower than other since Fios and cable have to compete with each other in my area.

Edit: to answer the second part of your question it was absolutely worth it for my situation. I was paying $180/month for internet and TV from Verizon. My contract came up and they wanted me to sign a new contract at $195/month. Instead I switched to internet only for $65 and to PS Vue for TV for $50. Spending significantly less than before and the Fios internet is incredibly reliable. I've had 6 streams going at the same time with no buffering or bandwidth issues.

I pay like $100/month for Shentel's 50mbps. Its $65 I think for the internet but I pay the extra $30/month for unlimited data. I hate shentel. It's gotten better but they are still overpriced.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

It took months of calling to complain about near-daily internet blackouts between 5 minutes and 2 hours only to hear them say it was an issue with my (personal) modem, which I actually replaced with a brand new one to test despite my 99% confidence that it was an outside issue, before I gave in and signed up to rent one of theirs. It took another few weeks before they finally figured out that the problem was with the cable between the pole and my townhouse. I got a measly $25 bill credit for my trouble, and to this day I make sure any place I rent has one of the major broadband providers available.

In my neighborhood, I am unfortunately restricted to Cox cable, but to answer your questions, I pay $67 for 300/100

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Current Hulu Live user here.

When you say 6 logins/accounts, how separated are they from each other?
Is it in the same way Netflix has different profiles for recommendations and such or is it a completely different login with the same access under one account?


No, six separate Google accounts. You set a home location, and each account has to use the service from the home location every so often to remain active, but other than that they can be any 6 Google accounts.

I'm not sure how granular the "home location" is. It can't be at the IP address level, since the vast majority of residential ISPs default to dynamic IP allocation, and some (if not most) don't even offer an option to switch to a static IP. I'm assuming they also can't use GPS, since many computers don't have that capability.

I don't think it is 6 different Google accounts. I have shared my Google account username and password with my friend and mom and they are able to watch YouTube TV on their tv's (in different locations/devices) while I watch it on my tv. To my knowledge you are able to sign in with the same username and password on 6 different devices at one time.

I gave my username and password to my mom and she is able to use my Google account to watch Youtube TV on her TV at my parents house. Never had any difficulties ever with sharing the username and password, so that why I think you don't need 6 different Google accounts. You can share it up to 6 different devices.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

It is absolutely set up so you can share it with up to 5 "family members" who have different Google accounts. You do not have to share your password. However, it can only be streamed on up to 3 devices at any given time, not all 6.


Leg for making me look like a fool!

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Same username and passed. Just able to watch YouTube TV on the same account on 6 different devices at the same time. Doesn't matter where the IP is located.

I have given my mom and my friend my username and password for my Google account and they have had no problem logging on from their location and watching YouTube TV in their houses.

Edit: macraw83 to me...

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Once again, you do not have to share your account password with anyone, that can be a huge security risk, as anyone with your email account password could hijack any accounts you have tied to that email address. Google obviously foresaw this potential flaw (obvious considering how ubiquitous Netflix-sharing seems to be) and allows you to create a "family group" of up to 6 distinct Google accounts.

, once again.

Hulu Live ftw.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

In half related news with Netflix price hike to $13 a month Hulu has dropped its price to $6 a month for its with ad version.

I do believe they are raising the price of Hulu Live tho.

(add if applicable) /s

Correct. Live is going from $39.99 to $44.99

Now its $65/mo alarming rate to raise that

(add if applicable) /s

Their menu is hot garbage though. I like YouTube TV because I had Directv since 2001 and their menu is perfect. YTTV is pretty much exactly like it. Sling and PSVue were terrible as well.

Sling and PSVue were terrible as well.

I tried Sling first and hated it. I liked PSVue and didn't mind the UI, but when they raised the price and got rid of ABC, I was out.

Love YouTube TV for its channel offerings, UI, price, and # of users allowed on one family account (6)... I don't see myself leaving any time soon.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon


It kills two birds with one stone for my household. Only tech coverage I've missed is the occasional channel 13/CW raycom broadcast. Plus you get the regular Hulu features which is a must for my wife. Cut my fios bill nearly in half, even with the announced price increase this quarter.

But how? I pay about $115 a month for basic cable and 100mb/s internet. That internet would be $60 a month without cable + $45 that's $105 a month. Saving 10 bucks a month really isn't much.

The only way I see it saving significant money is with multiple boxes.

(add if applicable) /s

That is the major draw for me. Plus, I am sick of scamcast and want to give them as little money as possible.

I can't speak with his bill, but I know my parents Fios bill is around $280 for phone, tv, and phone. Now that includes 3 HD boxes DVR capabilities. If he switched to YTTV and only had internet (for about $80 I believe), he would cut his bill in half

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Yep its really the equipment fees that can add up quickly especially with multiple TVs.

Are you still on introductory / new customer pricing?

Cable companies love to give low rates at first but then significantly increase rates every time your contract is renewed. The people that can benefit the most from quitting cable are those that are no longer on intro priced contracts.

For example, I was paying $180/month at the end of my last contract and the deal at that time for new customers was $80/month. Eight years of being a customer didn't matter, they weren't giving me that intro price and wanted me to pay more a month than I already was. Dropping them was the best move for me as I now only pay $115/month for internet and PS Vue.

Edit - just realized that you also said basic cable which is keeping your price low. I'm guessing that basic package is missing a few of the ESPN and regional sports networks which quickly jack up the price of cable packages.

My comcast internet in Arlington is only 29.99 a month for a speed that is more than enough to stream on. 300/100 is not necessary to stream. I think 20/20 is recommended minimum, but I believe I get like 60/60.

If they could ever fix the live TV user interface to make it usable id consider but navigating the live TV is a pain

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Well, yeah, it's no surprise that people subscribe to content, not to networks, and it was only a matter of time before the networks realized that they were allowing other companies to make millions on their own properties, millions that they could make themselves by keeping it all in-house.

The only people who will win the "cord-cutting" war are those who don't care about watching content anywhere close to when it debuts, and who are diligent about rotating through services one at a time.

Great time to purchase Netflix stock. They are a data mining company, specializing in usability, not streaming.

Point in case, have you ever used the HBO GO App. Its a terrible user experience, I loath for the skip forward button, or the ease of just going straight into another episode. In Netflix it's not a problem because they have all that data and have personalized the experience so much that it's extremely easy to use and find relative.

All these other companies are going to have to play catch up to figure all these things out that Netflix has solid numbers.

Netflix is also a market distruptor, as long as they keep disrupting, which they currently are with Oscar nominated movies, etc. They will be just fine.


I just want to know who will be carrying the new ACC Network in the Fall.

Is coronavirus over yet?

How can I get ACCN in time for the August 2019 launch?
ESPN is working hard to ensure that ACCN will be broadly available via video providers across the country. Carriage agreements are already in place with the following video providers: DIRECTV, Google Fiber, Hulu Live TV, Layer3 TV, Optimum, PlayStation Vue, Suddenlink, Verizon Fios, as well as, members of the NRTC and Vivicast Media and more. For the latest updates and list, please visit You can also contact your pay TV provider and request that they carry ACCN as part of its channel lineup.

Biggest issue right now is that Comcast and Youtube haven't finalized their agreements with ACCN yet.

Is coronavirus over yet?

PlayStation Vue is officially dead as of January 20, 2020.

This isn't a good omen for the cord cutting industry. They've been trying to sell their product and got no takers, so they're just going to pull the plug instead.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

dammit how do you do this so fast?

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

This isn't a good omen for the cord cutting industry. They've been trying to sell their product and got no takers, so they're just going to pull the plug instead.

How is this a bad omen for the cord cutting industry?

It's more competitive than ever right now. If anything, this may be good for consumers. I say this not knowing anything about how Playstation Vue might have been differentiated.

I've noticed a lot of bugs and lag in my PSVue-ing recently. Could be a willful abandonment/failure to patch things or signs their product wasn't as good as competitors on the market.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Received an email from Sony today that they're discontinuing the Playstation Vue service, effective January 30, 2020:

After more than four years of innovating in the Pay TV industry, we regret to inform you that Sony Interactive Entertainment is discontinuing the PlayStation Vue service on January 30, 2020. We appreciate your support of our pioneering live TV service over this time.

PlayStation Vue will continue to deliver live, On Demand and DVR programs until the service discontinuation date of January 30, 2020.
Subscribers will receive their ๏ฌnal charge for PlayStation Vue in the month of December. Active paid subscribers will not be charged for the service after December 31, 2019.

So, I'm back in the market for streaming services, and after reading the comments above, some of you are likely in the same boat. Torn between Hulu Live and Youtube TV. Will update once a decision has been reached, but it's a sad day in the Special_Teams_TD house. RIP PSVue, you were one of the good ones.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

UPDATE: YoutubeTV carries the MLBNetwork, so YoutubeTV it is.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

PSVue was simply the best option for sports. Really a bummer that it's ending. I guess I'll have to find something else.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

I use my PlayStation for Hulu, ESPN app, NBC sports app, Netflix, and Prime video. Not sure why I would have needed to pay any extra $60 for PS Vue.

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Unless by "Hulu" you mean "Hulu Live", to gain access to most content on the ESPN app and NBC sports app you'd also need to subscribe to a cable provider or streaming service like PSVue. If by "Hulu" you actually did mean "Hulu Live", then you were already subscribing to one of PSVue's competitors and had no reason to switch.

Yah, the problem for me now is do they have an app for YouTube tv or sling where a smart tv isn't required?

Yes for you tube TV

Going to miss my PSVUE, but it appears youtubeTV offers the same channels, price point, etc. Shouldnt be much of a change.

No NFL network on youtube TV, thus no redzone or the 3 stand alone NFL network games a year. NFL network app as a stand alone fee is an option but can ONLY be viewed on your actual phone- yes- it will not allow slinging to airplay or HDMI cord or even ipad viewing (fucking so petty). So if that is a factor, so with Sling TV.

A year and a half in, still really enjoying hulu. Haven't missed a single VT game that I can think of

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Only thing I can't get in board with with Hulu is their platform. I hate the layout and functionality.

The biggest issue I have is I cant browse and watch on the xbox app. If I want to switch between games it sucks. I only have room for two TVs on the wall so I need the switching channels easily without missing a beat feature.

I only have room for two TVs on the wall


Only if it pushes back into the wall when you need more space.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

i agree, harrinpa. for the most part, i really like hulu live. but there are still some things with the dvr and on-demand that could be improved. my biggest complaint, is that all VT sporting events record automatically to dvr, which is fine. but when i am watching live, if i switch channels, and then come back to the VT game, it starts over from the very beginning of the recording, and i have to fast forward to get to the 'live' game. so going to 'live' tv guide, and choosing the VT game, doesn't instead goes to the recording. it essentially means i can't change channels during our games. i found a way around it once, but haven't figured out how i did that again.

i can't figure out why they would do that. if i go to the 'live' tv guide, i clearly want to watch live tv, and not a recording.

one other small complaint...the live tv guide doesn't give much information...for example, on the ACC Network it will say ACC Soccer....but not list the teams, and there is no 'info' button like we had with dish, that gives program details.

overall, i am glad we switched. i like watching cycling and marathons, and things like that, so having NBC Sports and CBS Sports is nice. i would've had to pay well over $100/month to get those stations on dish, as well as foxsports stations and SEC network.

i haven't watched any hulu original programming...seems like those shows are geared towards teens.

I agree with all of this, though I have watched some other hulu programming, and also live events other than sports (like news) since making the switch.

I have the same issue with switching between live recorded events. I also hate watching commercials, and find the way they handle that cumbersome for live sports.

But I have been able to watch every VT game live this year, which I was never able to do before. Some of the lesser games weren't available in past years on my cable system.

Yeah, I really wish they had a traditional "guide" for channel browsing

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Very happy with the You Tube TV app......all the sports channels and enough of the other ones to keep the wife happy. Bye bye Charter.

I was nervous to cut the cord because of mixed experiences with streaming, particularly big games cutting out or having buffering issues, but I have LOVED YoutubeTV so far. However, I will say, when I hardwired my AppleTV (what I use for YTTV) with an ethernet cable it drastically increased the speed and quality of the picture. So if you're worried about your WiFi not being great at your house/room you use the TV frequently, an ethernet cable can make a HUGE difference.

I've only ever used the Xbox, my PC, or phone to stream YTTV, and on the first two the picture quality looks flawless even on wireless (and in the case of my PC, 3 flawless streams on different monitors).

This. We have our Xbox hardwired in to our Orbi mesh system. Then we have a Netgear powerline bridge running Ethernet over Power to our second floor to the satellite router (so that the satellite is wired too) and then a third satellite router in the garage (for our cameras). Never have a problem streaming anything on 50mbps internet on any device!

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Second the use of the Ethernet Powerline Bridge. I have three of these devices which are connected to my Roku boxes. The only thing to be wary of is if you have something that generatres line noise (treadmill, etc.) it will degrade the performance.

Didn't know that. We don't have a treadmill. What else can degrade it?

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Anything with a big motor, but only on the circuit its on. I use them on all my TVs on the first floor (and they always worked great), but when I tried to use it for a computer in the basement (which sits on the treadmill desk) the performance would degrade if the treadmill was on.

Traversing long electric circuits, crossing over breakers between circuits, noise interference from large motors and power chargers can all degrade performance.

The biggest problem in cord cutting is cable/Internet ISPs. I live in an area where I can either go with a poor ISP with terrible speeds or Comcast Internet. Going with Comcast Internet, I can do Internet only, or Internet plus Cable TV and guess what, they made it so that doing just Internet is at least as expensive, if not more expensive than doing Internet plus Cable TV. So, I can't just cut the cord and get some other streaming TV service or I'll end up paying WAY more.

It's like this so many places that they aren't going to get the customer base they might need/want to continue to exist because they aren't really an option until there's more choice in ISP.

In my experience, the TV package they include at the same price as (or sometimes lower than) internet-only is pretty much just the broadcast networks, QVC, CSPAN, CSPAN2, and a few cheap movie channels (Hallmark, IFC, etc.). You're lucky if you get any of the AMC/TBS/USA-level channels, much less any of the sports channels like ESPN or FS1. To get every channel you'd need to watch all VT football games (including ACCN and ESPNU, among others), for me the package itself has always added ~$50 to the cost of just internet, with frequent additions such as a $10 HD Fee, a $7 broadcast TV fee, and a $15 DVR rental fee.

Yup the package price might seem appealing but cable TV always comes with a ton of hidden fees.

When downgraded to internet only and switched to PSVue I ended up saving only $5/mo but I have a better overall channel lineup and a much much better selection of sports coverage (including ACCN).

I called and what they told me, because our current promotional rate is what it is, there's no way they can change it to offer a lower rate for Internet only. They said, "There's 80 bucks for access to the Internet, and then the addition 30 or 40 dollars for your speed. To keep the speed you have, you would be spending 120 when you currently spend 110. (I have my own modem, and only the one box built into the promotional rate).

So, if it would be 120, then at least 40 bucks on top of that for a streaming service, I can't tell them to go fly a kite with no other options for Internet.

A) $80 for basic-tier internet? Yikes. This is a perfect example of how the cable companies are effectively "local" monopolies, even if they technically have "competitors". The difference is that they compete for territory, not subscribers. If you had a second option (Verizon FIOS, AT&T Uverse, etc) your rates would be less than half what you're paying right now.

B) So, your TV package includes the ESPN suite, and provides a discount to your internet bill? Interesting.

I live in a rural area and feel your monopolistic pain (on DSL they claim 50 but come evening good luck getting 30mbs), but hope is arriving. We had a local guy show up ( ) out of nowhere, and now tmobile just started their service, and if it ever converts to 5G all these cable guys better milk it while the getting is good. The Tmobile just started and is basically $50 for 50mbs with no cap where available on the 4G LTE but 5G is going to be a LOT faster (I can only dream).......whenever. Here is the info to see if its in your area (not in mine yet) to see if you can tell them to go fly a kite - good luck............................................................. cut and pasted

T-Mobile Now Offers Home Internet For $50 a Month With No Data Cap.
Back in March 2019, T-Mobile announced that they have started to test home internet services using LTE. At the time, this program offered LTE home internet to 50,000 households to begin testing out T-Mobile's hardware ahead of their 5G home internet services launch. Now T-Mobile has opened its $50 a month unlimited home internet service up to everyone (subject to network availability).

"We've tripled our LTE coverage as we work to create a network where everyone in America has access to fast and reliable home internet, no matter where they live." T-Mobile says in a statement on its website.

This new service will offer 50 Mbps down home internet (due to "LTE network and spectrum capacity constraints") for $50 a month with no data cap. T-Mobile is quick to add that the new 5G home internet services will be far faster when it launches. T-Mobile says this service comes with no annual contracts, no data caps, no hidden fees, no price hikes, and no hardware costs.

This could be an excellent option for Americans living in markets with data caps. Using T-Mobile Home Internet could give you an opportunity to stream all you want without worrying about your data cap.

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My comcast 60mbps connection was enough and it was only $30 per month. Just went up to $50 per month so I gotta figure out if it's worth switching to Fios for 40 per month or try to switch to Comcast's 100mbps connection for 40 per month that is being advertised on their website.

Anyone have experience with Comcast and changing plans if you have on already? Typically I have switched providers when I get to this point in my subscription.

If you live with someone else (spouse, roommate, etc), or if you have a competitor available and are willing to switch, call and threaten to cancel unless they renew the introductory rate.

I've had some luck doing this, but each time I had a roommate or spouse that could start service in their name in case I need to follow through with my threat of disconnecting service (I think I had to follow through once, though that might not have been Comcast). And then there was one time that I called to cancel because I was moving from an area in Comcast's territory to an area in Time Warner's territory, and they called me about once a week for 2 months trying to get me to come back at a low introductory price, so you know they have some leeway with what they can offer you.

You can do what was suggested above if those are options for you. If not, like in my case, I contacted Comcast reps through social media (I used their subreddit and DMed their mods) and they switched me to a lower plan on promotional rates without any fuss. It took a few days for the correspondence but they don't really fight you on social media apparently.

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Interesting. I will try to do that. If it doesn't work I will switch to Verizon I think. They are waiving their setup fee now which is extensive since they just installed Fios in the neighborhood 6 months ago. They have been non stop trying to get us to switch but they could not beat our $30/month price that I had with Comcast.

Anyone ever use Sling TV? The prices are great right now, $15 per package, or $25 for both orange and blue. Was wondering what the catch was? Does it have DVR capability? HOw's the app?

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If you're going for just one of the two main plans, its a decent deal as an inexpensive option. But a typical package (Orange+Blue+Sports) is about the same price as Hulu Live / YouTube TV / PS Vue but doesn't include broadcast networks

Some channels have DVR or on-demand, some don't. (ESPN doesn't IIRC)
ACCN is part of the $10 extra sports pack

Look carefully at the channel lineups for orange vs. blue and then think about how many simultaneous streams you want/need. I tried with the combined package and had to cancel Sling because you can only stream one orange channel at a time (even though you get four streams through the combined package). I would try to watch games on ESPN but then my kids would turn on Disney and I my stream would stop. This also prevents you from watching two games on ESPN and ESPN2 at the same time. It's terrible if you are going to have multiple streams and their DVR option isn't included in the base price either so you have to pay more each month.

I use Sling during college football season in order to have Pac-12 network. They are one of only 2 streaming providers that carry it (along with Fubo). I get Orange+Sports add-on which gives all the ESPNs and Pac-12 network. The app works well on iOS and Roku. It has DVR capability up to 50 hours, I believe.
It is frustrating that you are only allowed one stream with the Orange package.

What's the price you pay if I may ask? Are you able to have more than one stream with the Blue package/Blue & Orange package?

โญโญโญโญโญโญ #YNWA

I believe it is $35 ( 25 for Orange+10 for the sports add-on) although I bought a Fire Stick on Prime a Day for $15 that came with a Sling promo for $15 off per month for 3 months. So my cost is $20 per month for the 3 months I will have it this year. After Thanksgiving weekend I will drop it.

Last year I had blue+orange. I believe I could have multiple streams of the channels in the blue package but know I still only was allowed one from orange channels. The marketing materials are misleading in that regard.

Combined orange + blue gives you a max of four streams. Three of them are for the blue channels and only one can be used for orange.

Go with any other provider since they don't have these stupid rules.

Reddit has never failed me when it comes to streaming sports.

Hate to revive this old thread, but if YouTubeTV can't sort things with Sinclair out by opening day, I'm in the market for a new provider again.

Hi there,
Our goal with YouTube TV is to offer you the content you love, delivered the way you want.
To make this happen, we need to enter into deals with our partners. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach an agreement with Sinclair to continue to carry the FOX Regional Sports Networks and YES Network.
Starting February 29, 2020, you will no longer be able to watch live, on demand, or recorded content from your local FOX Regional Sports Network or YES Network.
Please know that we do not take this decision lightly. We value your membership and will continue to strive to build the best streaming experience possible.
The YouTube TV team

Are the Hulu+Live folks amongst us happy with that product?

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Dang it, that was a nice bonus. Not sure how many other streaming TV providers actually still carry them. Sling & Fubo dropped them last year. I guess Hulu may still have them?

If you are looking for a way to watch your local MLB team, MLB.TV + VPN to beat local blackouts may be your best option.

Hulu has the fox regional stuff, not sure about YES if you're a Yankee fan. I'm excited because Hulu is getting Marquee sports network so I'll get all my cubs games back for the first time since they left WGN. Hulu is still clunkier than I would like, but the guide they put in place earlier last year was a major step up.

I'm a Braves fan, so I'm trying to get FSS and FSSE. I really liked YouTubeTV, but part of the initial appeal was getting MLB Network and the RSNs. I'd have missed multiple Tech games without those regional fox channels. So I'm hoping they can work something out with Sinclair (and Sinclair gets off their high horse) by opening day, but I'm not holding my breath.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Glo Fiber is in Harrisonburg and coming to my neighborhood next month. So I'm reattaching the cord, but with a provider not named Comcast.

I've had YouTubeTV since the fall, and have liked, but I'm happy to be having this new option.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Wish Shentel would run fiber down my rural road.

We've been there. The old "fiber internet is so great and while we're at it, sure, give us tv!"

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Fuck Sinclair Broadcasting. They've fucked up every negotiation they've had. Hulu Live TV is basically the only streaming option that will carry the FOX RSN's now, but I wouldn't rush over there too quickly. Given Sinclair's track record that is probably just a ticking time bomb. I've been very happy with YoutubeTV so far, so this is very frustrating as a Braves and Atlanta United fan.

So 2 months without live sports and the house has learned, we don't watch regular television. I literally am only watching the local news. Dropped down a package with FiOS, but keeping the cable box so I can watch the apps on our devices, and for on demand seems expensive ($80).

Is it finally time for me to cut the cord?

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I'm not a huge fan of big brother google but YouTube TV has been very solid for us. I was able to watch every Hokie game and the few that were blacked out I was able to watch once the game was over. Its like $50 or $54/month.

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I say cut. If you cut and life is the same, it's gravy. If you cut and can't find a way to fill the empty time, it was never meant to be.

There's no harm in trying, almost all of these services have free trials and even if you want to take a month or two there's no contracts. Just cancel it if you don't like it.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Exactly this. FiOS will always welcome you back if none of the other services meet your standards, and they'll almost certainly cut you a deal upon returning, but I'd be willing to bet that you'll find yourself just as happy with one of the streaming packages as you were with FiOS while paying a lot less.

To add to the above responses, if you live anywhere near a metro area you should be able to buy an antenna to pick up free HD versions of all of your local channels, so if that's literally all you've been using your cable subscription for you have no reason not to try an antenna and drop cable.


Can I stream the local channels through an app? I tried googling this, but just got the regular YTV, Sling, Hulu, Etc

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See, that there's the rub.

Cable company's got you by the balls in that regard, unless you can pull it in by antenna.

I get local ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox affiliates through Hulu live, I want to say that might be one difference between it and YouTube tv perhaps?

YoutubeTV has those, but there were some issues with Sinclair earlier this year but have been largely fixed.

I'm late to this party, but I had a 45 minute phone conversation with someone at YoutubeTV after they announced they'd come to an agreement with Sinclair. I live in Columbia, SC. Used to get both Fox Sports South, Southeast, and Carolinas. After they reached a deal, I lost all three. The representative I talked to couldn't give me their new geographical footprint for those channels. She didn't seem to understand how and why I was confused about not getting the RSN named for the state in which I live. As soon as the MLB comes up with a plan for playing this year's games, I'm jumping ship to Hulu.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

I'd keep a close eye on the Hulu situation. Some people think because of the Disney connection that Hulu will be spared by Sinclair, but there are antitrust issues that could backfire against them. There's not a lot of reason to be confident that Hulu will ultimately be spared from Sinclair's strong arm money grabbing.

Ugh, Sinclair is the same one that had all the news stations run the same monologue, word for word, minute to minute, that got featured on everything from The Daily Show to John Oliver. And, they've heavily cut back on local news crews. In Richmond, the same crew handles both Fox and NBC news casts.

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I'm asking if I can get local without subscription service and antenna. I have multiple TV's, not worried about the kid's rooms, but don't want to blow the bank on antennas

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If you are in a metro area, a decent antenna will cost you less than $30. I just bought this one. Works like a champ.

As far as I know there isn't any way to stream them legally without some sort of subscription. As for an antenna, I'm pretty sure it's possible that you can mount one antenna (in an attic or whatever) and tie the cable system running through your house to it, providing service to each TV in your house, but I'm not entirely certain if multiple splitters would cause too much signal degradation (also probably depends on distance and how much line of sight you have to the towers as well). In any case, you can certainly find antennas for individual TVs for under $20 each, so you'd still be saving money in the long run.

You can try sticking a paper clip in the coax port on your TV and see what you can pickup. Won't be as good as an antenna for most people, but if you live near a tower then that might be all you need.

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

One answer is: maybe. I have not tried this, but read a news story on it while I was looking for PBS (which previously did not stream on the major services).

Wait, what?

Does anyone use Fubo or have in the past? Thinking about giving it a try.

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Not Fubo, but I used Vidgo for the first game with no issues. the nice thing about Vidgo is that multiple people can use it in different places at the same time. So you can go in together with someone else or a couple of people. My father-in-law and I are splitting it for the football and basketball season. I think it's $40 for three months and then increases to $45. We are using it to supplement Xfinity via the Roku.

Been using it the past month or so. Not a bad guide interface. Last week, they just fixed being able to record ACCN. No ABC channel which is strange since you get ESPN, and no ESPNU. Local channel/Network availability varies with your location. No issues so far.

Edit: Just found out you can watch games scheduled on ABC on ESPN3 at the same time, so I can record those too.
Edit 2: ESPN3 on Fubo seems to be just a placeholder to announce upcoming events on that channel. You still have to use the ESPN app or in a web browser to watch events on ESPN3. Pretty dumb to even have it listed.

Fubo just added three more sports channels with no price increase. I hope that holds for at least a year.

As a thank you for being a loyal fuboTV subscriber we're happy to be able to provide the addition of The NBA, NHL & MLB Networks at no additional charge. These will be included in your base package at your current price. You can now find them in your channel guide.

The new Chromecast with Google TV that was just released is incredibly kick ass for anyone who uses only streaming. It's only 50 bucks and comes with a remote. Will allow you to lump all shows from all accounts into one watch list, including recorded stuff from say YouTube TV. Worth checking out especially if you use multiple accounts.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

The remote must be a new feature, but the main thing I like about the chromecast is how when I have people over it's easy for them to cast whatever they want to the tv just from their phone without having to finagle something with a laptop and hdmi cable.

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The whole dongle is new. Different UI experience. The closest thing I can compare it to is TIVO for streaming.

Chromecast with Google TV

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I just picked one of these up, and I concur. It kicks ass

I have found a nice balance between the TV antenna and sling Orange (I think, whichever one has ESPN). It would be perfect if I could find the damn placement for the antenna to pick up ABC...

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Those with YouTube TV, how are you going to watch the game this weekend at wake? It looks like it will be on MASN for the "RSN" which conveniently not on yttv

Fire guy

I'm hoping someone finds a way to stream it on sport surg e

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I'm not quite sure yet. In the past I've gotten the RSN games on YTTV, but I can't remember what channel it was on. If it was on Fox Sports South or Fox Sports Southeast I will no longer get the games because fuck Sinclair.

I'll find a stream one way or another if it's not available.

TMobile is starting their streaming service Nov 1(for Tmobile customers) and Nov 13 (for Sprint customers). Not sure when it opens to the general public, but inevitable. Weird packaging.....They have TVibe for $10 a month, I call it the single woman package (pc comment me to death here), has HGTV, OWN etc with no sports or local channels, but with an antenna for locals should make all the women happy at that low price.
Next up is TVisionLive, $40, sports packages etc and curiously NO Hgtv. Then TVisionLive+ for $50 which is where that beloved Spurtle station, ACCN makes an appearance but still no HGTV.
Obviously no clue as to well it will work, etc, just a heads up for folks looking at cord cutting options and ACCN access.

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Just got an email from Hulu saying that the Hulu Live price is increasing from $55/month to $65/month on December 18.

I guess I'm just gonna go back to cable. Streaming services were fun while they lasted. I should have known all the tv companies wouldn't let a good thing last too long.

I just came in here to say the same thing. Barely a year ago Hulu Live was $45 a month but then they jacked it to $55, and now a year later it's going up another 18% to $65. Due to the fam I also have the Disney+/ESPN+ package, so my monthly is now $72. On top of $85 for internet access. Bastages. Going to circle back to see what the cable co can do. Too bad I can't get FiOS here, that would help a LOT.

No clue where you are gonna get cable for close to $65, but I'm also not stoked about the price hikes.

My savings are still enormous from what I was paying for the sports package on cable that gave me all the channels I have on the basic YTTV package.

Same here - My streaming package from AT&T TV is $80, but that's far short of the $180 I was paying DirecTV before (and still paying for high speed internet)

It's an outrage! The big companies are buying out customer bases so options are fewer and fewer and the price goes up. They'll find the customers eventually and find a way to capture them and their money. Since net neutrality is gone there won't be many/any new players.

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Hate to bring up an old thread, but has anyone found a decent priced streaming option that gets ACCN/other channels Tech would be on? Hulu's price increase just doesnt make sense for me to watch just the hokie games (because that's literally all the live tv we watch)

Warning- Filter lost.

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Seems that all of the streaming packages are steadily increasing their rates, which makes sense because most (if not all) were banking on low introductory rates to get people to switch, and were likely losing money on them. But even so, it's still cheaper for me to send $60 a month to YTTV than it would be to add a big enough TV package to my Xfinity internet plan, once you include the box fee, and the DVR fee, and the HD fee, and whatever else they charge you.

Edit: I just went to check how much it would cost to upgrade, for my own sanity, and remembered that, somehow, Xfinity still doesn't offer ACCN. And if they did, it would certainly be restricted to the giant "Premier Pro +" package with ESPNU and SECN, which would bring my $50 internet-only rate to $105, plus $5 for the first box, $10 for the second, and "up to $19 Broadcast TV Fee", "up to $14 Regional Sports Fee", and other additional taxes and fees (though apparently the DVR fee and HD fee are finally just included in the base rate). Oh, and (a) that price requires a 12-month agreement, and (b) increases $15 once that contract is over.

I think I'll stick with my straight $59.95 monthly payment with all taxes and fees explicitly included, thank you very much Comcast.

Coworker brought IPTV to my attention today. I'm not sure how legal it is, but you're paying for what is essentially Canadian direct TV, which has all the sports channels from the States and then some. You can choose with or without adult content and stream anywhere through browser, with the nose expensive package being $20.

Again, I don't know how legal it is, or if it comes with viruses, so research and proceed at your own risk.

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Yeah Hulu just priced me out. This plus losing the FSN games, immediately canceled.

(add if applicable) /s

Yeup. That was my other killer as well. I think we'll give sling a try. Looks decent enough for what we'll use it for

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

Sling Orange plus the sports package which includes ACCN will run you $40/mo ($30 +$10).

I strongly agree with this. I have Sling Orange plus the sports package as well. You wont get any NFL games besides whats aired on ESPN, but it without a doubt whets the college football whistle

"The Big Ten is always using excuses to cancel games with us. First Wisconsin. Then Wisconsin. After that, Wisconsin. The subsequent cancellation with Wisconsin comes to mind too. Now Penn State. What's next? Wisconsin?" -HorseOnATreadmill

For another $20 for Sling Blue I think you get the local fox affiliate (I do but am in a major metro area) along with a lot of other channels you might or might not be interested in, and an antenna can pick up CBS.

An antenna would also get you NBC and FOX, but to get NFL Network you'd still have to get Blue, so still talking $60 (pretty much the same as all of the major streaming services) to get the full sports package.

Should we re-start this thread? It seems like a lot has changed since it was started in terms of the ACCN and the different streaming services cutting channels (like the ACCN) that it seems like there are a lot of comments to weed through that aren't relevant any more. Or is there not enough interest?

I have Youtube TV, I love youtube TV, Im going to dump Youtube TV.

I'm a Google Fanboy and like all their stuff over-enthusiastically. That being said I am a firm believer that all of those stuff is the right kind of good for me.

Anyway, instead of cable I went the YouTube Tv route. I only signed up in May and got it mainly so I could watch ACC Network and NASCAR, along with anything else live that was needed. It was $50 a month then. Now it's $65 a month. Ok it's still fair because of the ease of use and how easy it is to watch stuff anywhere and on the go (especially with a home VPN).

Other than watching the amazing production quality associated with the ACC Network (which I have noticed a stream can usually be found online), I find myself watching nothing but re runs of The Office, Star Trek, and Big Bang Theory.

I just don't need it. I get Netflix for free from Comcast, anyway. Amazon Prime has a ton to offer which I am starting to use more and more. Quite a bit for free on Peacock that is interesting. CBS All Access is horrible, but rumors are they are going to move the new Star Trek content to Netflix. Disney+ is going to crank out so much stuff soon that there will be no way to cancel that. Not too much good comes on broadcast TV these days worth paying for, other than sports.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I should also add that I watch ALOT of youtube. Mainly DIY and how to. But I get premium for 10 bucks which includes Youtube Music (worth it by the way, better than Spotify IMO). Youtube with ads now mortifies me. Someone was showing me a video on their phone the other day and had to sit through an ad first... Yikes.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. If I get desperate Hulu makes changing subscriptions a button click so I'll turn it on when I feel like watching VT football again.

(add if applicable) /s

I would agree with you, but I watch too many live sports to not have some sort of Live TV subscription, and despite the various streaming services jacking their prices to $60+ across the board, it's still cheaper than adding a sufficient TV package to my cable internet bill, and it's way more convenient to boot (plus the fact that Xfinity STILL doesn't offer ACCN).

Between live sports and an unlimited DVR that allows me to fast-forward through ads (Peacock, while offering many NBC shows for free with an Xfinity internet subscription, still forces you to watch ads unless you pay them an extra $5/month), I've found no better choice than to stick with my YTTV subscription. And that's despite getting Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for free through VZW, Netflix for free through my in-laws, and Peacock for free through Xfinity.

It is definitely is the best option out there for all of it, just not worth the moola. Most sports I want to watch I can get through the NBC Sports or Fox Sports, or watch ESPN app. Their platforms suck compared to YTTV, but it's for free and therefore fine.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I mean, the NBC Sports/Fox Sports/ESPN apps require you to log in with an active cable subscription, but if you can get that from a friend or whoever then that might work just fine.

You don't have to log in to watch anything that appears on broadcast fox or NBC. Anything that appears on a premium channel yes. Watch ESPN is out unless you have a cable subscription.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Huh, interesting. Didn't realize that was possible. Still doesn't really change much for me since I watch a fair amount of NBCSN and FS1/2 content, but that's good to know.

With the latest price jump from Hulu (i think it's like the third time in less than a year?), we just decided to drop the live TV portion. I get that it's going to go up in price, but the frequency of it doing so is frustrating. I guess that's the flip side of having a locked in 2 year contract with the cable providers.

Their prices have increased 63% in under 2 years for Hulu Live.

(add if applicable) /s

Its not any better on the cable side of things. They still do their periodic rate increases, but those don't make airwaves because they're expected.

Even at $65 things like Hulu and YouTubeTV are better than cable. Its the networks charging an absolutely ridiculous fee to air their shit that is causing prices to inflate out of control right now.

It really does annoy me when I see people lashing out at YTTV and Hulu for these price increases when all they're doing is applying the additional charges that places like CBS/Viacom or NBC or ABC/ESPN are gouging them for, where they know people will lose their shit if they fight back and actually cut the programming. These networks have all broadcasting platforms by the balls, and they know it. They're a cartel and they damn well know it.

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Oh it's still 100% better than cable, and I have no hard feelings towards Hulu/YouTube and would still recommend them to folks looking to cut the cord. The wife and I just don't watch enough live tv these days (even with sports), to justify the cost of live tv at this time(2 kids under 3 will do that I guess). Most of our time is catching up on shows we missed or watching Disney+ with our son.

What they have to do is use some actual PR to make it clear. I'm sure they all have some NDA in the agreements they sign with broadcasting companies but its ridiculous to just continuously get fucked. 63% in under 2 years is not at all okay with 0 actual explanation to your customers.

(add if applicable) /s

FWIW, YoutubeTV is giving me a free Chromecast+GoogleTV for being a long time customer. I already have one and love it. When is the last time a cable company literally gave you a piece of equipment? And unlike a cable company, they tell you when your price is about to go up and don't just surprise you with a higher bill. The few times it has increased, it was due to extra channels being added.

I will forever sing the praises of YouTubeTV. Even at the current price it is way better than the other options. No bullshit equipment rental fees or other hidden fees to jack the price up. They didn't even increase the monthly price when they added the NFLNetwork months ago. The even threw in a couple of free NFL Redzone trials this year.

I have missed only one VT football game since switching last year, but maybe I have just been lucky with regional blackouts (I live in Midlothian, VA). I watched every single one on the channels provided by YouTubeTV and didn't have to expend any extra effort to find them.

My only concern is that with the wife (who routinely forgets to close it when switching devices) and two kids, we sometimes run into the 3 streams at a time max, but that is our fault, not YouTubeTV's.

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I have missed only one VT football game since switching last year

Was it Wake Forest?

Yes. I couldn't remember which one it was so I just looked on the DVR and that is the one that is missing.

"Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our heart with tolerance."
-Stan Lee

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."
-Ron Swanson

"11-0, bro"
-Hunter Carpenter (probably)

Yup...because of the stupid RSN deal, and it being compounded locally by MASN picking it up.

Just a reminder with YouTube TV, its unlimited DVR recording space that stays up to 9 months. You also can split the costs amongst friends/family to help cut the cost since you can watch up to 3 tv's at a time on one family account... Instead of paying $65, I pay $22ish/month

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The only catch with adding people to your "family" is that you all need to either live in the same zip code or everyone must watch YTTV within that zip code once every 2 months to prove "residence". Not a huge problem, and also one that can be solved by hosting your own VPN or whatever, but still not as flexible as one might hope.

The unlimited DVR means you can record "VT Football" and "VT Basketball" (or whatever sport you are interested in) and all of the games are there for you to watch when you have the time. I always end up starting games late so I can fast forward through commercials and I never have to worry about missing anything.

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In addition to recording "VT Football" I have it set to record "NCAA Football" so that if there's a particularly interesting game that I missed I have a ~90% chance of being able to go back and watch it without having to look very hard.

FYI - Google has terminated their agreement with Roku, and very soon you will not be able to use YouTube TV on any Roku device.

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I assume that also affects the YouTube app (not TV) too?


And as expected, Roku has removed YTTV from its list of available apps on the system as of about an hour ago.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

Roku's interface sucks. Everyone do yourself a favor if you use youtube tv go out and buy one of the $50 chromecasts with the remote.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I have been very happy with my Roku's and prefer it to the chromecast.

It's not just a chromecast. It uses the Google TV platform and is just so far superior to Roku's interface, especially if you use Youtube Tv.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Is that the one the does the integrated single 'program list' that pulls in from all the queues - YouTubeTV, Netflix, HBOMax etc.? I've debated that but I've got a smart/wifi-enabledTV so I don't really see/understand why I should add an extra piece of hardware to the setup. I'd be interested to hear ideas.

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I would think, if your smart TV has all the apps you use, you wouldn't need a chromecast. If there are apps you would like to use that aren't on your TV or to cast the screen of your phone or comp screens easily, then chromecast would be beneficial.

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I think about 70% of the smart tv's that offer netflix, prime, etc, are using a version of the roku software built in.

Yes it does do all of that. If you have it built in to your tv (such as roku tvs) then you don't really need it I suppose, but I am a huge fan.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Looks like they will keep the app for existing customers for now which sucks but hopefully this can be resolved cause I have nothing but roku tvs and sticks.

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I think they did that with Twitch for awhile but eventually they removed the Twitch app.

I saw the emails about this. I have Roku, and I like the device/interface, and like YTTV as well. So I guess it's time to explore other streaming options. What services carry ACCN and work w/Roku? Recommendations?

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Hulu LiveTV still has ACCN....though you lose NFL, NBA network on Hulu if I remember correctly.

This is a risky move on YTTV part, I (like I suspect most Americans) have a mix of streaming devices including a RokuTV and a "dumb" TV with a Roku. My YTTV is still active in them, but if it goes dark for a prolonged period of time, I will definitely look around for other options.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the percentage of streaming devices by household, but I I would strongly imagine that Roku has a big market share.

Apparently NFL network and redzone are coming to Hulu...

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I'm a little pissed because I have Roku TV's and use them to stream Youtube TV, but at the same time I couldn't help but chuckle reading the emails from Roku and then Youtube blaming the other.

Sling works well with Roku and carries ACC Network with the their sports package add on.

I need something that carries the golf channel, NFL network, ACC network and SEC network. Anything out there?

Sling with a sports package upgrade has all those it looks like.

You just have to put up with the worlds worst commercials.