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your phone...or your soul?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

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Both, but I don't have an unlimited plan so I need to save where I can to become a hokie club member

So this is where we post our Devyn Ford reactions?

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

That gets passed to 331 other female athletes. A portion is also being kept got other victims who are still coming forward

TKPhi Damn Proud
BSME 2009

at least my initial reaction when I first found out what we all now know.....

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd


You gotta @ him! /s

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed


Posted this in the other May thread but meant it for this one.

Any other 4* RBs out there that we are looking at? Still way early in he process to not have anything working because Ford didn't work out.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Doesn't seem like there are any 4 stars on the horizon but there have been a lot of offers out recently. I really like Keshawn King and Tajh Gary, I think their tape looks great and would be excited about either. My favorite prospect who doesn't have an offer is Aaron Young from PA. He would be my first choice for RB now that Ford is gone. I would feel pretty good about our class with any of those 3 and Houston. Won't make up for losing Ford, but would be a big upgrade for the position regardless.

I was hoping Jamious Griffin would get an offer I like the little I have seen of him

We recently offered 4* RB Deondick Glass out of Texas but it looks like we are probably going to just get some 3* RBs.

This thread is not off to a good start

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Genuine question, when was the last time a recruiting thread started well?

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Dax? I feel like we were pretty high on him and we got our guy.

Since arriving in Blacksburg, Fuente has

1) Thrown shade at the level of talent at RB

2) Missed on every "can't miss" RB recruit Tech has been positioned well with

I'm pretty done with it. If he's not capable of locking up better talent, that's fine, neither could Beamer his final years... but Beamer wouldn't take every opportunity to complain about how his backs can't "make the unblocked hat miss".

Fuente needs to either bring in better talent at that position or change his offensive approach. I can't take another year of him claiming "everyone was blocked" while shrugging away abysmal rushung numbers.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.

Agreed. As I've said before, it's year 3, and he's got his guys now. It's time to produce on offense, especially since defense will likely take a step back to some degree. If he can't find a consistent QB to execute his offense and a RB to make a guy miss, it's on him and we shouldn't hear any more venting about a lack of talent or guys not getting it done.

"His guys" are freshmen and sophomores. Have some perspective.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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All the more reason QB is critical this year. If Jackson is the guy, so be it. But if that position struggles again down the stretch this year, we may be in for a bumpy ride.

He's an 'offensive guru' and he's signed 1 top 200 offensive player - Tre Turner. Recruiting is a significant part of the job.

So we have moved from improvements on offense in year 3 to his recruiting. So which is it?

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Here is the thing I think the staff/school can recruit better than they are now. But it's going to take some things, all of which require money for athletics and academic living side (dorms, student life). Have you toured Merryman? My best example is the nutrition evaluation office. My walk in closet is about as big and it's behind a bunch of cardio machines that mostly staff use. It's dark, it's outsated. It doesn't compare to places like Clemson, PSU and comes no where near OSU, Bama and UGA.

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It's not either/or. No one made it to be that. He's the head coach, so he needs to coach who we've got on roster and bring in talent.

If the excuse for Fuente is "he doesn't have his guys," or "his guys are freshman and sophomores," you'd at least hope he was bringing in higher level talent than what was previously on the roster we're excusing.

You don't think WR, OL, TE, and ATH recruits coming in are better than what was on roster when he got to Tech?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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WR has better depth on paper, but still tbd. We still need people to step up now that Phillips is gone. Turner was a major recruit.

OL recruiting is turning out to be very solid, as is linebacker and safety. However there are also some glaring holes at DT, RB, Corner, and potentially at QB. QP has great talent and potential, but he will likely redshirt and learn for a year or two. What do we do if Jackson struggles this year? How can we spin positive momentum out of things on the recruiting trail if our win/loss record over three years goes backwards as Beamer recruits graduate? I realize Fuente has been able to bring in good recruits at some positions, but we can't write the next 1-2 years off while younger guys develop.

Fuente is fairly hands off Bud Fosters defense and his "wants" on the recruiting trail is my impression. So since we were talking about Fuente and his reputation as an offensive minded coach the only real true recruiting mistakes I fault him for is RB.

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If the program is truly running in two separate halves, then that is a recipe for disaster. Fu is the CEO and is accountable for the entire roster, not just offense. Part of the job, IMO, is holding others accountable and preventing massive holes on the roster at certain spots. I don't think it would be an acceptable excuse for a head coach to say, well that's not my job it's the other guy's responsibility if he were asked.

Fuente probably has standards for his defensive staff but he isn't telling them how to meet those standards he is leaving that to his all star DC to decide how to meet those standards.

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This makes sense

Recruit Prosim

Fuente is recruiting at, or higher than the level that Beamer was recruiting (not even accounting for a dismal season at the end of Beamer's tenure). If we're honest, recruiting has improved overall.

One miss on a running back to PSU isn't pleasant, but isn't an indictment of the program, either. VT has some heady competition. The credit is the level of competition we're up against.

However, I agree that we need to win some of these.

The recruiting solution is to start taking over the states of GA, FL, and TX for their HS football talent. Let's call it:


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Why not just #VaTEX for the 3rd one?

Below are 247's Avg VT rankings, plus their W-L's. In terms of overall recruiting, Fuente's avg > Beamer's avg. Fuente appears more consistent as well. Anecdotally, we see him doing more recruiting wise as well. So I'd argue Fuente is a better recruiter both subjectively and objectively. I'd also argue, he's done pretty darn well with W+L's with what he was left with, and the team is trending better than it was at the end of the Beamer era. I do wish he'd open the program up more, and someone who appears to be very tactical in nature, I think he would do well to surround himself with good marketers (both at the recruiting level + at the institution), who can create a vision of what VT football is and kids can get excited about.

2019 - .8790
2018 - .8746
2017 (9-4) - .8613
2016 (10-4) - Beamer left/Fuente takes over - .8485
2015 (7-6) - .8635
2014 (7-6) - .8599
2013 (8-5) - .8770
2012 (7-6) - .8646
2011 (11-3) - .8449
2010 (11-3) - .8720
2009 (10-3) - .8600

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I haven't done the math, but those actually look pretty similar to me.

If Fuente's mean is higher, it is by a fairly insignificant amount - and only a small fraction of the difference between say, VT's and Miami's or Clemson's avg recruit rating last year.

I think it's more about trends. At the end of the beamer era, it was trending down and CJF has it back up near Beamer's high water mark. It remains to be seen if this is a new coach bump or an actual trend. let's table all recruiting rankings discussions for two more years until we can ascertain that. /s

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

If you count Fuente's first year he is at .8659. Beamer averaged .8631 for those listed here. If you ignore the first Fuente year, that average goes up to .8716. If you follow recruiting class rankings, that would be a large gap in rankings.

Exhibit A why I don't follow recruiting rankings.

The rankings aren't linear. The difference in avg player rating between #10 and #20 is something like the difference between #20 and #50.

IIRC, UVA was closer to VT in 2017 than VT was to Miami.

So if you rank the years and don't count this season since it's still a work in progress:


From the top 5 seasons the only two seasons that have players still on the roster are 2015 and 2018. The 2018 class has yet to play a down. The 2015 class had four 4-stars per 247 and only one is on the roster (Nijman; Clark quit football, Lawson left and Settle went pro). There's going to be a lot riding on the young players from this last class.

I did a breakdown on NSD.

It's not just year by year but entire position groupings that are getting better. Except for running back.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Absolutely! If your going to post at least get your facts straight with all due respect!

Life's short, If you dont do it, somebody else will.

Pretty sure we got the top recruit in VA his first year.

Exactly. And not to mention that wide receiver AND OL as a whole has been drastically upgraded, we actually have quality depth that we haven't had in a long time. There is no debate tho that the running back position........ isn't great. And Jackson will be fine, he's not a guy that's gonna break games open with spectacular plays but he doesn't make bone headed plays either

Im fine with his recruiting, it just nakes me salty AF when he bitches about RB play and then doesnt go out and get elite RBs

You are making it sound like a trivial effort determined solely by his current whims. Tell me, what more should he have done to pull in Ford?

He literally went out and tried to get the best prospect available to us, its just that a 17 year old felt that another program was better for him. So be it.

Don't make it sound like he is hypocritical for calling out areas of needed improvement while simultaneously not doing anything to fix it. I know many of yall are, as you said it, "salty AF" but let's not allow it to cloud our judgement.


Granted its a video game, take NCAA Football 14 for example. Even in dynasty mode while being the #1 team in the nation, you still can't get all the top recruits you target while applying full court press. Even the fictional video game 17/18 year old blue chip doesn't pan out.

So what do we do? Schedule those "big dogs" as an OOC game and blow them out the water! Take that fictional recruit who chose a "big dog" over us.

*yes i know its a video game but its fun to deliver a digital whooping! Geez, I am in dire need to fire up the old xbox360

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You turn off "Auto- Save" and you find out which pitch works best for each kid, and once you master the perks like Locksmith and insta-commit. You could land just about anyone you wanted.

Clouded Judgement? Thats a weird accusation, why do you think I'm being illogical? Allow me to try and spell it out.

I don't like the way that Fuente has talked about his runningbacks. I was willing to overlook it if he could bring better runningback talent to the program. He hasnt been able to. That means either

1) Fuente isnt capable of recruiting better
2) Virginia Tech cant pull in elite Runningback talent

Regardless of which reason, Fuente should stop throwing shade at his runningbacks because in three years (an eternity in recruiting time) he hasnt been able to improve the talent level.

You can disagree with my opinion, but where has my judgement been compromised?

And then he would be criticized for not explaining why he uses so many different running backs.

I think the fact that you admit that you're "salty AF" means that your judgment is a little clouded at this moment.

I get being disappointed about Ford.

I agree with you though that long term Fuente has to bring in the right running back or change his offensive approach. I just think it's a little early to put him on hot spot for this.

I just think it's a little early to put him on hot spot for this

Agree, I dont want Fuente fired. I just dont want to hear "our backs arent getting the job done" anymore when the team struggles to run the ball.

I think the fact that you admit that you're "salty AF" means that your judgment is a little clouded at this moment.

I think we disagree on an adult's ability to have emotions and be logical simultaneously.

What is he supposed to lie and say they are getting it done? He's just addressing the problem at hand when he says that stuff I don't understand the critique

I agree. Just because you have missed on top RB recruits doesn't mean that your current stable is all the sudden great. If they aren't getting it done then they aren't. It's not like we haven't noticed or have a dominant back and he's saying this about him. He rotates backs because all of them do something better than the other but doesn't have one that is a great all around back which I'm sure he would love to have. Having two dependable backs in every situation would be ideal IMO for his offense. Fuente wants his offense to be able to run multiple plays out of the same or similar formations. Having one or two backs that can be in there no matter the play aides in hiding what play they are leaning to running.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

I beg to differ that he hasn't been able to improve the running back situation. I mean look at it since David Wilson, you really dont think mcclease is better than Michael Holmes or JC Coleman? I loved JC but let's be real here. Marshawn William's was a huge get but he couldn't stay healthy, and neither could shai. I'm just saying this isnt all on fuente running back depth has been run into the ground prior to him getting here, he wasnt known as a running back guru coming in, and its hard to tell stud recruits "hey you're gonna be a first rounder" when you've never done it in the past. That coupled with the fact that psu just put out "the most complete running back prospect since adrian Peterson and I kind of understand.

Also for the whole this is his third year these are his guys crowd....false, josh Jackson is a redshirt sophomore and was beamers last recruit basically. It takes time for roster turnover, have some damn patience. Clemson didn't happen overnight either. Beamers recruiting fingerprints are still all over this team but if you look at the layout of the roster it speaks volumes.

46 of Fuentes recruits are on the roster all are true freshman, redshirt freshman, or sophmore

Compared to 46 redshirt sophomores juniors and seniors which are beamers recruits. Looking at our depth chart (projected)

QB- Fuentes guy and an underclassman
Rb- mcclease
Hback - chris Cunningham
TE - dalton Keene
WRs - tre Turner (?) Eric Kumah (?) I'd still love to see caleb Farley ...but who knows and I'll get to that in a second

Offensive line.. not even gonna try but I like the depth we have here and I think well graduate two starters?

Defense is super young, losing walker next year will hurt but I think our young depth will pull through at corner. Where the only other starters we lose are Adonis and mook

Point is well be graduating ~5 or 6 starters next year. Fuentes guys are in position to start as underclassmen but for Christ's sake you cant win with underclassmen unless you're bama.

Also our depth at some positions are still recovering from poor recruiting towards the end of the beamer era. I think the two thinnest positions on our team at the end of the beamer tenure were corner and wide receiver. Lo and behold were talking about starting freshman and moving a key player around at those positions. You cant pin that on fuente. Fuentes players will make some plays this year and as long as I see improvement I'm happy

Tldr: I think year 4 will be a much better indictment of fuente than this year. Frankly last year went about as well as we expected. Split WVU GT Miami and Pitt, lose to Clemson dunno why were up in arms. Add to that we played a hell of a game against a REALLY good okie state team

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

What if he looked for a successful running backs coach/recruiter, and paid the bejesus out of them?

Enough to get one, not enough to upset the entire coaching staff, though.

Just a thought.

I mean name top running back coaches in the country.

Dunno their names but I'm betting maybe penn states (if hes still there dunno how much joe moorehead did with rbs)

Wisconsin (who isnt going anywhere and frankly doesnt recruit well either, Jonathan taylor was a 3 star recruit)

Bama - lol good luck

OSU- again good luck

It's not as easy as just "needs better coaching". Most strong running games seem to come from good schemes. And the cupboard was pretty bare the year fuente showed up. Without a blue chip recruit it wont be an overnight fix

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

I've seen no evidence so far - neither statistically nor the eye test - that McClease is better than JC Coleman.

Not sure what you mean by eye test, but I like McClease.

Statistically, his last year stats (first full year he played) were virtually identical to JC Coleman's best year (third full year he played).

So I'd say the jury is still out.

You show your clouded judgement right there. You think there are only two possible scenarios for why he hasnt pulled a blue chip RB, and your two options are absolutes at that. That right there shows a myopic view of Fuentes tenure so far, a period of time of only teo years by the way. Many factors go into no signing top tier players and making such conclusive statements such yours seem to disregard them.

Allow me to boil it down even further

Justin Fuente shouldn't blame his poor rushing statistics on bad running backs unless he's capable of recruiting better backs.

If you don't feel the same way, thats fine, but we will have to agree to disagree. And I wont call your judgement clouded for disagreeing with me.

EDIT: Eh, its not worth it. You have your opinion and ill respect it.

I mean I think the reason people being negative get so much flack is people are acting like we're a losing team with a downward recruiting trend.

I also think people are projecting past recruiting losses on to Fuente

Khalan Laborn committed 8 months after Justin Fuente was hired
Ricky Slade committed a little over a year after he was hired

This is his first true recruiting loss and it was to a team that had a running back go #2 in the draft.

It's May, let's wait to see how this class even pans out before we start harping that Fuente can't recruit.

If you read his comments, he was talking about the RBs improving their technique on making that unblocked hat miss. He didn't call them "bad running backs". His comments, to me, were what a good coach would say to provide some fire to the current group of RBs to work this off-season on their technique with the ball and working on different moves, cuts, and fakes to make that unblocked hat miss more times than not.

Or C). It takes more than a year of recruiting to bring in an elite back, and you are going to miss on 75% of those that you do recruit even for a year or more

Let's Go


James Franklin would beg to differ ..... /s

EDIT: Just realizing that you could've been speaking on Tech's situation specifically. In that case, yes, we have to be in it for the long haul to get a shot

So you don't like a coach that is critical of their players? I think any RB coming into a D1 program is expected to have the ability to make a man miss in the open field...those aren't high expectations and Fuente shouldn't have to recruit 5 star RBs to accomplish that. He's just calling it how he sees it and I think that level of honesty is good in coaching.

A coach can be critical of his players behind closed doors. It seems weird that Fuente is obnoxiously tight lipped about the program, but will then occasionally dog his players in public. I'll be the first to admit, our RB talent isn't great. We've got a lot of very average talent in the RB room at the moment, and likely some guys who need to move on.

However, if you're unable to procure that next-level talent, it makes complaining about what you have seem a little petty. If you're constantly complaining about your job, and you think it should be going better, or you deserve a raise, but can't find a new gig, and are getting denied during every job interview you take, you likely shouldn't be so vocal about it. I think that's what the OP was getting at.

ONE quote is constantly complaining??

Fuente is obnoxiously tight lipped about the program, but will then occasionally dog his players in public

So isn't pretty clear he does that to motivate his players? Fuente saying RBs should be making the open man miss, is true and not a knock on what he thinks of their talent level. He dogged them in public because he thinks/knows they can be better.... He's done it to Adonis as well because he knows he's capable of being a better CB.

I said 'occasionally'

And he's done it to Adonis multiple times, which by the looks of it, hasn't been to effective. We'll see if AA is even suiting up this fall.

He recognized a roster weakness and went out and put a ton of staff effort into landing the best possible recruit at that position. I don't understand the bitterness. It would ne different if he wasn't trying to address that need.

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

I dont mind recruiting misses, if I did I wouldnt be a Hokie football fan.

My issue is Fuente's multiple misses at top RB talent highlights how silly his complaining about RB talent is. He has used RB talent as the excuse for a poor ground game for two seasons now, and its looking like he's going to miss out once again on some elite talent. I'm just tired of hearing him complain about an issue he cant fix.

For example, Navy doesnt complain about not being able to find elite defensive tackles, they just go about their business and coach up the talent they have.

Fuente talking about the inability to make one man miss is the closest thing I have heard him to actually giving real football information. I will take that. He also wasn't wrong, the backs have not been able to make the extra yards needed. I also don't think he needs the best running back in the country to do what is needed to make the running game improve. We will see if they can scrape together a contingency plan that works.

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

He's not complaining about the talent. Every RB on the current roster should be able to make a man miss 1 v 1. The RBs aren't doing that though and as a coach its reasonable to critique the RBs for not doing that to put some pressure on them to improve.

This. There are a ton of guys throughout college football not named "Four Star" who can make defenders miss. It's not an extraordinary skill for a back - it's a necessary one.

Not a single back on last year's roster showed himself to be even remotely close to average in space against a defender. What I don't know is whether it comes down to coaching ineffectiveness, player unwillingness to prioritize it, or poor recruiting skill set analysis. If it's #1 and/or #3, that's on Fuente. If it's #2, that's not. I suspect at least part of it is #2 and that is Fuente's frustration.

But one thing I do I know is that missing on top tier talent is not the issue. Sure, top tier guys do it better and more often - and it would be great to get them - but making defenders miss is not exclusive to top tier talent.

So in his 2nd recruiting class, he hasn't landed a elite RB during this rebuild therefor he can't comment on his RBs not being able to make guys miss? That is terrible logic. Saying he can't recruit at a higher level is also a ridiculous assumption based on 2 classes. He isn't losing these guys to UVA or UNC or Pitt, it is to blue bloods who have on the field success recently. It takes time which I am fine giving him.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Did he claim that everyone was "blocked"? I thought that he said that when our RBs got into space, they failed to make the unblocked defender miss and that they needed to work on technique.

I don't care about the star ratings for RBs. We just need guys that can produce. I look at WVU's backs last year...all were productive out of the spread and I would love to have them at VT. We have recruited 3 4-star QBs the past 3 years and last year, 2 4-star WRs. We are not Frank Beamer's offense that is RB dominated but we need production out of the position.

In terms of changing his offensive approach, one thing I would like to see is more attempts to blow up the score board like he did against UNC. That's fun to watch, and it allows an opportunity for the 2's to get more PT and experience. Yes, I'm intentionally ignoring your main points. The reality is that Fuente is the best coach you could have hoped for, and none of us are perfect.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

Like this?

And shit. Now I'm craving a hot Krispy Kreme.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

YES!!! 😁

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I'm not sure we need to put much effort in trying to get another RB this cycle since we are late in the game pursuing the caliber of back we need . Use that scholarship on some depth at defensive tackle .

Had the same thought too.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

Exactly I don't see the point of adding another back that may not be what we really need . After next year we lose Walker and Mihota that scares the crap out of me . We need to fill that gap as best as possible this cycle .

This! Missing Ford hurts, but I'm way more concerned with our DT situation right now. It's downright scary. The game is won in the trenches. If you have a stud OL and DL, it makes the rest of the team look better. Average D1 caliber backs can be made to look like stars with a great OL. Same is true for DB's with a stout DL in front of them. My biggest concern this year and going forward is that our D is going to suffer mightily if our DL struggles or suffers any injuries. Seems to have zero depth there right now.

Great point. We are def in more dire need of TRUE DTs than RBS at the moment. It just puzzles me how we still struggle to find TRUE DTS. I know Bud has certain qualitys he looks for in in DTs but I would think he would be able to get those guys solidified in the recruiting process just as successfully as DBs

Hokie Love!

2019 3* DE from Georgia

26 P5 Offers - Notables: Clemson, FSU, Oregon, Stanford, Florida

This is the first I have heard of this kid. His tape looks good, I'm hoping we take at least one DE this cycle.

He's definitely a player. Plays a little DB also.

Hokie Love!

I like his film. Between him, Luke Doty, and Tyler Warren I hope we can pick up a solid QB in 2020

As long as Clemson doesn't offer, I think Dory will be ours.

As long as Clemson the big boys don't offer, I think Dory will be ours.


If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

2021 DE from Georgia (6'3" 215)

9 P5 Offers - Notables: Georgia, Michigan, South Carolina, Oregon, Pitt

2020 RB from Melissa, TX

3 P5 Offers

lol..we should probably remove Trevon from the graphics we give kids to post.

2020 4* WR from Georgia

10 P5 Offers - Notables: Auburn, Florida, Michigan

2020 WR from Chicago

8 P5 Offers - Notables: Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa

No idea if we have a shot with him, but he is in my top 3 for RBs in 2019 with Tajh Gary and Aaron Young.

2019 4* RB from Katy, TX

26 P5 Offers - Notables: Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU

Got a really good feeling about this kid, not warm or favoring any school at the moment, and if you watch the tape he looks better than Ford. Fuente will have to recruit like none other to get him though

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

Over/under two years before "better than Ford" stops being our RB standard?

Big ups @KO_Hokie for the tweet embeds

Is it me or are we observing more offers to talent from TX/GA/FL 🤔 ?

Get these playmakers and they can "REP YA STATE" as a Hokie!

Let's Go


I love Kendricks. I think he would fit in perfectly as a DT in Buds D. I really hope we snag this kid along with Adarious Jones and hopefully a third DT.

I like Cash a lot, looks great on film. I'm just worried he won't be able to gain enough weight and maintain his explosiveness. He reminds me a lot of Joe Kane's Jr year tape. Looked great, then gained weight and didn't look nearly as explosive his Senior year.

Love love Cash. Might be my favorite DT target right now. Going to be a tough pull away from Miami and Clemson though.

2019 3* DT from The McDonogh School, MD

17 P5 Offers - Notables: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Tenn, UNC

Word on the street is that Ellies is going to get the full court press from the defensive staff, big recruit this cycle.

**I know, I know, the full court press isn't getting a lot of love

Ohio State ordered after we did . Hope we can get the kid seems to have Some good talent

They better full court press any DT in this cycle..that is a "take" of course

Hokie Love!

If we could get Ellies, Jones, and Kendricks at DT I would be pumped.

Easy there KO_Hokie. That's a lot of recruiting info for a recruiting thread right now. You should probably talk about Ford a little bit to even things out.

Using /s is for cowards.

Recruiting info in a recruiting thread in May!????!????

What the hell is going on!!?!??????

Let's Go


Just trying to get out of this glass case of emotion by moving on


I share this sentiment. It's time to lick the wounds and move on.

Lots of 3*'s

I've updated with P5 Offers will help put the new offers in context


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Billy Hite was successful in getting running backs on a consistent basis. What was his approach? He usually had 2 decent backs, one thumper, and one scat. We haven't had much consistency since he left. I saw him at the unc game last year, maybe we should call billy.

I'm going to take a WAG here, and say we were a power running team with a good O'line, and when you came to VT you got to put up big yards on a big stage. We had about the same selling point PSU had this year, with All Big East RB's every year, and a system to let them shine. I am hopeful that now that we are getting better up front we will get a back to break through and get some attention, and that we can build on our history, but right now Fuente does not have the backs to point at that Billy had.

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To add...

We haven't had a consistent/cohesive/normal/logical RB rotation since Hite left. I know we've all talked about this before... But at PSU (and most P5 schools), even when there are multiple backs, there is a clear #1. At VT, its been a while since that was a consistent thing.

Why would a Blue Chip RB with aspirations of the NFL commit to a school that hasn't consistently committed to a guy?

Is it basketball season yet?

Hite wasn't a On field coach in 2011 when David Wilson ran for 1700 yards on 290 carries
Wasn't coach in 2014 where Marshawn Williams only played 9 games and put up almost 500 yards on 124 attempts and JC Coleman had to finish out the season.
Wasn't coach in 2015 when Mcmillion went over 1k yards either.

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If anything Fuente and Virginia Tech right now are battling a really really poor perception problem from a minority of the fan base that just isn't reality.

"Justin Fuente and his staff can't recruit"
- someone please prove this point. Count the number of top recruits we've missed and won on. Justin Fuente was hired Nov 2016

"The program is sinking and Justin Fuente can't coach offense. "
- someone point to where this is accurate.

Otherwise. Quit barking a perception that isn't true. Perception is reality, if you want to program to grow, we need to start projecting the true reality of the program. People don't want to hear it but we are inching towards a Tennessee fan base and I don't want to see that.

VT needs more money, but also needs a more patient, supportive fan base.

The fan base has become a bunch of bitchy little girls, and it's not a good look.

We're here to have fun, aren't we? So lighten up a little. Let Fuente do his thing, because from where I sit, he's doing a great job.

For me, he still has at least a couple more years of unconditional support.

Agreed with the money but in the end every college program has bitchy fans . You think this is bad ? I live in TX and you should hear UT fans or A&M fans . In the end, bitchy fans surround every major program .

I don't doubt that.

This is just another one of those things we can do better, and it doesn't cost a lot.

Apologies if this has already been said, but I didn't read all the comments between the two threads, but is the summary that:

  1. JF is a hell of a coach, and working hard.
  2. The program as a whole appears to need a marking stud that can create a brand, a vision, and some excitement around the program to aid the coaching staff in landing those stud recruits (aka - change the program perception).
  3. Please for the love of GOD, open up the program to the fans and media who so desperately want more and will GIVE more if this is done
  4. Donations are a major area of weakness. See the previous point ... is that right?, if you want more $$, you need to open the closed doors and show people what's going on behind the scenes, and be open to their suggestions when it makes sense.
  5. Network distributions and Marketing Rights are the real driver behind the financial disparity between this program and others (e.g. - Minnesota and Iowa each made $30 mill in rev more than VT did in 2016, largely due to their conference deals/rights).

Is that pretty much the summary?

1 and 5 are correct. What are you suggesting for addressing #5? Winning some championships? Clemson has your back. Stepping up the level of competition? Seems to me that the ACC has made some progress there.

As for 3 and 4, I'd guess those things are open for debate. Are you working with actual data, or shooting from the hip? Because I'd like to see those supported with any actual information at all. What level of access is going to open up those millions of dollars people are holding back?

With regards to #2, do go on. What are you proposing, exactly? Do you really think that program perception is the result of hiring some marketing guy, I mean, other than Whit? Do you think Whit sucks at his job? Because I sort of think VT is doing a pretty good job here. You know, winning games, building facilities, hiring great coaches, scheduling high-profile opponents, and Fostering traditions seem to be pretty effective, but you think hiring another marketing person is the thing they're lacking? I happen to see some progress in this area, so please tell me what you think they're missing, other than opening Spring Practice to the media, or glad-handing a handful of donors?

Also, why is this comment in a recruiting thread? Hey, I have a suggestion. Let's have the "suggestions for program improvement" threads separate from the recruiting threads, particularly the ones with recruits names on them.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting any of these as my ideas, I'm trying to summarize all the talk from the last week into actionable items so we can move forward.

For #5 - that comes from league contracts. See here ( + here(, the big 10 and the SEC's have significantly bigger and better deals than the ACC.

For your other questions, I'm not proposing anything, again as I said earlier, it was an attempt to summarize the main complaints from this site. But if you'd like me to make one, I will suggest you are a being a bit of an asshole ("e.g. - "do go on" and "are you really sitting there ..."). I will also add that I think Whit and Fuente are excellent and deserve WAY better than what I've seen being given this week.

For #5 - that comes from league contracts. See here ( + here(, the big 10 and the SEC's have significantly bigger and better deals than the ACC.

Oh, I don't disagree. It just seems right up there with "we should have better recruits" and "we should win more games" in terms of complaint. It's not really something Virginia Tech football an actionable comment that VT can address outside of what they're already doing, is it?

With regards to civility, I suppose I'm a bit frustrated with all the suggestions in the recruiting threads. What if we open up a thread called "Hey, I know how to fix this!"

Truthfully, I really don't know if it's actionable or not. Isn't that something that's being addressed already at Whit's level? Isn't the ACC TV network something that he's been involved with and pushing for? IMHO, that will be a huge step forward for all teams in the league.

FWIW, I'm not the one that downvoted you (apparently I'm too new for that).

Edit - I like that new thread idea. Totally with you on focusing on solutions (and with your sentiments on Fuente - I don't think there's a better HC out there for this team and program)!

It's a contract. The time for negotiation is BEFORE it's signed.

It's my understanding that the ACC TV network will be broadcasting the OTHER games - the ones that aren't already broadcast, along with a lot of other sporting events and member-generated content.

The fact is that SEC and Big 10 football do have drawing power, and they get more money. We can see and feel the difference, but how unfair is it, really? Who has the ratings? I'm no expert in conference contracts, but while it doesn't seem fair, I have to believe that the ACC and ESPN know what kind of ratings these games get. Frankly, I think the SEC, the Big 10, and Notre Dame are OVERPAID, but the people who do these deals must know if they're making money or not. The Big 10 has some huge schools and lots of fans. The SEC is, well, the SEC. Those people are some rabid college football fans.

I do think our uniform deal should be bigger than that of UVa, and that IS controlled by VT football.

I still think the perception problem would not be there if we had beaten Okay State in the bowl game. We'd have finished the season with 10 wins, highly ranked, and ready to take the next step next year.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Agree with this...if VT had won that bowl game, even with losing Ford I believe the narrative being painted right now may be a little different. The biggest thing that changes perceptions in college football in my opinion is winning and quite frankly Virginia Tech hasn't beat a "name" team in a meaningful game in quite some time. Not saying some of the concerns being posted recently aren't valid, but if we go and win some marquee games (FSU, ND, or Miami this year) then the media gives us some love and that perception changes somewhat. We need some big time wins and then be able to capitalize on them.

Even beating Miami last year would have had a huge impact. That game was hyped!

I think that game moreso than Clemson had a big impact on the narrative of last season. Miami was a very winnable game, and losing that and following it up with an almost inexcusable collapse against GT and the bottom completely falling out of the offense the last few games really hurt.

I think momentum and perception is the combination of a lot of variables, winning being part of it. Not closing out the season strong and with a bowl loss definitely hurt. We had a major recruiting win in Dax, but we also lost out on some major targets late in the cycle. No buzz at all around the program this spring because of the wall built up around it. Then couple that with losing our top target this class in what was hyped to be possibly the best recruiting class at VT in 19 and overall lack of interest from top VA recruits currently.

I really hope this team comes out and makes a statement against FSU. We need a signature win badly. There is also a very real possibility that with a lot of youth on defense, without improved QB play and offense to compensate we could struggle this year. It would be hard to spin much positive momentum out of the first three years with the new staff and diminishing wins/production each year. I have faith in the sheer coaching ability of this staff, but we are absolutely going to need it to show this year.

I'm with you on the importance of the FSU game.

No doubt Taggart is thinking that game is important, too.

I will be there, ready to see VT win that one.

The problem is that when we do beat big names like Ohio State it's considered a fluke. The way the narrative is shaped by the media is a huge part of it. I guess the only way to fight that would be consistency

Recruit Prosim

That was only considered a fluke after we lost to GT (or was it ECU?) the next week. Immediately after that win ESPN couldn't start gushing fast enough about how we were bak and a dark horse playoff team in 2014.

So the answer is consistency?

Recruit Prosim

Want it to stop being a "FLUKE"? Dont go into the shoe and beat OSU then go home and drop one to ECU the following week.... it's that ez.......

It is a natural gift I posess to create friction in sensitive situations.

if we go and win some marquee games (FSU, ND, or AND Miami this year)


I think the only part that really worries me at all about the current situation of VT football is that we have a coach who has preached on and on about how vitally important the RB spot is to run the offense to the level he wants it, strongly implying if not outright stating that what we currently have isn't good enough, only to turn around and miss out on what is essentially our entire target list for that position in recruiting. I think we're absolutely golden everywhere else on football, and we can be fairly explosive starting next year, but it just feels like we have this glaring weakness at RB that, if you listen to Fuente's own words, will undoubtedly hold us back.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

I think we are ok. Fuente said the running backs weren't getting it done. He never said they couldnt get it done. The current backs will improve with more experience. Either way, we need to land bodies for that position this cycle....serviceable ones.

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I remember at the start of the 2012 football season and it was like we have nobody and even the guy supposed to be our top RB Michael Holmes is in trouble now. I think these past 3 years have been great. We have depth at all of the offense and special teams positions. Our defense is young but talented. We have great coaches. Things are trending up and we have never had this many QB, WR, RB, and TE options all at the same time with a capable and deep O-line. Wins will come and so will recruits, in state or out of state I don't care. The coaches are still building relationships with high school coaches. Between FSU, Notre Dame, and Miami we will win 1 or 2 of them games and we should finally beat Ga Tech this year. Hopefully we beat PSU in a few years, that's what I really want. They think they are elite but they will always have OSU, Michigan, MSU, and others holding them back. I think the B1G is weak, OSU was not impressive either time when we played them. PSU is not on the same level as OSU.


I mean say what you want but the BIG isnt that overrated. Can we hang with them? Sure, but that doesnt mean they're bad teams. Those Ohio state teams we played were LOADED. They won a natty and frankly should've the following year too. Penn state is a good team too albeit I dont think they're gonna win a natty any time. I think that offense will come back to earth this year. I'm really not sold on mcsworley and saquon was so important to that team. They also lost their OC which is never a good thing.

I think they're on par with Michigan and Michigan state and a grade below OSU. So frankly to make it to that natty they have to win 3 coin toss games and punch above their weight (OSU has outplayed them each of the last 2 years) then beat a pretty good Wisconsin team in the BIG championship

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Mario Kendricks listed us in his top 7, we were first, but he said "No specific Order" but we all know how he jokes around about stuff like that

So do Walker and Freshwater want to play on the same team or something? Saw they played for the same High School and figured that was why they were trending toward NC State

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
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You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

According to Twitter we just offered him.

get eem!!!

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

4* RB Zonavan Knight out of NC decommitted from Duke. Any interest there?

Edit: I should refresh before I post

Anyone heard anything about this Zonovan Knight kid who decommitted from Duke? /s

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Hunter Johnson, former 5 star QB recruit, transferring out from Clemson. Not surprising given the talent they have returning in Bryant and the massive (insert r-rated term(s) here) surrounding the arrival of Trevor Lawrence.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Color me shocked.... with the recent influx of QB talent, this was inevitable for Clemson. Great problem to have.

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Yep. Happens at all those blue chip magnets.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Unless there is a position change, I see QP3 or Hooker making same move.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Hooker maybe, but QP3 said he wanted to redshirt so I couldn't see him transferring for at least 2 seasons.

Not to mention, QP3 is definitely about playing school. Unless his priorities change, I don't see him going anywhere. Even in 2 seasons.

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This. QP loves VT Engineering, that's really what got him here.

Hooker is the most likely candidate with JJ having 3 years of eligibility but I only say QP3 as possible just because he and hooker will always be one year behind with both of them red shirting.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

What about Lawson?

I think QP3 will win the starting job after his redshirt year. That guys size will allow him to be a much more viable run/pass option and he has an arm that is both extremely strong and extremely accurate.

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Leg cause I can't stop watching this gif

Not recruiting info, just info about a commit. Bryan Hudson just won the state championship in discus and shot throwing 187-01 and 63-09.5. Those are massive numbers. I know he is a big guy, but I threw with massive guys as well and you don't throw that unless your technique is solid too. Says a lot about his footwork and balance to be putting up national qualifying numbers as a junior. This kid is an athlete.

Any idea on how that translates to Tech's current throwers? Can he compete right away?

Yes he could throw right away. The coaches honestly don't focus much on discus and shot throwers. I emailed Coach Jack the summer before I came to Tech to inquire about walking on possibly as a thrower or decathlete. I wasn't great but I enjoyed track and figured hey why not try and ask? He said they don't coach up those events as much as the others so he wants freshman to come in and be able to place at ACC meets. Not trying to tell a life story just trying to show some credibility. Long story short, he could come in and compete right away, especially with another year to improve.

For some perspective, at the recent ACC outdoor track & field championships, the winning shot put throw was 65'-8.25" and 12th place was 48'-2.5". This is with a 16lb shot vs a 12lb shot for high school, but if he's throwing in the low 60's now he could probably get a 16lb shot at least in the low 50's. It's also worth noting that VT did not have a thrower place. Way back when I was throwing in Single A VHSL, a throw in the low 50's would usually take state. Previous poster is right, you can't throw 63' with brute strength. His footwork and technique must be VERY good, and that should translate well to the football field.

Yea the weight change will take a little off, but honestly it's more of a feeling adjustment than anything else. Holding a heavier disc or shot just feels different. If he gets on campus early and adjusts, I think you're spot on and by spring he could optimistically be throwing 54-57' in shot and maybe 168'-173' in disc. He has a whole year left in high school plus a year in college. Those numbers he has right now should be good enough or very close to national qualifying numbers.

Damn, I hope our evals are correct. We did not make Smileys top 10.
I know coaches were pushing for him on the OL, but we need any and all options on the D-line.

I think either BAG or LAHokie has stated that we're not very high on him.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

We wouldn't accept his commitment if he tried to do it today. I've actually heard a rumor that he tried to do it earlier this spring.

I don't want to pretend to know more than the coaches, but why aren't Smiley and Beamon takes? I understand Land is undersized (even though he is roughly B. Flowers size).

Are these guys with Character issue? Are they unwilling to change positions?

From my perspective, it seems beneficial to get guys in the boat now, so you can focus on key targets down the stretch. (Especially considering we don't have as deep a recruiting staff)

The staff see Smiley more as an OL prospect and he is only willing to play DT.

Beamon I have heard is a combination of not fitting the DT mold that wiles likes and character concerns.

FWIW I would take both in a heart beat.

So. Much. Size.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

With our depth issues, I don't think the coaches can get that nit picky on these recruits. Im no expert, but I think we are making a huge mistake not looking at these guys.

I can already see at the end of the recruiting cycle taking some lower ranked/few P5 offer list recruits that we had to reach out to because we missed out on some of our "takes"

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I think it's too early to say it's a huge mistake. If we can land a couple guys like Cash, Adarious, and/or Ellies, then I'd be totally cool with passing on those too.

Ben Smiley just tweeted a commitment to UVA, deleted it, and has now tweeted that he's not committing until he takes all five visits. Gotta love May recruiting.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

His parents said "UVA? Are you stupid? You have offers from 'Bama and OU"

"Offers", yeah

"Give me a fu¢king beer", Anonymous Genius

Zonovan Knight Highlights
- Looks like a bigger mcclease based on body type and speed
- Plays more of a Dalton Keene position, lining up at H-Back and taking short jet sweeps

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
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I mean it looks like he can make the free hitter miss and win a 1 v 1 so he's gotta be a take.

He only has one top offer I see, Tenn. so the question is what aren't we seeing?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I like his anticipation.

I don't want to pretend to be an expert at breaking down film, but he seems hard to project. He basically runs the same 2-3 plays, and most of the time just has to beat the defense and get around the edge. He definitely looks fast, but that's about all I can see in his film. Never has to pass block, hardly ever runs up the middle through traffic, it's mostly just run horizontally until you see a seem. I'm not saying he doesn't have talent or shouldn't be a take, but based on film, I would be much more excited about guys like Aaron Young, Keshawn King, or Tahj Gary, they look like much more complete backs.

I LOVE this highlight tape!
When I see RB highlights, I want to see them against multiple teams, and happy to see 1 or 2 plays over and over again that can't be stopped. I want to see TD's on almost everyone of them, the longer the TD the better.

Last time I remember this many TDs was Trey Edmunds highlight tape.

I hope VT lands this guy!

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100% agree. The bigger the td's the more I get excited.

Not surprised, but still sad.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

He wanted out of state from the beginning.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Is this the VA2PA movement??

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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Is Jahad Carter a hidden gem? What's the deal with him?

A couple more CB's for Jordan Houston so he now sits at 100% to the good guys. Also, I can't embed the tweet at the moment but 2020 Bishop Sullivan S Nekhi Meredith tweeted "#HokieNation is Home" and a bunch of our commits retweeted it. Even Keandre Lambert retweeted it. Nekhi is a pretty high 4* safety and right now it looks like FSU is our main competition. He is class of '20 so I'm not sure how updated 247 is on his list, but it seems like we are in a decent position with him.

Even Keandre Lambert retweeted it. He's a pretty high 4* safety and right now it looks like FSU is our main competition. He is class of '20 so I'm not sure how updated 247 is on his list, but it seems like we are in a decent position with him.

He's Kam Chancellor's nephew, too

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dammmnnn no one does bloodlines like VT, gotta keep him home in the LPD!!!

Yea I completely forgot to point out that's special because along with being Kams nephew, he isn't committed yet. It's a good sign when current commits plus one target all retweet that.

Yeah i totally read the post wrong too. The high 4* S you were referring to is Nehki Meredith, not Keandre Lambert

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I now see how confusing the wording is too. Edited to clarify.

Yeah I really hope we can land Houston, he is sitting at .8577 right now but used to be at .8778 and I think will end up a low 4 star when its all said in done (especially after spring and camp evals). He has legit speed and quickness and hopefully will continue to put on the weight to be an every down back for us.

I love Houston and think he's a big time player, but I bet his ranking stays pretty steady because of his size and his competition level.

Any word on the BB recruits we entertained over the last few weeks?

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Do you guys think this could be a realistic commit list in February atm? Not sure how many commits we could take, but these 22 would give us a score of 220ish, which is 25-28th in the nation

Jordan Houston- favored
Tahj Gary- recently offered, (Edit: Kinda) favored
Zonovan Knight- recently offered
(whichever 2 commit first)
Elijah Bowick- committed
Isaiah Hazel- 50/50 btwn MD (Edit: Alabama)
Jacoby Pinckney- favored
Nick Gallo- favored
Jesse Hanson- Committed
Riley Simonds- Heavily favored
Bryan Hudson- Committed
Donavan Beaver- Favored
Mario Kendricks- recently offered, favored
Logan Cash- recently offered, Clemson
D'Von Ellies- recently offered
Adarious Jones- Favored
Mike Sainristl- Committed
Nyquee Hawkins- Committed
Anthony Harris- (Edit: Not) Favored
Khalid Martin- 50/50 NC State
Dean Ferguson- warm toward VT, UVA, and MD
Tayvion Robinson- heavily favored
Jahad Carter- committed

If there are too many guys there, who would you take off the list?
- After crossing out a couple there are 18 commits left, Ferguson and Ellies would be the odd two out by my guess

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

I know the numbers always work out... BUT that is too many.

I don't know for sure who to take off, but I think we only take two total rbs, and one more saftey between Martin and Harris. I just think while those guys are solid talents, it's not a huge position of need in this rotation and we're going to have a small class. Beyond that I don't know much. I haven't heard a single word about Pinckney in a long time. It seems like his recruitment went dormant there for a while.

You can take Anthony Harris off the list... he's a combo guard for basketball.... though he is favored to VT as well! lol

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You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

welp, nvm lol.... anthony harris... popular name it is.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

No way we can take four receivers, 4 DT's, and 3 rb's. Based just in numbers, I could see us only taking 16 or so.

I don't really know much about Gary, so I wouldn't say that we are favored.

Hazel won't go to Md. If it's somewhere other than VT, I would be it's Bama.

Actually haven't really asked about Pinckney a while so not sure where we are with him.

I'd be surprised if Cash goes to VT on his recent offers. We waited wayyyy too long to offer him.

Don't know much about Ellies.

Wouldn't say we're favored at all for Harris. Definitely a better shot at Martin.

I think we would have to miss on a quite a few higher targets to take Ferguson.

Other than being very optimistic on our close, I think you're not too far off. I think we definitely need to take a DE too but not sure who we're looking at.

Is Kendricks a DT? I thought he was a Strong-Side DE

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

6' 1" 275 = DT for Wiles/Foster


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

DT for us. A lot of those guys that are listed as SDE's would be DT's for us.

4* Safety finally landed the VT offer he was looking for. Friends with Bowick at Myers Park highschool in Charlotte.

VT's OoS perception is certainly better than instate

Keep calm, Gobble on

Great shot with this guy apparently. VT is certainly very well respected in NC. I think you'll start seeing a lot more activity in the Charlotte area in addition to the success we're having in gboro.

I can live with us not recruiting super well in VA if we recruit NC really well, especially Charlotte. Greensboro will also put out some solid talent from time to time. I grew up there and while there are no super powerhouses, Dudley and Page both have put out some players in the past, including a certain ECU QB that burned us in the rain...

But seriously if we can recruit NC like we have and make some strides in VA we will be just fine.

Myers Park also has a 4* WR in next year's class... Anybody know if there is any interest there?

why is that, ..about our instate perception I mean

The coaches don't like us

Recruit Prosim

Jacksonville Fla WR Xavier McGriff...

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KeAndre Lambert (Kam's nephew, class of '20) just got evaluated by 247. Obviously early but he's listed as the 7th best prospect in VA and is real high on us.

His 247 profile:

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Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

His uncle was a 1-star QB and he turned out OK...just saying

My dad has diabetes

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I laughed out loud. Nice work.

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

So with the +4 principle in play, you're saying he could end up a 7-star player?

In principle, yes...but after the standard two-star deduction for a Hokie lean, he'll end up being a 5 star

I don't like this. 2 articles on this kid only a day or two apart have a contradictory feel to them... He was quoted as saying "Nope" (emphatically, according to Evan)when asked whether or not there was a program that could flip him from VT. Then, in the latest article he says "My decision is still open, so, you never know what's going to happen" and "I still have my options open"...

Hope he sticks, but this one now seems weird.

Virginia Tech seems real high on his list. He has this to say....
Virginia Tech: "It is another hard and gritty playing team, a four-guard system. Me playing that four or the three, I could fit their program. All of those guys play with a high motor just like me. My dad wants me to go wherever I want, but if I go to Tech, he would be really, really happy."
His dad played at Virginia Tech for football in the 90's

The article says his dad went to VT. Anyone know who he is/if he played sports?

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Hank was a solid player, a Vinny Mihota type. Probably split time with Engleberger.

Why is there a First Tennessee Bank in Richmond?

Why is there a Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati?

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saving some google searching...
Henry Coleman
SF, 6-7, 205lb
Trinity Episcopal
Class of 2020

247 Comp: 0.9723 / #4 VA / #73 National / #18 SF

247 House: 87 (3 star) / #3 VA / #83 National / #18 SF
Rivals: (4 star) / #-- VA / #65 National / #-- SF

Article didnt have his name. I still can't find his fathers name, but it did say he played football
Edit: I think his dad's name might be Hank Coleman. link to Hokiesports website
It said his dad played in the 90's so seems about the right time

Composite 4* SF Kevin McCullar out of Texas listed us in his top 5. He's no. 69 (nice) in the country for 2019 and even though the CBs are for TTU, we have his last official visit before he commits.

15 Straight

My favorite South Park episode.

Buzz recruiting in Texas... Certainly this means something... Quick, someone start a thread about how Buzz is developing relationships down there in anticipation of jumping to the Big12.

Is it basketball season yet?

Looks like he's just

trying to keep his options open

Is it basketball season yet?

I don't think any Coach wants committed Recruits taking visits elsewhere, but how much can they do about it?

You could try to play hardball, as Dabo does at Clemson, but we don't have nearly the kind of Recruiting success at this point to do that successfully. It works at Clemson because there are plenty of high-ranking prospects waiting to take your spot (this would be true at Bama, OSU, and a few other places, but Dabo is on-record as saying he isn't okay with commits taking visits elsewhere). We also saw this approach from Fuente backfire 2 years ago with Capehart.

So you're probably best keeping in close contact with the Recruit, dropping some not-so-subtle hints that you would prefer them not to visit other schools but ultimately you have to trust that they committed to you for a reason and that the relationship is strong. Otherwise, you risk becoming the "jealous girlfriend," and sending them running.

He is a 3 star....Capehart lied to the coaches supposedly. If he is committed, then how are his "options open".....move on and sign someone else if he is playing games.


Capehart lied to the coaches supposedly

And that might be the difference in this case. If he talks to Coach Fuente and says, "Coach, I'd like to take this visit just to make sure that I made the right decision," is Fuente going to just dump him? I doubt it.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Tech made the top 7 for safety Khalid Martin. No surprises per this article that said he had already informed us and NC State that we were locks for the top group.

That uniform photoshop is.......interesting.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

how embarassing, they got the 2 upside down on the WVU portion...

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Another reason to keep the shoulder stripes....

Riley Simonds has visited Florida a lot lately and is taking his official there this weekend. Haven't heard a lot about him lately. Are we still in the drivers seat?

Simonds is a guy who I think knows where he wants to go, but wants to take an OV to a solid school like Florida and make 100% sure hes making the right decision. I expect him to complete the 2019 OL class.

What's the scoop on Beamon? I saw he is announcing soon. Down to PSU and VT.

Down to PSU and VT.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Bye Beamon

15 Straight

Coaches move on from him a while ago.
Remember the name Jaevon Becton? Beamon better be mindful of this, but don't expect the Hokies to re-accept him later in the year.

Just offered Jamious Griffin. I think it's a little late.....

maybe, but it's not like this is the first contact he's having with VT.

I know, but it seems like it might be kinda insulting to know the kid for this long, miss out on your top target, offer a bunch of other rbs, maybe find out that a couple of them won't be takes, and then on round 3 offer him after he's already committed to another school. He's not a low star player begging for offers, he's a high 3* RB out of Georgia with 20 offers. Just seems weird to offer this late under these circumstances. Unless he absolutely loves Tech and really wants to play with his brother I don't see how we have any chance.

I've always liked how VT recruits brothers. How's the potential on this kid?

I obviously am not a talent scout but I have always liked his film. It's a bit one dimensional in that he is basically hitting the hole hard and going. Not much read option or anything else, but when he hits the hole he runs really hard and looks to me like a great athlete. Committed to NC State and I doubt we have any chance with him. Not many on this site are super high on him, and it looks like the coaches aren't either, but I'm not sure it's going to matter in the end.

Both Devon Hunter and Dax have younger bros that play as well

CBs rolling in towards UVA for Cam'Ron Kelly
Take that as you will

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
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I wouldn't say they're rolling in. One is from Joakes, who is the UVA insider and has been notroisouly innacurate on his predictions recently, and a Temple(?) insider. I think he ends up at Clemson but I don't really have any info on his recruitment. A lot of hope from some VT guys that if Kelly goes to Clemson then Hellams will lose his spot and that would put VT squarely in the mix for his recruitment.

ah yes, we'll have to beat Clemson with....Clemson's leftovers...

Not that rankings are the end all be all by any stretch but Hellams is (barely) a higher rated recruit than Kelly (Hellams is the 4th ranked safety in the country by composite). If it played out this way I'm not sure I'd call it getting Clemson's leftovers as though we got the second tier guy. Just like any school, they can only take so many players at one position.

I know, the overall situation is just humorous (and sad to a certain extent)

Guy is a solid 4* I'll absolutely take that as left overs.

Keep calm, Gobble on

Also, take into account that, while one player may be rated higher by the recruiting services, individual teams may have them ranked another way.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That would be awesome if it happened. Hellams is my favorite prospect to finish out our DB class. I would have him above Walker, Harris, and Martin, though any of those guys would be a good addition.

I'm confused. Wasn't he considered a heavy PSU lean?

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F**k if I know man.