OT: Apparently Engineers (and other nerds) DO Care About Football

That's assuming TKP is a representative sample. But even if it's not... TKP is nearly 41% engineers. If the alleged apathy towards football extends into sciences (STEM) and mathematics then TKP is a whopping 59.1% STEM.


Basically anecdotes are great, but data is better.

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Well, of course! And relevant that QP4 didn't just come to VT just to play football...

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Who says engineers don't like football? The title of this topic would have made as much sense as "OT: Women don't like football" based off of this data.

There's a sample of 115 people from an engineering school about their football team, and apparently all engineers like football?

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There were a number of anecdotal comments lamenting how our program is limited because of the number of engineers that are in the fan base and that basically means we have a fan base that is disinterested in football. Being curious about how true that was I figured I'd try to sample TKP to get a general idea of who's on here. Is TKP representative of the entire VT population? No. Is it representative of people who are interested in VT football? Yes. Is 115 a large sample? No. But, what it does show is that, of the people that frequent a site that is about VT football and are engaged, a large number are engineers. Make sense?

It's kinda a flawed sample. Since anyone who is on this site likes VT sports.

As a side note towards fundraising and engagement I think Texas A&M has found an ingenious way to include more people. EVERY student who attended A&M even if they didn't graduate is invited to join their alumni association, which they call, Former Student association.

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It's not that flawed. This survey asks what type of careers do TKP members have? Of the TKP members (i.e., an indicator of high Hokie fandom), 41% are engineers. Compared to the ~30% of engineers that enroll in undergrad (https://www.ir.vt.edu/data/student.html), that's definitely a fair amount higher and almost assuredly significant. So, if TKP is fair metric of the constituency of Hokie football fans, then engineers, more so than the average VT undergrad, is more like to be a Hokie football fan.

Take the data for what's it worth. TKP is ~40% engineers, and thus indicating high level of fandom greater than their enroll rate.

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The sample also only represents the portion of TKP willing to take an electronic survey. It is possible that the "technical" folks were more interested in the results and therefore more willing to take the survey.

Regardless, I enjoyed seeing the results and I dont believe that our Hokie Club woes have anything to do with the large Engineering population.

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Regardless, I enjoyed seeing the results and I dont believe that our Hokie Club woes have anything to do with the large Engineering population

If we're honest I think it's just a cultural thing, and VT's engineering focus is one aspect of it. My general sense of the VT alumni base (this is based on my intuition not really any data) is that it's mostly a middle class to upper middle class group of people who are all mainly in individual contributor type of roles rather than executives. That is, most everyone's doing really well, but there probably aren't as many crazy stupid rich types who have the kind of expendable income to throw at football teams instead of say, their kids and houses and other trappings of modern life.

You might say that describes college grads in general, but I suspect our alumni base is one of those that has a tighter spread of income outcomes than others.

Don't worry I'm working on that ;)

I think your taking my comment about having a former roommate at Tech out of context. He could have cared less about football, I was only insinuating that there were probably more people like him, that are super nerds, and don't care about football.

The fact that our fan base is comprised of mostly engineers is a bit of problem, because the people that end up doing the fundraising for the Hokie Club more then likely end up being engineers themselves. Yes, I do know that sales engineers exist, they are just a smaller percent of the engineering population.

I see it all the time with Alumni organizations. The leader is an engineer that has no clue how to personable and sell or the psychology behind raising money. These are people that are put in charge of raising money for a scholarship. They leave a TON of money on the table, simply because it's not their best skill set.

I take over the sales for the most part and turn it around. I'm not afraid to start a convo up with anyone or to give people sales options. Options is a huge deal. I don't care if I am getting 20 bucks out of someone or 1 dollar, as long as I get something from my interaction with people.

Engineers (again not all) are just not wired that way.


tl;dr engineers are bad at sales?

It wasn't just your's.

I agree with what you are saying about leading a sales effort. That's not typical. It's pretty atypical.

I was mostly just curious to see what the TKP fan base looked like as a gauge of interest.

So it could be true that VT Engineers love football but are terrible sales people.

I'm just an architect who doesn't take surveys. Sorry...

No wonder we all butt heads so much. Makes perfect sense now ;)

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As an engineer myself I wonder if you'll see a heavier percentage of STEM types on an online forum than you would in, say, an in person event. For instance, I am very introverted and wouldn't even consider showing up to a tailgate of the same people I interact with online. So people like me would be drawn to a place like TKP in greater numbers. So all your survey may show is that antisocial people who like football congregate on a site that talks football without the social interaction of an alumni event or a Hokie club gathering.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

That is possible. Maybe even probable.

I think engineers are very misunderstood people. It took me taking a sales job out of school to really "bring me out of my shell". We can be aloof and sometimes awkward socially and people tend to think that means we lack interest. I have found that engineers don't lack interest in much of anything. If we weren't curious and interested in a lot of things we wouldn't be engineers.