Streaming the game Saturday

I have to be at work Saturday - which is in a baseball stadium with very little to do during a travel ball tourney - so I have to figure out how I'm going to stream the game. I know it is on CBSSN and when I go to the game in the app it says watch on Fubo. Which costs money that I don't want to spend. I may be out of luck here but I'm just wondering if anybody else knows of any options other than Fubo. I'm sure there is a free trial but I really don't want to go through that unless absolutely necessary.

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Put in your zip and the listings appear, including online options, such as on Hulu, PlayStationVue, YouTube TV, etc.

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That is extremely helpful. Thanks!

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i use Reddit's CFB Streams to find games i can't find through "normal" means:

just be sure to use good ad blockers through your browser. the posts are pretty good in letting you know the quality of the broadcast stream, number of ads, etc. oh, and 100% free.

"100% free" because the sites showing the stream are committing felonies, but technically a person merely watching their stream is not breaking any laws themselves. It's a bit of a legal and moral gray area that I try to avoid, but I still dip in on occasion when required.

Oh, and I'm definitely doubling-down on your "good ab blockers" comment, there can be some pretty nasty tricks those sites try to pull to fund their misadventures.

As a broke ass grad student, I will take all the free I can get right now in my life. Being poor sucks.

Oh I've been there, even as a broke-ass engineer-married-to-a-grad-student. Had to cancel my TKPC membership but we finally dug ourselves out of the hole and I've now resubbed.

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Last year when I was stuck at work, I'd usually have pretty good luck finding illegal streams on YouTube.