ODU Reality Check and Hot Takes

Ok, so that SUCKED.

BUT.... geez people, If you need to get any kind of reality check please go back and read threads from over the summer. Probably can read your own comments. Not so long ago we were nearly all in agreement that this year was going to be challenging, potentially disastrous. We have a very young team and an almost complete rebuild on defense. Yeah the hype train came to Blacksburg after FSU. It looked damned sexy... like it always does... and it seduced us with it's siren call to get onboard and believe that we might have this covered to go all the way!!! LET"S GO......

and then we stumbled. But for phuck sake. Go back and read through the summer. The expectation was for some serious suck this year. And here we go. Not the game we expected to lose. Not the game we SHOULD have lost. But we lost.

So we got kicked in the nuts, what are we gonna do next? whine? take a step back, read some comments from the summer and welcome yourself onto the 2018 Adversity Train, because it could be a bumpy ride the rest of the season. (I am a Saints and Browns fan. I know actual sucking. This ain't it) We gotta get through some hard times.

Hot Takes
1) Jimmy and Joes. Can call out Fuente and Foster for sticking to their plans but ultimately we know their methods work. The players didn't perform. That simple. Adjustments weren't going to get better effort out of a team that didn't want to win.
2) The offense sucked but it put numbers on the board. Defense lost this game and exposed a big flaw to every team we're gonna face: Throw the jump ball in 1-on-1 match-ups. Now that is a Lethally Simple game plan.
3) FUCK ORANGE JERSEYS. Our colors are MAROON & Orange, not Orange. Maroon comes first, orange is a highlight. There needs to be 2 hard and fast rules in place. i) NEVER wear White Jerseys at a home game, and get rid of the dumbass copycat WhiteOut game. ii) NEVER WEAR ORANGE JERSEYS.

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Let's Go...Hokies!!!!!

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that's the spirit!

Woke up early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep for thinking about the game. The phrase that kept coming to mind was indeed, Jimmies and Joes. We've got some work to do for sure, but like you, I don't doubt the system.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

In 2010, VT beat FSU and lost to a non-P5 school when ranked 13th.

In 2018, VT beat FSU and lost to a non-P5 school when ranked 13th.

That's reality enough for me. I'm already over the ODU game and looking forward to tuning in for Duke next weekend.

Obviously, losing to such schools while ranked 13th is where we invert the slope of the graph depicting our successes. It's all positive instantaneous derivatives from here!

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Going to mark off the "orange isn't a Hokie color" bingo spot

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Then you suck at Bingo. Never said that.

I agree we are young and will get better but with our talent shouldn't we win these kind of games even though their young? Also how is it going to work that if we can't beat ODU than who can we beat considering it only gets harder from now on.

Of course we should win these games. That's the point I guess. We lost a game we shouldn't have, but during the summer we mostly expected this season to have some major adversity this season. Well, here it is.

Yeah even those summer warnings were still couched with an understanding of a win in Norfolk. This is a monumental collapse and should really worry every fan about the direction of this program because ODU is not a team you lose to. Period. This is a team that the legitimate shittiest of the shitty teams lose to and we got clowned. Offensively we were 4-14 on 3rd down against a team that gave up 52 to Liberty and we had no answers on defense to a backup QB leading one of the worst statistical offenses in the country. And we did this while playing legitimately out of control with 15 yard penalty after 15 yard penalty as the team completely lost their composure.

This loss goes beyond "we knew there would be issues". This loss drives a "what the hell is going on with VT football" stake right into the heart of the program.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

This loss goes beyond "we knew there would be issues". This loss drives a "what the hell is going on with VT football" stake right into the heart of the program.

does it? that's some hyperbolic statements Alum. like when you were claiming Buzz was all but out the door. Hey, I'll give you the kudos if you're right but this just seems overboard. Everyone lays an egg. This is one game this season, and Fuente has not had a down rebuilding year yet.

Seeing Hill getting kicked off the team this morning? Oh yeah I'm fully into the "what the hell is going on with VT football" mindset.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

nah... we don't know what went down. I'll wait for the context.

He got into a fight with Gaines and Kearney is what I'm reading

If that's true then I trust Fuente to make that decision, and I think it's a good one.

Then why was Gaines tweeting in support of him?

Recruit Prosim

Apparently that story is now being redacted...so who knows what's going on

I really, REALLY want to disagree with you on this...but I can't.

With the offseason dismissals, coaching staff loss, Trevon Hill's dismissal, and the outrageous lack of discipline on Saturday, something is wrong. How wrong, what is wrong, causes, etc... we don't know. And while we can, and we most certainly will, conjecture about it ad infinatum, we simply aren't going to get the whole story on what's happening. But the red flags keep mounting up...enough so that it is getting increasingly hard to focus on them being isolated instances. I have every faith in our stellar coaching staff and I'm confidant that they will be tireless in righting the ship, but just how much does the ship need to be righted?


I think we can all agree that the support staff is to blame \s

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I hope this doesn't get me a bunch of down votes, but is it possible Beamer and/or the Football staff got lazy his last few years and let a lot of stuff fly which created a looser/less strict environment? Maybe allowing things to happen which normally wouldn't because they knew the wins/team sort of depended on those players for success?

I could see a lot of players who were recruited under Beamer who established themselves in a system and became accustomed to what they could/could not get a way with cause some rifts when new leadership is established.

I'd be eager to see what the locker room is like in 2 years after Fuente has put his influence behind things and made it very clear what is and is not acceptable.

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I gotta agree that this makes sense given what we're seeing. It's not unlike Mack Brown leaving UT. Their circumstance with the new coach was different, since all of the boosters weren't happy with the Charlie Strong hire.

Orange is always a bad idea. Especially when it looks red on tv. Burn those fuckers to the ground.

Liking Willis as the QB. He looked like the best option all the way back to the Spring Game. He has much better pocket presence, throws a good ball and still has some wheels. We all know Hooker is a good option if we're going to run the QB.

Let's all take a breath and reset back to our preseason expectations. I think Foster will adjust and get things fixed knowing that teams have the blueprint to pick on the young DB's. We can freak out if Duke starts connecting on back shoulder fades for 750 yards.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I'm in complete agreement except for blaming the uniforms.

I could give a rats ass what color they were wearing. The lapse on the field yesterday had nothing to do with uniforms.

no blame, just vehement dislike.

I get it, I really do.

But if I were going to bold something about that performance, it would not be the uniforms, but the complete ineffectiveness of the defense.

The uniforms we wore Saturday in Norfolk were IDENTICAL to the uniforms LOLUVA wore against Loserville. That's reason enough to burn 'em right there.

Virginia Tech would walk right up to you and punch you in the neck. They're just tougher. Cowherd 3:16

Superstitions and stereotypes exist for a reason... at some point coincidence is not an acceptable excuse.

I'm now team: #NeverWearOrange #NWO

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yeah it was the uniforms. /s

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Well, at least we don't have to play with the pressure of expectations anymore. Literally every win at this point will be accompanied by a good feeling.

That's true.

There will be no team taken for granted after that.

Too bad it couldn't have just been a close win, though.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

I'm very here for another 2013-2015 season. Those may have been stressful years, but the wins were exciting as all get out.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I know it's weird.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

The ODU loss is definitely the road less traveled, but I'm still on the train.

Next up: Duke.

That's true. Lane Stadium got up for that 3OT thriller vs. Marshall. Even given the opponent it was a fun environment.

In any case, here's to hoping the coaching staff can get the team to focus each and every week from here on out. If they can, there's a chance we could see the second coming of 2010. If not, the bowl streak is on the line. Sports are more interesting when the outcome is uncertain.

I don't do a weekly weather report...we lose. I'll take the hint football gods

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Are you saying we can blame you? Because we really need some more people to blame.

Using /s is for cowards.

2018 Adversity Train, nice. Also quite appropriate to bring up how we were talking about this season over the summer. I was surely in the mindset that this wasn't going to be an ACCCG type of year, so getting our asses handed to us early deflated the egos a bit, nothing wrong with that. I don't like it, but it's not made to be liked. 8 wins, 9 not too unlikely, 10 if we are lucky, more would just add another WTF-type of statement this year.

Somehow, inexcusably, we're still ranked.

Rip his freaking head off!

In the completely worthless coaches' poll, yes.

Honestly I'm still surprised we have AP votes, and that we're effectively 28th.

Coaches poll really doesn't mean anything, especially during the season when it's either an overworked GA or a coach with no time for filling these things out.

I was planning on travelling to the Duke game next weekend, I have tickets. Now, I am looking for every excuse not to go.


Last time I remember the DBs getting lit up like this was ECU 2014. Everyone wanted Stroman off the team. But the tackling from theses DBs is possibly the worst I've ever seen at Tech.

You know, this really puts it in perspective. 3 years later that same player was a highly-regarded leader on a pretty decent team. Hopefully we see similar growth from this group of players.

I blame this on fall weddings.

"And guess what, you've wandered into our school of tuna and we now have a taste of lion." -Allen Gamble, The Other Guys

I have a wedding to attend Saturday afternoon/night.... bad juju

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Ok, not sure what thread is best to put this, but here are my hot takes:

1. Our secondary is...troublesome. Even before yesterday, it drove me crazy how we have a couple of track stars at corner, yet we give 10 yard cushions, and still back pedal at the snap. Duke is gonna feast on 7 yard outs. What I learned yesterday is that we are also terrible at defending jump balls. As good as Ladler has looked at Whip, he got exposed at Safety. Hunter looked lost, not sure what his deal is.

2. I'm ready for Dax to take over at Backer. Rivers looked reactionary and routinely fell backwards.

3. I hate that Jackson got injured, but I'm glad that Fuente's hand will be forced to try someone else. I've supported JJ, I hoped/expected he would take a step forward this year, but the offense looks just like last years with him leading it. He is terrible at running the read option. I would be willing to bet he makes his mind up on whether he keeps it or hands it off before the play even starts. I bet we'll see Willis the rest of the year, which is tricky because I have read in various places he isn't well respected by the team. Hate the injury, glad to see what someone else can do.

4. Hazleton's drops killed us. OL looked bad. DL got no pressure. Overall the game plan looked super conservative, not that I really blame that, we should be able to crush ODU with a conservative game plan. My bigger worry is that I wonder if we're too young to make adjustments when our game plan isn't working.

5. Everyone on 247 is ragging the coaches for kicking Hill off the team. I'll save my opinion until we actually know what happened.

6. Still love Fuente and Foster and believe in them, but this loss was bad. Not sure what can/needs to be changed, but this one will hurt for a while. We need to bounce back big time, but this may be the rebuilding year I was scared of. I thought this would be a 9-3 team (I guess 8 win team now without ECU), now I have no idea.

Agree there were tons of missed opptys on offense with individuals missing blocks, throws, catches, etc. but the offense was not the problem yesterday. And I do not believe the offense had all of the unnecessary penalties.

There was an ineffective pass rush, poor tackling (allowing players to fall forward for 4+ yards), abscent coverage and (what appeared to be) limited coaching adjustments. 35 points should be enough to win any game with our schedule.

QB's threw two picks in the RZ. We lost by two TD's. Yeah, this is on the O as much as on the D. The O had 9 possessions that were 5 plays or less. One was take a knee to end the 1st half. Two were quick scores. 6 were possessions that went no where. With a young D, lacking depth, possessions that give them a rest are critical, unless we're scoring on every possession. Liberty put 52 points on ODU. VT manage 35.

We all knew going into the season that a very young D would mean that we'd have to win a shootout or two. The O didn't deliver when needed.

4 for 14 on 3rd down against a good ACC team would be considered a rough outing. 4 for 14 against a defense that allowed 52 to Liberty, and >30 to FIU and Charlotte is abysmal.

We brought in Fuente to revamp our offense to something that works. 3 years in, and I'm beginning to question just how much progress has really been made. 2016 was nice, but how much of that was Evans throwing to Ford and Bucky rather than the coaching and scheme?

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

It still comes down to OL play. The OL didn't want to be there anymore than the rest of the team. The ODU DE's ate or OT's lunch all afternoon long. When we got good blocking, we saw plays like People's 87 yd run. When we didn't, we saw a pathetic 3 and out with negative yards. While I've been a Jackson supporter and he may be the best option at QB, our QB play has been far from stellar (too many missed wide open WR's, too many missed checks to open receivers that were obvious, even to me). I'll be curious to see how Willis plays.

Plenty has already been said about Jackson, but what stood out to me the most during this game was his lack of a pocket presence. He got back to the end of his drop and just kinda sat there waiting for his primary read to get open. That internal clock starters at this level need to have just wasn't there. Too often he'd either get lit up, or have to scramble late because he didn't feel the rushers coming. When Willis came in, the game just seemed to have a better flow.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

I agree on all points. This seems to be a case where something different happens for these two, when they transition from practice field to game. Jake Fromm won the starting job at UGA, when Jacob Eason was injured. Eason won the starting job based on what the coaches saw in practice. There was a clear difference, when you watched the two actually play the game. Heck look at ODU's QB's. The starter was clearly ineffective. Bring in the back up and he's completing passes all over the field.

Though I will be curious to see if he ever has a repeat performance. That kid was hitting deep fades at an accuracy rate that would have been difficult to match during throwing drills in practice.

Everyone on 247 is ragging the coaches for kicking Hill off the team. I'll save my opinion until we actually know what happened.

We will never know what happened. However, the timing makes it look like Fuente is using him as an example, as a way to get the rest of the team in line, when tensions were high around the entire program. Not sure that's a good look.

It doesn't matter what it looks like, does it? Has Fuente done something previously that makes you doubt his handling of something we are purely speculating about? As long as he does what he feels like is best for the team I'm good with it. That's why he is making millions of dollars a year.

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Re watching the game now.

Agree with most of the above thoughts and would add:
I've always routed for Jackson but in the second quarter there is no energy on our sideline. The camera keeps focusing on Jackson who is sitting quietly by himself with a perkexed look. And this is over about 6 minutes of game time. He has GOT to step up and be a leader and talk to his teammates and rally his troops. He's the qb and has to be a leader because it doesn't look like anyone is doing anything to rally the team from what I've seen.

Looks like we shuffled some DBS, not sure if it's because we wanted the 757 guys to start this game thinking it would be a push over, but this group was not cohesive. Tons of rookie mistakes (granted most of the guys are in fact rookies) and mental errors that could have changed the game. Multiple drives in the first half we had them shut down and kept the drive going after Third and long incompletions because of bad penalties by young players. Had we stopped all of these without the dumb penalties who knows if our offense would have had more chances to establish a lead.

Re watching the game now.


If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I am, too.

Because I'd like to dissect what happened with some cool reflection.

It's not easy, but it must be done.

I think everyone is missing the historical perspective, that was the worst result against the spread in 18 years. We will never be allowed to forget it. *sobs into beer...

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Nah, the biggest spread upset was Harbaugh's Stanford over USC in 2007. That spread was 41 points.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Stanford won by 1 point though. So ODU did better against the spread than Stanford did.

Once you beat the spread, do they actually keep track of how much you beat it by? I don't bet, so I'm not sure.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

The biggest spread upset was UNLV losing to Howard last year in the first game of the season.

Rip his freaking head off!

I really think this comes down to two things.

  1. With such a young team you can't be as dynamic. I you prepare for one QB and get a different on that changes everything. Look at how badly UGA handled Tua in the NC.
  2. We honestly have a problem with two types of QBs. The first type we are all aware of and that's the mobile QB. The second type we overlook: a smart QB. We have a terrible history against smart QBs.
    • 1994 Peyton Manning
    • 2000-2002 Ken Dorsey
    • 2003 Aaron Rodgers
    • 2004 Matt Leinhart
    • 2006 - 2007 Matty Ice
    • 2010 - Kellen Moore
    • 2010 - Andrew Luck

I will attribute our horrible defensive performance in the passing game to prepping for Williams and getting Larussa, who seems to be a pretty bright guy. We also can't put a 5'10" CB on a 6'3" receiver and have that turn out well.

At the end of the day ODU won through the air.

I think preparing for 0-3 ODU with Williams on the field is an entirely different game plan than prepping for Larussa, who nobody had seen on film before. I'm not sure we can make any firm conclusions about this team based on this game other than one thing that stood out: They looked flat from the get go. I never say fire in this team. That was disappointing.

What makes you think he is a bright guy? I would actually place him more in the mobile QB category than your "smart" category. He could not keep a hand on the kid. Not sure that has much to do with being smart. Also he was heaving it to his WRs because we literally forgot how to defend the pass.

Did we watch the same game?

He had 494 passing yards and 6 net rushing yards (25 gained, 19 lost).

What does that have to do with being smart? His list of smart guys was just a list of a bunch of good white QBs lol. ODUs QB was excellent at evading pressure and extending the play. We couldn't cover worth shit and ODU receivers consistently got open.

There has to be more criteria for being a "smart" QB than just putting up big stats.

Okay. Just so I understand: 5'10" 185lb LaRussa beat us with his physical dominance and pure athleticism? He put up big numbers because he was able to read our defense and exploit our weaknesses. If he's not so bright and not so athletic we might as well forfeit the rest of our games.

I honestly dont think that heaving balls to WR is necessarily smart. Our guys couldnt defend anything. His athleticism seemed to serve him better though considering he was able to manuever his way out of pressure consistently.

well that seems a bit belittling of LaRussa's efforts. He wasn't just heaving balls. He was placing them as jump balls, but they still needed to go the right distance and be in the right position for his WR to succeed. Granted his WRs had almost zero barrier to fight through for those balls but the man was placing them where they needed to be. Also he wasn't forcing throws into double coverage or misreading the defense he was on point, never pressured and commanding the field. Most impressive was that he was taking the hits in the pocket and still making the throws. It was a hell of a performance.

I mean, you are kinda helping my point. To make good throws that game, all he had to do was succeed at minimal tasks such as throw distance ans general position. Which I suppise knowing not to do too much would be considered a good choice.

Also be aware that saying that i wouldnt necessarily classify it as a "smart" performance doesnt mean that i am calling him dumb.

I just think his athletic performance was more influencial on the outcome of the offensive performance.

i don't have a dog in the smart dumb debate. seems a pointless thing to consider.

I don't think you're giving him enough credit. you're still suggesting he was just throwing balls in a general vicinity, which is not what I said at all. Jump balls require precision and accuracy to put your WR in a position to succeed. He did that all game long. Don't see why you can't give the man credit he deserves.

Bruh, a jump ball literally means the WR needs to do something in order to prevent the defender from just catching it. I mean obviously you have to at least put in within a 5 foot radius, but that kinda accuracy i figured was implicit to this conversation.

I never said he didnt have a great game. I disagree with how you woupd "categorize" hthe success of his performance. The kid had one of the best games ever against a VT team. That seems like credit to me.

heaving balls to WR

That's as accurate a description as JJ was in the first half, which is what I mean by not giving the man the credity he deserves. He was doing a lot more than that.

No worries though. Agree to disagree.

I think you are getting caught up in semantics. I just think that the WR did just as much to make the catch as the QB, maybe more in many of the cases.

Kirby Smart said they prepared for Tua, but that's not the most important part of this post.

They go to [freshman quarterback] Tua [Tagovailoa] in the second half. Was that something you expected to see in this game?

KIRBY SMART: Yes, absolutely. We talked long about it and talked about the ways we play him. We played enough snaps. We'd seen him on tape. We told everybody at halftime there was no question they were going to him because they were struggling and they needed some momentum. He provided them some juice, got them some momentum, got the momentum swung back their way.

He's a good player. He's got confidence in his arm. He scrambles and makes plays, throws the ball down the field. He's a really talented freshman, reminds you of Jake with a lot of things he did. He's got poise in the pocket, and he made the plays when he had to.

Second of all, your list of 7 QB's we've struggled with includes: Two surefire NFL hall of fame QB's, two potential hall of fame QB's in Matty Ice and Luck, Leinhart was an NFL starter for a good while, and Kellen Moore is in the NFL and had an all-time type career in college. That leaves Ken Dorsey who played QB for one of, if not the most stacked team of NFL talent in cfb history.

I'm not saying that your point about smart QB's doesn't have some legs, but context is important.

Those "smart QBs" also all went on to the NFL. Not sure that's an accurate way to look at LaRussa. Dude balled out and their receivers were more physical than our DBs.

-Stick it in

We also can't put a 5'10" CB on a 6'3" receiver and have that turn out well.

Per this website: Hokiesports . Caleb Farley is listed at 6'2", so...

Is it basketball season yet?

I didn't realize Caleb Farley played both corner back sports. I did get Bryce Watts' height wrong. He's 6'0". They picked on Watts far more than Farley.

So we struggle against black QBs AND white QBs?

Recruit Prosim

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I just found it... interesting.. that the list of "smart" QBs was exclusively white. Seems unfair

Recruit Prosim

The smart black QB's also generally fell under the mobile QB category. So... not mutually exclusive. We already knew we had a problem with mobile QB's.

Not interesting unless you want it to be. Regardless, I think this should stop here. I do consider that an insinuation that I am racist and there is no other way to take that but personally.

Sorry not my intention

Recruit Prosim

I think it comes down to two things as well...

1. Technical - Divine Deablo Domino Effect. Without my boy, the defense had to really shift around. Ladler dropped back to play Free where I think he struggled with some of the calls, and Devon Hunter played more. Hunter's still not ready. I'm really concerned about him being Ronnie Van Dyke Part II- Freaky athletic specimen, however, mind still ties up feet.

2. Non-technical- This team is soft right now. a la 2012,2013. They let ODFuckingU get in their heads and break them mentally. Watching the game on a second go around, it was ODU trash talking, and swagging around. There was zero sideline fire, and zero head-held high discipline on the field. The mental beatdown was so bad, there's no way that was a blip on the radar. If this team turns it around and beats Duke on Saturday, it will be a monumental attitude change for the ages.

Sidenote - One thing I saw watching the game again... 4th quarter, about 3 minutes left, on the pass Willis threw to Savoy? that got batted... When Savoy? was going out of bounds, an ODU dude jumped on his back and tackled him into an advertisement barrier. It was a good 3-4 yds out of bounds. Ref was standing right there. How in the Holy Fuck was that not a 15 yard flag? No excuses, but that could've been a game changer in keeping a score to tie the game alive.

Leonard. Duh.

That happened right in front of me and I was livid. The guy in front of me said it started in bounds, but I didn't think so.

The officiating was odd in that game. No holding calls, some kind iffy PI and a bunch of personal fouls (though our guys earned most of those through boneheadedness.) No excuses for the result though, I didn't really think any of them were game changing. No holding stuck out to me though.

There were a couple uncalled personal fouls on ODU. Next play after the Savoy mugging, another ODU dude punched Hazelton in the head. Ref probably didn't see it, and it was good that Hazelton didn't retaliate because they would've fo damn sho seen that.

Overall, it was one of the most revolting games I've ever seen...and I saw JMU, and I was at LSU 2007. It was the first time I can remember watching a VT game where I hated both teams. ODU was bullying (and somewhat dirty), and the Hokies were wussing out.

Leonard. Duh.

I remember seeing that as well. It was way out of bounds and the camera was right on it as well.

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This is why you never agree to the home team using their own refs in OOC games. Bit us badly against Bama in 2009, and didn't help this past weekend

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Somehow we are still #28 in the AP poll, and Duke is ranked #22. We will be right back in the top 25 if we can beat Duke this week.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

The Duke game is huge. We'll be underdogs on the road against a 4-0 team. IF we win we'll be 3-1 with road wins against teams that were #19 and #22 when we beat them. There would be a strong case for putting VT at #25. We need to go to this game and make some noise.

More importantly, 2-0 in the ACC

Recruit Prosim

I'm with you on the fact that the season isn't over and this team still has plenty of time to write their own story.

You lose me somewhat with points #1 and #2...from watching the replay (glutton for punishment) it doesn't appear that you can separate them. We did 100% let ODU play 1-v-1 on the outside all day long with ZERO adjustment that I could see. The CBs clearly failed to win their matchups, but as a Coach, when its blatantly obvious that your scheme isn't working, how can you not try to make adjustments to allow your players to succeed? Some combination of Foster, Mitchell, and/or Nix deserve a SERIOUS amount of blame.

I guess the thing that I can't shake is that it seems like every time that Fuente and Co. look like they really have things headed in a positive direction, we have a total bedshitting that seemingly takes the program 10 steps back. GT in 2016, and being completely non-competitive vs. Clemson at home last year being the most obvious on-field examples.

This loss certainly will do nothing to help Recruiting in one of our most crucial areas, nor will developing a reputation for throwing guys off the team (esp. Upperclassmen). I have no idea as to the specifics nor do I necessarily blame Fuente for dumping Mook, Adonis, and Hill but if you think for a second that won't be used by other schools as a negative recruiting tool, you are being extremely naive.

Big wins > Big losses.

So if the problems can be fixed, I'm not at all sure it will matter all that much.

If other teams' success is based on looking past the behavior issues that Fuente has addressed, then I'll take the loss. I back Fuente 100% on that issue.

"I play real sports, not trying to be the best at exercising..." - KP

Many have said how young we are which results in terrific highs and horrible lows. I would never have thought as low as yesterday, but...... Yesterday was a trap game and we got caught. Older Hokies have experienced this before. Let's see how we respond.

Well, the worst has finally happened. The Hokies lost a game that I attended for the first time ever.

I think I confused the karma gods. My team wins all the VT games I attend. But I am an ODU fan as well and I attended a Tech game and "my team" won, but the wrong "my team".

I'm sorry everyone. I feel like I let us all down.

I'll be at Duke next week to try and make things right.

Found the problem guys. Now hold still while....

I've said it on other threads... despite the "rebuild " I was still very high on this team... I genuinely thought the offense would carry us this year... I hope JJ would take that next step Fu described.... the FSU win sucked me in like a lot of others ... but what happened yesterday was inexcusable...you just don't loose to ODU rebuilding year or otherwise.... the stink of this will ripple across recruiting for years... I so badly want us to take that next step again as a program but this type of loss really hurts...

Now realistically the bowl streak is in jeapardy... this team has to show up every game and ball and probably break in a new qb/ defense at the same time... my orange and maroon glasses are gone... I just want us to show up from here on out and fight... hopefully the streak lives and we can build on it next year... I really hate saying that each year but it is what it is. I love my Hokies and like everyone else I want us to win. No one offense or defense gets a pass for yesterday...that was a team loss!

He's Still Open!!!

Hot Take Trio:

1. I will start with the D. It's going to be a long year, but it will pay off in the future. Everyone but Walker are key members of our future D. It will be brutal at times, but worth it.

2. In the end, We will look back at this game as a turning point for our program. We hired Fuente to be an offensive coach. I think he got here and got conservative because he didn't want to put Bud in a bad spot. Evans running, JJs hesitancy, tempo slowing. We want Memphis offense. We have the pieces, RBs are improving. HBack is a key piece. OL has potential. WR corp can be a strength. It's time to open it up. And speed up.

3. JJ has taken his last snap here. I'm a JJ guy, but he's probably out for the year. Willis will be the leader and Hooker will get some limited packages and in the offseason, it will be between QP and Willis. JJ will sense that he's on the outside and move to a softer spot. Even as a game manager, I always thought he was the best choice with less cons to go with his limited pros. But if we open up the offense, we need more physical talent. Willis runs well, his dunking highlights on his twitter page show his athleticism.

It's time to get aggressive on O.

I don't think everyone realizes how bad this ODU team actually is. They could legitimately go winless the rest of the way.

They are recruiting and signing kids that are only getting sparse FCS offers. There isn't a conceivable scenario where what happened last night should have happened.

Is it basketball season yet?

Did you watch the game yesterday? I just watched the first quarter. They showed up with an offense.

Turns out the back up quarterback they were hiding was pretty good.

I don't for a minute think they'll lose the rest of their games.

Yesterday was quite the anomaly on all counts.

Is it basketball season yet?

I don't think he was that good. Dude just hurled up jump balls after a 2 step drop and their wide recievers mossed our dbs who were hanging all over their shoulders and ankles because they didn't bother playing the ball

Recruit Prosim

It seems like Tiger hasn't won in forever (until today);

Imagine how long the Hoos feel like it has been since they beat the Hokies?

This is one game, in one season; the opportunity for good days remain. As an older fan, I recommend absolving yourself of the losses and partying like a rock 🌟 for the big wins.

I will never understand what causes teams to play flat. With every snap being on their future resume, and only having a dozen or so games to put into action what consumes their whole life, how do teams not steam roll lesser competition and love every second of it?

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

It sucked, it's going to hurt for a while, and maybe years with regards to recruiting. Sure, I'll give you all of that..

But for those who are saying they're not wanting to go to Duke this weekend or ND the next, come the hell on. Go. Support the team. There are people living in South Florida that would give an important appendage to go. Did they show us a great product yesterday? F-in hell no they did not. But damnit they're still wearing maroon and orange. (We're still paying their salaries and schollies, too... ) and they still bear the logo by which we all come together. Go to the damn game. The worst thing we as a fan base could do right now is turn on the team. Shit happens. It sucks that it happened to us, but damnit shit happens.

I will say this though- We better come out flying against Duke. ACC mediocrity is NOT a good look on us.

Believe me, I was ready to jump all over the team and staff, but then the Mrs had a heart to heart with me about my "attitude" today.....

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"


Got my yearly donation call today. Not the best timing on the Office of Annual Givings part... but the last time I remember them calling was the day or week after the Logandozer Miami game, so maybe they're not always off.

PSA: They prefer a recurring monthly donation instead of a yearly one because it allows them to budget more accurately, so if you're in a position to change your contribution to a monthly one instead of yearly, they'd appreciate it.

devine diablo is a HUGE difference maker for us. having to move laddler to safety where he looked lost and hunter to whip where he also looked lost on a lot of plays really hurt us. laddler excelled at the whip. im hopeful diablo is back for duke and here out to be honest. we were shifting around our back end the whole 2nd half trying to find anything that worked. nothing did. rough day for the D. looked like swiss cheese out there. almost looked like ECU called up ruffin mcneal and borrowed his old game plans.

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It's a high risk high reward game plan. which is why teams with nothing to lose employ it against Tech.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

With Deablo's injury history and Fuente's guarded injury reporting, we have no idea how big of a deal the DD situation is. It could be dire, it could be nothing.

I've figured out how to react to all of this. I still want to be a supportive alumni but eff orange jerseys and eff losing to ODU.

Start of each season I have a 1500 dollar donation ready. Each time we lose a game I take 100 away from that. Each time we wear orange jersey, I take away 100 from that. Hit 0 and you carry the pain over to the next season in negative against the 1500 for next season.

Hit whit where it hurts! No more orange jerseys!

I can't believe how upset jerseys make some of you.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

It's (partially) levity on my side. The loss to ODU upsets me well more than the color of The jersey I can assure you.

Marking off the "Orange isn't a Hokie Color" bingo space.

That one is getting a lot of use lately

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.