OT: The 3-B's: Bourbon, Beer, and Barbecue, The 2019 Version

The 2019 season is just around the corner, and as we all make our final preparations to ensure that we - the fans - have done everything in our power to make solid decisions on the things most important on gameday: Bourbon Choice, Beer Choice, and Barbecue.

First up, Bourbon:
Since Eagle Rare has been - well,... a rare find for me this year, my go-to bourbon for this year will be Blade and Bow:

I usually drink my bourbon neat, but I have found that this one really opens up with an ice cube or two. This seems to be always in stock around us here in Leesburg.

Next Up, Beer
For the fall, I am about IPA'ed out. I usually start to resort to something a little more malty to ease myself into stout season. I'm going to carry on my tradition from last year and go to Bells Brown Ale.

This is by no means a double-fisting Edward Forty-Hands type of beer, but 2 or 3 during a game is no problem.

And finally, Barbecue.
This year I've really enjoyed making ribs and honing in on my recipe. I've resorted to the 3-2-1 method (3 hours smoke, unwrapped, 2 hours smoke, wrapped, 1 hour smoke, unwrapped and baste.) In a time crunch the 2-1 method works (2 hours oven, wrapped in foil, 1 hour grill to finish).

I've been toying with different sauce recipes, but my ribs get the same treatment - dash of salt and pepper and let the smoke do the work.

So TKP, what are your choices for this season?

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Wait I thought the 3 beers were Burgers, Beers and Babes? Sounds like we need 6 B's (really 7 to add in bacon)

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1 Burgers
2 Beer
3 Babes
4 Bourbon
5 Bbq
6 Bacon
7 Boobies?

in no particular order

Well Women normally get the honor of butts and boobs so
1. Burgers
2. Beer
3. Boobs
4. Bourbon
5. BBQ
6. Butts
7. Bacon
in whatever order you prefer

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
β€œI served in the United States Navy"


Can't recommend this enough


Barbecue: anything Hogshead Cafe out of Henrico (close second, being Deep Run Roadhouse)

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Bourbon - I wanted to like Blade and Bow more than I actually did. It is certainly a serviceable mid-shelf bourbon but it is slightly overpriced for what it is. For less money and a little better taste I'll be going with Bulleit Frontier for my daily driver. There's a guaranteed appearance by Catoctin Creek Rye and also Blantons though.

Beer - While it's still hot as balls outside it'll likely be Bud Light. That'll quickly transition to Legend Brown or South Street Satan's Pony when the cooler weather hits.

BBQ - I agree with everything you have here. My alternative is a new recipe I've been working out: Smoked wings with jerk dry rub . Smoked 2.5 hrs and then glazed with a peach jalpeno sauce I make for another 30 min on the smoker.

Would love to have the peach jalapeno sauce recipe, if you do not mind sharing - that sounds amazing, and sounds like something that could go well on ribs too!

jmarshall517 pls

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It started off as a salsa actually, but I found it lending itself to a glaze/sauce equally as well. Strain the solids to use as a salsa and the juice left behind is your glaze. I also put this on some shrimp tacos with an avocado crema slaw this weekend and they were freaking amazing.

2-3 ripe peaches finely diced. (the best is just before they turn to over-ripe)
2-3 fine minced de-veined jalapenos (depending on how hot they are)
1/2C fine chopped yellow onion
1/4C fine chopped fire roasted red bell pepper
1/4-1/2C chopped fresh cilantro (to taste)
Pinch of salt
Juice of 1 lime
1T - white vinegar

The key is once you make it, have the patience to let it sit for at least a day and let the peaches break down a little bit so you get more juices out of them. It should easily last a week in the fridge and the longer you wait, the better it is.

Thanks! This sounds amazing. Just curious and by no means a suggestion, Have you ever tried cooking it down in a simmer?

I have actually thought about it but just haven't gotten around to it yet. That's part of the working out I referred to initially lol. When I first made it i was trying to just use up some peaches and jalapenos that were about to go bad and the glaze was just a byproduct of the result.

The peaches were so soft that they broke down within a day and made more sense as a glaze but there were still a lot of solid pieces that could make a decent salsa so I decided to let it serve dual purpose. I just haven't gotten any more peaches to make it again with the glaze being a primary objective.

Once it is cooked down to that level, it wouldn't be much of a stretch at all to make it into a jelly either actually... Perhaps even with some bacon... hmmmm

Never a fan of 3,2,1..it -could- work for spares in a pinch, but two hours wrapped is too long for any ribs, IMO.. you loose bark, and most always over cook. If you like ribs that so easily fall off the bone, then do a shoulder- cheaper, easier to get right, feeds many more, easier to eat. I like to go about 250 for 4 hours, then sauce for 45 mins or so. Usually gives you great smoke flavor, bark and plenty tender.

Picked up a store pick of Elijah Craig that is real delicious. Also enjoying Eagle Rare. Plenty of it down in NC if you need some. Also going to Kentucky for Labor Day weekend so planning on bring back as many bottles as possible.

Despite the heat, my body is just craving the heaviest of stouts. 10%+ and thicc. Had a chocolate porter from 4042 that was horrible. Like a sour beer with cocoa powder added. Then had Founders Dirty Bastard and everything was ok.
When my body does decide to fit the season, can't say no to a good wheat beer with a big slice of orange to cool down with.

Been smoking mostly pork recently as BJs has it for incredibly cheap, but going to do ribs this weekend to kick off football season. Last time was my first attempt at ribs and it was probably the best thing I have ever eaten so looking forward to build off of it.

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Where are you finding Eagle Rare in NC? Last time I checked the ABC online inventory they did not have any within 30 miles of me. Also, don't assume just because you are in KY you will find it. It is released at different times in different cities, as with several other harder to find bourbons. You usually have to ask for it. If you are driving you may need to stop multiple cities to see what is out there. Last time I was looking for ER in KY it was coming out in Lexington and Louisville on Friday, and I tried 6 stores without finding any, but it was released in Bowling Green Thursday, and I was able to pick up 3 bottles on the way to Nashville. I love the store pick single barrel's at liquor barn stores though-out KY. Guy who picks the barrels always picks stuff I love.

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All around the triangle there is tons of eagle rare. 750s and 1.75s. Also, the state apparently just got a single barrel select that has been released.

Not looking for eagle rare in kentucky, honestly just going to be looking for common products that you can't get here. Things like Very Old Barton 100, Willet Products, New Riff, heaven hill green label and as many store picks as I can find. I know kentucky is picked dry as far as anything allocated, but I want the regular stuff that we just can't get here.

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Are we looking at gameday/tailgate options here, or just our current favorites?

If we're going current favorites (though not necessarily tailgate appropriate), I choose


And some homemade dry-rubbed smoked chicken wings smoked over pecan wood. (No pictures available. Wings did not last long enough for photography and fingers were too messy to operate camera)

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Victory at Sea is a great brew. And the Victory at Sea day at the brewery in December is even better!

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Can't go wrong with Buffalo Trace - fairly easy to find in my neck of the woods. Doesn't put a hurtin on the pocket book and great straight up...also affordable enough to mix with ginger ale without feeling guilty.

Local brewery - Wilmington Brew Works - I drink whatever my wife brings home. She teaches yoga there on weekends and they pay her in beer. Works out great for me.

Smoked ribs - I keep it simple. Dry rub and hickory smoke in the weber kettle grill. It's an easy smoke. I don't fire up the big smoker unless I'm throwing a big party. Can fit two racks on the kettle grill on the indirect half without a problem. No wrapping...I just check those ribs every now and then after about three hours - once the meat starts to shrink away from the tips of the rib bones and they feel done I drizzle a little almost home made BBQ sauce on them and call it a day.


I wish Buffalo Trace was easier to find in VA - I stocked up and got 3 bottles while I was in NJ and agree - for $27 you cannot beat it. That and Eagle Rare are easy go tos for the price and quality, and like you mentioned - can mix as well and not feel guilty

Glad we don't deal with ABC stores in Delaware. I've found that around me, it's best to find someone in the store that you know or at least recognizes you - and you ask if they have Buffalo Trace. Often it's not on the shelf. It's kept in a cabinet or back room. I recently picked up a handle at a shop that never has it on the display shelf - the clerk had it hidden under the sales counter. If the shop puts bottles on the display shelf...one or two customers will clear their inventory.


This is great advice. I have gotten a hold of quite a few more difficult to find bottles because the guys at my liquor store know me (and I tend to spend a fair amount of money there).

Bourbon: Buffalo Trace. Keep a flask in my golf bag...we take a swig for each birdie. Everyone in the group gets a nip. Keeps it light, but you are rooting for your guys all along. Fun, the way it should be.

Beer: RAR, Burley Oak, and Dewey Beer Co. Might be able to pick up some Veil and Triple Crossing in September as well. But it will rotate thru the season.

BBQ: Pulled pork and ribs. But it's getting to the season that shrimp on the grill are pretty darn hard to beat as well. Some chopped mango with a little heat; yes please.

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I want to go golfing and fire up the grill with you!! Nanticoke is a killer RAR beer too.

And a great base for marinade and soaking whatever will be put on something hot with the intention of eating. As well as grill side buddy for keeping you company.

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I make my own sipping liquor for the golf bag. I make home made Orangecello(it's like lemoncello; but made with oranges). I then blend the Orangecello with a honey liquor and Wild Turkey 101. I use 101 because the orangecello only comes out about 40 proof and most honey liquors are lower proof(about 70 proof). The blend is 1/3 of each liquor.

I have also blended the orangecello with Rebel Yell small batch rye, which makes an acceptable mix.

I usually take a sip on 1 and 10; but I like your idea of adding birdies. In our group, I will have to keep the sip to start each nine or I won't get many sips.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

or I won't get many sips

We ALL get a nip, whether you birdied or not! And the other usual guy in our group keeps 12 year old Jamison on his bag.

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Call me a homer for the first two, and a Lynchburg fan for the last one.




These pretzels are making me thirsty.

I went home to KY to visit family and got an ever-elusive Weller 12 year old which is the Pappy mashbill exactly but aged in a 7-rick warehouse vs the 2-rick one that the Pappys are done in. Apparently there can be a 30 degree temperature difference in the larger warehouses. Since I can't find nary a bottle of Blanton's in VA I had to pick one of those up and a Four Roses Single Barrel (on premise only special bottling). I have been drinking Bib and Tucker on the reg and it is freaking delicious but now it also has become scarce.

Jeremiah 29:11 and Go Hokies!

Based on those choices, I'd highly recommend picking up a bottle or two of 1792. At some point it is going to become scarce because of the warehouse loss they had and it is a fantastic pour, especially for the money.

My bottle of Bib and Tucker has been sitting with a single drink left in it for a few months because I haven't seen any in stores for a while and it just seems a shame not to have that bottle on the shelf. I'll finish it that last drink when I can replace it with a full bottle.

Big fan of Four Roses Single Barrel. Have one here for "special" occasions that has out lasted many another bottle because the occasion was not special enough.

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Beer: Love City American Red IPA

Bourbon: Used to be McKenna but I think it will be Bulleit this year

BBQ: I'm a simple man. Give me a spatchcock chicken with Stubbs off a BGE and I'm good to go

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

I can't tell you enough how great this stout is.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Their Hydraulion Red is one of my favorites.

Sadly you can no longer get Bells in Virginia. They are done selling it in the state for at least a year to try and renegotiate their distribution rights.

Came here to ask where us Virginians can get Bells since their distribution deal went south. Any recommendations??

All neighboring states have distro, so depending how far from the state line you reside....

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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

It's all over Maryland if you are in Nova or close.

Yea, we're just 20 mins from Maryland, so that's what I've been doing.

That sucks. I loved drinking it at Sharkeys whenever I was in town.

I am a tad superstitious about what i will drink while watching VT play. I start pre-game with a big beer - Castle Stormer from Granite Falls, an Imperial Pumpkin Stout, a barrel aged Quad, or a Vixen series from Bombshell are all likely choices. If the game goes well I stick with beer until celebrating with bourbon - likely the Buffalo Trace SB until its out or a big enough win to want the Four Roses SB. If the game does not go well I start with a grade of bourbon that reflects our level of play, and switch bourbons after every drink until we turn it around or I'm numb. Broad Branch whiskey, Canadian Club (only in a Manhattan), unlabeled KY corn liquor, EW bottled in bond, Bulliet Rye, Woodford, Maker's. For the BBQ, I am trying new things on the Joetisserie attachment on the BGE - Boneless leg of lamb had a great test run. I want to try a prime rump roast when we have company to watch the game, but will be spinning and smoking whatever looks good at the store until then.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

I fully endorse this entire post and strategy.

"unlabeled KY corn liquor"


I get a jar every Christmas from a friend from Kentucky who will not say where it comes from. Some years it's better than others.

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Let's be clear, the real 3 B's are...

Bourbon: always have a Buffalo Trace on hand, but lately I have been trying out Rye whiskies.
Green Hat 3 year Rye:

High West Yippee Ki Yay

Beer: after discovering that Aslin is next to my office, I have been going there regularly to grab some on the way home. Missed out on the Reston, but did grab some San Diego

Barbecue: inspired by Roy Choi on The Chef Show, I recently tried smoking short rib using a Korean (kalbi) marinade

I have a couple bottles of Reston and one of San Diego. I am hoping to keep these for some bigger games when I am home. Also heard they have several more barrel aged imperial stouts coming out over the next few months and some more barrel aged sours as well.

Those are some nice looking beef ribs!

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Picked up some Col. Taylor single barrel on my recent trip to Tennessee, along with my ration of Buffalo Trace.

Been playing around with jerky lately. This is what is currently in the smoker, it was marinaded in greek seasoning (think gyro).

And it looks like you made enough to share. :)

Not to ask a dumb question, but what is the meat on. I have a similar set up on the sides and would love to try my hand at some jerkey. Danke!

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Looks like a Masterbuilt electric smoker. They have wire racks that slide into the holders on each side.

Sorry for the delay. This is a cookshack cooker, and I got the idea from them. I didn't want to PAY THEIR PRICE so I made my own from round bar stock (SOURCE: Tractor Supply/Lowes) . They are mild steel, 3/16" or 1/4", and ground to a point on one end to skewer the meat. I didn't bother with stainless, they get coated with greasy smoke pretty quickly and haven't shown any rust problems.

I think most smokers have similar tracks to insert the wire racks... you just need to get the length right for the track. They work great, although it would be nice to have some sort of rack that held the rods... so that I could slide them in all at one time.

Did you go to VMI? I am the class of '88.

Don't know much about bourbon but for beer, a pale ale in the 5.5% range
and barbecue I like stopping at Due South before or after a game.

Yours is the only post I think I could afford. Damn, you TKPers live the good life!

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