National 'Fantasy' Football Map

Well, after 48 states, 23 maps and 256 banners here is the National Fantasy Football map.


This map shows all Division I schools (both FBS and FCS). There are also variants showing just the FBS and just the FCS if you prefer a little more breathing room, especially on the east coast.

At the request of HomebrewHokie08, I also created a Heraldic Chart showing all the banners and their schools (listed alphabetically).
Heraldry Chart

In addition, I created conference maps for every conference in both sub-divisions. I'll just post the ACC here since it is the most VT-related:

ACC Map and Banners

The rest can be found in the r/CFB post here:
Reddit Thread

Feel free to download these for use as desktop wallpaper, forum images, user profiles, etc. (the states and national maps are at 4K resolution, the conference maps are oddly shaped due to the distribution of schools across the map). If you share elsewhere, please give me credit. As a reminder, only Division I (FBS/FCS) schools are included.

If you are interested in prints, flags, canvas wraps, digital versions without watermarks, etc., they are available on my website. When selecting the national maps, make sure you select the variant you want, Division I, FBS or FCS (they look pretty similar at first glance).

Please note in order to fit the entire country on a single map and show all the banners, I had to make them pretty small. That means that for a 36 inch wide print, each banner is about 1/4 inch wide. At 24 inches wide, each banner is about 3/16 inch wide and so forth.

edit: some redditors pointed out I swapped Bethune-Cookman/FAMU and Eastern/Western Michigan. I will update when I get off of work today. These have been corrected.

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If you don't, someone else is going to steal this and put these prints for sale on Amazon. Just saying, if there is any way to protect your work, which I'm not sure how easy it would be given you're using school names, you need to do it. I know you have your own website, where you already have them for sale but I've seen the reaction on Twitter and it's something begging to be stolen by less than reputable individuals.

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I thought about using a more prominent watermark to make it harder to clone out in photoshop, or offering a smaller resolution but ultimately decided against both.

Are you seeing activity on Twitter about these? I haven't seen a lot, but my twitter-game is pretty lame.

Sorry I said Twitter when I meant Reddit. But yeah, it's probably in your best interests to protect yourself in whatever way you can, because the quality of this is way, way too good to not monetize, and there are enough shady people out there who will outright steal this for their own gain.

King Alum of the House Hokie, the First of His Name, Khal of the Turkey Legs, The rightful Heir to the Big Board, the Unbanned, Breaker of Trolls and Father of Gritty

Great work! This stuff is amazing.

I don't know why but WKU immediately stood out on the banner picture and was scary AF for just a second. If you didn't catch on the first glimpse go back and look!

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Updated post with fixed map images